10 Perfect Color Combination for Dress Material for Women 2021

Have you ever been amazed by the bright, seductive orange color of a Palash, that is known as flame-of-the-forest or bastard teak? Yes…I can guess your answer…it’s hard to ignore the warmth of that color!

Color means joy and happiness. Adding a vibrant color in your daily day to day life can usher a lot more energy, glee, jubilation, and exultation! Surely color is important in every serious and petty matter of life like the color of your house, the color of the walls of your room, the color of your car, the color of your furniture- all matters! Even the color of your clothes!!! Heck yeah! It’s true!

Color Combination for Dress Material

The Color of your clothes can change your whole appearance! Just a minute! But you are the kind of person who is always in hurry and don’t have enough time to experiment with all the exuberant colors available out there. So you always prefer jet black to remain in the safe side.

There’s no doubt that black is sophisticated and gorgeous. But honey! Be certain that relying on other color combination for dress material will not mar your look instead it will make you as beautiful as ever.

Perfect Color Combination for Dress Material

Now, what are the perfect color combinations for dress material? To know the answer let’s move forward:

1. Red and white

Red white saree
red whire dress 2

red whire dress 3

The combination of red and white is deeply embedded in our Indian culture. Females generally wear different ethnic attires of red and white in rituals like Navratri, Durga puja, etc.

Red is the color of passion. It can connote so many things such as love, seduction, energy, power, fire, and blood. In different Indo-Asian cultures, the new brides generally wear red as it is believed to be the harbinger of good luck and happiness.

But in certain places red also means danger, war, and violence. Whatever the meaning it has the magical power to compel you, to draw your attention. For its obvious visibility, you can never miss a red signal or a red fire brigade.

In contrary to red white is the color of serenity. It means innocence, purity, goodness, light, and peace. White symbolizes cleanliness, honor, righteousness, virtue, and moral integrity. Since ages, it is associated with perfection and piety. White can at once calm and soothe your mind.

When these two opposite colors are combined in your attire, the effect you get is nothing but extraordinary. The extremity of red gets softened by the tranquility of white. Incarnated into a garment these two colors can give you an unnatural sublimity.

You can carry a white suit with an elegant red dupatta or vice versa and in both the ways you will get an exemplary look. Hence this color combination can be deemed as one of the best color combinations for salwar suits.

2. Black and Yellow

Black and yellow dress
Black and yellow dress 2
Yello black color combination

Here it comes the turn of this marvelous color combination of black and yellow!

Black in itself needs no introduction or explanation. It is one of the most versatile colors that suit everyone, no matter of what age you are or what body type you have. Wearing black exerts confidence, reliability, professionalism, seriousness, power, and authority.

Black also stands for magic, mystery, exoticism, enigma, and elegance. The plus point of black is that it provides a wonderful context for any color, by giving prominence to that color.

Consequently when yellow is put together with black, the synchronization of both these colors will amaze by bestowing you a sense of wonder.

Yellow, as you know, stands for joy, happiness, gaiety, cheerfulness. It brings forth contentment, hope, positivity, coherence, and comprehensibility. A slight touch of yellow in your clothes can lighten up your whole day. This sweet color is as illuminating as sunshine!

And when black and yellow are assembled together in a piece of garment, what ensues is the ideal embodiment of grave sophistication and the cheerful vigor.

This combination will work best as a ladies’ suit color combination and offer you a great choice if want a perfect desi look! Prepare your own style statement by wearing a gorgeous black suit with a long, sparkling yellow dupatta or you can go for a yellow kameez and black Patiala pants. To complete your look pair up your outfit with a stylish tan-colored sling bag and a tan-colored ankle strap footwear.

3. Magenta and beige

Magenta and beige color dress
Magenta and beige dress 1
Magenta and beige dress 2

Want to try an offbeat bold color? Then the combination of magenta and beige will be a splendid fit for you.

