10 Top Potent Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Embrace your inner Rock star by doing eye makeup. Everybody would like to do eye makeup and magnify their beauty, but some have very sensitive eyes which are sensitive to eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and other eye makeups.

Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Don’t worry about it sport, Here are a few makeup tips for sensitive eyes who can also do eye makeup.

Simple Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

Nowadays all the products are made up of chemicals, and to avoid itching and irritation in your eyes, you can go for the natural organic, fragrance-free eyeliners which are naturally homemade. For sensitive eyes follow the tips given below;

1. Use the best product

Your eye makeup says much about you and your style so, choose your product wisely. We cannot know the worth unless the product is used. So check and test every best product and see for the results, like wither it brings irritation in your eyes or it is turning your eyes red. Go for the best product to avoid the sensitivity of eyes during eye makeup.

2. Use fresh products

You have to use makeup products in rotation like you have to change the frequency. Use them which are fresh like check for the expiry date and do not use after the expiring date occurs, which may cause a lot of problems to your sensitive eyes. If it crosses the expiry date please destroy it or else, bacteria will be formed.

3. Use smooth primers

Use smooth trimmers that are specially made for sensitive skin to protect the eyes from makeup irritation. Which will be smooth, so that you will not have any problem.

4. Handle softly

sensitive eyes must always be treated carefully as ice itself is a very delicate part. So you have to be careful in handling it while doing makeup that should be only gentle touch and the makeup must be done by using a very clean and hygiene brush, pat it gently. The tools used such as the brush, hands everything must be clear before applying makeup.

5. Use Light shades of colour

Mostly we wear black colour eyeliner and mascara for sensitive eyes people they can go for lighter shades suitable for their skin colour. Avoiding dark shades of eyeliner may be good for sensitive eyes as it may have the pigments which cause eye irritation.

6. Use outer lining

We put white coal for the inner lining to show eyes big and beautiful but for sensitive eyes we recommend not to do inner lining as it will create problem in eyes. Sensitive eyes people should use eyeliner near the outer part of the Lash line.

7. Always test before use

We use eyelash dye kit but, for sensitive eyes it is necessary to test it, before using it. Please avoid mascaras, as mascara will likely itch your eyes. If at all you want to use mascara, use waterproof mascara.

8. Use pen eyeliner

ballpoint liner the best for sensitive eyes as it will give a strong Outlook without irritating your eyes and it is easy to use also.

9. Do Simple eye makeup

If you have a sensitive eyes make it really very simple and avoid putting too many products that may be heavy for your eyes. And do not overload it or re do. Once it is done do it perfectly and neatly if at all you have any irritation, then you can wipe it easily, if at all there are any number of layers, it will be a tedious task.

10. Cleanse properly

After your day is over do not forget to remove your makeup claims your eyes nicely and do not feel lazy to cleanse it, that too with a mild cleanser or a makeup remover because your eyes are very sensitive and it may get infected when unwashed, so by cleansing your eyes you can also protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the three best waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes?

The mascara must be chosen carefully for sensitive eyes. And the overall best three waterproof mascaras are:
✓ Maybelline great Lash waterproof mascara
✓ Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof mascara
✓ Lash princess false Lash effect mascara

What should we use to remove the eye makeup for sensitive Eyes?

You should use eye makeup remover for sensitive skin. And the three best eye makeup remover are:
✓ Bioderma sensibio H2O micelle
✓ L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise Lip and eye makeup remover
✓ Lakme Absolute bi-phase make-up Remover

Suggest me the three best eyeliners for sensitive eyes

The best eyeliner for sensitive eyes are:
✓ Maybelline Eyestudio Master precise Liquid Eyeliner.
✓ Physicians Formula 2 -in- 1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner
✓ Maybelline unstoppable eyeliner.

Suggest me three best eyeshadows for sensitive eyes.

The best eyeshadows are:
✓ Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow.
✓ M.A.C Eye shadow.
✓ Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-wear Cream Shadow

How to use brush while doing eye makeup?

While doing Eye makeup for sensitive eyes, do not press hard or do anything rough because your eyes are very sensitive therefore, be very gentle and soft try to pat on your brush lightly and do not force.

After how many days we should replace our eye makeup products?

As you have very sensitive eyes you have to replace your eye makeup kit for every three months, before using it please check for the expiry date.

For natural makeup, here are few Steps for preparing homemade Kajal and eyeliner for sensitive eyes, follow the ideas given below:

Take a piece of cloth, preferably cotton then you have to take false daisy’s juice (Eclipta prostrata commonly known as false daisy, yerba de tago, Karisalankanni, and bhringraj, is a species of plant in the sunflower familySource: Wikipedia) and dip the cotton cloth into juice once and then take that out, let it dry.

Again dip the same cotton cloth piece into the juice, and then allow it to dry. Repeat this process for one week. Then make it thin and put it in a lamp. Pour castor oil in it and light the lamp.

Then cover all the three sides of the lamp with bricks, and on the top cover it with a plate and leave the lamp lighted for the whole night.

Next morning you will get your eyeliner on the plate deposited in it, but the black particle into a bottle, mix it with ghee or castor oil and then you can use it for your eyes, which is very natural and homemade is good for your sensitive eyes.

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Eyes are the window to the soul and lashes are the perfect pair of curtains. So don’t stop doing eye makeup as your eyes are sensitive you can also do your eye makeup for sensitive eyes, by following the ideas given.

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