How To Increase Breast Size with Food (10 Best Foods)

I can guess how desperate you are to possess that perfect body shape that looks extremely fabulous in almost every garment. And there’s no denying of the point that big breasts can bestow on you that perfect shape. Voluptuous bust does not only look extremely attractive, but it is also a sign of femininity and enhanced beauty.

Breasts are unquestionably one of the most beautiful parts of a female body that on the one hand endow grace, elegance and on the other hand proffer a sense of completeness.

But every one of us is not blessed with fuller boobs, only some of us are blessed with the right size and shape. The rest of us either make peace with the size of our breasts or do multiple experiments for achieving fuller boobs.

How To Increase Breast Size with Food

Now the question is whether you can increase your breast size or not. And my answer is yes! You can actually increase the size of your breasts. To augment the size of your breasts you have options like breasts implantation, breasts massaging, applying several creams and oils etc.

But breast implantation is not a hassle-free task, it can ensure several complications which can affect your health in the long run. Again applying oil or massaging a cream does not provide that promising result. So what can you do in such a situation?

Now do not feel disheartened as you still have another option and probably the safest option that is consuming certain foods that can actually increase the estrogen level of your body which in return will augment the size and shape of your breasts. Without further ado, let’s see how to increase breast size with food and what the relationship between certain foods and breast size is.

How Do Foods Help To Increase Breast Size?

Breast development is a continuous process that starts right from a woman’s birth. While a girl reaches her puberty, due to hormonal changes the breast tissues start to grow.

The size of a woman’s breast depends on certain things such as diet, hereditary, lifestyle and hormones. The hormone which is solely responsible for the growing of breast tissues is called estrogen which is secreted from ovaries.

It regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle as well as breast size. Low estrogen level is one of the most common reasons for small and sagging boobs.

As estrogen can increases the size of breasts, the estrogen rich food can help in increasing the size of breasts. To get more clarification and to know which foods can augment the size of breasts, go through the following list:

Best Foods To Increase Breast Size Naturally

These are the 10 best foods that will helps to increase your breast size naturally:

1. Soy Milk

Soy Milk

If you are considering preparing a diet to increase breast size, just start with soy milk because it will certainly provide you an amazing result.

This protein-rich food performs many benefits such as it increases bone density, provides ample amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, maintains nerve cells and DNA, helps to avoid anemia and helps to overcome fatigue and tiredness.

Besides these benefits, it is a rich source of isoflavones and phytoestrogens which mimic the female hormone estrogen. As estrogen is known to increases breasts, the phytoestrogen in soy milk does the same thing which in return makes your boobs larger and more prominent.

Tofu, another derivative from soya is also enriched with isoflavones that contribute a lot in increasing the size of breast. A regular and systematic consumption of soy milk and tofu can significantly increase the size and shape of your breasts.

2. Milk

Cow Milk

Girl, tell me one thing do you always ignore drinking milk or consuming dairy products? In your childhood days, your mother used to run after you because you never wanted to drink this incredible food, right? If you are still doing this, you have to immediately abstain yourself from that bad habit.

Regular consumption of milk ensures an overall development. Milk, being stuffed with calcium, potassium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, B3, protein, on the one hand, proffers adequate nourishment and on the other hand, boosts bone health.

Milk is also loaded with reproductive hormones which are much similar to those hormones found in a human body. Cow milk, containing estrogen, prolactin and progesterone promotes the health of your breast and also swells breast tissues that in return make breasts fuller and more opulent.

Hence girl, if you want to improve breast size naturally at home, you have to devour milk almost regularly.

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

You are probably well-acquainted with this miraculous seed because its efficiency to cure hair fall. But girl, do you know that it is equally effective to increases the size of your bust? Yes, I am not joking, using fenugreek seed extracts is one of the most effective home remedies to increases breast size.

The fenugreek plant, itself is enriched with phytoestrogen which is proven to increase the size of breasts.

These seeds can augment the size of breasts in mainly two ways, one is by mimicking the impact of estrogen and the second is by stimulating the production of prolactin, both of which are extremely important in boosting the size of your bust.

Fenugreek seeds play a crucial role in promoting tissue growth which ultimately leads to more opulent and fuller breasts.

If you are not taking natural fenugreek seeds, you can consume fenugreek supplements which work great in providing you the desired result. Just take 1 fenugreek seeds 2 times a day after meal until you see some improvement.

4. Seafood


This is another great option for you if you are searching for how to increase breast size naturally. Seafoods are not only lucrative food options but they can perform so many benefits and adding that to your diet means staying healthy, fit and attractive.

Seafood is stuffed with high-quality, lean and easily digested protein and only 3.5 ounce serving of seafood supplies almost half of an adult’s daily protein.

Seafood like salmon, tuna, shellfish, shrimp, crab and oysters provide a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin, A, D, B6, E, and B12, niacin, thiamin, zinc, manganese and selenium which guarantee well-rounded nourishment and development.

Seafood, having loads of manganese, can induce plenty of sex hormones that in return help in increasing breast tissues. Seafood like prawn, mussel, oyster and shrimp mimic the human body hormone estrogen and increase the size of your boobs. Therefore if you want to experience rapid improvement, you have to add these foods in your daily diet.

5. Nuts and Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

Nuts are delicious, isn’t it? And these are great options to chew when you feel terribly hungry but you don’t have that much time to prepare any other food.

When you are in hurry just devour some almond, walnut, raisins, your stomach will be full and you are ready to go. These, on the one hand, are extremely hassle-free to consume and on the other hand exceedingly nourishing as it proffers an adequate amount of necessary nutrients and micro-nutrients.

