How To Remove Pimples Naturally at Home (4 Useful Tips)

“Women fear pimples more than ghosts in haunted houses and animals in jungles”.

Pimples are like scars on the moon. They are like a nightmare! It not only blocks and obstructs beauty but also creates low self-esteem among young girls. It’s a type of acne caused by blocked pores due to excessive production of oils and dead cells.

How To Remove Pimples Naturally at Home

Having pimples and acne actually indicate underlying health problems. They take a toll on one’s emotional health too. Rejections due to unclear faces develop into depression which leads to long-term serious health issues.

Causes of Pimple Eruptions

Pimples develop when sebaceous glands or oil glands become clogged and infected, leading to swollen red lesions filled with pus. They are also called zits. Pimples not only erupt on faces but also on the back, chest, and shoulders.

Sometimes, dead skin cells are not been able to shed. They remain in the pores and get stuck together causing a blockage. This results in an outburst in the form of pimples. This type of pimples are more likely occur to take place during puberty as the secretion of sebum in sebaceous glands is high during this time.

Sometimes pimples also takes place due to bacterial and yeast infections.

Effects of Pimples Upon Humans

Living with pimples can make one lose confidence. A young girl with pimples often tends to hide from others and become too much sensitive and self-conscious about her looks.

If one maintains proper skin hygiene, avoid heavy cheap makeup, and leads a healthy diet, then pimples can be avoided altogether.

Removing pigments and black spots caused by pimples has become very easier nowadays! Just a little patience and positivity are all needed to make the magic work.

Types of Pimples on Face

  1. Black heads: They are filled with excess oil and dead skin cells.
  2. White heads: When excess oil and dead skin cells prevent a hair follicle from opening then it turns white. Later it changes to black.
  3. Papules: When the wall surrounding the pimple breaks and there is an inflammation around it.

How To Remove Pimples Naturally at Home

It is important to be patient while treating pimples and acne cases. Nothing works overnight. While some cases improve immediately but to remove a pimple case forever, it takes several months.

But it’s worth waiting! Pimples and acnes affect 85% of people at some point in their lives. Conventional treatments in beauty salons and spas can be expensive and it leads to undesirable results like rashes, redness, irritations. So people are trying to procure a treatment in their own homes with natural ingredients. Here are some remedies that can produce the desired effect in the long run:

Mint paste

Mint Pest

Make a paste of :

  1. Mint leaves ( 5 to 8)
  2. Turmeric ( 1 tea spoon)
  3. Lemon( squeezed)
  4. Aloe vera ( 1 teaspoon)
  5. Some drops of rose water.
  6. Tea tree oil ( 3 to 4 drops)

and apply the paste on the face on every alternate day. Both the pimple and the marks would vanish!

Orange paste


Make a paste of :

  1. Orange peels
  2. Coconut oils

And apply it to your face every day. It will rejuvenate your skin and removes spots and blemishes.

Apple vinegar mask

Apple vinegar

Make a paste of:

  1. Apple cider vinegar ( 1 spoon)
  2. Add two spoons of honey.

And dab the affected areas with cotton. Apple cider has anti-bacterial properties that reduces the reddening of pimples.

Other Tips

  1. Wash your face two times a day or more with neem face wash and moisturize it to prevent entry of germs.
  2. Omega -3 fatty acids are healthy fats that offer enormous health benefits. Fish oils contain EPA and DHA omega -3 fatty acids that help in decreasing acnes. Regular intake of omega -3 tablets producing effective results.
  3. Exfoliate regularly by removing the top layer of dead cells by scrubbing. It reduces discoloration and appearances of scars.
  4. Honey cinnamon mask
    1. Mix two spoons of honey and 1 spoon of cinnamon and make a paste.
    2. Apply on your cleansed face and keep for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Rinse off. Your skin would feel fresh and beautiful.
  1. Apply green tea

Green tea is highly antioxidant and promotes good health. Multiple studies have shown it reduces the secretion of sebum and pimples.

Boil the leaves for 3-4 minutes. Allow tea to cool. Apply tea on your skin with a cotton ball and pat it dry.

  1. Apply witch hazel

These leaves are found in temperate forests and are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Apply one spoon of hazel bark in one cup of water and boil for 30 minutes. Apply on clean skin 1-2 times a day.

  1. Good diet

Follow a low glycemic diet ( fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains). It reduces sebum formation, as a result, no pimples.

Dos and Don’t’s

Pimples always show up at the wrong times when you are about to go to a party or wedding. It really is a nightmare, isn’t it? But with regular care, pimples wouldn’t be of your worries.

