How To Keep Hair Straight Overnight – 7+ Super Easy Ways

IntroductionHaving particularly straight hair is no more a mere fantasy. Statistics prove how meticulously people invest in keeping their hair from being flimsy and not up to the mark with today’s fashion standards. The statistics reveal how more of it is being seen in the younger generations, especially girls below 25 and not only that, even men have reported not being able to survive without their hair straightener!

How To Keep Hair Straight Overnight

Can you imagine? Well, of course, today’s luxury is tomorrow’s necessity. Straight hair, indefinitely is found to be extremely attractive and alluring. But is it easy to maintain straightened hair regularly, even on office days? Fruit doesn’t come without labor, and there’s no shortcut to beauty. It is a matter of self-commitment and effort.

You are here obviously because you want to feel gorgeous the next morning you wake up. So let’s dive into the basic know-how of how to keep hair straight overnight and steal the show!

How to Keep Hair Straight Overnight?

Suppose you have a long day tomorrow and you need to get your hair straightened in the morning. It’s not going to be easy if you are having your hair tangled and messy when you wake up from sleep. Now, you cannot expect to have your hair exactly straightened overnight but you will surely find it manageable and cut some time off in the morning, You will need your iron to get a perfect look but these hacks will make your hair healthier and save you a bunch of time.

These will surely straighten your hair by a large amount. These will also come in handy if you have just invested in straightening your hair, and you want to maintain it from frizz. How to keep hair straight overnight- has been the common question of the people. Well, there are many solutions to this question.

1. A silk scarf

Be it in movies or be it in a regular household, a silk scarf has always been shown the pathway to maintain straightened hair. Wrap it around your head while going off to bed. It is one of the major keys to how to keep hair straight overnight because a good quality silk scarf will protect you from frizz and help restore the warmth and care your hair needs for a tiresome day.

2. Set the room temperature to cool

Humidity has been one of the evils behind causing frizz to our set hair. Even the ones who do not have frizzy hair tend to lose their smoothness in contact with humid air or sweat. The room temperature should be set accordingly so that the hair does not go through dense sweat or unfavorable air conditions. Keep the doors and windows open to let in a cool breeze and air to your hair. This is one of the mandatory methods to follow on how to keep hair straight overnight.

3. Low bun

If your hair is a lot wavy and you want to lose the waviness while adding some volume to it, then the advice is to tie a low bun right before going to bed. This little nook on how to keep hair straight overnight not only helps in getting rid of extreme waves but also retains the volume of the hair. If your hair is naturally straight, you can also use a volumizer before bed.

4. Silk / Satin Pillowcases

Just like the silk scarf can act wonders and caress your hair strands overnight, the right pillowcase can also prove to be a boon for your newly straightened hair. The cotton bedsheets or pillowcases can catch onto your smooth hair strands impulsively and fasten the damage process. But a satin or silk pillowcase shall provide the right amount of care and protect the hair from frizz.

5. Use dry shampoo for naturally straight hair

Have naturally straight hair? And still not sure of how to maintain it from oil? Do not worry because this tip to maintain straightened hair and how to keep hair straight overnight will surely assist you. As it is not possible to wash your hair every night (you may also catch a cold), you should use dry shampoo for your hair. Position it about 5 to 6 inches away from your scalp and leave it on your hair for a minute or two. This will help in getting rid of the excess harmful oils for your hair.

6. Get rid of hairbands, rubber girders, etc.

These items cause friction to the hair, lead to damage of hair and lose its straightened properties. If you are wondering how to keep hair straight overnight, keep in mind that you should eliminate the necessary evil in the mentioned form. The common act of tying up your hair leaves behind dents in your soft straight hair which is a bane for you.

7. Wrap your hair with pins

If you are wondering how to tie up your hair if you are not able to keep it loose, with the elimination of rubber bands, it’s simple. Comb your hair to a side and ruffle it around your head. Secure it with pins because it doesn’t leave dents on your hair. When you wake up the next day, you will find your hair mostly intact and how you left it.

8. Use essential oils

Unlike dry shampoo users, this tip is for those who suffer from dryness of the scalp and have sticky dandruff issues. Use oil to get rid of frizz, while also nourishing your hair and leaving behind a compact and supple scalp. Hair oils have been prevalent for it’s the food to our hair, the nutrition which keeps our hair moist and alive.

If you have just got your hair straightened or are tired of getting frizz on your naturally straight hair, this is for you. You should not stop putting an effort to preserve what is yours, and before going to sleep, you should give in your best to secure a confident and everlasting look for the next day.

