Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin, Hair & Face

These days, people, irrespective of their gender and age, are keen on taking care of their skin and hair as much as they take care of their appearance and health. After all, a great appearance helps in boosting confidence with radiant skin and shiny hair. Today, people are investing towards healthier skin more than they want to invest in makeup products

In that respect, almond is a magical product. The benefits of almond oil for skin are magical even when directly applied to it. We are all aware of the health benefits of direct consumption of almonds. It not only improves our energy level and improves concentration, but also contributes towards healthier skin. 

Almond, though largely regarded as a nut, is actually not a fruit in the true sense of the term. It is the seed of a fruit that has proved to be magical for consumption and external application on our skin and hair. Its nutty taste, enthusiastic aroma, and nourishment appeal to any age group and gender.

The benefits of almond oil for hair are miraculous in bringing back the shine in dull hair strengthening it from the roots. It improves circulation in the scalp and helps in achieving healthy hair goals (I am sure you want it too!). It miraculously gets rid of dandruff and brings back the rich black color that is characteristic of us Indians.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

The richness of Vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E nourishes the skin and hair from so deep that continuous use acts as a miracle. The benefits of almond oil for the face can be a long list. It does not only act as a tremendous agent to remove pigmentation but also prevents aging and drains out the toxicity from the skin cells.


Almond- derives its etymology from the word ‘amygdala’ referring to that function of the brain which holds memories, processes emotions and elevates concentration levels. Almond, somehow, has the same natural capabilities. Almond, though originated in the Middle East, is now grown in ample regions across the globe- from the Mediterranean region to South Africa.

Apart from having a significant influence on retaining capacity, almonds can be used to lower cholesterol levels, retain blood pressure and control blood sugar levels. Almond also reduces weight loss and boosts bone health. But did you know of its extravagant impact on beautifying your skin and providing a supple glow naturally? Almond oil extracted is being used all over the world as a part of skincare routines.

Almond oil has dual variants- bitter and sweet, out of which the latter is used for purposes of skincare by the cosmetic industry. Almond oil extracts are a fabulous aid to preserving your health. The benefits of almond oil for skin, face and hair are not limited to your knowledge only! It goes far beyond that.

Almond Oil: How Produced?

Almond oil is not only limited to the kitchen but is a powerful cosmetic ingredient. The benefits of almond oil for the skin are beyond imagination. It is an immensely used lubricating agent. The benefits of almond oil for the face and body are also amazing! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy glowing radiant skin without the side effects of chemicals? Yes, everyone would love to and hence, the attractive golden-yellow oil decided to bag the cosmetic industry with its long array of beautifying perks down the line.

The production of almond oil generally follows a cold-processing process. Sweet almonds can be produced at a higher temperature. At first, the almonds are freed from their impurities. They are then removed from their shells. The seed is then lightly warmed to the press temperature and then fed into a screwing press.

The pre-requisite of almond oil is the almond press cakes which further undergo processing. After crushing and cooling before being sent for further processing, the oil is transformed into pure oil. This also includes various steps such as filtration, purification, etc. The oil is left standing and afterward, the unnecessary components are removed. The oil can be used after cold-pressing. 

Almond oil can normally be stored under temperatures of 20°C. Raw almonds crammed without the use of high heat or chemical agents helps in making unrefined almond oil. The low-heat process is instrumental in case we want to preserve the nutrient content of almond oil, else we lose the goodness of it. Such almond oil is best used for culinary purposes.

The variants of almond used to extract the oil are– 

  1. Bitter Almonds – These kinds of almonds are not used for consumption purposes owing to their bitter taste and content of the poisonous compound hydrogen cyanide. These are used to make bitter almond oil.
  1. Sweet Almonds – These almonds are sweet to taste and delectable. Used for consumption purposes as well, these almonds are not a health hazard and are used to produce sweet almond oil.

