Weight Gain Diet Plan For Female – Foods & Diet Chart

The primary focus for most women has been weight loss in the major parts of their respective lives. Just like the extra pounds in the body takes away all your attention, similar is the case with someone having a lean and skinny body type. It is not just body fat that is viewed as a problem today, a body that visibly looks poor can also get your self-confidence to go down with time.

Bodyweight and diet plans are the two sides of the same coin. It might go unnoticed at times, but a diet plan has a huge role to play in framing the structure of your body. You might think that a calorie deficit diet plan can cut down your weight. However, it is none other than a myth. On the contrary, women trying to eagerly gain weight rely on extra calorie thinking that would help them gain weight quickly. Well, that too is nothing but a myth prevailing in society.

Weight Gain Diet Plan For Female

Several factors have the potential to lead you to thinness. Mostly, women tend to inherit the syndrome from genetically related people. However, there is major disbelief in this regard that such a situation cannot be improved. But what if I tell you that there are numerous ways one can deal with it? Yes! You read that right, your diet plan is the most influential factor that can help you meet your goal over time.

Instead of relying solely on a calorie-rich diet, that can harm your body, one can opt for a proper meal with equal potions of all components needed for the body. Thus, that’s how we lead to this blog post today. All the readers out there, seeking a legit weight gain diet plan for female, you have it right here. Without further delay, let us directly get into resolving the problem at hand.

Some Must Have Foods For Weight Gain

Gaining weight is not something that can be achieved overnight. Having said that, it is not a one-size-fits-all formula that works for all women. Different women with different body types require different potions for weight gain. Thus, even before embarking on a weight gain journey, it is quintessential for you to understand your body and its needs.

After all, a diet plan is dependent on such factors taken into consideration. Even before we look into a properly formulated diet plan, let us take a look at several types of foods that works in your favor during the weight gain program. Let’s get started.

1. Nuts & Seeds

There are several benefits of incorporating nuts into one’s daily diet plan. Nuts comprise nearly about 200 kcal and thus can be a substitute for foods comprising dense calories. They also are rich in antioxidant properties alongside containing fiber, minerals, and healthy oils.

Besides, there are different variants of nuts and you are more likely to find the one that treats your taste buds. Talking about seeds, they are rich in fatty acids which too help in weight gain. Thus, chewing up on some sunflower seeds, flax seeds or pumpkin seeds would be a great thing to do.

2. Carbohydrates

Rice, potatoes, etc are direct forms of carbs that the body needs for weight gain. Incorporating foods that are rich in carbs can be of great help to the body for weight gain. Thus, for a proper weight gain diet plan for female, it is suggestive that a minimum of one serving a day comprises rich carbohydrate content.

3. Healthy Oils

Incorporating healthy oils can help accelerate calorie intake and thus would end up adding weight to one’s body. Olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, and coconut oil are examples of some enriching healthy oils that deserve a place in your weight gain diet plan. Such oils work in favor of the body’s wellbeing alongside helping it gain weight.

4. Nutrient-rich Foods

Foods that are rich in nutrients help in weight gain that too in a much healthier way. Some examples of such foods would be wholegrain slices of bread, pasta, cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and lean proteins. These woods are stomach filling and are also good for the body. Incorporating such foods will enable a great experience of gaining weight over time.

Healthy Weight Gain Diet Chart For Female (Generic)

The weight gain process can be both healthy and unhealthy. Ultimately, it is a personal preference to go the healthy way or go for junk storage into the body. It is the right number of calories, carbs, proteins, etc that makes up the whole healthy procedure.

We are mostly equipped with the knowledge of what food is good for the body and what is not. However, when it comes down to planning a sorted diet with equal proportions of all necessities, you might just go hay where. Thus, here I have a list for you to take recourse to:

  • Morning: 1 glass water with honey + 5-6 (dry raisins) + 3-4 almonds
  • Breakfast: 1 cup tea / milk / coffee + poha / upma / idli / dosa / uttapam
  • Mid-morning: 1 fruit / 1 glass of juice (carrot & beetroot) / carrot + apple + beetroot
  • Lunch: 2 wheat rotis + vegetable + curd + rice + dal + sweet/dessert
  • Evening time snack: 1 cup tea / milk / coffee + biscuits / roasted chana / peanuts / cheese sandwich
  • For Dinner: 2 wheat rotis + vegetable + curd + rice + dal + sweet/dessert

With this generic list of diet plan, one can easily embark on a weight gain diet plan. Besides, it is ideally suited to go for a customised diet plan based on the governing factors.

Guide To Planning A Healthy Meal For Weight Gain

Planning a meal in itself is a tedious task, especially when you happen to be concerned with weight gain. For a woman, taking a note of the body type is the first process to initiate before embarking on a weight gain journey. For an ectomorph, keeping a check on calorie consumption is the key. Similarly, the requirements differ for diverse body types.

Ectomorph meal plan: for an ectomorph, simple carbs and sugary dishes are only to overlook. Carbs that are rich in fiber and are sourced from whole foods work best for women with this body type. Besides, for a meal plan, alongside carbs, it is advisable to go for a natural source of proteins such as chicken, fish, etc to ace the weight gain journey.

Not to forget, adequate fruits and vegetables have an equally important role to play. Calorie-dense natural sources such as avocados, beans, sweet potatoes are a great fit for the ectomorph body type.

Mesomorph meal plan: for mesomorphs, portions of nutrients in each meal are a great consideration, to begin with. Such body type is in general requirement of carb-dense foods, protein-rich foods, veggies, and fat-dense foods. Saturated fats are harmful to mesomorph body type females. Proteins that are high in such saturated fat content are a no-no for such women. Protein such as eggs, chicken, salmon, fish, and lean beef is a great fit to opt for. For carbs too, relying on healthy sources is a must. Whole wheat bread, squash, brown rice, etc can be your pick for every meal a mesomorph undertakes.

