8 Nail Polish Colors That Every Woman Should Have

Nail paints are cool, besides it showers extreme happiness and joy whenever you look at your nails. Nail polish is an essential thing in a girl’s wardrobe not because it makes your nails beautiful but because it helps you to achieve a put-together look.

Frankly speaking, nails without nail polish look pretty bland and mundane. And when your nails look boring, you can sense a lack in your overall appearance. A subtle charm and spice are added when you put on nail polish.

Nail Polish Colors

Wearing nail polish to make your nails pretty is a beautiful art that will instill in you an aesthetic delight. The best part of wearing nail polish is that you will never feel bored as you can change the color whenever you wish to change it, for which you will only need a vanity bag full of various nail polish colors.

Now while choosing a nail polish color you can really feel dizzy as there are countless colors that are available in the market. Each color is not meant for all; certainly, you have to find those colors which will perfectly match your overall personae.

But there are some basic colors which you have to store and which can almost cover every occasion. Before finding out those basic nail polish colors, let me provide you some guidance for choosing the perfect nail polish color for yourself.

How to Choose Nail Polish Color?

After wearing nail polish do you always feel that it does not look that much good what you have imagined? When we see myriads of nail polish colors in a local store or online, we feel overwhelmed and in most of the cases we end up picking the wrong nail polish.

If you believe you can ace every color, you are absolutely wrong, because there are some colors that will either wash out your tone or make your hands dull. Therefore, while picking a nail polish color, you have to be cautious and careful. However, there are some tips that you should remember before settling on nail polish.

a) Find your skin undertone:

To pick the right nail polish color the first and foremost thing you should do is finding your skin undertone. If your skin undertone is warm, you should opt for warmer colors such as orange, bold red etc. If you possess a cool undertone, cooler colors such as turquoise, mint, bright red will complement your skin tone.

b) Fair skin tone:

Fair skin tone is more complemented by nude colors or a pale pink or classic red color.

c) Light to medium brown skin tones:

There are lots of shades that go beautifully with brown skin tone. Nail polish that provides a high impact color looks striking on brown skin. Those who are blessed with chocolate hue will look amazing with nail paints like neutral brown, dark green, gold or blues.

You can also go with orange or neon color which will look on the one hand look subtle and on the other hand bright. However, to remain on the safe side you should ignore dark brown colors.

d) Medium olive skin tone:

Choosing a nail polish for medium skin tone is very much tricky as there are numerous shades of medium skin one such as some have bronzy glow or some has natural olive tone.

But there are some colors that are not only gorgeous but will look flattering on your skin tone. Warmer colors like tangerine, copper brown, chocolate brown, shimmery hues will look amazing on medium skin tone.

Matte grey will also look great as it will bestow on you a much desired polished or classic look. When you are blessed with olive skin tone, you should rely on vibrant dark hues such as blue, dark wines, yellow, orange, metallic, chocolate brown. Dark maroon is another option that will make your nails stunning and will match beautifully with your complexion.

e) Dark brown to black skin tone:

White, deep purple and bright pink will look awesome on dark brown or black skin tone. Paints that are grayish should be avoided as these colors will make your nails boring and lifeless. Creamy white will elevate your skin tone and will let your fingers to stand out in a polished way. Lavender is another cool option if you want that assured as well as tranquil nails.

f) Light skin tone:

Choosing nail paint for light skin is not a straightforward task. If you choose an extremely high impact color there is a chance that the color may look overpowering and if you choose an extremely light color, your nails may look washed out. To avoid all these possibilities, you should rely on orange, hot pink, violet or cream colors that will perfectly suit with your skin tone.

Must-have Nail Polish Colors for Women

However, there are colors that look great on every skin tone without any doubt. If you stalk those colors then you don’t have to search desperately for nail paints every time when you have to attend a specific occasion.

Now let’s find out what those magical colors are which look astounding and can be worn any time:

1. Classic Red

Red Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish1
Credit: Pinterest

Your nail polish collection is incomplete without a classic red nail polish. This hue is something which at once tells many things about you- red signifies your passion, warmth and boldness. A red nail polish is the ultimate statement of glamour that can allure and enchant everyone.

Wearing red nail paint means you are daring, bold, outgoing and you love the spotlight. This hue will instantly transform your appearance and will make your overall look complete and attractive.

2. Jet Black

Black Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish1
Credit: Pinterest

The color black is associated with elegance and power. Donning black oozes a sense of sophistication and attractiveness. Black also creates a sense of mystery and opaqueness that enhances the overall personality.

Wearing black nail paint is capable to make your appearance composed, collected and formal. Black nail polish does not only look stirring but it infuses you with an assuredness and boldness.

One advantage of wearing black is that it beautifully matches with every outfit. And you can wear it anytime anywhere. With black nail polish, you can ace that polished formal look as well as that diva look for attending a wedding or a party.

Black also works as the base coat for doing various nail arts as it beautifully matches with different shades and colors. Black color can also adds a sense of mystery in your appearance that at once elevates your presence and convinces people to look at you.