The largest producer of almonds in the world is the United States- most of the production of almonds comes from California. Spain seconds the list. Moreover, the taste of almonds differs slightly from one almond to another. The benefits of almond oil for the skin are unlimited. Apart from that, the benefits of almond oil for hair and also face surpasses the list.

Constituents of Almond

Almond oil has extensive goodwill in the market due to its nutritional value. 

  1. Vitamin E – Almond oil has a high specific Vitamin E content. An intake of 100 grams of almond oil sufficiently provides about twice the daily requirement of Vitamin E. It has anti-oxidant properties which prevent cell damage and protects the skin from UV (ultraviolet) radiation.
  2. Vitamin A – Vitamin A in almond oil has a significant retinol content which enables the stimulation of new skin cells and also smooths fine lines.
  3. Zinc – Zinc is used to get rid of scars or cure acne. Almond oil substitutes the use of zinc for facial treatment in place of infusing tablets orally, in a natural and healthy method.
  4. Fatty Acids – Almond oil has fatty acids broken down as – a) monounsaturated fat b) polyunsaturated fat and c) saturated fat. Most of the benefits of almond oil for the skin are due to its healthy fatty acid content. The benefit of almond oil for the face is also influenced by fats.

Almonds also help to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases or heart attack, lowers blood pressure levels and allays cholesterol levels and obesity and also controls uninterrupted weight gain. Besides, almond oil has a proven impact on the brain and the nervous system. The wonders of almonds have not been restricted to a single field.

It has been experienced all over the globe starting from Ayurveda to aromatherapy. The nutritional capabilities of this drupe have left researchers and scientists in awe. This all-in-one-package takes you to a venture of delightful surprises, unboxing along the way.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

The crunchy brown nuts have their implications not only bounded to the significance it has on our health or nourishment in our diet by making it delectable but also has a major influence on our beauty as well. Rich in biotin and Vitamin B-7, almond oil replicates keratin production in hair, strengthens the hair roots and exponentially increases the rate of follicle growth.

The benefits of almond oil for hair are simply amazing. This natural biotin supplement holds SPF 5 which shields the hair from sun damage. From dandruff treatment to treating the scalp with its major content of anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties, almond oil is a great nutrient. It also treats hair damage and inflammation.

The fatty acid component in almond oil helps rid the hair of frizz and dryness. Regular massage and application of this magic potion will restore your hair within months. Tracing down the benefits of almond oil for hair, it is used to prevent hair fall and is mostly a part of anti-dandruff hair oils.

Damage is prevented, the hair nutrients are kept locked and the hair color is subsequently replenished. Experiencing hair fall due to climatic changes? There’s absolutely no worry! Grab a handful of sweet-smelling almond oil and keep your hair with sway. It fills gaps on a cellular level and gives a smooth texture to the hair and also makes the hair less prone to split ends.

Almond oil is mostly used as a conditioning element or may also be used as an oral supplement to enhance hair health. Massaging your hair with almond oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and also introduces undefeatable antioxidants to your hair.

Although lacking scientific demonstrations to back up the cause, it is a healthy and most natural process to preserve your hair care routine without any unwanted side effects. The benefits of almond oil for hair are mesmerizing in this manner.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

Almond oil is one of the best natural oils for dry skin. You can simply apply a helping of almond oil on your dehydrated skin so as to replenish it with vital nutrients. These days, taking care of your skin and body means maintaining a tight and balanced skincare routine with the help of toner, creams, moisturizers, etc.

With various other products in the line, waiting to combat each other with their luxurious brand names and precious catalogs, almond oil is the most natural way to take care of your skin without having to worry about side effects. The mild texture of almond oil has hypoallergenic properties which ensure a smooth and flawless skin, also combating diseases and germs at the same time.

Almond oil mixed with lemon juice is instrumental in removing tan. The benefits of almond oil for the skin are exponentially increasing by the hour. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be treated with almond oil. It helps the skin retain moisture and keeps it hydrated. Although a substitute for zinc-based treatments, almond oil is more of a natural and effective supplement for skin rashes. 