Magenta, being a mixture of purple and red, is vibrant, bold and luxurious. This exotic color can have a transcending effect on you. As its visibility rate is very high, it can easily make your appearance strikingly bright that can trigger an adrenaline rush! To tone down the impact it can be matched with beige, a creamy light color. While magenta excites you, beige calms your mind. For that reason the perfect balance will come when you will combine these two!

With these two colors, you can generate multiple ideas to get attractive outfits. Choose a cool magenta crop top and then pick up a beige-colored flare long skirt to get an elevated look. This elegant pair will give you a subtle look which you can carry on different occasions. You can substitute the long skirt with a midi skirt if you want.

Another option you can go for is a traditional saree. Select a magenta colored saree and then pair that with a blouse of beige. The blazing saree will get high prominence with the background of cool beige. This will give you the perfect balance which is not at all loud or not dim at any cost.

If you are a lover of monochrome, this color combination can save you there also! If you decide to wear a magenta-colored gown or long dress, use accessories of beige, for example, wear a beige colored belt, take a beige-colored classic purse, and for footwear pick beige stilettos to get an astonishing look!

So what are thinking? This combination being one of the best color combinations for clothes will guarantee you an embellished look that you have much awaited for!

4. Gray and navy blue

gray and nevy blue
Gray and navy blue women dress 1
Gray and navy blue women dress 2

Let me guess, you are a lover of minimalism and your wardrobe has a large number of gray attires that you carry on a regular basis. That’s completely fine.

But dear! Believe me, there’s no harm in experimenting and adding some colors in your garments which will not only freshen up your appearance but also break the monotony of neutral gray. For this combo what can be more appropriate than mixing navy blue with gray?

It goes without saying that gray is a reliable color that has a timeless appeal. This balanced color is generally meant for a composed, formal look. It perfectly captures the serious, collected, and controlled mood.

But navy blue can open a completely different dialogue than gray. This shade of blue is sturdy, affirmative, trustworthy, and dynamic. Consequently the outfit with a little blue and gray will serve the dual purpose of wearing it in the office or at a casual party.

For a corporate look, at first, choose a button-down formal gray shirt and then carry a navy blue blazer over it. For a casual look pick up a gray t-shirt and match it with navy blue jeans.

If you want a traditional look, you will get various options out there. Search for a gray kameez and pair that with navy blue palazzo. To complete the look add a long navy blue dupatta and lo! The appalling majestic look is at your fingertips!

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As navy blue can transform and complement the color gray, it can be said that it is the best color combination with gray and the duo will give you more than your expectation.

5. Pink and aqua

Pink and aqua dress
Pink and aqua dress 1
Pink and aqua dress 2

For a long time pink is associated with femininity and softness. It is known as the perfect color for women and truly it is!

Various shades of pink can complement your look more than ever. The cheerful, happy, and sweet color can always add an extra dimension in your appearance. Wearing any shades of pink apprehends your inner delight, pleasure, and mirth.

On the other hand, aqua is a mixture of blue, green, and white. This color is profound, warm, and invigorating and it is the most suitable dress color combination for pink. Blending these two colors in your outfit will provide you a fresh breath of spring air and uplift your look in an instant.

For a graceful look, nothing can beat the appeal of a pink maxi dress with small aqua print. This ethereal dress can be worn with a nude brown hat during the daytime outing. You can also wear it in an evening casual get together.

Do you want it for a wedding? Relax…no need to worry..! Lehenga choli of this combination will do a great job. For choli sort out a blush pink one and for lehenga go for an aqua voluminous one.

You can also settle on a full aqua dress and coordinate that with a pink stylish purse and pink bangles. For earring a blending of pink and aqua will be enough to get a fantastic look.

6. Green and teal blue

Green and teal blue dress 1
Green and teal blue dress
Green and teal blue dress 2

This combination is another good option for choosing a color combination for clothes for ladies. Green is the color of nature. It means prosperity, harmony, peace, and youth. Teal blue, being the mixture of green and blue, carries with it both the traits of blue and green. It’s warm, appealing, and soothing. And surely it compliments green in a unique way.

