What to Wear to a Wedding Reception: 10 Beautiful Indian Dresses Idea

The wedding season is about to start in full swing! A wedding means lots of fun- plenty of good food, gossips with friends and family, dance, music and above all beautiful, sparkling dresses!

But wait! Are you confused about what to wear to a wedding? Are you literally blowing your mind by searching desperately in your wardrobe for beautiful dresses to wear to a wedding and still getting nothing?

What to Wear to a Wedding Party

Just relax! It happens. Choosing a dress for wedding is not at all easy especially when there are so many tiny details to keep in your mind such as the trending fashion, color, design and most important of all your comfort.

Definitely you will go for an elegant and stunning look but if that gorgeous dress suffocates you then the whole fun will be ruined! Therefore these petty yet important things should not be overlooked. But don’t worry. These things can be managed easily.

What to Wear to a Wedding Reception: 10 Beautiful Dresses

Here are 10 beautiful dresses to wear to a wedding which can give you that flawless astonishing look as a wedding guest

Maxi Dress


Do you want to look pretty and fashionable? Then Maxi dress is going to be a great option for you. You cannot turn a blind eye to this graceful, balletic attire. No matter what size you are maxi dress will be a perfect fit for you.

These dresses generally fit nicely on the upper part of the body and fall loosely on the bottom part giving an ethereal look to your body. Being cozy and comfortable these are the most sought-after beautiful dresses to wear to a summer wedding.

These dresses have so many fabric designs, patterns and colors that you will not face any difficulty to get what you aspire for. Match this dress with a simple necklace and choose floral or tan wedges for your foot. Then you are ready to rock the stage.



If you are craving for a dignified royal look, what can be better than a gorgeous gown? These exotic, flare dresses not only flatter your look but also provide you the desired comfort to carry it for a prolonged time. It generally comprises of a close-fitting bodice and an ankle-length skirt.

The beautiful intricate linings and the expensive materials sometimes combined with beads can give you a princess-like elegant look. If you are making a frantic search for what to wear to a wedding reception female, your search is over as there are numerous alluring gowns to fall for!



These magnificent dresses, originated from the Indian subcontinent, perfectly blend the traditional and the modern. The upper part of the dress consists of a tight-fitting bodice that falls voluminously below the knee.

These ethnic wears are generally made of brocades, silks, cottons and synthetic fabrics. Different vibrant colors like red, magenta, deep olive, silver, and gold are mixed with embroidered luxurious designs that will give you an embellished look.

If you are wearing a heavy Anarkali dress, match it with light golden or silver earrings. These are nice dresses to wear to a party which will definitely make your presence prominent in the crowd.



Yes! You have heard it right! The pantsuit is another great option which is in high demand lately. Due to its perfect blending of traditional and modern, you can carry it to a wedding or at a reception party.

This attire consists of a huge floor-length silhouette and a designer pant. If this attractive attire is there in your wardrobe, your all problems are solved. Wear it with a matching chandelier earring and you are ready!

Cape Style Blouse

Cape Style Blouse

Cape style blouse has recently revolutionized the world of fashion. Gone are the days when capes were only used as winter garments. This stylish blouse has an additional layer of cloth that covers the whole torso. The sleeves are open-ended that give a unique, flaky look to your hands.

The plus point of this blouse is that it does not require any fitting. For an elegant look you can pair it with a voluminous skirt or with a saree. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress, this affordable wedding guest dress will be a lucrative option for you.

Crop Top and Skirt

Crop Top and Skirt

You don’t have any idea what to wear to a wedding, right? But you cupboard has a unique collection of crop tops! Then you don’t need to worry anymore. Pair a crop top with a beautiful ankle-length skirt and the whole job is done!

Crop tops are generally meant to expose the lower abdomen, waist, and navel. You can achieve that bold, body-flattering look which you have desired for a long time!

So what are you waiting for! Choose the length of your crop top, tailor it according to your body shape, find a gorgeous floor-length skirt to match with that top, and get ready! Don’t forget a choker necklace or a simple bracelet to wear.



Women of all ages cherish this traditional garment since time immemorial. Usually, a saree is an unstitched cloth, the length of which varies between four to nine meters. It is worn by wrapping it around the waist and then draping it over the shoulder revealing the lower abdomen and the waistline.

Therefore, while covering the entire body, a saree exposes your body’s genuine carves, giving you a dignified, polished look. To achieve an extraordinary look it can be paired with various fashionable blouses such as boat-necked, square-necked etc.

