6 Tips to Look Elegant in Saree: List Of Updated Tips for 2021

A saree as we all know is nine yards of sheer grace and elegance. However, pulling off a saree look isn’t as easy as one might perceive it to be. Indian culture and sarees go hand-in-hand owing to the versatility of the apparel. No matter where you look, a saree is a perfect fit for almost every occasion you can name.

From celebrities to women from various parts of the world, flaunting a saree look is something all women early look for. Though they are the most traditional piece of apparel for women in India, the present scenario speaks differently. Today, the worldwide reach of this never-ending piece of apparel is sought after by women globally.

The appealing factor about the apparel is its capability to evolve with time. There is no chance that a saree would ever run out of fashion. With time, patterns, design, materials, and other factors kept changing as per the trend of the moment. This is one reason that no matter what, every woman is ought to adorn their wardrobes with a saree.

Tips To Look Elegant In Saree

Talking about carrying a saree look, it can both be a disaster as well as a head-turning moment for you when dressed in a saree. Yes! You read that right. There are a set of several governing factors that can help you ace your attire. Well, with this concern at hand, we have come up with this blog post today to curate to the needs of all the readers out there.

If your thought is particularly directed towards how to look attractive in saree, you are here just at the right place. This blog is directed towards bringing out the best tips to look elegant in saree. Without wasting even, a bit of time, let us get right into the concern at hand.

Tips To Look Elegant In Saree

Wearing a saree in itself involves class and elegance. However, there is one drawback with the apparel, if it is not adorned in the right way, it might tend to lead you to a disaster. Well, there are a few tips that can enhance your look in no time. An extra bit of elegance is not a bad idea to achieve. Thus, here are a few tips to ace a saree look with full elegance. Let us take a look:

1. Choosing the Right Fabric is the Key

The variety of materials that contribute to saree making is innumerable. From silk to cotton, satin, chiffon, and many more to name. However, each material of saree has a distinctive feature to contribute. For example, the material cotton is such that can be a great fit for any occasional apparel as it necessitates high maintenance.

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On the contrary, silk-based fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, etc. can be your preference for a party occasion or even for regular wear. Choosing the right material to suit the occasion you are looking forward to is the key to ace a saree look in full elegance.

2. Dress to Impress with the Perfect Color

Just the right material/fabric is not going to lead you anywhere. Now whether you would pick a single shade or a mix of several is your call. However, saree often come in all colors and shades that one can practically think of. Saree with soft and subtle colors are apt for small religious rituals or so.

Whereas, on the other hand, vibrant colors are preferably suited for a wedding purpose where you need your presence as a guest. Adoring a saree in the color that compliments the occasion is perhaps going to fetch you the best looks in an Indian traditional outfit.

3. Right Blouse to Suit the Saree

Different patterns of blouses are at any time trending in the market. The trend of heavy and dramatic blouses is a great addition as it can instantly elevate your look in a saree. A complimenting blouse has the full capacity to make you look majestic and elegant in no time.

Be it in terms of patterns, shades, colors, etc. an ideal fit of blouse is a must need to adorn oneself with a saree. Most women these days prefer a heavy contrasting blouse with a subtle saree and such a trend has met saree goals for many.

4. The Right Drape is a Key Essential for Elegance

No other apparel offers you an opportunity to wear it in innumerable styles. But a saree is one that can meet your drape needs in any situation. In actual practice, a particular saree can be worn several times in several ways and yet give you a different outcome. Isn’t the thought in itself fascinating?

Well, if the drape is good, you have it all. Some of the drape types include Butterfly, Front Pallu, Lehenga Style and there are several others too. However, proper assimilation of the pallu and securing them with pins is an essential step in this regard.

5. Accessorize Just as Much as Needed

Over accessorizing or under accessorizing can either make or break your entire look. A saree look can never be complete without suitable accessories. Junk jewelry is a major trend at the moment and tends to add to a bold look with just the jewelry added.

A beautiful neckpiece or earrings or even a mang tika is enough to complete the look. You can either pick any one accessory type or go about with all. However, remember to restrain from overdoing the accessory part of your saree look. With a piece of jewelry, you are all good to go about flaunting your look.

6. Not to Forget a Pair of Heels

Saree is versatile as we already know, but it is a fact that a taller look would just add to the elegance that saree has to offer. Pairing your saree look with a pair of heels will bring to you a different added touch of elegance almost immediately. Without you even realizing it, the visible upliftment would be to a great extent.

