10 Experts’ Tips on How to Dress to Look Slim

Stop biting your nails and overthink about losing weight over a night to look slim and fit whatever you wear. It is not any fantasy that a genie will all of sudden appear and make you look slim, trim, and sexy!

The game is all about what you wear which can make you look bulky as well as slimmer. We can see a lot of girls wearing clothes that are bigger which makes an illusion for them that it makes them hide all their bulgy areas and bumps that they want to avoid from being seen. The fact is that oversized apparels just make you look more unflattering and frumpier.

How to Dress to Look Slim

Without further delaying and beating about the bush, let us land upright it the suggestions, tips, and magics on the dress for fat girls to look slim that women need to know to make them look slimmer.

How to Dress to Look Slim (Ultimate Guide)

Here are the ultimate guide on dress for fat girls to look slim:

1. Print and Color Priority for Your Dress

The prints of your apparel are what can help you look slimmer and hide your unwanted bumpy body parts. If you like printed clothes and want to look slimmer in them, the best way can be picking those clothes that have vertical zebra prints.

Considered as one of the modern and chic print, the vertical prints of the clothes help to make your body look more elongated, tall, and slim. The longer the cloth looks, the slimmer you will look.

A horizontal printed T-shirt or dress can make you look fatter and have more space to make you look widened. Select such kind of clothes that have smaller stripes and lesser space between them.

Nowadays color blocking has come in trend which has been emerged since the 1960s to create a fashion illusion. Wearing vibrant and contrasting colors placed with some geometric patterns can change the appearance of the silhouette to reshape your body.

Body colors can also help to accentuate your good areas while the darker shades help to conceal the problematic area of your body. You can also give a tick for bold color and print patterns to your wardrobe that helps you look smaller.

Bold patterns can distract the eye causing the viewer to observe the item of clothes instead of your body size. Sounds tricky right! Go for such patterns that are in deep colors as lighter the shade, the more attention will be drawn towards the imperfection making you look larger.

2. Dresses That Wrap Around

According to several professional stylists and fashion freaks, wraparound dresses are considered flattering to show off your curves. You can pick some light knitted fabric to hide the areas of your body that are not toned. Knitted fabric can be amazing as they glide smoothly on the body.

The wrap dresses also help in defining your waist and giving an hourglass perfect figure for every woman. You can also go for good quality shapewear for some clothes made of silk to camouflage your bumps and lumps and look even better than it is.

Try to pull the neckline in place if you are not comfortable with revealing too much cleavage as wrap dresses come open with a crisscross design at the bust.

3. Black Is In

Black is the new boss babe for every girl out there to flaunt themselves no matter what their shape and size are. Everyone knows that one of the flattering and on-the-go colors is Black which is why women can never look more perfect than while wearing black.

So, have you ever wondered what can the logic behind black making you look thinner and slimmer? It is because we often look at dark objects as smaller causing an optical illusion and that is what looking thinner means!

Black dresses are T-shirt, tunic, dresses, pants, or trousers, which makes every woman feel classy, svelte, and elegant. Try to pair black clothes with some bronze accessories or get a bright fun colored heel to make a fashion statement.

4. Yes to The High Rise Jeans

Thanks to the old school version of high-waisted jeans which after worn perfectly can do nothing better than make you look thinner. So, how are high waisted jeans supposed to make you look slimmer? No worry girls! Let us clear your confusion.

High rise jeans can be one of the perfect dress for a fat girl to look slim. This works so well because fitted high-waisted jeans help to make your lower body look elongated making your legs look leaner and holds all your bunging tummy inside, smoothening your hip line.

Try to shop for such high waisted jeans that have a waistband that tucks above your belly button. Pick darker shade jeans with one button and zip to hold your tummy and there you go! Flaunt your best and rule the world with your fashion statement.

5. Consideration of Tailoring and the Fabric

It is quite important to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. Hereby quality, we mean the consideration of what the fabric is made up of. Consider going for fabric that has good drape, rayon, cotton, linen, or polyester.

While purchasing clothes, avoid picking clothes that have a horizontal pattern and prefer vertical ones. The shape of the neckline also tends to make difference in your entire body look. Some can make you look wider while some can make you look thinner.

Go for a V-neckline which helps to lengthen your torso and helps to add allure as they emphasize your bust line. Shorter sleeves draw more attention to your upper body as they can flatter your arm flab and make you look bulky while on the other hand, three-quartered sleeves can be more flattering that can hide your arm flab and make you look slimmer.

6. Do not hesitate to Invest in Shapewear

By now you must be tired of trying everything on your reach to look thinner! A perfect pick of shapewear can do uncountable wonders that you have ever imagined. If you are considering dress for fat girl to look slim, then shapewear can help you to distribute all your unwanted bulges smoothing you out.

Select a seamless pair of shapewears that can slim your highs, tuck in your stomach, define your waist while wearing any bodycon dresses, tight pants, gowns, or any clingy skirts.

Just do not hesitate to get shapewear girls! It can not only look you slimmer but also boost your self-confidence with whatever you wear.

7. Say No to Baggy or Oversized Styles

Go for such dresses that are fitted rather than going for oversized and clingy clothes because fitted clothes help in flattering your body in the best way it can.

Hereby fitted, we do not want to promote tight, uncomfortable clothes. Tight clothes can hug your body and show every flaw of your body. Try to draw attention from excess skin while hiding it.

On the other hand, oversized clothes can make you look bigger and fat than you are which seems to be unflattering for every woman. Clothes that are fitted well according to your size yet comfortably loose enough that you can carry it all day long can contour all the body bulges and make you feel confident.

8. What About the Length?

Girls, it is all about the length of your clothes that you wear which can make you look fat as well as thinner! So, if you are so much messed up with thinking dress for fat girls to look slim, try considering the length of the dress which is extremely essential.

Go for such dresses that reach below your knee or on your knee if you want to wear shorter dresses. We would like to recommend this length because it is the area where the dress will be finishing, your slimmest part of your leg!

If the dress is longer than that then you might end up messing with your calves which might look thicker than they are. But if you prefer maxi dresses, go for such dresses that end up below your ankles. Above the ankle length will focus on your ankle looking at wide ankles.

9. Undergarments that Perfectly Fit You

So, this one is extremely important for girls who are thinking about dress for fat girls to look slim. Not only the dresses that you wear can help you so well as the undergarments that can make a huge difference toward your whole outward appearance.

A messed-up undergarment can make you look fat no matter what you wear. Well-fitted undergarments can change your entire shape and look you slimmer in a few seconds.

Consider getting a size of bra that can hold your bust properly instead of spilling it out from the top. Wearing small or oversized underwear can also create bulges which will result in seen panty lines when wearing any garments.

Seamless underwear can go perfect as it can seamlessly glide on your hip and not bulge out the flappy skin while wearing trousers.

10. Right Leggings to Wear

It is important for the pair of leggings that you wear. No matter how many types of pants or leggings you have tried, tricks you have gone with, if you are going for the wrong ones, there won’t be any different.

Go for full-length leggings as shorter leggings that end at your calves or above can make your legs look shorter, heavier and your entire body look larger. Go for leggings that are made up of thicker fabric and are sturdier.

Cotton, poly-cotton, or wools can be the best blends to make your legs looks smoother and thinner.

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It is well said that fashion is all about comfort a feeling good. At present, every woman wants to look perfect, and raise their high heels in confidence.

A good fashion statement can gather up all the confidence in a woman and make them feel good. We believe that everyone is beautiful in the way they are regardless of their size and shape.

The above-given tips can be best for those who want to make their stylish statement and look thinner. Dress impeccably and flaunt yourself!

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