7+ Reasons Why You Should Never Use Cheap Beauty Products?

It is no secret that we all love to pamper ourselves with a little bit of body butter or a sheet mask or even with some makeup. There are plenty of ways we can pamper ourselves with several beauty products.

But all beauty products are not the same. while there are some excellent products that make you feel good, give you silky smooth skin or shiny bouncy hair- there are also some products that can harm your skin without you even knowing it! And they are a total waste of your money as well.

Why You Should Never Use Cheap Beauty Products

So why does that happen? Why is that some beauty products are so expensive and some are too budget-friendly to be true! Well, there must be a reason of course! Let’s talk about why you should never use cheap beauty products before you spend your hard-earned money on some substandard faulty products.

Why You Should Never Use Cheap Beauty Products?

It’s true we all love to save some money because why not! But when it comes to beauty products we should consider the quality of the product rather than the quantity or price tag of it.

We should never go for a cheap product just to save some bucks. Using such products can do more harm than good. It is a known fact that some beauty companies intentionally sell their products at a low price just to grab your attention and make you buy it.

But it’s not only for the sake of your attention. The products are so cheap because they are made of poor quality harmful chemicals that are not only extremely low-cost but equally harmful to your skin.

Some products are made of such harsh chemicals that you can immediately notice it’s side effects. Your skin would probably turn red and you would feel it tingling or burning. Yes! a cheap beauty product can even burn off your skin and cause severe damage. So in case, you feel any burning sensation you should wash the product right away.

Some products may not react immediately but can cause you rashes, pimples, allergies and other skin irritations as you go on using it regularly. The third type of products are the worst! In the previous ones, you can at least figure out what’s wrong and stop buying or using that product.

But there are so many cheap products that do not show their side effects immediately or in a month or two. They damage your skin slowly over the years without you even realizing it. So you would never understand why your skin is becoming rough and problematic over a period of time. So next time you go shopping and grab a cheap beauty product, think twice before buying it.

Most of the cheap beauty products are made of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, talc, lead, SLS, PEG, alcohol, hydroquinone, synthetic colours, fragrance and the list goes on. Sulfates can irritate your skin and eyes. It can permanently clear off dye from your hair. they are also toxic for our environment.

Parabens are used as preservatives to keep skincare and makeup products fresh and germ-free. They are broadly used in deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos etc. They enter our skin and mimic estrogen and triggers excessive cell division that eventually leads to breast cancer!

On the other hand talc, majorly found in baby powders, eye shadows, blushes, is directly associated with ovarian cancer. When inhaled it can even cause lung tumors. There is no need to tell how harmful lead is for our body and skin.

Alcohol is very common in skincare products like creams and lotions. But drying alcohol in skincare can lead to dry and flaky skin. It disrupts the skin’s renewal process.

Hydroquinone is used for skin lightening and treating pigmentation related to acne scars. However, it is highly carcinogenic. It can reduce melanocytes to a great extent. Synthetic color and fragrance can cause acne breakouts, ADHD, respiratory disorder, skin allergies and even cancer.

The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) has provided specifications for beauty and cosmetics products in the Indian Standard (IS). “But if the raw materials need to be tested for heavy metals are evaluated in the early stages, then the manufacturer may not test the finished cosmetic for heavy metals and arsenic,” says Dr. Deepak Vohra, senior consultant, and Dermatologist, Fortis Hospital. (source)

A recent study shows that our skin can absorb up to 60 percent of the chemicals it comes in contact with through a product. Another study shows the increasing complaints made against beauty products in recent years more than ever before. Doesn’t that sound scary?!

They all claim to smooth your skin, supple your cheeks, nourish your hair-they know how to sell their products. But behind those overwhelming advertising and colorful packaging, they hide the truth.

It’s time we all became aware of those facts. Besides, some brands even sell expired beauty products at a very low price with a fake label. So you see, all the products that seem affordable are a curse in disguise. Next time you want to purchase a cheap beauty product make sure you read its label very carefully.

It is true we cannot afford high-end beauty products all the time, it is true a cheap product is more convenient for most of us. Nowadays we see beauty influencers using a ton of fancy products. Their elaborate skincare routines make us buy those products as well.

But not everyone can afford fancy products! So when we see a skincare product that looks great, says it does wonders, and costs quite low we are automatically triggered to buy that. But that should never come at a cost of our damaged skin and hair.

It’s not too late! We should become more cautious as customers. Those products may be good for your pocket but can take a toll on your skin, your health, and your overall well-being. And you obviously don’t deserve that!

your beauty is rare, your beauty is unique – your beauty defines only and only you. So don’t try to enhance your beauty with a cheap and harmful product. You are special, so pamper yourself with a special product that has safe ingredients and complements your beauty along with it.

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