That is what a simple heel has to do with your whole saree look. Carrying a saree elegantly involves a lot of factors and heels just add to it in no time. Thus, if you are on the lookout for the ideal saree look, do not miss out on adding a pair of heels along with your most desired Indian outfit.

Tips And Tricks To Ace Saree Look Elegantly

If dressed just the right way, wearing a saree can give you the best joy of your life. However, the hassle behind the question of how to look attractive in saree is a real struggle for most of the women out there reading this piece at the moment.

Nevertheless, besides choosing the right color, fabric, or drape style, there are other considerations that can provide legit answers to your aforementioned question. Thus, here are a few tips and tricks to enable you the joy wearing a saree that depicts true pride and magneticity. Let us get started:

  • Pleats of a saree are one unique feature that can build or dismantle the whole look. Without proper pleats in place, the elegance factor goes missing. One might be aware of different ways of wearing a saree, but, if the pleats are not in order, the whole look goes in vain.
  • Securing the saree at the right places is another important factor that mostly stands overlooked. Draping a saree is way easier than carrying it for hours together. The nine yards piece of apparel is quite difficult to deal with. If not pinned rightly, it tends to lose its grace with time as you wear it throughout the day.
  • Minimal makeup is another crucial factor that you just cannot miss out on. However, it is mostly dependent on the occasion you wish to address. In general, a minimal makeup saree look is not potentially going to go wrong in all possibilities.
  • Last but not the least, it is important to choose the right saree patterns to bring about an elegant look. The tip mostly remains underrated but, picking the right pattern has a lot to do with the overall look you witness. Thus, you need to know what pattern suits your body type best.

These are just a few tips enlisted for those with the perception that wearing a saree is only filled with a hassle journey. Instead, the fact is, you can look all beautiful and elegant with just minimal dressing in traditional wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

While reading through the blog post, I am pretty sure that the readers would be wondering about several questions that they have no answers to. But here I am to cover under the subhead a few lists of basic questions along with legit answers for the same. Hang around till you have your questions answered.

Can I wear a saree only on specific occasions?

Indian woman knows the true utility and relevance of a saree. From regular office goers to adorning a saree as a show stopper at a renowned fashion show, a saree is a perfect fit for all purposes. The way of styling the apparel might differ, but, when it comes down to suit any occasion, it will not fail you in any way.

How to put on a saree?

Putting on a saree might apparently seem as difficult as cutting a rock. But the truth speaks a different story. Once you know of the simple drapes, you are all good to go about flaunting the elegant piece. all you need is a good piece of a blouse and a petticoat underneath and you are all good to go about with any drape of your choice.

How to look tall in a saree?

While wearing a saree, you have a wide range of different sets of tricks that can add to your specific requirement. Similar is the case if you wish to look tall in a saree. The easiest trick is to go for a long-sleeved blouse and striped patterns. These in themselves can make you look tall in no time.

Can I wear sarees in the summer season?

There is no specific season and time suitable for wearing a saree. You can choose to wear it at any point in time, for any event and there is no bar. However, choosing the material of saree to be born at a particular season is important owing to the comfort factor. For example, for summers, either cotton or soft chiffon would be a great pick.

Can I feel confident wearing a saree?

Women from all across the globe cherish this particular piece of apparel. However, there is no reason why one would be feeling underconfident or underrated in a saree. If adorned and carried the right way, you are sure to get millions of heads turning towards you.


A saree is not going to fail you as an ethnic piece of apparel. No matter where you go if you do not know what outfit to pick, a saree can be an ideal pick blindfolded. There is no scope for a second thought on how it would complement your look at the event at hand. Any occasion you call for, a saree can be an ideal fit for the purpose.

From Bollywood stars on screens to other celebrated women, you are most likely to find a reason why the saree has been a preference for ages. A piece of apparel with nine yards of material is something that can add to a woman’s existing beauty. All you need is the right way to know how to flaunt your adorned piece.

Now that I have a list of tips to look elegant in a saree, you can go forward and get yourself the joy of flaunting your ideal saree look. With a few suggestions and tricks at hand, nothing can stop you from feeling confident and elegant in a saree look. What else are you awaiting? Plan out your look in your favorite saree right away.

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