8 Most Effective Tips and Tricks To Dry Nail Polish Faster Than Usual

Patience is something that almost all of us lack at some point in life, especially as women. Be it waiting for the hair to dry or, the newly painted nails to settle, patience is something you lack. And why not? In the era where every other process has adequately speeded, why not with drying nail polish faster than usual? Well, we deserve this too, isn’t it ladies? Why keep struggling with the age-old problem of sitting with newly painted nails for long hours till it dries? This certainly needs a solution.

Nonetheless, most women today are seen adopting new measures that effectively work for them to get their nail polish dried hassle-free. When you ask for solutions, some would suggest you put your freshly painted nails close to the refrigerator, while some others would suggest something else. However, when it comes down to looking for effective options, there is always a prevailing sense of controversy. Well, no more controversies, since you found this blog post.

tips and tricks to dry nail polish faster

No matter what, your fascination with painting your nails, just cannot fade away because of the hassle behind drying those very painted nails. Several effective solutions can be your greatest rescue in such tough times. Yes, ladies, you read that just right. the perfect detailing’s that your nails ever needed can now be possible with some of the effective tips and tricks to dry nail polish faster.

There is literally no specific tool you need for the purpose, some of the natural ways that are here are widely known to show effective results. You just need the right piece of information to get sorted with things. Well, your search ends here when you have us. This blog post is one of those legit pieces that gives you all the possible measures that can help your nail polish dry faster than it usually would. Thus, hang around with us, on this journey to discover all that we have for you.

Most Effective Tips And Tricks To Dry Nail Polish Faster

Drying freshly painted nails faster than usual is the most sought-after measure for the women out there reading this piece at the moment. If looking for a faster solution is why you are here, this is just the right place. Here are some of the greatest solutions of all times that ought to be your ideal recourse:

1. Using cold water as an instant drying agent

When talking about faster nail polish drying methods, perhaps the oldest would be using cold water. Of course, not as cold to get your fingers freezing, but yes, cold water is one of those oldest methods of practice. The cold methods do have an impact and get your job done easier.

Cold temperature promotes the drying process to speed up and thus, dipping freshly painted in cold water ensures your nail polish dries easily. Once you’ve painted your nails, allow the formula for about a minute or so, and then simply dip your nails inside a bowl of cold water to witness effective drying in no time. Perhaps the easiest solution you would have on the list.

2. Using blow-drying methods on the nails

Most salons are usually seen to be in the practice of using some kind of fans to speed the drying process. However, while at home, getting your hands on such pieces of equipment would not be a practical thing to do, in such cases, what else could be better than using a blow dryer? Yes, you read that right. The cooling setting in a blow dryer works as better than any fans that are used in a nail salon.

A cool temperature and a low fan speed are all that you need. For this purpose, you need to rest your freshly painted nails and allow the cool blast from the blow dryer to flow on your nails from a distance. Nonetheless, don’t forget to keep a strict vigilance as mishaps wouldn’t take any time if things go wrong.

3. Freeze your hands to harden nail paint quickly

By now, all of us might have easily predicted that cool temperature promotes the quick hardening of nail polish, which would otherwise take quite some time. For those who do not wish to opt for either a blow dryer or cold water, placing your hands on the freezer is a great alternative too, worth considering. To avoid smeared nails, anything including this particular step is worth it all.

It is the direct cold air from the freezer that facilitates the top layer of the nail polish even faster than usual. However, it would take some more time for the following layers to dry up as compared to the upper layer. Nonetheless, for those with no other effective option left, you have something worth the try here.

4. Allow each layer to dry before reapplying the next one

Most of us end up using multiple coats to bring to affect the ideal tint. Well, that’s legit when it’s about the nails looking just rightly painted. On the contrary, it is known to us that it would hardly take any time to create a mess when multiple coats are applied. The drying time is somewhat impacted when multiple coats are applied to the nails. Thus, to cut down the overall drying time, it is ideal to proceed at in slow pace when applying multiple coats.

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For this purpose, allow a minimum of 2-5 minutes between each coat to settle and then go for the next round. This is for a nail paint drying hack that is highly effective when it comes down to yield results faster than usual. This particular step is the ultimate as, it not just prevents your nails from smearing, but also, gives a perfect finish that tends to last longer on the nails.