Nuts are an excellent source of protein, fat and fiber. The fats which nuts contain are monounsaturated in nature which have tons of benefits for your health and body. Almond, pistachio, walnuts, cashew furnish vitamins, minerals that play an important role in your overall nourishment.

Besides, they proffer an ample amount of isoflavones and estrogen which are the main reasons for increasing the breast tissues.

Dried fruits like cranberry, prunes, dates, and apricots all have tons of vitamins, minerals, isoflavones and dietary estrogen that will gift you those incredible fuller breasts. Hence, if you really desperate in knowing the tips for increasing breast size, do chew some nuts and dry fruits almost on a daily basis.

6. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed oil is amazing for maintaining the health and goodness of your hair. But it is also wonderful for your health as it provides numerous benefits.

It, on the one hand, is a good source of fiber and on the other, it keeps down the level of cholesterol, triglycerides, reduces blood pressure, supports healthy bones, and promotes blood cell formation.

Another great advantage of consuming sesame seeds is that these are capable of augmenting the size and shape of your breasts. These tiny seeds are enriched with high amount of phytoestrogen that regulates estrogen activity in the body and increases the size of your breasts.

Moreover, the active ingredients like flavonoids and amino acids in sesame seeds work as incredible catalysts in inflating the tissues of breasts.

7. Green Vegetable

Green Vegetable

If you always shy away from green leafy vegetables then I am afraid to tell you that you are making a grave mistake. Avoiding green vegetables can leave severe impacts such as your body will not get the necessary amount of nutrients, as well as your skin will become dull and ageing, besides if you omit green vegetables from your diet, it may result in having smaller breasts.

Several vegetables like brassicas, spinach, and broccoli contain isoflavonoids and phytoestrogen which mimic and regulate estrogen level in your body that in return helps to swell and inflate breast tissues.

As these vegetables contain iron, calcium, they help to tone developed breasts which in return resists breast sagging. Again leafy vegetables prevent the excess secretion of male hormones that maintains any hormonal imbalance and allows restoring the natural estrogen level that regulates bodily activity.

8. Fruits


Who does not want fuller and opulent boobs as they always can make you more attractive, more elegant and more feminine? But if you don’t have big boobs, there’s no need to feel dejected as you have options there.

Yes, that option is fresh fruits which do not only taste delicious but can troubleshoot your issue of having small boobs and if you are desperately searching for breast increase tips, add fresh fruits to your diet.

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Fruits have miraculous benefits such as they are extremely low in calories, helps to lose weight, maintain a healthy blood pressure, keeps skin radiant and young and many more.

But it does not only provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients, it also can bring significant improvement in the size and shape of your breasts.

Blueberries, cherries, berries, being estrogen rich, can target low estrogen level which leads into fuller and tighter breasts. Besides these fruits, apples, cranberries, apricots are also estrogen rich and can swell the breast tissues so that your boobs look more filled and brimming.

9. Chicken


Yes, chicken is another food which you have to add to your diet list. This easily available food, on the one hand, nourishes your body and on the other hand, promotes estrogen level in your body that in consequence provide larger bust.

10. Lean Meat

Lean Meat

Do you always wear heavily padded bra? Do you always avoid wearing normal bra? Because wearing a non-padded bra makes you flat-chested which you don’t like at all, right?

But girl, always wearing a padded bra can affect your health in the long run, so to avoid that the wisest thing you can do is that doing something that can increase the size of your breast. And that can be easily done by eating proper food.

One of the most effective foods that can increase the size of your breasts is lean meat. The protein which you get from lean meat can actually augment the size of your breasts. Simultaneously it boosts estrogen level which can bestow more filled and bigger bust.

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Other Tips To Remember

  • Exercises: Besides consuming the above foods, certain exercises are there that can augment the size of your boobs. Different chest development exercises such as wall presses, chest press extensions, push-ups, on the one hand, increase the strength of chest, back and shoulder area and on the other hand increase the size of the bust area.
  • Yoga: Yoga is another activity on which you can rely on if you are trying to improve breast size naturally at home. Since decades women are doing yoga for achieving multiple purposes. Certain yoga postures such as Bhujangasana, Dwikonasana, and Ustrasana etc. can do wonders and vouchsafe you that perfect boobs.
  • Massaging: Massaging does not only feel pleasurable but regular, consistent massaging of breast tissues also can make the bosom larger and well-structured. Besides breast enhancing creams you can go for several natural oils such as olive oil, flaxseed oil etc to posses that beautiful shape of your breasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you still confused? Then to get more clarification and elucidation, please rummage through the following question-answer session:

Is it possible to increases breast size?

Yes, by eating estrogen-rich food, doing exercises and yoga and by regular massaging you can increases the size of your bust.

What is the reason of breast growth?

The hormones called estrogen and progesterone trigger the growth of breast tissues.

How can I grow my breasts?

Just devour estrogen rich food like berries, blueberries, green vegetables, meat, do chest development exercises regularly and massage your boobs regularly, you will definitely see improvement.

What determines the size of breasts?

Genetics and environmental factors determine whether you have small bust or big bust.

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Now girl, there’s no need to sulk in a corner of your room. You have solutions that can fix your issue of small boobs. But don’t ever feel embarrassed about your body.

Just keep in mind that you are beautiful no matter what. But still, if you want those ravishing boobs which you want to flaunt off, add the above foods to your diet which are the best answers for how to increase breast size with food.

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