10 Experts’ Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes For Women

Choosing the right pair of shoes for any woman might be a huge task, in the world of heels, wedge
slippers, comfort is the thing that matters the most. In this article, we are going to share with you ten experts’ tips for choosing the right shoes for women.

Choosing the right pair of shoes is not only important for the complete outlook, while also for the comfort for the precious feet.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes For Women

Sometimes the shoes are too tight, too loose, too out of fashion, too much, too much pain
for the heel and whatnot, so here are the steps and the proper guidance for choosing the right
pair of shoes for any woman.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes For Women

You should follow these tips before buying a pair of shoes for women:

Understanding the difference between the variety of shoes

Well we all at some point of time felt heels and wedges are the same, but no, each and
every shoe is different from others.

There are plain shoes, palm shoes, slippers, Pump shoes, heels, pointy pencil heel, wedges, boot heel, mountain heel shoe, gladiator, kitten shoes, stilettos, and a lot of more to name.

All of the shoes serve different purposes, the comforts is different to all the shoes.

The occasion

What shoes should be wear is also dependent on the occasion for example occasions like
parties or weddings, heels and stilettos, and wedges can be wear.

Formal occasions like office or meeting are more suitable for shoes like slippers, pumps, ketos, etc. Sport purposes like running and jogging are where shoes like sneakers and casual shoes can be

Taste and preference

Taste and preference is very important as the person’s liking is above all, no matter what is
the occasion or the outfit, the decision of what to wear is all to the person, for example, some
don’t prefer heels, some prefer heels, some love western other Indian.

There are subcategories under there preferences like there are 30 types of heels under the section of heels. Although the taste and preferences should be wise enough otherwise the complete look may damage.

You can not wear party stone glittery heels in a complete formal office meeting and you cannot wear pool slippers at a party.

Choosing the right pair of shoes under any section

Let say that a person loves only to wear heels, but there are huge varieties of heels under the section of heels. Generally, in the late 20th century the same form of heels were named in a fancier way, just for the marketing gimmick for most women this shoe is simply a torturing device.

There are a lot of myths around heels which would be good to be true. One of them is “ Flats are better than Heels” well at some point it’s right, but a heel with one to two inches is better than flats.

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A long time in flats exhaust the feet making it cramp but heels with 1 inch or 2-inch height actually make the calves comfortable maintaining balance and good posture. Even after some research, it was confirmed that block heels make the legs more toned giving an illusion of well-exercised muscular legs.

Buying shoe online

It’s very convenient and easy to buy shoes from online sites nowadays, Just proper shoe size and USD should be kept in mind. Choosing a pair of shoes online is very easy, the return policy should be there as the person is not wearing the shoe, mistakes might happen.


The discount of the Shoe should always be kept in mind, the price range differs from different shoes, for example, heels are much more expensive than pumps, sports shoes are more expensive than slippers.

A few expectations should be there, as it is found 70% women bargain on the price but the sports shoe is not available below 500, in five hundred more of slippers and casuals might come. The idea of the price range should be there when buying shoes online or offline.

Correct brand

Thousands of brands outside it is very difficult to choose the correct brand. Few shoes have selective brands. Few brands are always pricey, few brands give cheap shoes that last only
a few days.

A little bit of research is needed before landing to buy, and not going behind the advertisement is always a good thing. For example, the brand Puma always gives good quality sports shoes and the Cat-Women brand always gives good parties.

The review of the particular brand should be checked before buying, the price range widens among the brand, not always high price means good quality shoes and the low price means poor quality shoes and vice versa.

The leather should be checked

The process to check whether the leather is original or not, after running the finger once or twice over the leather, if grain comes out it means the leather is actually fake or duplicate. In real leather, the outer surface is always smooth and glossy finished.

Real leather is always over 1000 in Indian currency. It makes the foot comfortable if the leather is original.

Taking time while buying the shoe

There should be no hurry while buying the shoe, many women wear the shoe on one foot and then directly buy it. The shoe needs to be wear, walked and sit, after doing a few activities when it feels comfortable then it should be bought.

Little skeptical is okay while buying any shoes, questioning the shopkeeper or the salesperson whether it is good quality whether it has a warranty. Spending some time in seeing the whole store and trying the maximum pair under the chosen sector of shoes.

This activities also convinces the sales person or the shopkeeper to provide the right pair of shoes.

The time and temperature is important

The time and temperature are very important as in summer, heels and pumps can cause blisters and painful bumps. Redness and sensitivity happen on the feet for many causes such as wearing them for a long time in summer, the pores get clogged, the germs grow after sweat accumulation.

This thing can happen to any brand in spite of their positive feedback, proper steps can prevent these blisters.


Choosing the right pair of shoes can be difficult and with a little intention of choosing the right pair of shoes and maintaining all the steps above will ensure the most comfortable fashionable shoe for

Hope you enjoyed reading this informative and useful post. If you have any query regarding this article on 10 experts’ tips for choosing the right shoes for women then comment below, we will love to solve them.

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