To get the best out of this combination you can carry it in both Indian and western styles. A fresh green colored long top can be paired with teal blue leggings. For a change, you can opt for a green color suit and a teal blue paint.

It will provide you a simple and subtle look. For a more traditional look, this combination can be used in saree. A green blouse will definitely be a great base for wearing an exquisite teal blue saree.

7. Maroon and lime

Maroon and lime indian dress 2
Maroon and lime indian dress
Maroon and lime indian dress 1

Do you want to add some spice in your dull daily wearing? Then girl, maroon and lime combination is for you!

Maroon, is an intense color. It is rich and luxurious. And lime is cheerful and flirty. Maroon complemented with lime, can impart a touch of exuberance mixed with liveliness. So be prepared and make yourself comfortable in this gorgeous yet sublime color combination.

Various ways are there to combine these two colors. You can go for a golden Kurti and maroon leggings. Being the best color combination for kurtis, this will certainly make you prominent in the crowd! Not only this, but a golden kameez with maroon salwar or palazzo will also be another great option for a graceful look.

8. Orange and blue

Orange and blue dress
Orange and blue dress 1
Orange and blue dress 2

You love spring right? Certainly then orange is one of your most favorite colors as it brings forth the picture of sunny warm days and happiness. The brightness and vibrancy of this color can only be balanced when you will combine it with cool and composed blue .

Together, these will give you a flawless appearance without any hard effort from your part!

A bright orange top with a voluminous skirt of blue will give you a flattering look that will not only radiate brightness but also announce your arrival in any special occasion. A plain churidar can also be brightened up by these colors. Pick orange for the kurta part and pair that with blue close-fitting bottom. Hence this combination works wonder as plain churidar color combinations.

9. Brown and gold

Brown and gold dress
Brown and gold dress 1
Brown and gold dress 2

‘Brown is the new Black’. Yeah!!! Don’t get surprised! It’s true because brown is as versatile and sophisticated as black. When complemented with gold it can provide you an aura of opulence and glamour which you are looking for!

Just be minimal with brown and gold and you are ready to rule the world! A brown gown with golden work can give you a princess like look.

You can also wear long brown Kurti with embellished golden work. Add a golden dupatta to beautify your whole look. Never forget to carry your golden desi jutti for this look. And surely this combination will also work marvelously as a great color combination for salwar kameez!

10. Purple and coral

purple coral dress
Purple and coral dress
Purple and coral dress 1

Finally, we have reached our last color combination, the beautiful amalgamation of purple and coral! Both are unique, bright and gorgeous!

Purple being the color of royalty and extravagance will make your look more dignified and coral will add an extra level of dynamism and warmth.

Pick up a coral color Kurti and for the bottom part choose purple. This combination can also be maneuvered as good churidar color combination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more clarity let’s go through a quick question answer session:

What are three best colors that go together?

Each and every color has its own beauty. You can combine these colors according to your own taste to magnify the impact. But the most effective way would be to combine red, black and orange.

What color attracts the human eye most?

Red attracts the human eye most for its high visibility rate.

What color goes with orange kurti?

Orange can beautifully go with neutral colors such as beige, gray, black and white. But the bright colors like blue, maroon, red and green will also resonate beautifully!

Which color does match with black?

Black is a versatile color. It can go with any color such as beige, white, red, yellow etc.

Which is the most beautiful color combination?

Every color combination has its own appeal. If you can combine them in a balanced way each combination can have a bewildering effect on you. To me black and yellow is the most beautiful combination.


Appearance matters and colors can breathe new life into your appearance. Even if you are a minimalist your wardrobe should have different colorful attires to rejuvenate your look. If you want to play with colors then what can be better than the above color combinations for dress material? Wear these, be confident and leave your own mark!

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