10 Easy Home Remedies for Fair Skin and Glowing Skin

Every woman dreams of glowing skin that is super soft, flawless, and pampered well. The city and modern life nowadays have robbed the glow and shine of our skin making to lackluster and dead.

Most people stock up a huge range of skincare products with a wish to get that smooth and flawless skin but unfortunately, the products do not go very well due to its several chemical ingredients. You can check our article on why you should not use cheap beauty products.

Home Remedies for Fair Skin and Glowing Skin

Several readymade beauty products claiming to improve your skin texture available online or in the market use harsh chemicals that can damage your skin in long term. Melanin presented in the skin which gives color to your skin can get damaged due to several factors.

Extreme exposure to the sun can enhance the production of your melanin that in turn causes tanning. We by means do not support that fair skin, in general, is superior to any other complexion however, we are obliged to help you the glow in your face and get the skin texture back which has been damaged due to several external factors.

Easy Home Remedies for Fair Skin and Glowing Skin

To make your daunting task easier, we have piled up several home remedies that can help you get rid of your pigmentation and give you flawless fair and glowing skin. Get a quick list of home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin below.



Lemon has several health benefits and one of them is the skin bleaching component presented in it. There can be no such list of home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin where lemon is not included because the bleaching component of lemon helps in reducing dark spots and blemishes as well.

If you are thinking of using lemon, we would suggest avoiding exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours after its use. Apply fresh lemon on the area you want to. Leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cool water.



One of the best home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin is turmeric which is rich in anti-bacterial properties. The amazing property of turmeric contributes to achieving a glow on your face as it consists of curcumin that is an anti-inflammatory agent.

You can mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with chickpea flour and add water/milk to make a smooth paste. Add a few drops of rose water or lemon juice. Apply the paste on the face and neck and leave until it dries. Rinse with cool water. How simple was that? You will get effective and amazing glowing and fair skin.



The antibacterial agent present in honey makes it one of the best home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin that lightens marks on your skin and prevents acne too. The skin healing properties can reduce acne scars and soothe your skin. You can mix honey and lemon juice and apply it to your face. Leave it for at least 15-20 minutes and rinse. Avoid your eyes.



One of the best cleansers and home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin is milk which works as a cleanser and lightens your skin as well. You can prepare a milk face mask with the addition of milk and honey.

Apply it gently over your face and massage softly in a circular motion. You can use the fat cream of milk which nourishes your skin and hydrates. Massage for a few minutes and rinse.


egg for face

One of the fantastic home remedies for fair and glowing skin is an egg. You can make a DIY face mask from an egg. Take an egg and beat it until it gets fluffy. Apply it to your face with a brush or fingers. Let it dry completely and wash with cool water.

We know the smell of egg can be intolerable for some, so in such a case, you can add lemon juice or any essential oil to reduce the smell of egg.



Olive oil is considered one of the best antioxidant elements for skin which works as a good home remedy for fair skin and glowing skin preventing early aging as well. Olive oil on skin exposed to the sun is well known to fight cells that cause cancer.

The skin damage repairing property of olive oil helps to give a shiny and glowing skin. You can use a few drops of olive oil and apply it over your face and neck every night before bed.

Massage for a few minutes and place a towel on your face that has been dipped in warm water and squeezed. After a minute the excess oil of the face and neck will be removed and then you can clean with a dry towel.



Dry and chapped skin itself causes a decline in glowing and fair skin. Consider the inclusion of cucumber into your diet as well as your skincare regimen. The pH level of cucumber helps in restocking the protective layer of skin, hydrates it, and promotes fair and glowing skin. Put sliced cucumber on your eyes or apply the cucumber juice over your face and leave for few minutes until it dries. Rinse with cool water.


Potato for face

Apart from making your favorite French fries, you would be amazed to know the fact that potatoes can work best for home remedies for fair skin and glowing skin. It can be a great way to get rid of blemishes, dark spots, dull skin as well.

You can place a slice of potato over your eyes to get rid of dark circles and puffiness. The vitamin C presented in the juice of raw potato has bleaching properties that can help in making your skin fair and glowing.

Mix 3 tablespoon of potato juice with 2 tablespoons of honey. Make a paste and apply the mixture over your face. Leave for 30 minutes until it dries completely. Rinse with cool water. We bet you will be loving the results from this remedy.


aloe vera hair mask

We know that you also know the health benefits of Aloe Vera but what about the skin benefits with the use of it? The vitamin c rich aloe vera has antioxidant properties as well with is a plus point for your skin.

It helps to prevent acne issues, sunburns and heals faster. You can apply aloe vera gel or fresh aloe vera pulp over your skin and leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.


yogurt for face

Did you know the fact that yogurt is the best home remedy for fair skin and glowing skin as it is super rich in lactic acid which is also good for skin? The moisturizing property present in yogurt helps your skin to retain back its glow and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles from your skin.

It also improves the elasticity of your skin. You can directly apply yogurt over your skin and leave for 10 minutes or until it dries partially. Rinse with cool water. You can use yogurt for making several skincare face packs including honey, lemon, and oats as well.

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Several such remedies can be tried out at home if you want glowing skin. However, the ingredients can depend upon the type of skin as not every ingredient goes well with every skin type.

A good beauty regimen not only follows your skincare routine but also wants you fit and healthy from the inside. Here from healthiness we mean, your healthy and proper balanced diet paired up with regular exercise.

The ingredients that we have mentioned above can also be added to your regular diet to see an effective result soon. What are you waiting for as you have got an amazing home remedy for fair skin and glowing skin naturally at home? Remember that a healthy you will make your skin healthy!

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