List of Top 10 Skincare Brands in India

It goes without saying that your skin needs and deserves the best care for its wholesome nourishment. Walking an extra mile for the skin is something that almost all women enjoy. Isn’t it ladies? Well, in all probability, the answer is certainly all in affirmation. Where on the one hand some of you might enjoy spending some extra time on your skin, some others would not leave any scope unturned to follow all necessary steps that are good for the skin.

However, no matter which category you belong to, skincare products always go a long way in helping you to achieve your flawless skin goals. With time, as the aging process starts to initiate, skin care turns out to be the most crucial part that just cannot be done without. No matter which woman you talk to, none would like to start their day without a proper skin care routine or even end their day without the same. And thus, with that said, skin care turns out to be your rescue.

Best SkinCare Brands in India

Nonetheless, spending on skincare involves undergoing severe matters of conflict regarding settling for a particular brand. With different competing brands in the market, coming up with their promising advertisements, it becomes a tedious task to settle for a particular skin care brand. However, if your consideration is the Indian market, there are quite some brands that have been securing a good position in terms of brand reputation.

Well, if you are here looking for some of the best skin care brands available in India, you have just landed right. I have for you a list of brands that deserve to be on the list going to some of the features that they have to offer for each of their products. Thus, to no more, stick onto the journey with me and discover the skin care brands that are the showstoppers in the Indian market today.

The Best SkinCare Brands in India As Of 2021

Skin care is not just about following a vivid routine regularly. It equally involves picking the right product that suits your skin in the best possible way. Hence, we can conclude that picking the right skin care brand is equally important.

Irrespective of your preferences, I have for you a list that includes some of the best affordable categories of skin care brands as well as high-end skin care brands. Thus, if you have been confused lately on which skin care brands to settle for, here I have for you the best pics from the Indian market that are a must-try.

1. Lakme

Lakme as makeup and skin care brand has been the word of every mouth. This is one of those brands that deserve a place in the list of the best. With its formulation, a wide range of colors, textures and much more, the brand has been ruling the hearts of Indian women ever since its inception.

Besides, their skin care products come in different packaging sizes but allow users to opt for handy packaging products. It is a widely recognized brand and has won the trust of Indian women for ages now. The brand has left no stone unturned in meeting the needs of Indian skin types and tones.

2. Olay

When it comes down to targeting the middle-aged category of women in India, Olay has a different fan base. The requirements of this particular category of women have been well targeted by this brand keeping in mind the skin problems that these categories of women face.

Especially, it is worth considering their range of anti-aging skincare products, that are the best sellers in the Indian market. Despite being an American brand, they have in no way failed to meet the aging skin requirements of Indian skin type. Their varied range of skincare products is a must-try for middle-aged Indian women.

3. L’Oréal Paris

Among the luxurious category of skincare products, L’Oréal Paris is a good brand to consider in the Indian market. For long-term skin goals, this brand is the perfect match that you would ever need. Their wide range of products is infused with restoration capabilities that thus, benefit and treat your skin in the long run.

Additionally, its aging control skincare products are one of the choices of most Indian women. Thus, this is no doubt about the fact that L’Oréal Paris as a brand of skin care products is worth all the penny you spend on each of its products.

4. Neutrogena

Neutrogena is an American brand that has grabbed the attention of Indian women by fire. The brand not only deals in skin care, but it also potentially offers its range of products for hair care as well as cosmetics. The brand is a search that its products are completely chemical-free and thus are safe to be used on the skin.

With the brand, you can find products such as cleansers, scrubs, exfoliators, and much more varieties that fall within the range of skin care. It is worth investing in this brand as the results that they offer are worth the money you spend. Hence, it deserves a place in the list of the best.

5. Clinique

Clinique is one such brand you need to consider as the best in the global scenario. Besides, its reach in the Indian market too cannot be missed out on. Their range of products is available at affordable prices considering the benefits one would derive from them. If you have been long desiring clear and radiant skin, this is the brand you need to settle for.

The cleansing balms from the brand it’s perhaps the most preferred product among all others. Clinique and its products are s great deal to settle for if the price is your consideration while keeping in mind skincare.


