4 Types Of Petticoat For Saree That Can Make Your Saree Look To Next Level

Gone are the days when petticoats were ignored. At present, petticoats play an essential role when we think about looking slim and fit in our saree. The petticoats not only play an important role to enhance the shape of the saree that you wear, but these also make you look more beautiful and gorgeous.

You may feel being drowned in a whole bunch of fabric draped around your waist while wearing a saree if it is not tucked well. One of the truths is that most Indian women are not blessed with the advantage of height and wearing heels all day long can be extremely daunting.

For that we often neglect wearing saree, thinking sarees can make us look bulky and unfit. Every figure be it curvy or slim looks pretty in saree.

Types Of Petticoat For Saree

Now you may think of incorporating a healthy diet for losing that extra bulk, but it’s not a one-night journey and you may drop the plan of looking slim instantly if you are thinking of wearing that gorgeous Indian attire that is “SAREE”.

But no worries you can don this beautiful attire without looking bulky by wearing a petticoat underneath your saree.

Saree is considered one of the most gorgeous ethnic wear which emphasizes a women’s figure more beautifully. But for those who want to look slimmer, the major question that arouses is how to look slimmer in a saree instantly.

Petticoats have the power to break or make your saree-look, so make sure you have a great checklist about several types of petticoats for saree while purchasing saree for your next occasion.

We have listed below some of the essential recommendations for you through which you can slay your Indian ethnic look in a saree instantly.

Checklist of Various Types of Petticoat for Saree

There are several types of saree and you can also find several type of fabrics which can actually make a big difference in your entire look.

Below are the types of petticoat for saree that you can wear to enhance your style statement. We have provided all the necessary tips for you!

1. Mermaid Styled Petticoat

Mermaid Styled Petticoat

Mermaid styled petticoats are considered one of the best picks for women as they are worn with a thin fabric saree that can be draped lightly around your waist.

As the name itself suggests, the petticoats enhance your shape and bestow you an alluring mermaid-like figure because in the upper part, it is tightly fitted and it becomes slightly loose when it comes down which helps the insufficient movement of your legs. The petticoats come with a zip on the waist so that it can be worn tightly.

2. A-Line or Normal Petticoat


The A-line or normal kind of petticoats are useful for most saree drapes as it is tight at the waist and loosens as it tappers down. The petticoats are loose at the ankle part.

This type of petticoat for the saree provides the saree to be tighter at the waist and if worn correctly, the person wearing the saree can look slimmer even if the saree is made of heavy silk. This type of petticoat has four, six, or eight segments that are stitched together with the straight side that is stitched diagonally.

3. Layered Petticoats

Layered Petticoat

These types of petticoats for sarees are worn by women who do not like to get too many gathers and pleats on their waist and want to make it straight and fitted. A layered petticoat comes with a can-can inside it which gives gorgeous flare at the bottom.

The petticoats being tight-fitted in the waist area, provide sufficient space for leg movement at the bottom. They also may have hooks, straps, or zips to hold the petticoat properly.

4. Saree Shapewear

Saree Shapewear

Considered as one of the most popular modern type of petticoat for saree, a saree shapewear petticoat is picked and favored by almost all age groups as it has a trendy design and makes you look slim instantly.

Gone are the days when the traditional kind of petticoats was chosen by women as these slimming petticoats have made their way into every wardrobe. The 2 in one feature provided by these petticoats have made it one of the major picks by women to accentuate their curves and enhance their outfit.

The 2-in-1 feature of shapewear petticoat works as a petticoat as well as shapewear to camouflage all the flabby areas making you look toned and slim in a saree. The side slit of the shapewear petticoat makes the body movement easy.

The stretchable spandex and polyester fabric of these kinds of petticoat make the body feel lightweight and stretchable. Now that you have got the perfect replacement for any kind of your petticoat need, make this type of petticoat for saree one of your essential wardrobe collection.

The fabric of Petticoat That Matters

Now that we have given you a clear picture regarding the saree petticoat types that can make your saree look extremely gorgeous, the most essential part is the fabric!

Yes, the fabric of a petticoat also plays an essential role in either breaking or making your entire ethnic look.

