10 Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Indian Skin

Lipstick falls under the category of the most essential things in a woman’s vanity bag. Without a lipstick, even your daily day-to-day look is unimaginable. A simple touch-up using this magical stick can add an extraordinary charm to your plain regular looks.

Be it a bold look or a formal look- you can’t achieve the desired look without using a lipstick. A lipstick is that magical wand that in an instant can transfigure your look with no doubt.

Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Indian Skin

But when the point comes choosing a lipstick for dark Indian skin tone, our head gets crowded by thousand misconceptions such as dark skin tone is not meant for lipstick or dark skin toned girls always opt for light lipstick shades.

Unfortunately we, Indians are obsessed with a fair complexion and it is so deep-rooted that we consider dark skin tone as something unpleasant or ugly. Don’t be a victim of such misconceptions because dark skin tones are absolutely glamorous and astounding and you can flaunt off your melanin-rich skin color.

Like all other skin tones, to pull out the best out of your dark skin tone you have to pick the right shade of lipstick. You just cannot grab any one color. If a lipstick is not chosen properly, your whole look will be spoiled, no matter what skin tone and color you have. So sit tight and let’s explore the best lipstick shades for dark Indian skin tone.

Lipstick Shades for Dark Indian Skin

These are the top 10 must have lipstick shades for Indian skin:

1. Copper Brown

Copper Brown lipstick

Girl, do you have to attend a reception party? And obviously, to attend a reception party, you have decided to wear a gorgeous outfit, right? But after doing the whole makeup, if you forget to touch up your lips, your whole look will be incomplete. In a situation like this, the shade which will go with your outfit quite beautifully is a copper brown shade.

This shade itself is glamorous and definitely will add charm and warmth to your face. By defining your lips beautifully, it will vouchsafe you a pair of lips that are flawless as well as alluring.

This exquisite color will flatter your look and complexion in such a way that everybody will feel compelled to look at you. Hence girl, do embrace this lipstick shade which is also one of the best lipstick shades for Indian skin tone and rock the stage.

2. Red

Red Lipstick e1610005056760

Now don’t tell me that you have always shied away from this beautiful color! If you have always believed that red is not meant for dark skin beauties, you are absolutely wrong. And time has come to shatter this misconception of yours!

Red lipstick is charming. This color signifies boldness, rebelliousness, besides it makes your appearance enchanting and captivating. Red is the sexiest color which makes your lips seductive and alluring. To look glamorous and enchanting you even don’t need anything, just swipe a red lipstick over your lips and your job is done!

For decades from celebs to ordinary women have been using red lipstick as their secret weapon to capture everyone’s attention. This color is generally associated with warmth, positive energy and vibrancy. Wearing red lipstick can boost your confidence and you will feel more reassured.

And the charm of dark skin is more complemented by red lipstick. The red color adds nothing but grandeur and magnificence to your skin tone. So never ever shy away from this seductive color which is one of the must-have lipstick shades for Indian skin.

3. Peach

Peach Lipstick e1610005872293

You want flattering lips, a subtle pop of color, right? Then nothing can be more suitable than royal peach color. If you are searching for a flattering color that will look rich and elegant, peach is the best option to go with.

Peach can help you in making your own classic lip statement. It not only gift you luscious lips but it will also add an extra definition and charm to your lips. If you want to get a break from always wearing red, peach can give you that. This shade is, on the one hand, playful and on the other hand, it can proffer an extremely stunning look.

Not bold like red but peach is able to add together a natural oomph that will make your eyes and complexion more bright and radiant. For a natural and subtle look, you can easily grab a peach shade to lend that composed and collected look. To create your own lip statement the warm peachy rose will be unparalleled and phenomenal for every event out there.

4. Taupe

Taupe Lipstick e1610006036996

You are in search of a shade that will bestow that perfect formal look, right? While going out for work, you just don’t want to put on that gorgeous red or not that glamorous pink but certainly, you want a shade that will define your lips as well as proffer a subtle elegant look, right? Then look nowhere because this shade which is the best daily wear lipstick shade for Indian skin tone will be the most perfect fit for you.

Taupe is mainly a matte finish nude brown lip color that beautifully removes the worn-out look of your face by adding a subtle depth and elegance. This gorgeous shade is ideal if you want to achieve that formal, put-together look.

This shade also allows you to make your eye makeup more bright and gorgeous. Being nude and matte in nature it will not wash out color from your face but surely will endow a more polished and delicate look. This shade itself is very easy to carry and is apt for creating a formal makeup look.

Therefore girl, for that elegant and dainty look, bring this and you are ready in a moment.

5. Fuchsia

Fuchsia Lipstick

Fuchsia is another incredible shade to rely on if you are too much fastidious for choosing a lipstick shade. Fuchsia is modish as well as very much trendy. If you want the glam celeb look, you can try any shades of Fuchsia.

Fuchsia is a unique mixture of pink and blue which is not only cool but also vibrant. This playful color adds drama and charm to your whole appearance. It instantly can transfigure your whole look no matter how tired and exhausted you are.

