[21 Tips] Women Jeans Buying Guide (How to Choose Jeans for Ladies)

Wearing jeans is a common choice of today’s women. It gives a comfortable as well as a stylish look to all women. But buying or choosing a perfect fit of jeans is not so easy, so we design a presentation which can help you to buy a comfortable, fashionable as well as perfect looking jeans. Read this women jeans buying guide till the end.

Women Jeans Buying Guide

So, now we go to the point which guides you to buy comfortable and smart looking jeans.

Women Jeans Buying Guide

Perfect Fit

Jeans fitting is the most important part when you go to buy a pair of jeans. We consider hips and waist as important while choosing denim Jeans but the length of the thighs are equally important part for jeans fitting. Now we will discuss step by step fittings of jeans.

Perfect Fit Jeans
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To know the measurement of your waist is the most important part when you go to buy jeans. I suggest you don’t go with the size ‘s’, ‘L’, ‘XL’, ‘XXL’ etc. You must take a perfect measurement of your waist with a measurement tape and choose the exact fitted jeans for you.


Hips is the boarder part of the body whereas waist is a narrow part, but both are equally important body parts for Jeans fittings. Hips are generally 7inch below from your waistline, but you must take the exact measurement of hips. When you take the measurement of hips you should stand straight and take the measurement of high parts of hips.

Front Rise

Take your measurement tape towards the seam where the front and back of the jean join in the crotch area. Measure from the start of this seam to the top of the waist. It is the front rise measurement.


To measure your thigh cursive take your measurement tape towards the bulging part of your upper leg. It is generally 34inchs. above from the knees, but also take an exact measurement of thigh.


You can choose full-length jeans, ankle-length jeans or any other type of jeans but make sure it doesn’t cross your feet if it does then it will look unattractive. Take a length-measurement of the lower part of your body from your waistline to ankle or upper feet and choose the exact size of the jeans.

Some Tips for choosing well fitted Jeans

  • Take the jeans which you want to buy and take its waistline and make it run towards your neckline if the right side touches the left side easily and it is not too tight or too loose, then that is your exact size.
  • If your denim makes a gap between your waist and jeans don’t choose it.
  • If there is any extra fabric on knees, thigh, or length of the jeans which looks unattractive then reject it at one glance.
  • When you take the measurement of your body parts you must stand straight and wear comfortable and well-fitted jeans.

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Perfect Type

We can find varieties of jeans in the market but choosing a perfect one which is fashionable as well as comfortable is a hard task. So, here we mention the top five types of jeans according to recent trends.

High rise Skinny Jeans: Nowadays, high rise skinny jeans is the most fashionable jeans available in the market. It can give you a tall and slimmer look. If you want to look taller and slim you can go for it.

High rise Skinny Jeans
High rise Skinny Jeans

Bootcut Jeans: If you have wider hips you can go for this type of jeans because a bootcut jeans cutting can balance your body structure and gives you a perfect look.

Bootcut Jeans
Bootcut Jeans

Ankle-length Jeans: Now Ankle length jeans is a growing trend in the fashion world. Ankle length jeans is a jeans which ends at ankle and make your leg looks longer as well as attractive.

Ankle-length Jeans
Ankle-length Jeans

High Waist Jeans: High waist jeans is a hot choice of today’s women and are tightly fitted around your waistline and hips. So, if you have narrow shoulder and wider hips body structure you should go for this high waist jeans which can give you a perfect look.

High Waist Jeans
High Waist Jeans

Flared and Relaxed Fit: First of all it can give you a relaxed as well as a smart look. If you want to maintain the balance between your hips and thighs you can go for this type of jeans.

Flared and Relaxed Fit jeans
Flared and Relaxed Fit jeans

Jeans According to Body Structure

Jeans can give you a fashionable and smart look when it is according to your body structure. So now in this women jeans buying guide, we will discuss about the jeans according to your body structure.

For Taller One: If you have a good height, you are obviously lucky. You can go with any type of jeans. If you are pleased with your height you can choose Skinny Jeans, High Rise Skinny Jeans, or Ankle length Jeans. You can also choose Wide Hemline Jeans which gives you a relaxed and comfortable look.

For Short Height: If your height is short you should go with High Rise Skinny Jeans or any type of Skinny Jeans which can provide a smart look. You can also go with Ankle Length Jeans because this type of jeans will make your legs look longer and appealing.

For Narrow Shoulder and Broader Hips: If you have narrow shoulder and broader hips you must try High Waist Jeans. It is well fitted around your hips and gives you an appealing look. You can also go for Bootcut Jeans which will go well with your body shape.

For Broader Shoulder and Narrow Hips: If you have broader shoulder and narrow hips body structure you can go with any type of Wide Hemline Jeans like Flared and Relaxed Fit Jeans, Bootcut Jeans, etc. Because this type of Jeans will go well with your body structure.

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Others things you should always remember

Quality of Jeans: The quality of the product is always a matter of concern. Always go for a pair of jeans which is of high quality and durable. So, you can go with any branded jeans. Because good quality jeans are able to give you comfort and also a relaxed and smart look.

Colour of Jeans: Denim is always a popular choice of most people. But you should choose the color according to your situation and it should go well with your upper wear.

Offline Buying: If you go for offline buying you must trail it before buying and make sure it is perfectly fitted. You can do sit-ups when you go for the trial, which can help you understand its fittings. You must look that the fitting is comfortable and there is no extra fabric and doesn’t create any gaps around any of your body parts, then you can go for it.

Online Buying: Online buying has some difficulties because you cannot trail the product. However, most e-commerce sites have 30 days return policy on fashion products like jeans, shirts, and more. So, in this case, you must read all the information, its size, and the style you’re looking for and also make sure that the denim is well fitted.

I hope you liked this article on women jeans buying guide. Share this article with your friends who don’t know the women’s jeans buying guide. If you have any question then comment below. I’ll love to solve them.

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