11 Basic Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Have in 2021

What are fashion accessories? Does one really need them to look beautiful? Do you ask yourself these types of questions when in a shopping mall you see a mannequin wearing a beautiful neckpiece with a beautiful dress?

Oh, darling! You don’t need to hesitate. I can understand your dilemma and confusion. First of all, get a clear understanding of what a fashion accessory is. It is actually a complimentary item that you carry or wear other than your outfit.

Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Have

For example, you can say bags, shoes, jewelry all are fashion accessories. A fashion accessory completes your look. Certainly, a beautiful outfit is not enough to give you a finished, accomplished look. You need more. Accessories fill that gap. It enhances your look by adding extra charm and exoticism.

Now the question that eventually comes is what kind of accessories do you need to collect? Definitely, you cannot hoard all of these that are available in the market (though you wish you could!).

Sadly, your budget may not allow that. Hence you have to collect the most essential ones. So without any further delay let’s move forward and see the basic accessories every woman should have:

Basic Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Have

These are the 11 basic fashion accessories that every woman must own:

1. A gorgeous handbag

woman with handbag

We girls always need to carry a handbag. Otherwise, how can we carry our entire world? Certainly, we have to keep makeup box, mirror, water bottle, handkerchief, napkins and god knows what not! A handbag is not only a useful item for carrying our necessary things but it is also one of the must-have accessories for women.

A beautiful handbag helps to add a finishing touch in your overall look. There are multiple varieties available in the market. If you always prefer utility and want to walk freely then a crossbody bag can exactly meet your demands. These are ageless and can give dynamism to your personality.

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But if you need a roomy handbag to carry all the necessary things then what can be better than a classic tote bag? To get a bossy look, choose a black leather tote bag. Wait! Are you in search of a bold, Let me guess urban look? Then don’t miss belt bags or bum bags.

This cool bag will definitely give you that cool urban look! Choose a black, tan or nude colored one to carry it easily with any outfit. For a delicate, posh look you can opt for a top-handle bag that can give an embellished aura.

Except these, you can also go for a traditional shoulder bag which is generally the savior of every girl who is always in a hurry! Now, do you want a chic look that is appropriate for your college or university? Then a backpack will be the most suitable option for you.

So don’t wait, choose a gorgeous handbag based on your necessity and taste.

2. A magnificent clutch

clutch bag

These extremely stylish bags are one of the most essential accessories for women. If you don’t want to carry a heavy shoulder bag, clutch bags are appropriate for you.

These are versatile, unique and can be easily matched with any kind of outfit. As there are countless designs you can choose whatever goes with your taste and personality. The pouch bags can give you a cool informal look.

If you want an embellished one then a minaudière will be a great choice for you. Other than these there are box clutches, bracelet clutches, wristlets, envelope clutches, kiss lock clutches, pochettes, and many more.

Decide what dress you are going to wear and choose a clutch accordingly. If you get confused then you can ask your friend for her opinion.

3. Black stilettos


Let me guess; you don’t want to invest in an array of footwear for different clothes. Instead, you want one or two. But is that possible because each outfit is different and definitely they can’t be worn in the same way? Hey, don’t freak out. You have a solution there. Just grab a black stiletto and pair that with any outfit you want. And trust me you cannot go wrong with a timeless black stiletto.

A black stiletto is a symbol of royalty. No wonder after wearing it you will look charming and magnificent. If your wardrobe has this must-have fashion accessory, always be ready to look elegant and classy. And the best part is that you can style it in myriad ways.

You can wear it with your festive salwar suits. It will also perfectly match with your ethnic dressing gown, you can rely on it while wearing a floral print dress, and even you can wear it in your office. Being a minimalist lover, if you are searching for basic fashion items and accessories, you should definitely go for a black stiletto.

4. A pair of white sneakers

white sneakers

While choosing footwear is comfort the first thing that comes into your mind? Then look nowhere, sneakers are your thing. It is the best amalgamation of style and comfort. The relaxed, cool feeling you always strive to achieve can be imparted only by a pair of sneakers and a must-have in girls’ accessories list.

A pair of white sneakers are super cute and can be worn with almost anything. For a comfy, urban look pair white sneakers with cuffed denim jeans and a cool t-shirt. To get a polished, delicate look team a black midi dress with white sneakers.

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For extra charm, add an oversized sunglass. To get a refreshing look, combine a floral printed maxi dress with adorable white sneakers. You will look endearing as well as modish. Wanna an ultra-modern chic look? No worries! You can get that too with a pair of white sneakers.

Pick one vintage T-shirt and denim shorts; combine those with your classic white sneakers. Your look is ready. To get a serene soothing look, combine a white dress with white sneakers, add a white sling bag too! This complete white look will make your appearance mesmerizing.

Then never limit your white sneakers only for the gym, pair this with other outfits, and get ready to be amazed.

5. Cozy flip flop

flip flop

Yes girl! You have heard it right, it’s flip-flops. But who wears a flip-flop while going outside? Yes, I know that flip-flops are far behind when the point comes to style and fashion. This cozy footwear is not only extremely useful for indoors but it can also give you a cool carefree look.

Always go for a black or skin-tone flip flops. But leather flip flops are also great for a stylish and comfortable look. While wearing a flip flop try to maintain a monochrome outfit or simple so that your flip flop gets matched with it.

