10 Types of Tops for Girls to Own for Every Occasion

It is said that beauty lies in the onlooker’s eye; however, it is not wrong if one can enhance their looks. What we are looking for or starving for is self-love and fulfillment more than what we receive.

Every girl’s group is a mixture of different characters, unusual choices, and different flavors. It many includes the groovy chick, business professional, party lover, the list is endless many more to add.

However, it does not matter how different the personalities are, at the core deep inside everyone loves the fashion and wants to follow the fashion to look flawless.

It does not matter who you are, whether you are a girl, the teen kid of woman, or an experimental lover who loves to do experiments of clothes.

Types of Tops for Girls

Also, no matter how many different types of tops you already have with you, it is not enough when it comes to daily wear tops. This feeling is natural, and every girl believes that she does not have anything to wear even though her wardrobe is full of clothes.

The simple rule of womenkind or we can say the nature of every woman is that they never want to repeat their clothes, so the simple solution over it is having different types of tops and bottoms.

Even we are having different varieties of clothes still we will face some questions like what to wear, which will look good on me, is it perfect for the party, and many more questions.

Don’t worry, ladies, here in this article you will get some tips that will make your wardrobe update and solve all your questions. So here is the list of different types of tops every girl should have in her wardrobe.

Types of Tops for Girls to Own for Every Occasion

So, let us see the different types of tops for girls that are available in the market. Also, we will see the new types of tops for girls that every girl wishes to have in their wardrobe.

1. Crop Top

Crop Top

If you are having a thin and flat belly and want to showcase, then the crop top is the best option to wear. A crop top is a regular top that is cropped or cut short to showcase your belly.

The crop top can go with different types of tops and bottoms such as jeggings, skin-tight jeans, and funky sneakers or Pumps. This top is suitable for the Hourglass-shaped, rectangle-shaped, pear-shaped, inverted triangle-shaped body.

2. Ruffled Top

Ruffled Top

The ruffled top is the new type of top for girls available in the market. As the name recommends, these tops have a ruffle for the front and most on the arm part. In many cases, the creator will try to do something new with the ruffle to enhance the look of the top only.

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3. Maxi/Longline Top

Maxi Top

There are different types of long tops available for girls in the market. As the name suggests, the maxi/longline top is till the ankle-length, which makes it a stylish garment. It will have a split cut from the belly in the side or in between. It will go with jeans, jeggings, and heels.

4. Cami Top

Cami Top

Cami Top is the best option for the summer season. If you want to be a spotlight, then these types of tops every girl should have in their wardrobe. This top will go best with shorts and jeggings, and you can style it with a jacket for a casual outing.

It will go perfectly with Shorts and Flat Sandals. This top is suitable for a Rectangle-shaped, triangle-shaped, pear-shaped body figure.

5. Tube Top

Tube Top

If you want to look elegant and sexy, then the tube top is the best option, and these types of tops every girl should have in their wardrobes. This top is having elastic at neckline just above the bust and covers all the upper body. This top can go with Jeans, Shorts, Palazzo, Short Skirt and Pumps, Sneakers, Heels.

6. Peplum


If you want to hide your floppy belly and want to look stylish, then the peplum top is the best option. A peplum top has a short, assembled, or creased segment of texture connected at the abdomen to make a hanging decoration or ruffle. It will go with Trousers, Skinny or Ripped Jeans, Boots or Pumps.

7. Cold Shoulder Top

Cold Shoulder Top

If you pick a cold shoulder top, you will never fill disappointed. The cold shoulder top has a cut on the shoulder, which can make any outfit of the day elegant and stylish. The tops’ neck will vary from top to top, depending upon the design of the top. It can go with Skinny Jeans, Palazzo, Jeggings, Heels, Bellies, Sneakers. This top is suitable for all body types.

8. Blouse Top

Blouse Top

If you plan to go for casual wear, then a blouse top is the best option. It is typically a flowing top with elastic at the waistband side, which gives an elegant look. Usually, the blouse top comes with the 3/4 selves or full selves, but it will depend on the style of top.

This top is suitable for an Inverted triangle-shaped, rectangle-shaped body figure. It will go with Skinny Jeans, Heels or Flat Bellies.

9. One Shoulder Top

One Shoulder Top

The one-shoulder top is the best option for the party to wear dresses for women, which will give you the best party look. It will provide you with the look of one piece also. As the name suggests, it has one shoulder that is bared and the other one with selves.

The selves come with variations. It can be full, ruffled, sleeveless, etc. This top will go with Jeans, Trousers, Bellies, Heels, Flats. This top will give you the best elegant and awsome look and will make you stand different in the crowd.

10. Wrap Top

Wrap Top

As the name suggests warp top, it will wrap your body perfectly, and it has a v neck. The cross wrapping of the top makes the top looks stylish and elegant. This top has mostly opted for a casual meeting as it gives a simple look.

This top will go with Skirt, Shorts, Jeans, Trousers, Sneakers, Flat Sandals. This top is suitable for a Round-shaped, triangle-shaped, pear-shaped body figure.

These are having the types of tops every girl should go with them to look flawless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions which every girl wants to ask but don’t know will give the answers, so here we are to provide all solutions.

What Is a tunic top?

This top is a high-low abdomen piece of clothing adjacent to an over-lapped V neck. It is an ideal decision for each lady out to go for the tunic top or not. This top will make you look fantastic and flawless and also will hide your belly. Wear thin pants, tights, or altered pants and polished shoes or tennis shoes with tunics to look increasingly attractive.

What is a tank top?

The ideal decision of the summer climate is a tank top. It is sleeveless and round neck top. Wear cool shorts, pants, or palazzo alongside shoes, tennis shoes, or flat tummies to look additionally charming.

What is a kaftan top?

It is a robe design top and perhaps the most ideal decision for the summer season. You will look amazingly cheeky and fresh while wearing a kaftan top. You can wear shoes, guts for a cheeky style and pants, shorts and skirts suit the most with the Kaftan top.

What can I wear with a white top?

If you are going in the daytime you must try a pair of a white top with a skirt and the sandals. If you are going in night time replace the shoes with heels. You will look awesome. Also, the blue or black denim will go best with the white top. This top will add a different appearance and elegance to your look.

Can I wear a white top for a wedding party?

It’s no longer reserved to wear white! However, we should take care that the bride should shine. As we are her guest, we should avoid attire that could be considered informal or in bad taste.

Can I wear a sleeveless top to work?

A large number of workplaces have clothing regulation. It is encouraged to everyone to check if there is any clothing regulation or not. If there are no such rules and regulations for the clothing, then it is refreshing to wear a sleeveless top.


From the above article, we can come to the conclusion that we should always carry ourselves up to fashion. Also, we should dress properly according to the event where we are going. One should always be up to mark when it comes to fashion.

So by using the tops which are mention in the above article you can be on the top of fashion. These tops will make you look flawless and fantastic and will make you stand out from the crowd.

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