Sweat-Proof Makeup: 8 Experts’ Tips to Keep You Looking Fresh

Girls summer, the awful season for all makeup lovers is knocking at the door! And in this horrid season, I can bet that I am not the only one who continues sweating until all the makeup, the hard work of hours melts away.

I know that in Indian summer, you have gone through the uncomfortable experience when you can sense that gradually your mascara and foundation are tapering off with those unwanted droplets of sweat.

Sweat-Proof Makeup

And the worst part is that even after trying several tricks, you cannot resist the evaporation of your makeup when you step outside and your entire look becomes hideous when you have to walk in the scorching sun, right?

But girl, sit tight as I am going to provide you some amazing tips so that you can achieve that much-desired sweat-proof makeup without the slightest difficulty. But before that, just catch a glimpse of some basic information which I am going to provide regarding sweating.

Reasons Behind Excessive Sweating

There are several reasons for excessive sweating which are:

  • India has tropical weather; hence the heat and humidity can cause excessive sweating.
  • Extreme physical exertion is another reason for sweating.
  • Medical conditions like hyperhidrosis, diabetes can be other reasons for excessive sweating.
  • Hormonal changes can lead to excessive sweating.
  • Different synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic may be the reasons for excessive sweating.
  • Some sunscreens are not at all breathable and they create a barrier that makes it difficult for sweat to break through as a result your body heats up.
  • Acute anxiety and stress can cause sweating.

Tips For Sweat-Proof Makeup

1. CTM is Extremely Important

When you strive to achieve that flawless sweat-proof makeup, the most rudimentary step you have to do is to follow the age-old mantra of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM).

Through cleansing, all the dirt, grime and excess sebum will be abolished. If these impurities remain on your skin, they will clog the pores and your makeup will not sit properly on your skin which as a result will not be long-lasting.

You have to always use a gentle cleanser which will do the job of deeply cleansing your pores by eliminating all the impurities from your skin. Instead of a cleanser, you can use extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil or milk which will not only remove the impurities but also will nourish your skin from within.

A mattifying toner is another important thing to consider when you want your makeup to be long-lasting and sweat-proof. A toner eradicates the remaining impurities and sebum which can create a barrier in achieving sweat-proof makeup. If you don’t want to go with a drugstore toner, you can make your own customized toner by mixing cucumber juice, rose water or green tea.

Moisturizer is the next important step while you intend to get that flawless makeup. If you believe that putting on a moisturizer will make your skin greasier and will not make your makeup sweat-proof, you are mistaken as a moisturizer creates a barrier between your skin and the outside atmosphere that prevents moisture loss and resist your skin from becoming too dry while you apply makeup. If your skin is oily then you can trust aloe vera gel as a moisturizer and if your skin is too dry go with Shea butter.

2. Prime Your Skin

Priming your skin is another indispensable stride when your goal is to achieve sweat-proof makeup. A primer prepares a perfect canvas on which your makeup sits perfectly. This product serves manifold purposes such as it fills in the pores, blurs the imperfections, smoothens out skin’s texture and prepares a sticky base to which your makeup clings.

Skipping a primer means depriving your skin from getting that impeccable base which not only makes your makeup flawless but also forms that makeup look that will not even buzz for the whole long day.

3. Choose A Breathable Foundation

I know how much tempting it is to succumb to a heavy foundation that has the potential to transfigure your entire look. You even feel awe or always become overwhelmed when you see all those red carpet celebrities in their flawless heavy makeup which you inadvertently wish to replicate in your real life! But girl, that is not a very wise idea to follow especially when it is summer or daytime.

The most judicious stoop will be if you choose a light, breathable foundation which will not clog your pores or trap the heat within your body. This type of foundation will not feel heavy on your skin and your skin can breathe easily, as a result it will not cause excessive sweating.

4. Sticky, Oil-free Concealer

We girls know what role plays a concealer in our everyday makeup look; sometimes it simply becomes a savior when it comes to attain that exemplary sweat-proof makeup look.

Applying a concealer furnishes that additional coverage for scars and serious blemishes. Besides, it enlivens your entire look, evens out your tone and covers skin sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags.

But if you make mistakes while choosing this magical potion then it will easily wear off. To resist this evaporation of your concealer, always use a sticky, water-proof formulation that will on the one hand hold on to your skin and on the other will not dissolve in sweat, consequently it will remain intact or unscathed in the long day’s hurry-scurry.

5. Use Loose Powder Instead of Compact Powder

Now to get sweat-proof makeup, don’t do the mistake of going with a compact powder. Compact or pressed powders are heavy and come with oils which will make your skin cakier and greasier.

On the other hand, loose powders are in structure very fine and lightweight that will set perfectly your concealer or foundation. As loose powders are generally oil-free, these do not cake your makeup or vaporize with sweat.

6. Choose Water-Proof Mascara & Eyeliner

Now, comes mascara which is one of the most crucial makeup products. Mascara instantly lifts eyelashes, thickens them and makes your eyes more attractive. With the help of mascara and eyeliner, you can create a dramatic, stirring look.

And definitely after much toil and hard labor, you attain those seductive pair of eyes. If that hard work fades within minutes due to sweating, you will feel extremely vexed. To dodge that entirely, go with the water-proof version so that excessive sweat can’t stir it to the slightest.

7. Setting Spray is A Must

The quintessential step to create a sweat-proof makeup look is to use a setting spray that can guarantee to hold all your makeup in their right place.

A setting spray is mainly an amalgamation of water and a range of polymers that collectively keep skin hydrated and make your makeup cling to its right place. It is designed to absorb the excess oil and create a matte look that does not alter even if you sweat excessively.

Just one or two sprays of setting spray will make your entire makeup look more natural, besides it will add a subtle glow and give you an assurance that your makeup will not be smudged even after the din and bustle of a long day.

8. Blot Away

Now comes the ultimate trick using which you can almost forget your trouble regarding the slipping off your makeup due to sweating. Always keep blotting paper with you and whenever you felt that extra sebum or sweat on your temple gently put a blotting paper and soak that up.

Never use a compact or pressed powder instead of a blotting paper because that will create a cakier look.

If you feel that you need a touch-up, then at first soak the sweat and oil with blotting paper, then apply a light layer of your favorite compact powder. But don’t go overboard because that can make you look cakey and unnatural.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now to equip yourself for further information, catch sight of the following question-answer session:

Should I exfoliate my face before applying makeup?

If your aim is to achieve a flawless makeup, then you have to prepare your face so that the makeup products can be applied to your skin easily and smoothly. Exfoliating your face will eliminate all the dead skin cells and impurities which ensure a smoother skin that looks impeccable when your makeup is done.

Is layering is bad while doing makeup?

If you sweat excessively or if you are attending a daytime party, you should not apply layers after layers because that will increase the chances of sweating. Always remember less is more while creating a daytime makeup look. Use products that cannot be ruled out and which are lightweight to avoid sweating and to flaunt that natural makeup look.

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If truth be told, there is not any absolute trick that can help you in getting a sweat-proof makeup look. But surely you can diminish your sweating which as a result can minimize the evaporation of makeup.

However, the above tips do help in lessening the sweat which helps to resist the fading of your makeup, follow them and carry your makeup with grace and confidence.

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