7 Important makeup tips for dry skin type in 2021

Your skin type has a lot to do with the skincare and makeup pattern you follow. There is no perfect skincare or makeup routine that is meant to suit all skin types. Nonetheless, once you are aware of your skin type, the job gets quite easier to search for products that would only work better for your skin. Thus, today, we are here to primarily focus on those women, with the constant problem of having dry skin.

Just like oily skin is a concern, people with dry skin too are equal victims. No matter where you go, what do you do, your dry skin always comes along. Thus, there is a shared need for you to manage such a skin type on regular basis or even on occasions. It is not just skincare bet you need to worry about when you have dry skin. Even make-up tends to be a major hindrance. There is something or the other that misses out when you wish to achieve the ideal makeup look.

makeup tips for dry skin

However, gone at the days when you had to struggle with makeup. Now, with several tips and tricks, you can address your dry skin in no time. You hardly need to take any burden when you have the right product for your skin type and the right tips and tricks to help settle makeup. If you have been looking for attaining of flawless makeup look even when suffering from dry skin type, your search ends here.

Once you know to treat your skin the right way, issues such as itching and flaking of skin after putting on makeup can be cured. There are several tips and tricks that I have for you today to ace your makeup look in dry skin. Thus, if you have been looking for some legit makeup tips for dry skin type, keep reading each word of this piece to know all the tips I have in-tore for you to discover.

Must-Try Makeup Tips For Dry Skin Type

Whether buying makeup or skincare products, nothing can be more important than considering your skin type. Most people with dry skin types always come up complaining about flaking skin when makeup is applied to it. Well, if you are here to address your concerns, these enlisted tips and tricks can be of your help and you are ready to flaunt your beautiful makeup look.

1. Exfoliation as the key pre-makeup step

When it comes down to dry skin, people do not perceive exfoliation as an option. The reason is simple, exfoliation Is usually seen as a must pre-makeup step for oily skin and not for dry skin. However, you miss out on the fact that even the dead skin cells that are hanging onto the skin needs to be removed and, that can be only achieved when the skin is exfoliated adequately.

Nothing can go wrong, if you take your skin through enough exfoliation, by using the right scrub your dry skin needs. It is suggestive to go for cream-based scrubs as, along with exfoliation, the creamy formula doesn’t take off moisture from your face, thus, not making it too dry. Besides, also avoid administering harsh chemicals on the face to avoid making your skin feel extra dry and flaky.

2. No amount of moisture can be enough

It goes without saying that moisturization is an important step for those with dry skin types. If your skin lacks moisture, it adds to the flakiness even when makeup is applied to it. Do all skin types seek adequate moisturization before makeup is applied to it, this step cannot just be done without especially for those with dry skin types. For a flawless makeup base that lasts long without making your makeup look flaky, make sure to moisturize your skin enough.

For deeper hydration, it is essential to go for moisturizing the skin on a regular basis at least twice a day. And not just is moisturization an important part of makeup, but also is crucial to be incorporated into the skincare routine especially for those with dry skin type. It is only when your skin is enough hydrated, that the makeup tends to settle well. This is perhaps the most predictable step yet unnoticed by many.

3. Liquids and creams are your best friend

A particular makeup product might come in different formulations, for dry skin type nothing works better than liquid and cream formulations. These formulations tend to settle well and thus give you a flawless makeup finish. Additionally, these formulations also add an extra bit of moisture to your skin which a powdery formulation would fail to bring to your makeup look. Powdery and matte formulations are just not your thing if you have been blessed with dry skin type.

Be it picking a foundation, a concealer, a blush, a highlighter, or any other relevant product, never settle for anything other than liquids and creamy formulation. using such formula is easy to apply on dry skin and to be blended on. As we all know, makeup can never settle well if not blended properly, as a makeup tip for dry skin, liquids and creams are a must-have.

4. Not to skip primers before makeup

This too is an important step for all skin types and has the same utility to offer. In this regard, what else could be better than a gel base primer to prep the skin? Yes, you read that right. A gel-based primer will help prepare a makeup base that would last long without making them look dull and dried. Besides, a primer is also capable of giving you a smoother look which you would have been deprived of instead.

Going about with dots off gel base primer on the face and applying it well with the help of warm hands will allow the formula to soak into the skin and prepare the skin As your makeup canvas. Thus, if you have been seeking high coverage long-lasting makeup look, a primer is a must step to follow.