5. Quick-dry artificial formulas

If natural homely available remedies are not your thing to do, this is one great option at hand, that you can consider. Besides the fact that you need some bucks on the product, there you nothing you need to do. Several nail care brands come up with their quick-dry topcoats that are a complete steal deal if you are willing to spend on it. They cut short the drying time, and some even come up with instant results.

These nail paint hardening agents absorb themselves along with the nail paint color without impacting the actual tint. They are highly convenient to use and leave behind an impactful result. Just like applying any other nail paint, these coats too work the same way. Besides, they are available in several varieties for you to pick from.

6. Several oils act as drying agents

It might not seem to you as a practically applicable method, but baby oils, cooking oils, olive oils, and several similar oils are greatly recognized quick-dry agents for nail paints. The myth that using such oils lead to greasiness has no consideration here. Once nail paints are applied, just a drop of any of these oils on each nail is great for the purpose. Once the oil is dropped on the nails, allow it to settle for about 2 minutes and you are all good to go.

When talking about tips and tricks to dry nail polish faster, this method just cannot be missed out on. The whole struggle behind the nail paint drying process is made more sorted with these oils. They are quite easy and convenient and such ingredients that are most likely to be easily available at your homes at all times.

7. Pick a fast-drying nail polish drying formula

It goes without saying that there are several variants available in the market when it comes down to picking nail polish. Well, that’s where your purchase decision has an important role to play. For all the manicure enthusiasts out there, it is worth investing in such formulas. To avoid the quick-dry hassle, it is ideal to settle for a quick-dry nail polish itself.

It would perhaps be a wise decision to invest in such products that give you all the ease in a single pick. However, as a matter of caution, such products are a bit difficult to handle when it comes to aftercare. After using these products, it is to be strictly ensured that the cap is fixed airtight and that would ensure the product to not dry out easily.

8. Hair sprays as drying agents

Spending on nail polish sprays can be one thing to do. However, if not, there is still pretty fine an option to use hair sprays on the nails to ensure it dries quicker than usual. Just like any nail sprays, a hair spray too hardens the top nail layer in no time. The only drawback with this process is that, if not handled with care, your nails are most likely to get smeared.

Nonetheless, there is always scope for you to try out and see if this method works for you. All you need to do is spray the formula on freshly painted nails and allow it to settle for a few minutes till it soaks up into all the levels of the nail paint. Once done, you are all good to go about with your nails looking all clear and sorted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we are done with most of the blog post, next up I would be here to answer some of the most colon queries that you might be witnessing as readers. Well, if that’s the case with you too, it is legit looking for answers here. Keep reading to find out relevant answers to your relevant queries.

Which is the best method to dry the nail polish faster than usual?

To put it in simple words, there is no straight-jacket formula that is evenly applicable for all. However, all of the methods mentioned above in the blog post are mostly generic and only need recognition. Each of the formulas are mostly natural and curates to your needs in no time. Now that is well aware, all you need to do is undertake each method and check what works for you the best.

Can I use heating methods to dry out nail polish faster?

Unlike cooling methods, heating methods are a big no when it comes down to considering it for drying out nail polish. Cooling methods ensure your drying process is accelerated without affecting the outcome. Whereas, on the other hand, heating methods are only going to help melt the nail polish, instead of allowing it to dry quickly. Thus, it will lead to a sheer mess in that scenario.

How can I ensure an effortless nail polish drying process without opting for salon manicures?

Salon manicures are mostly expensive and not a thing for all to consider. Well, if not salon manicures, at-home methods too are a great way to keep your nails flaunting at their own pace. The at-time remedies for instant drying and application go a long way in saving your expense and making your nail decoration process simpler and easier than ever.

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Clean, healthy, and beautiful-looking nails are a major point of attraction for both men and women equally. There is literally no one who can say that they do not like caring for the nails. Well, why not? The nails deserve attention too. Gone are the days of expensive manicures when you can now simply relax at your own home and get things sorted in no time.

Yes, that exactly is the purpose of this blog post that ends right here. Not that you are well aware of the dos and don’ts, I am pretty sure, you are all geared up to try and test each of the enlisted methods. If that’s the case scenario, you have it here girl. You have all the probable tips and tricks to dry nail polish faster than usual. The days for your hassle end here and it is finally time to shine.

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