How to Get Ready For a Wedding Party in Saree

How to Get Ready For a Wedding Party in Saree
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When the wedding season is near we all girls and women gets goosebumps for thinking about dressing up for a wedding party

But the most complicated thought arises in the mind is “what to wear?” as we have so many different options.

In the rescue for “what to wear” thought is evergreen fashion trend which is a “saree“. Now you might be thinking how to get ready for a wedding party in saree?

Saree is an ideal option for a wedding party. If you want to style a saree than a few things you need to follow for a wedding party-perfect outfit.

How to Get Ready For a Wedding Party in Saree?

Traditional way to wear saree

  1. South Indian style
  2. Bengali style
  3. Marathi style
  4. Gujrati style (Seedha Pallu)
  5. Parsi Style (Gol Saree Drape)

Traditional ways to attend wedding function in a particular caste or State wise theme.

Indo-Western look

if you want to experiment with your outfit then these styles will be going to help you to create your desired look for a wedding –

1. Mermaid style saree – In this style, you need to drape your saree in a basic Manner but a curvy effect on hip section this look will highlight your natural body curve.

2. Belt on top – All you have to do is to wear a basic saree and a belt or matching lace on top of your waist. This look enhances the waist curve. (shop waist belt)

3. Pant style saree – To make pant style look there is no need to wear petticoat just Wear Well fitted leggings and drape your saree with the help of leggings.

4. Saree with jacket or shrug – For more edgy look just regular draping style with a shrug or jacket whatever goes with your saree and you are ready to slay.

5. Shirt with saree – Experiment your look by wearing a shirt under your saree for this look blouse is not required and pair it up with a statement neckpiece.

6. Dhoti style saree – This is really trendy way to wear a saree all you need is just a saree which is draped like a dhoti.

7. Ruffle saree – This look is fashionable and glamorous at the same time. perfect for party outfit also you will look effortlessly flattering.

8. Open or flow pallu – This style is trending from the 90’s and still in fashion. you can look effortlessly Slayer in flow Pallu also if you don’t have time for shopping just pick your regular saree and let the pallu flow.

9. Double pallu saree – For this look choose the only light fabric which doesn’t have any work on top of it. like plain or printed chiffon and Georgette sarees.

10. Knot on neck or neck wrap – This is an experimental look. Drape your saree in a basic manner then knot pallu over the neck. This looks playful, trendy and just with minimum changes can change your whole look.

11. Lehenga style – If you don’t want to spend your money on lehenga just wear your saree like a lehenga and you are ready to go for a wedding party. this is is more on the traditional side but also flattering. You can wear a cancan skirt under your saree this will make your saree look like a lehenga.

12. Front pallu style – Little change makes a big difference just like front Pallu style makes your entire look more stylish than wearing a regular saree. You can wear a beautiful Statment necklace to add more sparkle to the look. Or if you have heavy work on your blouse than this style is the best way to show off your blouse.

13. peplum on top – best way to experiment with look is to wear a peplum top with saree or you can design your blouse like peplum top. This is an edgy look for a wedding party.

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14. Long loose pallu at waist drap – if you have a slim waist and you want to show off your waistline then long loose Pallu saree draping is the best way to highlight your waist and it’s stylish also trending right now –

15. Pre-stitched saree – This kind of sarees has the wide range you can check them out from online websites also from local markets, this is trending right now you can buy them according to your body type and if you want to highlight some parts of your body without any effort then this is the perfect choice for a wedding party.

Do’s and don’ts while styling a saree

Few tips follow before wearing your saree otherwise small mistakes can ruin your whole look. It is one of the important part of this article on how to get ready for a wedding party in saree.

Fabric and body type

  • Plus-size – people with plus size body type should wear fabric which hug their body so that they can look slimmer like – chiffon, Georgette, silk, rayon, etc. Try to choose dark colors and drape saree tightly.
  • Skinny people – they should wear fabric which adds voluminous effect on their body like – cotton, net, Kosa, Banarasi, Tussar silk, Kota and South cotton, etc.

Jewellery rule

If your saree has heavy work then try to wear less jewellery

  • If you are wearing statement neckpiece then wear small earrings.
  • Heavy earrings goes with heavy maang tikka with a thin chain if you have open-neck blouse.
  • Do not wear too much or too less jewelries.

Makeup tips

  • Makeup is game changer for your party look if you have oily skin then use makeup products which is matte.
  • People with dry skin should wear good moisturizers and Dewy base makeup products so that their skin doesn’t look lifeless in party.
  • When you are going for a party do not forget to use makeup setting spray. This makes makeup long-lasting.
  • If you are going for a night party. You should apply more highlighter so that you look like a diva and shine like sparkle.
  • If you wanna go with bold lip always make sure that your eye makeup is light.
  • If you want bold eye makeup then go with nude lipsticks.

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Pro tip – If you are a person who likes to click endless picture . Don’t forget to wear photo-ready foundation and setting spray to get perfect pictures .

You can’t look your best if you haven’t wear your beautiful smile so don’t forget to smile and look like gorgeous Diva and Slayer for a wedding party.

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