5. Not to forget the dried lips

Your overall makeup look cannot be done without the lips looking gorgeous and healthy. It is mostly observed that people with dry skin type failed to take adequate care of their lips too. Thus, just like the rest of the face, the lips need explanation and adequate moisture to make themselves look healthy. Especially during the winters and the fall season, you are most likely to always witness dry lips almost. For this purpose, homemade scrubs work best.

All you need to do is prepare a mixture of moisturizing in brilliance such as honey as well as an exfoliating ingredient such as dusted sugar. On applying and scrubbing this mixture on the lips once a week, the issues of dried and cracked lips can be sorted in no time. With that, you are all good to go about fronting your beautiful pair of lips.

6. Extra precaution in case of eye makeup

No makeup look can be complete without the eyes looking dramatic. However, dry skin in and around the eyelids turns to hamper your makeup look mostly. Flaws such as fine lines, flaky appearance are highlighted when you go about using a pencil or powdery products for the eyes. Especially for the purpose of lining the eyes, a liquid or gel-based eyeliner is your ultimate go-to.

Additionally, extra precaution needs to be taken while removing eye makeup. Ingredients that are rich in natural oils can be used to remove eye makeup easily. When such steps are followed, one can witness drastic results eventually. To put it in simple words, for those with dry skin type, it is ideal to avoid harsh chemical-filled skincare and makeup products.

7. Avoid using matte finish products

The mattifying effect that matte products offer is undoubtedly appealing to most women out there reading this piece at the moment. However, for those with dry skin types, matte finish products are just not your friend. Such products tend to make you look dull and degrade your overall makeup look other than accentuating it.

Several cosmetic products are available for you to pick from, other than the matte formulations. Instead, as a matter of suggestion, one can always settle for a dewy makeup look if you are someone with a dry skin type. A dewy look will enhance your look alongside retaining moisture to your face as is needed by the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dealing with dry skin is in itself a hassle. However, not anymore. When you have the right approach to deal with it, you certainly need not be a victim to dry skin problems. Well, now that most of the tips and tricks have been covered, next up, as readers you might have your minds flooded with some other relevant questions. If that’s the case, we have you covered under this sub-head. Some commonly asked questions, along with their relevant answers have been brought before you.

What skincare should I follow before applying makeup?

Regular skin care is all one can follow before applying makeup too. To put it in detail, cleansing and exfoliating excessively dry face, followed by adequate moisturization to the face and lips are the best steps to undertake. Your base will hold on for longer periods when makeup is applied on fresh and clear skin. Thus, these steps are a must to embark on.

How can I achieve a glowy and radiant makeup look with dry skin?

If your goal is to make yourself look shiny all day long with makeup on, what else could be better than opting for a creamy formulation of foundation and concealers? After all, a shiny base will enhance your beauty and keep your dull and dry skin subsided. It is indeed a great measure to avoid powdery formulations and mattifying products to maintain a glowy and radiant look.

How can I prevent my makeup from flaking occasionally?

You might not believe it, but a skin refresher has a long way to go in this regard. Most of you might be unaware of the fact. But, for an instant moisture boost, this is the best option for those with dry skin types. One can carry a skin refresher along all day and a few sprays on the skin can help get rid of dry skin.

Are beauty balm creams good for dry skin types?

Beauty Balms or BB Creams are the most hyped about in the market. For someone looking for regular wear, lightweight cream formulation product, this is something worth considering. For dry skin too, using BB Creams can be a great alternative to a foundation when looking for light coverage that hangs around with you for quite some time.


Whether you perceive dry skin type as a blessing, or a curse is purely on one’s perception. However, there can be several ways under the sky that can easily help you make situations better. Today, someone with excessively dry skin too can get themselves the joy of applying makeup and flaunting such beauty. It is just the right type of product and some tricks that you ever need.

Understanding one’s skin’s requirements take time and experimentation. With a different range of products coming up now and then with their set of advertisements, it is difficult to make out which products to settle for. It is the same case concerning both skincare as well as makeup products. Thus, it is extremely important to discover what products ideally suit one’s skin type.

With that said, we have reached the end of this blog post with all the probable makeup tips for dry skin type that is a must need for any woman with such type of skin. Now that you have such tips and tricks, I am sure, struggling with makeup is not something you need to face anymore. Thus, all the ladies out there, enjoy the glory of flaunting radiant and gorgeous makeup look no matter where you go.

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