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Add other accessories on the upper parts of your body such as bag, earrings, necklace etc. Long flared pants work great with flip-flops, but skinny jeans or shorts also look good with it. For a more elegant look wear your summer dress and add flip-flops with a kitten heel. Besides these for an edgy look, you can go for a white linen pantsuit and combine that with a black flip-flop.

Therefore, forget the age-old notion that flip-flops are only for indoors. For its versatile use, it should definitely be included in the ladies’ accessories list.

6. A pair of trendy Sunglasses


This is one of the most popular fashion accessories for teenage girls. And thousands of reasons are there to justify why these are so popular. These are wonderful items to give you an instantly attractive look.

It is mandatory to wear sunglasses while you are out in an extremely sunny and scorching day. It protects your eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause cataracts. It also acts as a protecting guard against “blue light” that is responsible for macular degeneration. So these are the benefits of wearing sunglasses.

But the most appealing part is that it can transform your facial frame in an instant. Suppose you have not got enough sleep for a late-night movie and on the next day you have a beach party with your friends! Consequently, you desperately try to hide your tired eyes.

In such cases wear oversized sunglasses and ta-da. You are there with all your glamour and charm! Almost each and every girl looks stunning in sunglasses. There are so many varieties of sunglasses that you’ll definitely find your favorite one.

Generally, the wayfarers are the classic one, square frames add an extra sharpness, aviators are the giver of a bold look and if you want to spend a long time in the sun, shield sunglasses are the best. So wear this bold fashion accessory for ladies and make your appearance spectacular.

7. An elegant wristwatch

Tommy Hilfiger women watches

Nowadays we usually don’t carry a wristwatch as we have our mobile phones in our hands 24/7 to watch time. But honey, a wristwatch is not only for a utilitarian aspect, but it can also give you a put together look.

To get a professional look, add a watch with your formal wear. A wristwatch with thin leather or blackstrap will complement your formal look more than ever. Again, if you are a monochrome lover, an elegant watch can make your look more polished and dignified.

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If your wrist is small then go for a small watch diameter but if your wrist is larger or average then a watch of larger diameter will enhance your look!

So while stepping out don’t forget your unique timepiece, an essential accessory every woman needs.

8. A belt

Women belts

A belt is that accessory what every girl needs to stay updated with the latest fashion trend. A belt can shape your whole body as it can create an illusion of a smaller waist. It proffers carves to your body and structure to your outfit.

To get a body-flattering look you can add a soft fabric belt over a long flowing dress. It will enhance your look. If you are wearing a large print pattern, add a dark-colored belt to break up the chain and to add a little spice!

Then find the right belt, wear it and you are ready to rock the world.

9. A marvelous necklace


A necklace is one of the most top-selling women accessories. Its main purpose is to decorate your look. But while picking one just keep some points in your mind.

If you are wearing a V-neck, try to pair that with a pendent style necklace to get a dignified soothing look. You can also try layering to get an elongated look. While wearing a neckpiece the best motto is “less is more”. Hence try to go for a simple one instead of a huge, heavy one.

For rounded necklines or crewnecks, you can opt for a short, chunky necklace. There is no fixed rule to choose a necklace for your outfit. You can wear whatever you like. But don’t go overboard by layering dozens of necklaces around your neck.

10. A pair of earring


Earrings are beautiful, exotic, and thrilling. A pair of earrings can change your look within a blink of an eye. These are one of the best accessories for women.

Earrings give prominence to your face. It completes your look by accentuating your facial features. But while choosing an earring remember where you are going. If you are going to office then a simple light one will be perfect.

But if you are dressing up for a festival or a wedding, what can be better than a pair of bold earrings? Bold earrings make your look stunning and gorgeous. A pair of alluring chandelier earrings can give you a luminous look as it beautifully reflects the light. But if want to create magic, go for a chandbaali. It will indubitably make you majestic and spectacular.

11. A beautiful scarf


A scarf is the staple food of a woman’s wardrobe. This must-have accessory can work wonder to transform your appearance.

To gain an effortless, elegant look, nothing can beat a scarf. It gives a unique finishing touch to your outfit. There are plenty of scarves out there and they can be worn in versatile ways. So if you are getting bored, try different beautiful scarves to get a more refreshing look.

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Usually cotton and linen scarves are meant for summer days. But cashmere, alpaca, pashmina scarves provide you the warmth which is comfortable in winter days.

Hence buy a scarf based on your demand and taste, wrap it around your neck and voila. You are as beautiful as a picture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now it’s to time to go through a short question answer session.

Why are accessories important for fashion?

Fashion is incomplete without accessories. Accessories can provide numerous opportunities for you to create your own style statement. Your accessories can be your own unique medium to express your taste, preference, and personal style.

How many accessories should you wear?

While accessorizing, don’t try to bite off too much. Certainly, accessories can elevate your look. But for that, you don’t need to wear a whole drawer of these. Always use 3-4 basic accessories to get that flawless look.

How do I choose the right accessories?

To choose a right accessory, first you have to know your own taste and preferences. Before picking an accessory, remember the place or event where you are going. Then closely observe the outfit and its color which you are going to wear. Then select accessories that will perfectly match with the mood of the event and the outfit.

What are the most popular accessories?

Some most popular accessories are: earrings, bracelets, necklace, headband, sunglasses, scarves etc.


Do you have these basic accessories? If not then it’s time for your wardrobe to have these. But darling, remember these are not for your wardrobe. These are for you. Don’t think twice whether you will wear these or not as these will surely support and complement your whole appearance. Be carefree and confident, experiment with these accessories every woman should have, and hold your beautiful self in your arms.

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