VLCC is one of those Indian skin care brands that owes a position in the list of the best. Ever since its inception, the brand has never failed in an opportunity to gain the trust of its users in the Indian market. Both, the price, and quality of the products of this brand are placed keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian market.

Most of the products that form part of a basic skin care regime are available with his brand. Additionally, they also come up with their Ayurvedic range of skin care products too. Dos, if you have been looking for a good Indian skin care brand, this is the one for you.

7. The Face shop

Among all others in the list of the best skin care brands available in India, The Face Shop perhaps fails to get the recognition that it deserves. The brand in itself circumscribes all skin care products that are a must need for all Indian women out there. Right from moisturizing creams to cleansing lotions, hydrating creams, and many more, you have it all with them.

This is a highly recommended brand the tall Indian women must try their hands on. A skin care brand so versatile deserves to be on the list of the best. Hence, do give it a try and see if it works for your skin.

8. Mamaearth

Mamaearth as a skin care and hair care brand is the most talked about brand in the Indian market today. The hype for this brand has evolved with time and now, it is the preference of almost all Indian women. The brands promote the usage of natural ingredients in the skin care regime and have grabbed its specific segment of customers.

Their wide range of products is safe and all good to use on the skin. Several online stores, as well as offline stores today, give quite some preference to this brand to grab the attention of relevant users. Thus, if you are a fan of natural ingredients, this is the brand you should settle for to sort your skin care regime.

9. Pond’s

The discussion and the best skin care brands available in India cannot end without highlighting the brand Ponds. This is the most popularly recognized skin care brand in the Indian market by far. Irrespective of your skin type or your skin problems, you are most likely to get yourself the right skin care products with this brand at very reasonable rates.

Despite being an American brand in origin, it has not failed to look into the need’s requirements of the Indian skin tone and type. Each skin problem necessitates a formula to specifically deal with the issue. In this regard, the brand ponds have been ideally crafted.

10. Nivea

When it comes down to the ideal skin care rescue during the winter seasons in India, Nivea is the ultimate brand to consider. The brand has gained quite some trust in the Indian market and is a name recognized in almost all Indian households. It ideally meets the winter skin care needs for both men as well as women.

Additionally, the ideal nourishment that the skin deserves during the winters is something that Nivea products would cause to your skin. Using Nivea products can leave your skin healthy and moisturized evenly during winters without giving you unnecessary skin problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are aware of the brands that you can choose from, I’m pretty sure there might be some other queries cropping up in your heads as readers. Well, if you do have your mind flooded with some relevant questions, this subhead has you covered. Here I have for you certain commonly asked questions along with their legit answers to sort your queries as far as is practicable.

Is Himalaya herbals a good brand to shop for skin care products?

Himalaya herbals is a well-recognized brand in India that is known for its capabilities of treating skin problems such as acne pimples dry skin etc. The brand falls in the affordable category and is formulated, keeping in mind the needs of the Indian market. However, the one drawback about the brand is that their variety of products in the skin care regime is somewhat restricted and does not curate to certain specific needs of the skin.

Which is the best ayurvedic skin care brand in India?

Though the Indian market is filled with quite some options if you are looking for Ayurvedic skin care, the choice is difficult when it is about settling for a particular Ayurvedic skin care brand. Nonetheless, the best brand preference differs from person to person. However, certain brands such as Mamaearth, forest essentials, etc can be your consideration.

Is Biotique a good brand to consider for skin care products?

Among the leading skin care brands in India, biotique has been a consideration in many households and for several women out there. They are a top-notch brand that caters to several different needs of Indian skin tone and type. In my opinion, I’m pretty sure that investing in this brand wouldn’t be a loss at your end. Thus, you can happily rely on the brand for skin care.


Most of the skin care brands stand as true potential competitors to each other. Especially in the Indian market, several brands come out emerging with their promising claims but not all stand out in the market. However, the perpetual debate on considering the best skin care brands available in India ends here with this block post. Each of the brands and listed here deserves to be on the list and is a must-try for Indian women.

If you have been a fan of skin care, you want to know the struggle that goes behind picking the right skin care brand. However, I am pretty sure that this blog post has helped its readers convert their skin care regime journey into an easier one. Thus, what else are you waiting for? Go grab your skin care products right away and get going beautiful with each passing day. Software lighter and radiant skin is waiting for you in your journey ahead.

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