3. Cool Blue

Cool Nail Polish
Cool blue Nail Polish
Credit: Pinterest

Cool blue is that color which resonates calmness and tranquility. When you apply a blue coat on your nails, it does not only look serene but it also emanates quietness and poise.

Our nails can reveal many things about us. And when your nails are beautifully shaped and you put on a cool blue nail paint, anyone can understand how calm and cool you are! Besides, this hue makes your hands more appealing and your hands become really soothing to look at.

Now if you are thinking that this color is only meant for holidays, you are absolutely wrong. You can easily don this color with any of your formal outfit, it will not look tacky rather it will add a certain amount of cheerfulness as well as buoyancy.

4. Hot Pink

Hot Pink

It is said that pink is the color of femininity. There is hardly any girl who does not love the color, pink. Pink as a color is soothing, calming and beautiful. It is associated with love, romance, compassion, kindness, softness and nurturance. When you wear this hue as nail paint it brings forth joy and happiness.

The hot pink color always emanates a positive vibe and it draws out the playful and mischievous side of you. The soothing pink helps to pop out your whole appearance and it helps to feel you more refreshed and vibrant whenever you see your nails.

5. Forest Green

Forest Green nail polish

Are you in search of a nail paint that will not only refresh your mind but will also help you to stand out in the crowd? Then girl, go for forest green which is subtle as well as glamorous.

Green is the color of life, since decades it is associated with energy, growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. The color green heals, soothes and is considered relaxing restful to the human eyes. It symbolizes stability, endurance, new growth and rebirth.

This amazing color will suit you no matter what skin tone you have. If you have a cool undertone, this color will complement your skin tone by making it more vibrant and lively. Again if you have a warm undertone, this will enhance your overall appearance by adding more warmth and charm.

6. Nude Color

Nude Nail Polish
Nude Nail Polish1

Do you always keep changing your nail paint to match your outfit? If yes then probably you know how time-consuming the whole process is! Sometimes you don’t have that perfect match right? So to remain trendy as well as classy the best way is to put on a nude nail paint which looks good with almost any dresses. Wearing nude is the new trend which is fashionable as well as elegant.

Though there are thousand designs and nail art, the nudes have its own class and beauty. Carrying a nude endows a subtle and poised beauty. A well-manicured hand with nude nail paint creates a vibe that is dainty and sophisticated.

The best part of wearing a nude is that it makes your hands to look neat and clean. Nude is the best option if you want to achieve that professional and classic look.

Another advantage of wearing nude is that it creates the illusion of long and lean fingers which look absolutely adoring. There are various nudes available in the market, just find out the perfect match and you are ready for any occasion.

7. Metallic


Girl, if you are falling short of nail color ideas, fall back on metallic colors which are not only eye-catching but also very much modish. A metallic nail color is, on the one hand, gorgeous and on the other hand, makes your nails to look healthier and shiny.

If you are putting on a party makeup or going to attend a wedding, the metallic colors like rose gold, purple metallic or chrome gold will be your option which will instantly change your whole outfit.

8. Lavender


Lavender color is another option if you are searching for an elegant and feminine color. Lavender is very much soothing to the eyes, besides it makes an aura that is calm and composed.

Wearing lavender as a nail color means being graceful and classy. This hue is extremely versatile, as it has myriads different shades which you can put on easily on different occasions.

For example, pastel hue is a classy shade that you can carry with a gorgeous outfit, chrome lavender is another option if you want to rock the stage and there are more shades that you can easily trust and wear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the classic nail colors?

Fashion is ever-changing and if you want to stay fashionable you have to remain updated regarding what is in the trend or out of the trend. Similar is the case with a nail polish, it always keeps changing. Sometimes dark colors come to the spotlight; again sometimes nude colors occupy the central stage. But still there are colors that are classic and stays always in the trend; those colors are beige, black, pink, red and berry.

What nail polish goes with everything?

Girl, suppose your favorite color is blue and you always wear blue nail polish with almost every outfit. Now blue will not match with each and every outfit, you have to change the nail color with your outfit. But to avoid changing nail colors now and then you can put on neutral colors that will match with everything. Such neutral colors are blush, nude or beige.

Should you match your toe and fingernail polish?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding this. But back in the 90s, it was a must thing to match your toe and fingernail polish. However things have changed, now you can experiment by mixing and matching different colors. If you are that kind of person who always seeks harmony even in nail colors you can keep the base coat same on your toenails and fingernails.

What color is best for short nails?

Dark shades like black, purple, navy blue will beautifully enhance short nails. On short nails, these colors will not leave an overpowering impact. Nude colors are also a great option for short nails as a nude color creates an illusion of long and lean fingers. Moreover, a nude color looks extremely neat and clean.

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Wearing nail paint is extremely feminine and it makes your overall appearance graceful and elegant. Without a nail polish, your hands and feet may look dull and boring.

Hence to make your hands and feet vibrant, the importance of a nail polish is huge; without a nail color, you will miss that subtleness and grace. And when the topic comes to choosing nail polish colors, the above colors are the best options to adorn and decorate your nails.

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