How To Remove Tan From Face And Neck [12 Easy & Effective Ways]

From wearing bikinis, short dresses to floral dresses worn no beaches during a sunny day, everyone loves the cool breezes of the summer except the suntan that goes beyond its stubbornness. Some desire a slightly tanned skin which is believed to be attractive however extreme suntan is not one desire.

How To Remove Tan From Face And Neck

Exposure to the sun causes suntan however the most crucial thing not to avoid is the consequences that come from sun exposure. Harmful and longtime exposure can cause hyperpigmentation as well as dark spots to your skin which also destroys your moisture content of your face making your skin dead.

Here is a quick look for you on how to remove tan from face and skin without hustling and in no time.

How To Remove Tan From Face And Neck

The below-mentioned remedies won’t only help you to remove your tan but also will nourish and nurture your skin making it smooth and flawless.



The presence of natural ingredients such as antioxidant makes it one of the best remedies to lighten your dark spot and tanned area from your skin. The phytochemicals can fight the damage that is due to the rays of Ultra-Violet. The bleaching property is the best thing in tomato that makes it one of the best ingredients to fight brightening your tanned skin.

You can cut a slice of tomato and apply it over your skin and leave it for a few minutes until it dries. After the tomato juice dries, rinse your face and neck with cool water. Do this three times a week.

You can also use tomatoes with yogurt. Take a tablespoon of yogurt and mix it with a tablespoon of juice extracted from tomato. You can now apply the mixture to your affected area. Let it dry and wash you are with cool water.

Apart from this, you can also use tomato with rice flour. Take 1 tomato and make juice out of it. Mix it with a tablespoon of rice flour. Now you can apply this paste on the tanned area and wash it away after it dries.

The tomato mixtures smoothen your skin as well as moisturizes it.


Lemone paste

If you are bothered about how to remove tan from your face and neck then another amazing remedy can be the mixture of lemon juice and honey. Lemon has bleaching property that helps in lightening your tanned areas. The mild cleanser in honey works best for your tanned skin too.

Take a lemon and squeeze lemon juice out of it. Now add some honey and make a smooth paste. You can apply this mixture all over your skin including your face and neck. Leave for at least 30 minutes and wash with a mild cleanser.

If you have oily skin then try to leave honey for only 15 minutes on your skin. You can apply the only lemon without honey in case of oily skin with tanned areas.


Benefits of Aloe Vera For Hair

Ever wondered how can you remove tan from the face and neck with the help of aloe vera gel? Aloe Vera gel is one of the best remedies for working with tanned areas as it can lighten the skin effectively. The property of antibacterial, hydration, and anti-inflammation present in aloe vera soothes the skin and acts as an element to remove your suntan.

You can get a slice of fresh aloe vera leaf and use the get extracted from it. Massage gently all over your face and neck and let it dry.

You can also use red lentil with it exfoliate the skin cells, tighten the pores, and remove the tan. Use soaked red lentil made a paste, add some aloe vera gel and apply on your affected areas. You can gently scrub and leave for 30 minutes and then wash away.



The amino acids present in oats can help to remove the marks of tan and also some dark spots and discoloration of your face and neck caused by exposure to the sun.

You can make a quick face pack out of oats which is rich in Vitamin E giving you glowing and dewy skin as result. If you are wondering how to remove tan from the face and skin with oats mask then here is a quick recipe for your oats pack.

You can take a tablespoon of oatmeal and mix it in cold milk or warm water so that you can make paste easily. After you are done with making the paste, you can softly and gently scrub over your neck and face.

It also removes the dead skin and stimulates the blood circulation on your face.



You might be surprised and question at the same time on Afterall how to remove tan from face and neck with the help of potatoes. The enzyme called catecholate present in potato juice makes it easy to lighten the skin discoloration caused by sun tanning. Also, the bleaching feature present in potatoes makes it one of its kind to reduce melanin production.

You can get a slice of potato and directly rub it on your skin and also keep it on your eyes. After 15 minutes you can rinse off the applied juice of potato from the slice. Another effective remedy for removing tan can be the potato paired up with lemon juice.

