9 Natural Looking Makeup Tips For “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

It is half the fun when you really want to get that “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” kind of makeup look especially when you are stepping out of your house be it for your meeting or casual hangout. In general, what natural makeup should be like? Should it be minimal or easy to go with? Today, we are going to show you 9 easy natural-looking makeup tips that every girl should know.

Many of us usually when applying makeup for regular days find our foundation going cakey while the blushing and bronzing part applied excessively might make you look like a horrible clown. Play it, safe girls!

Natural Looking Makeup Tips

A no-makeup makeup look or to be precise a natural kind of looking makeup look is not ought to be noticeable. A simple approach to have a flawless natural makeup look is to focus on the main areas such as your skin, lips, and eyes and bring the subtle way out of it.

Saying this, we do not mean that you will need humongous products or must have that high to-do list for your step-by-step makeup.

Natural Looking Makeup Tips

We have piled up some amazing ideas to enhance your makeup skills and get you Beyoncé kind of look.

1. Know Your Skin Type

To get a flawless base, recognizing the type of skin is very crucial. Skin types can be categorized into oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. For a natural kind of makeup look, you will be wearing a lightweight foundation or even a concealer. You can then go with the appropriate cleanser and toner to clean up your face.

If your skin has acne issues, irritation, blemishes, or red spots, get a well-formulated hydrating product to soothe it.

2. Prep, Primer & Moisturizer

Before starting with any kind of makeup be it natural or party makeup, the very first and basic step is to prepare your skin to make a protective layer against the products. A proper hydrating moisturizer for any kind of skin and a protected layer of good primer helps not only to create a smooth boundary but also helps to provide an amazing flawless base.

Having an issue with open pores? No worries, there are plenty of options for primers that give you a minimized appearance of pores with smooth fine lines.

3. Weightless Foundation

To get that flawless natural makeup look, you can get your hands on a foundation that is formulated for every skin concern, seamless application and has weightless and imperceptible qualities.

We would recommend you to go for a liquid-based foundation as they give you a natural look when mixed with illuminating serums. The weightless formula of the foundation is crafted along to give you fresh and dewy results. Do not forget that the magic is in your foundation blending technique!

4. Conceal with Concealer

Not every skin is flawless, some have blemishes while some have freckles. You can go with such concealers which are formulated similarly to your easily blendable foundation. A matte concealer, when applied on a dewy look might make your makeup look cakey. For dark blemishes, you can go with color corrector first and then apply the concealer. Set it with translucent powder to avoid crease creation.

5. Bronzer or Blush On?

Now that you are done with your base and the foundation ritual, here comes the turn for adding some color to your cheeks. How about bronzer or blush? Well, you can go well with both the products but remember to use both in a minimal amount as you can.

Get a large fluffy brush out of your vanity and blend bronzer to your cheekbones in the upward direction. To keep a subtle look, keep the intensity of the color very less and natural.

6. Groom Your Brows

It is not that important to have a strong and sharp eyebrow structure, however, if you have very light and less volumed brows, you can go with brow filler. Blend very less amount of brow enhancers and shape well. To give a finishing kind of look, apply a little bit of concealer above and below the brows and blend it well.

7. Want Something Done with Your Eyes?

Girls! This is just optional if you want to have a thin layer of eyeliner. You can go with it too. You can slightly smudge a black eye pencil to your eyelid to give it a beautiful light smokey look. Or else you can simply go with a nude eyeshadow shade which hardly looks visible just to give a slight shade to your eyelids.

Curl up your lashes with an eye curler and apply a coat of mascara. Here you go! Your eyes are done and they look fab! If you prefer to make your lashes a bit volumized then you can add another coat of mascara to the upper and the lower lashes. For those divas who have small and hooded eyes, they can apply a nude eye pencil to make it look enhanced and bigger.

8. Avoid Flaky Lips

Having an issue with chapped lips? Pamper your lips by exfoliating the dead skin of the lips gently and then hydrating it with a good quality lip balm. Exfoliating lips really makes difference as it makes your lips look more natural, hydrated, and healthier.

You can get lip-plumping balm as well if you want to make it look plumped up. Now go with a nude shade lip gloss or lipstick of your choice. Prepping your lips before any lipstick or gloss is really very indispensable.

9. Get-Set-Go!

Finally, you have done your makeup job well and want your effort to last longer then set your makeup with a good setting and fixing spray.

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As we have provided you with all the tips and tricks to make you look like you, we bet you will do your natural makeup look perfectly. What better way can be to broaden your makeup skills for a flawless natural makeup look than the above-given natural-looking makeup tips. Get that confidence in your no-makeup makeup look and flaunt your flawless dewy face without those bold colors!

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