This single shade can bestow on you so many styles for instance bright fuchsia will make you a street-style star, the sheer fuchsia will always make you ready for any formal event, violet fuchsia will instantly flatter your skin tone and will be perfect for a candlelight dinner.

Fuchsia is an intense color, besides it has intensity and depth that will do nothing but flatter your skin. For creating that perfectly defined lips, just use a brush and you are more than ready.

6. Rose Pink

Rose Pink Lipstick e1610006268908

Do you have dark lips that look extremely unpleasant? To cover your dark lips you are in search of a color which will cover all the pigmentation of your lips, simultaneously which will make you look polished and dainty, right? Then rose pink is that color which is one of the most suitable lipstick shades for dark lips.

Pink is a universally flattering color and this rose pink version which always remains trendy, is loved by each and every girl. This beautiful shade will help you chase the whole day with no traces of tiredness or exhaustion. This color is on the one hand subtle and on the other has unique warmth that will make your appearance pop out even in the crowd.

Being polished and delicate in nature this shade will make you look classic and dainty. It is the perfect shade not only for a formal look but it is also suitable for an instant glam look, in that case, pair this shade with dramatic smokey eye makeup, a bit of blush, highlighter and BOOM! You are ready for rocking the stage.

7. Magenta

Magenta Lipstick e1610006374644

If you want to try something perky as well as playful, what can be better than the shade called magenta? Nowadays it has become one of the trendiest colors which our favorite glam divas and celebs are carrying almost now and then! Magenta has become the new red which you can apply to get that charming and put-together look.

The richness of this color is incredible and you can create arrays of style with this single shade. If you want a party look pair this bright color with smokey eye makeup and you are ready for the whole night.

To get a more refreshed, casual look wears the matte version of this lipstick and pair that with a dewy makeup look which will make you prepared for the long day’s running and jumping.

Do you have a date night ahead? No worries because magenta will shave you there! A bright magenta lip stain paired with a soft and neutral makeup with blush and highlighter will successfully make you the center of attention!

Hence girl, there’s no point in shying away from this lucrative shade which is one of the best lipstick shades for medium skin tone as well as dark skin tone.

8. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Lipstick

Brown shades are another go-to option for any upbeat events in town. It will instantly generate an edgy and animated look full of life and vibrancy. Among numerous brown shades, the chocolate brown is the one which you can easily don almost in any event.

Chocolate brown is equally cool, sexy and seductive. For dusky skin beauties, chocolate brown shade can do magic as it, on the one hand, defines lips beautifully and on the other hand flatters your whole appearance.

Again, if you want to relive the 90’s, probably you have to store this chocolate brown shade which will endow you glamorous as well as enchanting look.

9. Bronze

Bronze Lipstick

Have you always ignored bronze shade? Do you always think that being dusky it will not suit you? Then let me assure you that you are absolutely wrong because this shade will look spectacular no matter how deep your complexion is!

Metallic bronze is warm and vibrant. It bestows on you those dramatic and glamorous lips which you have always desired. To get that extra dramatic effect, at first define your lips with a lip liner and then fill your lips with this amazing shade.

Suppose you are going to attend a reception party, to achieve that glam look you will need a bronze lipstick, intense eye makeup and plenty of highlighters. No shade can endow you similar alluring look as a bronze shade can. To create a shimmering look the bronze shade is incredible.

Hence what are you waiting for? Please hurry! And get yourself a bronze shade that will fit almost in every occasion and with every outfit.

10. Nude

Nude Lipstick e1610006767626

Last but not the least; my ultimate pick is nude lip shades which are the best natural looking lipstick shades. But girl tell me one thing, do you always get confused while the point comes picking nudes for you? Then let me tell you that nude is that color which can range from pale taupe to neutral beige to rich brown; there are several undertones of a nude lipstick such as mauve, peach, brown, rose or pink.

For dusky skin tone nudes that have red or pink undertones work great. It flatters your look and refreshes your whole appearance. Nudes are the most essential thing in a girl’s vanity bag as it can totally change your appearance in the blink of an eye.

Nudes are necessary almost in every occasion, be it a dramatic look for a wedding guest or a formal look for office goers. So collect your suitable nudes and you are ready for every occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which lipstick shades are suitable for dark skin tone?

To flaunt your dark skin tone, the most suitable lip shades are nudes, copper brown, chocolate brown, magenta etc.

Which lipstick shades are good for brown skin?

You should look for lipstick shades which have yellow undertones such as crimson red, punchy pink or gingerbread nude.

Which lipstick shade is good for daily wear?

For daily wear you can go with nude or brown shades.

Which type of lipstick is best?

If your lips are extremely dry, you should go for a nourishing cream lipstick. If your lips are not dry, you can pick a liquid lipstick or a matte one.

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Therefore girls don’t believe those rubbish clichéd statements. Your melanin-rich color is beautiful and you can flaunt it more beautifully wearing a lipstick. Never shy away from experimentation. For your convenience you can choose the above lipstick shades which are the best lipstick shades for dark Indian skin and be phenomenal always.

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