10 Makeup Products Which Girls Should Always Keep With Themselves

Makeup products are saviors for girls like us! They are indispensable in our daily day to life as we need them in each and every occasion of our life- be it a formal look for the office or a gorgeous reception look or a casual look in a family get together.

You can enhance your normal look with proper makeup products. Our skin does not look at its best always as it suffers several issues like acne, pimple, pigmentation, dry patches etc.

You can conceal them all by using the right makeup products. Now you don’t have to worry if you get dark circles due to late-night movies because you can overcome them by using proper makeup products.

Must Have Makeup Products For Women

But girl, these days you can find thousands of makeup products in the market and each of them will not work for you. And when you go for shopping, it can happen that you will end up in buying the wrong products which you will never use.

So to avoid these, you have to be assiduous otherwise you will easily get swayed by watching the numerous lucrative makeup products.

However, for your convenience, I have compiled a list of must have makeup products which you will need every time you step out. Now just have a look at those products.

Must Have Makeup Products For Women

These are the essential makeup products for every single girl:

1. Primer

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

You never get that flawless look even after following the right steps of doing make up, right? And after painstakingly following proper methods your makeup does not stay long, isn’t it? If you always go through the previous scenarios, then probably you are missing one of the most basic makeup products which is a face primer.

Now omitting a primer while doing makeup is a kind of blunder because doing that can create certain problems such as you will not get that perfect look, your makeup will not last long, the products will not blend properly etc.

Using a primer at the very beginning or just after the moisturizer can transform your whole makeup. It, on the one hand, fills in the large pores, fine lines and on the other hand, it tones down the appearances of harsh pigmentation and scars.

The key ingredient of a primer is silicone, a transparent water-repelling substance which performs like a base coat for skin and creates a smooth surface which creates a flawless finish.

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Primer, having pore unblocking ingredients can resist the extra sebum secretion and by preventing shine it can also endow a matte look by minimizing all those shine and shimmer. Again a good primer can cancel out all the areas of redness, dry patches and blotchiness.

Hence if you want that perfect finish that lasts all day long, you have to use a primer, otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy that exemplary finish.

2. Foundation


Here comes the most important thing in ladies’ makeup items which is essentially the base upon which you put up your whole makeup look. Using this single thing you can even out your skin tone, erase blemishes and add that healthy radiance to your skin.

However, besides providing that luster and glow, foundation defends your skin against environmental pollution, dust and smoke. It complements the natural color and tone of your skin.

Moreover, to cater what you need, you can find a suitable foundation based on your skin type and preferences. If you have excessive oily skin and don’t want that sticky shine, you can go for a matte foundation which will prevent excessive sebum secretion.

If you have dry, parched skin you should go for a hydrating cream foundation that will, on the one hand, nourish your skin and on the other hand, give you a moisturized glow.

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But girl if you have acne-prone skin, the best option will be a water-based foundation which will not clog your pores and in return will not break you out.

Again a foundation varies in terms of coverage such as there are ones which are meant for full coverage, some are meant for sheer coverage, some for medium or buildable coverage.

So, girl to get that alluring glow and to brighten up your whole complexion, you should definitely invest in a good quality foundation.

3. Concealer


Yes, a concealer falls under the category of most essential makeup products which every girl should always keep with herself. From the name you can guess that the main purpose of using a concealer is to hide blemishes and to enhance the complexion.

A concealer is very much similar to a foundation except it is thicker and is designed to hide serious imperfections such as scar, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and severe acne breakouts.

After applying a foundation you should always apply a concealer so that it doesn’t budge and can fully cover all your imperfections.

A tiny wand of concealer can endow multiple benefits. If your fine lines are bothering you too much, you can conceal them beautifully by using few dots of concealer. Again if your eyes look too much tired and if there are severe dark circles under your eyes, concealer is that what you need.

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Just apply a few dots around your eyes, blend that with little tapping using your ring finger and your eyes are ready with no traces of dark circles and tiredness.

Therefore girl, no compromise with dark spots and other blemishes! Take a small amount of a suitable concealer, blend it well and the blemishes will be vanished in a fraction of a second.

4. Loose Powder

Loose Powder

Loose powder is that amazing product which can be used in numerous ways and if you are a beginner, you should grab this makeup staple which is one of the most essential things in the list of makeup products for beginners.

Loose powder is finely milled and does not contain oil which makes it great for absorbing excessive oil and sebum. For getting a lightweight coverage or healthy glow just dab some powder on your face and sweep it away after it has set on your skin.

A single bottle of loose powder can do wonders for your skin as it serves multiple purposes at one time. If you are not a fan of foundation, concealer or other makeup products you can wear loose powder alone to get a beautiful radiance and enhanced complexion.

After applying concealer, you should use a loose powder to lock the moist consistency, so that it can last for a prolonged time. It also resists makeup transfer or any makeup runoff that may bother you in the middle of the day.

