Here is How You Can Prevent Makeup from Melting in Hot Weather

Hello! Makeup lovers, I know as summer is knocking on your door so you guys are not pleased about going outside. We put in so much time and energy to set our makeup but the increasing temperature ruins that in a few minutes.

Prevent Makeup from Melting in Hot Weather

Prevent makeup from melting on hot days could be possible by simply following some methods. In summer, if you avoid makeup due to the fear of a smudged, cracked face, you are in a perfect place right now. 

Tricks to Prevent Makeup from Melting in Hot Weather

It is possible to carry a flawless face all day, even in summer. To get so, there are some minute conscious steps that professional makeup artists follow. So after the proper research and testing of some of them, we are going to share them with you.

1. Cleaning and Cooling the Face 

The problem of melting makeup in hot, humid areas gets worse for oily skin types. Because with oily skin, immediately after getting outside you start to sweat and the extra oils speed up the melting.  

So for oily skin, wash your face just before starting the makeup with an oil-controlling face wash. 

Hey, wait a minute before starting your makeup. Glide an ice cube for 2 minutes on your face gently, especially at your T-zone. Don’t stay longer in a particular area and don’t go harsh as it could cause redness.

Ice cools your skin, so it tends to sweat less. 

2. Apply Moisturizer or Toner 

Here I am supposed to tell you, how to extract the oils of your skin but I’m telling you to apply moisturizer. Yes, even oily skin people should apply moisturizer after cleaning the face. 

Take a gel-based moisturizer, never go with cream-based. If you want to use a toner, apply it to the face and neck area with a cotton pad.

3. Protection against the keen Sunrays

In summer outings sunscreen is an unforgettable step of makeup. Make sure you are using a gel-based, light sunscreen. Going with thick-based heavy sunscreen is not a smart choice. Because then you have to set the cream with translucent powder or sun powder.  

4. Never dare to skip the vital step of primer 

Some people make this mistake as they consider sunscreen as the only base primer. Though you have applied a layer of sunscreen, getting the smooth finished makeup primer is significant.

Take a small pinch of primer and apply it on the whole face or you can just put it on the T-zone and the areas you have open pores. 

5. Start your Makeup with Foundation 

After finishing the base layers, you enter into the actual makeup process, the Foundation. Well, Foundation is the first cosmetic that is gonna melt in this burning climate. 

In the boiling temperature, the first makeup rule is to reduce your products by number as well as the amount. Take a single foundation that suits your skin color and apply a single thin layer to prevent makeup from melting. Choose a foundation that stays longer.

It is subtle to use BB/CC creams during these hot days instead of Foundation.  

6. Is it necessary to use Concealer? 

I would suggest that unless you are not attending any ceremony, function, etc, and you are going for a normal outing you could skip it. The concealer has a thicker consistency so one tries to avoid it in humid conditions.

It’s also fine if you want to place a concealer too. After putting it under the eye, T-zone, and on bumps wait for drying it then fix it with translucent or loose powder. 

7. Use Waterproof Products

The makeup products that stay on the top layer of your skin surfaces, should be waterproof in summers. Ultimately the blush, highlighter, and mascara rejuvenate your face.

For finishing your makeup choose the product wisely. Suppose you don’t have a waterproof eyeliner, then skip that or use alternatives.

If you put products that are not long-lasting in summer especially with your eye makeup you are taking a huge risk. 

It is also recommended to use powder blush and highlighter because even if you sweat, the powder will absorb the perspiration. If one uses liquid form, then their face gets greasy easily. 

8. Special care for Eye-makeup

When we start to perspire our kajal or mascara drains out and makes our eye area dark and messy. So, think before applying anything of eye makeup.

Try to use an eye primer if possible otherwise follow our advice. Avoid smoky eye look in summer. Always carry only powder eye-shadow. Don’t use any shimmery product.

Use waterproof liner and mascara that stays the whole day. If you eagerly want to use kajal for your lower lids then make sure smudge-proof kajal. 

9. Long-lasting lip color

In makeup, whether it is summer or winter the most talked-about product is lipstick and its longevity. Your lipstick gets faded not just due to the sweat, but also because of a licking habit or while eating, etc. 

So, let’s talk about the method by which you’re gonna have lipstick all day. 

Apply any lip balm at least 5 minutes before the application of lipstick. This step helps you to fix the lip color and keep your lips hydrated as well.

There are various types of lipstick and the methods depend upon the type. 

Liquid lipstick: For liquid lipstick choose dark colors and after application of lip balm, you can place it.

As per you are using a premium quality product it will stay in place. 

Matt lipstick: Take a waterproof Matt lipstick. After the lip balm applies a thin layer of translucent powder then the lipstick. 

Soak your lips on tissue paper then reapply by this method even after hours in case the second layer is gone, your lips will look naturally stained.

Staining the lips: This method, according to those who have applied it to themselves, stays even after 24 hours. Once you stained your lips, no matter how much you sweat, you wash your face, It will stay.  

Some use staining methods for blushing also. 

10. Is using a blotting paper occurred?

So, the answer is absolute ‘NO’. After some hours when the face becomes a little greezy, most people try to fix that by applying face powder over that. They thought powder will absorb the sweat and will make your face clean. But placing powder on a sweaty face makes clots over that.

Starting from today carries Blot Papers. It works like magic as it just absorbs the extra oils of your face and keeps your makeup flawless. 

11. Set your all efforts

If you have followed almost all the methods but this then, it’s such a waste of time. Because it is the most important and foremost step to prevent makeup from melting.

Professional artists and celebrities also recommend ensuring makeup setting spray. After finishing the whole makeup, take the spray bottle and spray it all over the face. Wait, to get it dry naturally. 

You are all set to go outside with your beauty. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best foundation/cc cream? 

Always for any kind of makeup, foundations play the vital and best roles. But the foundation has a thick consistency. In hot, humid areas when you are outside for many hours, the foundation might give you a feeling of a heavy layer and it also melts easily. So, for summer outings go with lighter CC creams that work best. 

Can I use Sunscreen as a Primer? 

This doubt is very common, as after applying a layer of sunscreen is it necessary to do the primer again. Well, if you have a very oily face then you need to apply primer at least in the T-zone. I would recommend applying this because it hides the open pores and sets the makeup smoothly. 

Is it necessary to use a stain formula?

It’s not mandatory to prevent makeup from melting. Though it’s a formula in which the color stays even after 24 hours so you can go for it if you want to try. 

In public areas, what to use blot or loose powder?

Whether it is in a public area or office when even your skin perspires soak that with Blot. It is the best method and you don’t have any alternatives to Blot.

How many layers should be applied?

For summer just follow the less method and light your makeup bag. Use few products in small amounts. The layers should be thin. Whatever product you will use, make sure you are putting that only for a single layer. 

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In the end, the choice is yours, as you want to wear makeup or want to go with a bare face. After all, the climate should not be the reason to not look good.

If you are struggling with the traditional makeup problem of makeup. Follow our given methods and prevent makeup from melting. Don’t forget to comment below on what trick you liked most.

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