Endomorph meal plan: watching what you eat is the key to achieving the desired goal of the body. Endomorphs are usually known to suffer from issues such as weight gain or even weight loss. Such a body type is usually difficult to deal with and brings changes to. However, it might be a difficult job, but in no way is it impossible to achieve.

For an endomorph, incorporating protein in each diet can make you feel fuller for a longer period and prevent cravings. One can pick proteins such as beans, fish, eggs, etc. For carbs, endomorphs require carbs that are rich in fiber such as whole grains, spinach, kale, etc. On the contrary, living on healthy oils is a great choice for such body types.

High-Intensity Training As Part Of Weight Gain Program

Is it the diet that is enough for healthy weight gain? Well, the answer to that would simply be a big ‘no’. A diet plan alone has no role to play in weight gain. Moreover, it might take you years to achieve your desired body shape and size. That is where the role of strength training comes into action. Strength training speeds the whole process and makes your muscles strong.

Muscles have quite some important roles to play in weight gain. Lean muscles in the body turn out to be strong and active with strength training. Focusing on the muscles that form part of large groups would be an ideal thing to do. For example, calves, shoulders, arms, hamstrings are some of the parts that require intense training for their development. Besides, incorporating some cardio can help work on the overall health and well-being of the body.

Some exercises that can help improve muscle mass are as follows:

  • Squats: squats help to focus on the lower body and make the muscles strong. If you are concerned with your glutes, hamstrings, abdominal muscles, etc, this would be the best practice for you to undertake.
  • Bench press: with bench press exercises, you can easily focus on the chest muscles. Such an exercise creates tension in the specific area and is a great way to evolve oneself in terms of weight gain.
  • Deadlifts: Deadlifts is one of the intense strength training exercises that help build muscles of the forearms, lower back, and legs. Continuous practice of involving in deadlifts can bring about drastic results.
  • Lunges: the muscles of the quadriceps and glutes can be improved by engaging in lunges as a mode of strength training.

A female body can easily adapt to these strength-training activities and alongside a proper meal plan, the situation is all win-win at your end.

Some Tips And Tricks To Follow For Better Implementation

Most of us rely on the myths prevailing in society and thus end up ignoring the right requirements that the body demands. Similar is the case with women who think that for weight gain, living on a filled stomach is important. Well, it is on you to decide whether you are going to go right away or just do it clumsily. Thus, here are a few tips and tricks that just cannot be avoided while counting on your weight gain journey:

1. Frequent Eating Habits

Most of the readers out there might not be aware but, that’s how the body functions. Frequent eating habit has a long way to go in degerming the needs of the body. Just a proper diet plan is not enough, simultaneously, one also needs to ensure that the food is eaten at the right time. Also, skipping meals, is not at all suggestive, instead, it will only keep you starving and interfere with your muscle mass. Besides, overeating is in no way a solution to gaining weight, thus, do not go about overeating frequently.

2. Post-workout Energizing Food

A snack or something post-workout is a great way to treat the body right. One can opt for a healthy sandwich or heavy smoothie that perfectly acts as an energizing agent to the body. Munching on calorie-rich items will be of no use in this regard. Besides, a post-workout snack is important to provide adequate energy that the body needs. Most people might not feel this step to be an important one, but, with this tip, your weight gain program is only going to accelerate for good.

3. Following a Weekly Diet Plan

Following the same diet for weeks together can seem to you as boring. However, it is not at the cost of the results you would witness if a proper diet is followed. A diet plan with all essential nutrients in it, if followed constantly would be the ideal thing to do if weight gain is your goal. Also, keeping the potion the same, you can try out new recipes available on the net for your reference. A constant diet and some exercises are all you need to win over all your bodily insecurities.

4. Record Progress

Weight gain or weight loss, both have a direct impact on the receiver’s midframe. Thus, as a matter of suggestion, recording one’s progress at regular intervals can be a highly motivating factor. Though this trick remains underrated, it has proven to work for many women out there seeking for same results. However, consistency is the key and nothing can fail it. If you require some motivation, this is one such step that you can follow to get yourself going with the struggle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that most of the blog post has been covered, the readers might have certain relevant questions hovering in their minds. Here is a list of few commonly asked questions that most people might be facing at the moment.

Does the quantity of food determine weight gain?

Be it weight loss or weight gain, the quantity of food you intake is always an influential factor. One might think that for weight gain, more food is what you need to live on. But that is just not the right thing to do. Instead, it is suggestive to rely on a small portion of all types of nutrients.

Which is the best way to gain weight?

There is nothing best as such that applies to all individuals. Instead, it is important to understand one’s body type and then look forward to a weight gain program. However, both exercise and diet have equal roles to play.

Are Dietary Supplements Helpful For Weight Gain?

There are several dietary supplements available in the market that claims to help in weight gain for females specifically. However, there are several questions raised on their utility. Hence, it is better to go for the natural way and get your goals addressed.


Women have their minds baffled with questions when it comes down to weight gain. However, it is often said that if you have the will, you are most likely to find yourself a way out. For a weight gain diet plan, you would come across several references on the net.

However, it is on you to decide what works for you best. There is no universal application of any particular weight gain diet plan for female. It is only after you test a particular method for yourself, conclusions can be reached.

Having said that, we have come to a whole lot of controversial discussions on weight gain diet plans and different foods that contribute towards the purpose. Without proper information, the whole journey would be not just incomplete but filled with wrong methods.

Knowing the right thing to opt for is the key. Even when it is about weight gain, discovering every probable aspect is something that can lead you to your journey. Hence, what else are you waiting for? Get started right away and gain some healthy weight.

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