Do apply a paste made of crushed aspirin. it will help in reducing swelling and redness.Don’t over-dry the affected area. Don’t over-moisturize it either.
Do apply a mild toner for toning.Don’t wear make up for long hours.
Do your makeup with salicylic acid.Don’t use makeup with pore-clogging ingredients.
Do buy your beauty product in accordance with your skin.Don’t squeeze the pimples and release the pus.
Do maintain a proper diet chart.Don’t follow the DIY hacks or products shown on television blindly.
Do use zinc supplements.Don’t use strong cleanser and face wash.
Do think of long term preventions than temporary swaps.Don’t stress or become anxious. Relax!
Get enough snooze time.Don’t skip skin cleansing.
Do steam your skin and use fruit facial massage once a fortnight.Don’t get too much sun.
Do drink enough water.Don’t let your shampoo and hair conditioner fall on your face.
Do keep your hands off your face.Don’t eat fast foods or sugar and carbs.
Do eat vitamins and protein supplements.
Do practice good make up hygiene, by sanitizing the brushes and cotton balls.
Do keep patience. It will bear sweet fruits one day!


Do pimple marks go away generally?

-With each breakout, pimple tends to leave a reddish-brown mark behind. These marks generally go away within 3 to 4 months if the face is tended properly with mild face washes and masks. Marks usually heal faster if no pimple breaks out in the meantime. So to keep the face clean to eliminate all the previous spots, one has to work for it.

  • Avoid getting perked up and stress. Too much stress affects hormonal balance and cause pimples.
  • Eat a lot of vitamins specially A C D and E to revitalize the organs .
  • Use steam bath on your face regularly to soften the pores and reduce the spots.

Can toothpaste remove pimple marks?

  • Toothpastes generally contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These works great upon pimple reduction. Toothpaste has bleaching properties which squeeze out the excess oil from the pimple, leaving it dry and dead. But for removing marks, toothpastes aren’t the help you are looking for. For angry red zits, toothpastes work well. Some toothpastes commonly used for this purpose are:
  1. Colgate
  2. Pepsodent
  3. Logodent
  4. Other brands with low fluoride content and high salt content.

Does ice help in pimples?

  • Applying ice on a specific body part for health purpose is called “ cold therapy”. Ice eases pain and lessens swelling. Ice has capability to reduce inflammations. If the pimple is red with inflammation, by rubbing ice, the size gets reduced generally. Ice helps in reduction of redness and slowly the pimple vanish!
  • Ice facial treatments have shown comparatively positive results in treatment of marks and blemishes on skin. It reduces oiliness, soothes sunburns and pigmentations.
  • Ice massage should be performed in a circular motion everyday from jawline to forhead.
  • Ice can be mixed with Aloe vera for best results.

Is hot water good for pimples?

  • Drinking hot water is beneficial for health. It not only releases toxins but also helps in avoiding pimples. It burns off the excess fat from the body. Hot water can also be used on the face to clear it from pimples and acnes. By soaking a cloth into hot water and applying it upon the pimple prone area for 15 minutes every day for 4 to 5 days, would compress the pimple and helps it to release the pus. After releasing the pus, the pimple goes away. Hot water dries the skin and triggers excess oil secretions and loosen dirt in the pores.

Which cream is best for removing pimple marks?

  • Creams contain a lot of chemicals which not only damage the texture but also the softness. Some creams have bleaching properties which although visibly brightens the skin, but it can also result in severe complications like skin burns and allergies.
  • But there are some creams in the market which have shown optimistic results for treatments of pimples.
  1. Mederma skin care gel for acne scars. Its derma approved and known for its treatment of scar fading.
  2. Bio oil, it hydrates the skin and helps in removing facial spots.
  3. Bioderma sebium serum, a French-made product which helps in rejuvenating the skin’s texture and fade dark spots.
  • But there are some homemade pastes and products that one can use to remove pimple and acne marks. Instead of using chemical creams , one can use:-
  1. Tea tree oil
  2. Argan oil
  3. Vitamin E oils

They are known for their antibacterial activities and skin clearance.

How can I remove pimples at home?

  • Follow proper skin care products. Avoid unnecessary skin treatments. Do not go for lazer therapy. It causes skin cancer.
  • Use homemade products. It will not only clear your face but also give a shine and glow and will help in reducing ageing.
  • Massage your face daily with fruit pulps and vitamin oils. It will help in proper blood circulations.
  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. They will help in proper excretion. Drink lots of water to flush out intoxicants from body.
  • Wash your hair regularly. Dandruff or dirty hair can lead to oil accumulations and cause pimples.
  • Don’t pop pimples. Poping them will irritate the skin and spread the germs and cause more pimples.

How do I stop pimples from coming back?

Clean your face twice a day with a mild face wash which will help in removing dirt and pollutions. Do not use soaps and alcohol on your face. Follow a healthy diet.

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The face is often considered a reflection of one’s personality. It adds confidence and leaves a great impression on people. The skin is of the utmost importance when people judge someone as beautiful.

People spend millions of dollars to retain their beauty and prevent skin ageing. In our world beauty is one of its valuable assets. The best we can do is to protect our skin from sunburn and skin problems.

Clear skin shows our healthy and fit lifestyles. Just remain de-stress and focus on relaxation. The more anxious and worry you will, the more your skin will erupt pimples and acnes. So, simply drink a lot of water and remain calm!

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