Nowadays sarees are available in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. If you are looking for a traditional and vibrant one, Banarasi or Kanjeevaram can be a perfect choice for you. And in case you want to go simple, you have also options there. Pick up a cotton or silk saree; combine that with bangles and necklace, you will become as graceful as a goddess.

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Long Kurti

Long Kurti

Kurtis are very common in every Indian household. For its versatility, this attire is a staple food for the wardrobe of each and every girl. While the cotton kurtis are suitable for daily wear, the fancy kurtis of silk and georgette are appropriate for traditional occasions and weddings. As the name suggests, long kurtis generally have knee or ankle-length and it compliments your body shape if the tailoring is done properly.

The amazing part is that the popularity of kurtis is gradually growing day by day. As a result the designers are bringing in innumerable unique and spectacular styles by keeping in mind the necessity and demand of its countless consumers.

Therefore it is needless to say that if you want to buy just one splendid kurti you can look over thousands of them to get your desired one. Isn’t it thrilling? After choosing the right one, pair that with palazzo pants or leggings or skirts. For accessories, you can choose Jhumka earrings and silver or golden bracelet. To complement this look wear platform shoes or stilettos whatever you are comfortable with.



The flaunting and marvelous look which you are hankering after can be fulfilled by wearing this dramatic attire. It was originated during the Mughal period and now it is once again reinvented by contemporary fashion world. The sublimity and sassiness embodied by Sharara cannot be denied at any cost.

In this attire normally a loose, flaky, and voluminous trousers are accompanied with straight short kurtis. But it can be worn with an Anarkali Kurti also. A dupatta is also used to give a complete look. These regal garments carry embellished zari work, beads, stones, and glitters.

To achieve a dramatic effect sometimes a pure golden or silver thread work is embedded on the ensembles. The fabric which is used usually covers chiffon, velvet, net, georgette and silk. Hence this majestic outfit will not disappoint you in elevating your overall look.

Ghagra Choli

Ghagra Choli

Finally Ghagra Choli! The last but not least! This glamorous and graceful garment is one of the most popular elegant wedding guest dresses.

Being also known as lehenga choli, it was originated in ancient India where women used to wear antriya (the lower garment) and uttariya (the veil of upper body). Since then huge transformations have occurred and we have got our present-day ghagra choli.

Now it has three parts: the pleated skirt or the ghagra, the blouse or the choli and the dupatta. Choli is the tight fitted bodice and the ghagra is tucked at the waist revealing the midriff and waistline.

The designs and styles of this outfit are constantly changing. There are diverse variations such as gharara, lacha, and sharara. Moreover, multiple fittings are also available for ghagra e.g. A-cut, straight cut, mermaid cut and umbrella cut. Different new fabrics are also being experimented such as crepe, velvet, georgette, satin, silk, etc.

So what are you waiting for when so many varieties are available out there? You will definitely bump on your most awaited ghagra choli.

To enhance your appearance you can match this outfit with traditional jewelry such as meenakari, polka etc. For footwear you can opt for desi juttis or ballerinas or flip-flops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still having doubts? Let’s make a quick look at the following questions with answers.

Can you wear a floral dress to a wedding?

Floral dresses generally bring in our mind the pictures of diverse cool and fresh attires. This versatile outfit can be worn in different occasions. But it is suggested that you should not wear this in a traditional Indian wedding. A wedding in India is generally abided by certain rituals and norms and in most cases a certain dress code is maintained. Therefore a traditional outfit is always expected.

Can you wear a maxi dress to a wedding?

Yes! You can definitely wear a maxi dress. But please keep it in your mind that you should not wear a revealing maxi dress in any Indian wedding. It is true that certain conventions and norms are changing and there are no strict restrictions regarding the outfits of females. But don’t try to be extremely bold and daring!

What is best color dress to wear to a wedding?

Indian weddings are full of color and merriment. Each and every guest decorates themselves with fresh and lively colors. There is no hard and fast rule for choosing a color as a wedding guest. But try to avoid wearing black and white as these colors are considered inauspicious. Also try to avoid red as usually the would-be bride will decorate herself with vibrant red.

Is it OK for a woman to wear saree to a wedding?

Yeah! Absolutely! It’d be great if you carry this extraordinary outfit to a wedding. Saree is the most common yet the most beautiful attire that can give you a complete look.

Final Word

Wedding is all about merriment and joy. For fashion lovers it’s an opportunity to experiment with new styles and trends. But for a special occasion (especially if it’s the wedding of a dear one!) choosing the right outfit is not an easy task. But the above discussion will definitely help you to choose different beautiful dresses to wear to a wedding.

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