If you want long voluminous lashes, loose powder can help you to possess that. At first coat your lashes with loose powder, then apply mascara. Then again coat your lashes with loose powder and apply the second coating of mascara. Repeat this process until you get satisfied with the volume of your lashes.

5. Blush


You love that rosy glow on the cheeks of your favorite actress, right? You also want to possess that warmth and vibrancy, but you don’t blush naturally, right?

Relax! Don’t be sad because you are not alone, many of us don’t blush naturally. That does not mean that you have to let go of your desire to get that rosy warmth on your cheek. Yes to gift you that rosy vibrancy there is an item called blush or rouge which is one of the must have makeup products that a girl should own.

Blush is actually a soft pigment available in cream or powder, designed for mimicking the natural flush of your face which generally makes your overall complexion more healthy and vibrant.

You can find two types of blush, one is powder blush that you have to wear on top of foundation or primer, and another is cream blush which you have to blend with a brush or sponge on top of foundation or even a moisturizer.

6. Bronzer


When you apply a foundation, concealer, it robs the natural warmth and dimension of your face. Due to that, your face looks flat and lifeless. But girl, you have a solution for that and the solution is a bronzer that can shower that warmth and vibrancy on your face.

A bronzer is generally brushed on the perimeter of the face especially on the jaw line, on the sides of the forehead to add warmth and color to your face. It also can create an illusion of a chiseled and sun-kissed look that makes your whole complexion more bright, prominent and alluring.

7. Lipstick

Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick

A girl’s makeup box is incomplete without a lipstick which is one of the best makeup products of all time. A lipstick is that magic wand that can instantly transform your whole look. Even after meticulously doing the complete makeup if you forget to put on a lipstick, your whole look will be marred.

A lipstick has that capability to take your beauty in its zenith. By coloring your lips, a lipstick can proffer a more put together and attractive look; besides it defines your lips and your lips become more attractive, lush and plump.

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Wearing lipstick has other benefits such as it protects lips from environmental pollution, extreme cold or harsh weather. It can also repair damaged and cracked lips.

Moreover, a lipstick can enhance your smile and overall appearance that in return increases your confidence and lets you feel more empowered.

8. Kajal

Eyeconic Kajal

What can make you more attractive than having dark, deep and big eyes? But every one of us is not blessed with those darker and bigger eyes. If you are not blessed with those beautiful dark eyes, incorporate a kajal and get those beautiful, deep and dark eyes in the wink of an eye.

Kajal has almost become the part and parcel of every girl’s life. Kajal smeared eyes are extremely gorgeous on the one hand and make an illusion of bigger eyes on the other hand.

Besides creating an illusion of big eyes, kajal defines the shape of your eyes which in return makes you more classy and elegant. Kajal is also said to calm Vaastu related faults and has also shown results in improving cataracts and Nyctalopia.

9. Mascara


After applying kajal do you feel that there is something which is missing? Do your eyelashes look very thin and tiny? Then girl, you obviously need a mascara which can solve all your issues.

Mascara is made of black pigments which are fastened by polymer and the thick texture comes from using various oils and waxes.

This incredible makeup item can serve several purposes such as it thickens eyelashes, lengthens them, adds texture, darkens and intensifies eyelashes by making them more prominent and visible.

10. Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Now my ultimate pick is a nude eyeshadow palette which can be used in thousands of ways. A nude eyeshadow palette is so versatile that you don’t have to worry about your eye makeup in any situation.

This single thing is a must have makeup product for girls because with it you can create an array of stylish looks. Be it a bold party look or a nude natural look- all can be generated by a single palette of nude eyeshadow.

Just use your imagination and create that brilliant look using a nude eyeshadow palette.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now to clear all your queries and to get more information and guidance, just catch a glimpse of the following question and answer session:

What makeup products should a girl own?

There essential makeup products that a girl should own are primer, bb cream, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, gel eye liner, mascara, false eyelashes, a contour palette and a nude eyeshadow palette.

What makeup products should a beginner invest in?

A beginner must own a tinted lip balm, bb cream, a kajal, mascara, loose powder and a nude eye shadow palette.

What makeup products are necessary for everyday use?

For everyday use you should keep a moisturizer, primer, bb cream, blush, kajal, mascara and a hydrating lipstick.

Can I wear makeup every day?

Of course, you can wear makeup every day. But only wearing a makeup cannot protect your skin from harmful UV rays, in that case before applying any makeup you have to wear a sunscreen.

How to choose a foundation for my skin?

To choose the proper foundation for your skin, at first find your undertone, decide what coverage you want, and then try different shades on your jawline. Which shade completely disappears in your skin, is the perfect match for you.

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Now girl, time has come that you forget all your flaws and get hold of that flawless, perfect look. Just bring in the above must have makeup products and use them properly. And you will definitely unfold your captivating and alluring self which will conquer the whole world.

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