How To Remove Nail Polish Without Remover (8 Alternatives)

I know how much you love wearing nail polish; it looks magnificent and can complete your look. And wearing nail polish in spare time is pure fun, isn’t it? By wearing nail polish you can achieve the coolest nail art which can pull out your diva look- all this can be done only by using a single swipe of your glamorous nail paint!

Again nothing can be more amazing than looking at your newly manicured hand with that perfect coating of nail polish.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Remover

Now the sad truth is that all those nail polish which you put on casually or while doing a manicure will not remain forever! They are going to fade or will start chipping. Nails with chipping nail polishes are extremely odd and the scenario becomes even worse when you shove your nails with your teeth or other tools- the nail gets broken and scratched which are extremely bad and embarrassing to look at.

In such a situation if you have to attend a formal meeting or a party, then girl you are lost! With that gorgeous outfit, flawless makeup, your nails will just look messy and leave you in a compromising situation regarding your look.

Hence the best thing to do is to remove your nail polish and pick a sizzling nail polish that will not only look glamorous but finish off your complete look.

The question which arises in such circumstances is how to remove nail polish? The obvious answer will be using a nail polish remover. But Girl, you may not have a nail polish remover in time of need, besides it can cause harm to your nails!

Therefore you should always try to remove nail polish without using a remover and search ways for how to remove nail polish without remover. But don’t worry because there are multiple solutions which work as effectively as a nail polish remover.

But before that let’s find out the reasons for why you should always avoid using a nail polish remover.

The Reasons For Avoiding A Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish removers generally contain acetone which acts as a powerful ingredient to remove nail paint. The acetone-based nail polish removers have serious side effects which are:

  • It affects the cardiovascular system.
  • The gastrointestinal system also gets damaged.
  • Increases urination.
  • Can cause harm to the throat.
  • Not good for eyes.
  • Is extremely harsh on nails.
  • Strips nails off from its natural oil.
  • Irritates skin and makes skin dry.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Remover

As you already have known the side effects of using nail polish remover, you should not use a nail polish remover. Now let’s see how to remove nail polish without using a nail polish remover:

1. Using Vinegar


Yes, vinegar is one amazing ingredient that can give you relief from using nail polish remover. This is the best answer for how to remove nail polish easily.

Being acidic in nature vinegar can break down nail polish, besides it is acetone-free and contains 5-20% acetic acid which can effectively kill nail germs. Hence it on the one hand eliminates all the nail paint and on the other hand, maintains the health of your nails.

  • What you will need:

To remove your nail polish effectively you will need a cotton ball, vinegar and raw lemon juice.

  • What you have to do:

Take a bowl of warm water; soak your hands into that warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then take 3-4 tablespoons of raw lemon juice and an equal amount of white vinegar. Mix them well and take a cotton ball and soak that into the mixture. Now press that cotton ball onto your nail, keep for 10-20 seconds, doing this will cause the nail enamels to dissolve and all the remnants of nail paint will be removed.

Then gradually wipe your nail using that cotton ball. If you are wearing several coats of nail polish, it will take some time to remove the polish. When the whole process is complete, apply a moisturizer or extra virgin coconut oil, so that your nail can retain the natural oil and moisture.

2. A Slice of Lemon


Lemon is not only a wonderful fruit, but it also has numerous benefits. And when the topic comes of removing nail polish, lemon is the most befitting option to go with.

Being acidic, lemon can effectively dissolve nail paint. Moreover, lemon juice brightens your nails by abolishing the yellowish, unhealthy stain. It can make nails fresh and white. As it has loads of Vitamin C, it makes nails stronger and healthier by eliminating the brittleness of nails.

  • What you will need:

Collect a bowl of soapy lukewarm water and a slice of lemon.

  • What you have to do:

At first, take a bowl of lukewarm water, add 1 teaspoon of shampoo, and mix them well. Then soak your nails into that mixture for 5-7 minutes. After that, rub your nails gently for a few minutes using a slice of lemon. Rubbing with lemon will soften the nail paint and it will come off easily. After doing this wash your nails with normal water, pat it dry and dab some moisturizer or oil onto your nails.

3. Using Toothpaste and Baking Soda


Yes girl, you have heard it right; it’s the toothpaste that can actually remove nail polish. If your nails are extremely chipped and there are remnants of nail polish all over your nails, toothpaste can give you quick and immediate result.

As toothpaste contains ethyl acetate, it can work wonder in removing nail polish. Another ingredient baking soda is quite abrasive in nature, for which it will aid in dissolving the nail paint.

  • What you will need:

Just garner a small amount of toothpaste and ½ teaspoon of baking soda.

  • What you have to do:

Take those ingredients into a small bowl, blend them well and apply that to your nails. Leave it undisturbed for 3-4 minutes and wipe that off using a cotton ball. The mixture will soften the nail polish and it will easily come off. After going through the complete procedure use a good moisturizer or oil to moisturize your nails.

4. Alcohol

You always use acetone-based nail polish remover for removing nail paint, right? But as those drugstore nail polish removers are extremely harmful to your nails, you should opt for homemade nail polish remover which can successfully remove nail polish from your nails.