How to Straighten Hair at Home?

Straightening hair is a task. The time taken to straighten one’s hair is subjective to the hair texture, thickness and quality. From time immemorial, straight hair has always been the eyecatcher of people. Not only that but also it has been super easy to pull off any look in public and maintain straightened hair as it’s not very common for straight hair people to have a bad hair day. It’s free from frizz and doesn’t take much time to comb.

Well, we know what you are thinking. What are the tips to straighten hair at home? Don’t worry. Not everyone has the same hair texture or style. But we can get them easily at home without letting our hair go through extreme heat or highly expensive salon treatments.

Here are some tips to straighten hair at home:

1. Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb when it’s gently wet:

We know that we shouldn’t comb our hair when it’s wet, because it damages the hair and leads to breakage. Here is but, one of the major tips to straighten hair at home, i.e., brushing your towel-dry hair after applying shampoo and conditioner with a wide-tooth comb. A wide-tooth comb not only prevents hair fall but also removes concern for damage if we are careful enough to remove the knots and tangles with your hand first. Repeat this procedure lightly every 5 minutes. This is one of the best ways to get a straightened-hair look for the day.

2. Apply serum or smoothing cream:

Yes, you are right. It’s a last-minute hack used to get away with a sophisticated hair look. It moisturizes the hair, provides the hair with nourishment and at the same time, makes sure you look presentable and ongoing for the day. This is not a permanent solution as it can be easily negated via pollution outdoors. This is one of the tips to straighten hair at home at the last moment.

3. Spray your hair with milk and honey:

It is hands up the most effective tips to straighten hair at home. Milk contains fat and protein which softens, strengthens and smoothens hair. It is a natural straightener. Honey is also blessed with nourishing properties. Pour some milk over a spoonful of honey and leave the mixture on your shampooed hair for about five minutes and then rinse it off under a running shower. Sometimes, eggs can be applied as well as an effective kitchen hack to smoothen and shine your hair.

4. Apply a homemade pack of Multani Mitti:

We are very well aware of the various perks of Multani Mitti on our skin. But did you know about its application for straightening our hair? Are you dealing with frizzy hair? Is it getting out of hand? Don’t worry! This simple face pack will steal the show.

Method: Mix two spoonfuls of rice flour to a cup of Multani Mitti. Stir it with some egg white and water to make a paste of smooth consistency. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and comb your hair gently. After some time, rinse it off. This is one of the pro tips to straighten hair at home if you are dealing with frizzy and rough hair.

Kitchen hacks have always proved to be the safest and best option when it comes to maintaining your hair. They are fool-proof and cannot be toxic for your hair quality if you follow the correct methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is straightening hair naturally good for the texture of the hair?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with procuring straight hair if you can maintain it. Natural methods suggested for straightening hair are fool-proof techniques that also add to hair quality. Also, do not delay to show your dermatologist if any allergic reactions are observed to any of the kitchen hacks mentioned earlier.

Does dry shampoo leave behind any residue?

There’s a plus point to using dry shampoo as a hack on how to keep hair straight overnight. It does not leave behind any white fragmented residue, so no time is lost in brushing it out in the morning in a hassle.

Is a silk scarf actually effective for hair? How?

Yes, silk scarves are smooth which is why it induces less friction on the hair and protect hair from frizz.

Is serum good for hair?

A serum reduces frizz and locks your natural texture. It needs to be applied along the length of the hair. Hair serum can be applied on the scalp as well but it tends to leave behind oily roots.

How frequently should one use iron on hair?

Hairstyling with chemicals or hot iron should not be done more than once a week. Highend salon treatments using electric straighteners are not good for the hair.

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Getting your hair straightened in itself is a little bit laborious. But this isn’t where the job ends. To maintain straightened hair is also a bit of a challenge in itself. It requires dedication and care. Straightened hair is more likely to revert to being original when it gets wet. Avoid getting wet and start using more shower caps to prevent re-curling of hair.

The night is the time when we relax after a hectic schedule and that is why it is more important to see that our hair is adored and nourished. We know by now that how to keep hair straight overnight is an unavoidable question in itself. With it comes queries like how to maintain straightened hair or regular tips to straighten hair at home.

Hair is an integral part of us and our personality. So, we need to take good care of it and make sure we don’t use any hazardous chemicals or cosmetics on it and damage it in return. This venture on how to keep hair straight overnight will aid you in preventing your straightened beautiful hair from curling up again and give you all the confidence that you may need.

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