You can mix the potato juice and the lemon juice. Apply it to your face and neck and let it dry for at least half an hour. Rinse with cool water. You will see an effective result after a few results.


Coconut milk

The hydrating property of coconut milk helps in removing tan from your skin. The vitamin C and mild acid in the skin can remove the tanned area very nicely.

You can take a cotton ball and soak it in organic coconut milk. Dab it all over your face and leave it until it dries. You can wash it off with a cleanser if you have the milder one. You can also add a pinch of turmeric and lemon juice to the coconut milk which can be more effective for your tanned face and neck.



Sandalwood is considered an Ayurvedic material and has an anti-tanning property for your skincare routine. You can remove blemishes, tanned areas, and skin darkening from sandalwood which is rich in antiseptic properties.

If you are considering how to remove tan from face and neck with sandalwood then you can use rosewater. You can mix 2 tablespoons of sandalwood with drops of rose water. For dry skin type, you can add drops of sandalwood oil.

Apply the paste on your face and leave it until it dries. You can rinse your face with lukewarm water. Apart from the use of rose water, you can also use coconut water with sandalwood. Mix both the ingredients and make a fine paste. Apply it until it dries and rinses your face and neck with cool water.



Did you know that strawberries are rich in antioxidants? If you are oily skin then they can bring wonders. Vitamin c and alpha-hydroxy acids present in strawberries can remove sebum from your skin very easily. They can even the color of your skin. Milk on the other hand has natural sunscreen in it.

You can take some ripe strawberries. Mash or make a paste out of strawberries and add some milk to it. Make a smooth paste and apply it to your face and neck. Leave for at least 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.


Multani Mitti

Rosewater cools down your skin while on the other hand Multani mitti also called Fuller’s Earth soothes the sunburn removing the tan and making it more radiant. You can mix the rose water and Multani mitti.

Make a smooth paste out of it. Apply a layer of paste on the tanned areas. When the paste dries, wash off with water or cleanser of your choice. Make sure your cleanser is not harsh. You can also add turmeric, tomato juice, lemon juice, honey, or milk with the rose water and Multani mitti to get a quick and effective result.



The vitamin c present in orange can make the appearance of your skin fresher and more rejuvenated. The peels of oranges have hesperidin that helps in improving the depigmentation issues of your skin.

Mix a tablespoon of honey, orange peel powder, and one-fourth tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix it well until you get a fine paste. Apply all over your face and neck and let it dry for at least 10 minutes. Rinse with water. You can do this twice a week for few months to get an effective and quick result.



We all know that cucumber contains almost more than half the amount of water which can be best for protecting skin and providing hydration. The cucumber is rich in Vitamin A and also improves the growth of cells.

You can grate some cucumber and extract the juice from it. Apply the cucumber juice all over the face and neck. After 15 minutes, wash your face. You can also use potato juice with the cucumber juice to lighter the tanned area more effectively.

Apart from this, you can make a mixture of milk powder and cucumber, or mint juice with cucumber.



The exfoliating property of curd makes it an ideal choice to cleanse your skin and reduce the tan caused by sun exposure. The antioxidant in honey can improve the skin damage caused by UV rays. You can mix honey and curd to form a fine and smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and neck and let it dry for 15 days. Rinse with cool or warm water.

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Can I remove my tan very quickly?

You can not immediately remove the tan from your skin. Every good thing takes time likewise removal of tan from any remedy might take 3-4 weeks.

Can I remove my tanning of hands as well with the remedies?

Yes, you can use the given remedies to remove your tanning from your hands and legs.

Can I use milk for acne-prone areas as well?

Yes, you can use, however, to apply milk for fewer minutes in comparison to dry skin.

Is sun tan permanent?

Suntan is not permanent and fades away with time. Your skin will regain color after some time. You can apply some of the above-mentioned packs to remove your tanned area quickly.

What ingredients should I consider while purchasing creams to remove tanning?

A good anti-tanning cream can be best to protect your skin from sunburn. Try considering SPF 30 for Indian skin for summers. Watch out for octinoxate, oxybenzone, and retinyl palmitate which can be harmful to your skin causing allergic reactions.

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