Alcohol is a solvent that works perfectly for dissolving nail polish. Rubbing alcohol on your nails will abolish the remnants of nail polish from your nails. It is gentler and less harsh than those ready-made drugstore nail polish removers.

It will not make your nail bed dry, brittle and fragile. Again if you are going through some nail infections, alcohol can redress that too as it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • What you will need:

Muster some alcohol, a bowl of lukewarm water and a cotton ball.

  • What you have to do:

At first take a small bowl of lukewarm water, soak your nails into that for preparing your nails. Then dab the cotton ball into alcohol, keep that cotton ball on your nails for 3-4 minutes and then wipe off your nails. Alcohol can make your nails dry, to stop that from happening use some moisturizer or cuticle oil to moisturize your nails.

5. Sanitizer


I know you are wondering that how can a sanitizer remove nail polish! But girl, it works great when it comes to removing nail polish from your nails and it is far better than those nail polish removers which are easily available in the market as it does not make your nails frail and dry.

Sanitizers usually contain alcohol which acts as dissolvents. As a result of this when you apply sanitizer it will dissolve the color and it will come off. Hence girls always carry a sanitizer which will not only keep germs at arm’s length but will also remove nail colors effectively.

  • What you will need:

You will need only two things one is a sanitizer and another thing is a cotton pad.

  • What you have to do:

Before starting the process just soak your nails into lukewarm water so that the nail polish becomes soft. Then sprinkle some sanitizer on your nails and gently rub your nails until the color comes off. When the nail polish comes off completely, wash your nails off using normal water and apply coconut oil or olive oil to your nails to retain the natural moisture of your nails.

6. Using Deodorant

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Deodorant smells not only heavenly, but it also can be used for removing nail polish. As it contains solvents like acetone, alcohol, it can easily dissolve the nail color.

  • What you will need:

To successfully complete the process you will need a cotton pad and deodorant.

  • What you have to do:

To make the nail paint soft, at first soak your nails in lukewarm water. Then grab your favorite deodorant, to which you are not allergic, spray it over your nails by keeping the nozzle at a closer range. And now wipe off your nails by using the cotton pad. Repeat the process until all the nail paint is removed; it may take some time if you have put on several coats of your nail polish.

7. Rely On Some Hydrogen Peroxide

You know that drugstore nail polish removers are harmful for your nail and skin, right? So you are now searching for how to make nail polish remover at home. For making your own homemade nail polish remover what you need is some amount of hydrogen peroxide and lukewarm water.

  • What you will need:

Take some hot water and hydrogen peroxide.

  • What you have to do:

Take one cup of hot water and two cups of hydrogen peroxide, mix them well and soak your nails into that mixture. After 10-15 minutes, rub your nails using a nail file. Gradually the nail polish will come off. When all the paints are removed completely, wash off your nails using normal water and finish off the process by applying some cuticle oil to your nails.

8. Nail Polish

Nail polish

Yes, using nail polish is another method for removing your chipping nail polish. Though removing nail polish with a nail polish sounds a little bit odd, but it works like magic.

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Nail polish contains solvents and when those solvents evaporate, nail paint becomes dry. These solvents can also dissolve nail polish which is the major reason for its efficacy in removing nail polish.

  • What you will need:

Take some old nail polish, which you don’t like and you will also need paper towel.

  • What you have to do:

At first, apply the nail polish on your nails and wipe that off using a paper towel before it becomes dry. You may need a few coats before getting the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get more information and for clarifying all your confusion, take a look at the following question-answer session:

Is nail polish remover bad?

Using nail polish remover for removing your nail paint is not a good option. Drugstore nail polish removers mainly contain acetone and other harmful chemicals that can adversely affect your health and nails. Besides harming your cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal system, these removers damage nails by making them fragile and brittle.

What can I use instead of nail polish removers?

Most nail polish removers contain acetone which is extremely harsh for nails and skin. Due to the excessive use of these removers, your nails can become exceedingly fragile and your skin can become dry. Therefore using a nail polish remover often is a big no no. But there are several natural ingredients that you can use to remove your nail paints. Such ingredients are vinegar, lemon, alcohol, sanitizer, hair spray and toothpaste.

Can vinegar remove nail polish?

Yes, vinegar can take off nail polish effectively. As vinegar is acidic in nature it can break down the nail polish. It also contains acetic acid which acts as a wonderful ingredient to kill all those harmful nail germs. For getting the best result you have to mix raw lemon juice with white vinegar and then you have to rub your nails using the mixture. Repeat the process until your nail becomes clean and nail polish-free.

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So girls you have already known how to remove nail polish without remover. Hence, whenever you feel that your nails are looking boring and bland, experiment with different nail polish colors and remove those which you don’t like.

And the best part is that for getting your ultimate nail polish shade you don’t have to use a nail polish remover that containing acetone can damage your nails. Therefore theirs is no need to invest in a remover because you can try the above methods which are effective as well as harmless.

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