We have listed below some of the fabrics that you need to consider while selecting saree petticoat types. Have a detailed look into it!

  • Satin Fabric: This kind of fabric gives you a sheer effect that can go well with semi-transparent designer net sarees. The fabric is light enough which can be one of the plus points for your petticoat selection.
  • Cotton: Cotton is considered best as it is one of the most sweat absorbents and keeps your body cool. Petticoats made up of cotton can best fit with cotton or cotton silk sarees such as kanjeevaram and Banarasi sarees. Cotton petticoats can be worn efficiently during summer.
  • Crepe: The crepe fabric petticoats are lightweight and are used for sarees that are made of georgette, pure satin, pure crepe sarees, or chiffon.

Slay Your Saree Look More Comfortably

Next time when you think about purchasing or getting stitched a petticoat, make sure to keep the below-listed points and tips in mind to get your saree fit right!

a) The perfection of the Length and Fit

There can be so many exhausting moments while wearing a saree if you are carrying ill-fitted petticoat. You might feel your heels getting caught in your petticoat and it might also be embarrassing right?

The reason is that you picked such a petticoat which does not match with the length of your saree! Ideally, the length of the petticoat needs to be ankle length which can be half-inch shorter than your saree so that it does not bother you while standing or walking.

Now talking about the fit of saree petticoat types, slim fit saree petticoat can be the best pick to accentuate your figure.

b) Comfort is Essential

When it comes to saree petticoat types, one of the essential tips is your comfort. Comfort is not the only key for saree petticoats but is also the key for everything you wear.

Until and unless you are comfortable in what you wear, you can never get a perfect fit! Petticoats that you get stitched or purchase should not be too loose or too tight. Ensure that you can comfortably move around and do not look awkward while wearing it.

c) Say Yes to The Right Fabric

If you wear a saree daily then cotton fabrics are considered one of the best and comfortable choices for saree petticoat types. If you wear a saree formally, satin and silk saree petticoats can be the best choice.

If you want a slim fit petticoat that can make your saree look next level then a petticoat made up of satin would do justice to your choice of fabric.

d) Consider the Colour

The old school rule of wearing a saree and picking a petticoat for the same would be a perfect color match where you go to the shop taking your saree along with you to get the color of the petticoat that perfectly matches with the saree.

Now the time has changed and so has the fashion! The style demands more drama with mix and match kind of color contrasts while selecting a saree petticoat to get the best stunning look instantly. You do not need to get the same color for saree anymore.

e) The Right Petticoat Style

Earlier, tying the strings of the petticoat was considered one of the best fastening choices. Nowadays, going invisible with the fastening choice has come into the trend with the emergence of zipping and hooks for your saree petticoats that can be a better option to go with.

The zips and hooks keep the unnecessary gathering of petticoat at the waist away to accentuate your body curves. When we talk about saree petticoat types, A-line petticoats, mermaid styled petticoats or shapewear petticoats can be your best picks to enhance your saree look.

f) Make Your Saree Statement with Your Stylish Petticoat

Forget those days when petticoats were considered one of the unnecessary underskirts. Now, the time has changed. Make your petticoats stand out beautifully and gracefully while wearing a sheer saree.

You can add some colorful sequins or cool embroidery to your petticoats and wear it under a plain sheer net saree to give your stylish statement.

Apart from the embroidery thing, you can also go for some printed petticoats with some beautiful prints to pair up with a sheer saree for a fashionable statement. It is recommended to pick a plain blouse if you want to give an extra stylish statement to your petticoat!

g) Pleat Your Saree Nicely

One of the essential points which we cannot miss is the draping of the saree nicely. You got us right! Make sure you get your pleats right especially your pallu depending on your comfort level. No matter what type of petticoat you are wearing, the battle won’t be won until and unless you do not go right with your pleating of saree.

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In a nutshell, adding elements to your saree petticoat can be the best way to enhance its look however going overboard can also make things complicated for you. The right size, fabric, and fit of saree should opt for a perfect petticoat so that you can be in your comfort zone flaunting your ethnic wear.

We believe that the above-mentioned tips and ideas will help you to pick the perfect petticoat and make you look outstanding on any occasion.

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