This oil helps in retaining skin color and texture. Almond is blessed with healing properties, one of the main reasons for which it is treated as an Ayurvedic ingredient. Geranium oil diluted with almond oil is effective in curing bruises.

Cracked feet are a common problem during winters when we resort to various foot-massage clinics or toe creams. However, almond oil applied overnight over the cracked toe region replenishes the skin and helps bridge the cracks. You can also get rid of fungal foot infections using it. Rich in vitamin E, almond oil can be used as a home remedy for relieving stretch marks. As we have seen, the benefits of almond oil for skin are magical, these perks cannot be restricted to pages of scientific research only. 

Benefits of Almond Oil for Face

Aren’t you swept off of your feet yet? Well, there’s more! Anyone would sign up for a remedial face massage with the most natural component, wouldn’t they? The cosmetic use of almond oil is having a wide variety of applications throughout. It is considered to be one of the most precious skincare oils, referred to as an “all-round cosmetic”. 

The perks of almond oil are already amazeballs! The benefits of almond oil for the skin have already melted us. From massage oils to face-packs to lip balms and facial products, almond oil has been bagging the industry for ages. Mostly pertaining to rough, dry and scaly skin, it serves as a toner and shield from UV radiations.

The benefits of almond oil for face are majestic no less! Moisturizing the skin can be considered to be one of the attractive bullet points in favor of this oil. It can also be used as a cleanser to rid the face of toxins. Many of us like to use almond oil as a makeup remover.

Applying a minute amount on the face before going to bed can be rewarding in the morning. The benefits of almond oil for face can be derived from various facial products as well. Often denoted as ‘carrier oil’, almond oil can be used to transport essential oils deeper into the ridges of the skin and clean the pores softly.

Dark circles are a result of sleep deprivation, stress or some illness. Almond oil can help reduce dark circles under the eye. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nature reduces inflammation of the skin. It helps get rid of pigmentation and its cleansing property can be used as an aid to keep blackheads behind. It gives a supple glow to the skin and facilitates blood circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can almond oil be used on a baby’s skin?

Yes. Almond oil contains Vitamin E which helps in replenishing the skin of infants with the correct amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Can almond oil be kept on skin overnight?

Yes. For moderate to dry skin, it can be kept overnight to be washed off with lukewarm water the next morning. For oily skin, it is recommended to wash it off with a gentle face wash before going to bed.

Does almond oil cause irritations on the skin?

No, almond oil does not cause any allergic reactions for most people owing to its hypoallergenic properties but it is recommended to test it on a patch of skin before applying it overall. In case of any allergic reactions, consult your dermatologist immediately.

Is almond beneficial for lips?

Yes, its moisturizing properties prevent chapping of lips and keeps it hydrated during dry weather.

Can almond oil be consumed?

Yes, sweet almond oil can be used for consumption as it appeals to the palette. However, it provides more results when used as a salad dressing.

Can almond oil be used to calm itching or cure bruises?

Yes, almond oil has medicinal and moisturizing properties. It soothes irritated skin and mends wounds and bruises at a faster and natural pace. A doctor’s advice is recommended before the application of almond oil on deep cuts or open wounds.

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A Vitamin E-filled nut can make you beautiful from inside as well as from outside!

The impact and benefits of almond oil for skin, hair and face were quite thorough, weren’t they? Happily so, this little nut/ drupe has its significance spreading like wildfire. Bewitch the people around you with this newly found boon at your disposal! Apply this to your daily routine and let the people gape at you only to guess the secret ingredient.

The ancient dry fruit has its mesmerizing impacts celebrated even today and we are lucky enough to be experiencing this wide and all-in-one package altogether. From regulating your cholesterol levels to retaining your memory, providing a supple glow on your radiant skin to nourishing your hair, the benefits of almond oil on face to internal metabolism have known no limits.

February 16th is celebrated as National Almond Day in the United States to honor this little drupe with its expansive implications. So, let’s get together with our newly formed knowledge and adopt a better and healthy style of living for a better tomorrow!

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