Here Are The 10 Most Common Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Now

Skincare is a part of our daily routine and we all perform some common skincare mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Skincare mistakes you are making will not show an immediate effect always. Sometimes, the damage to the skin is like ‘slow poisoning’ and you will gradually notice that your skin is deteriorating. We all must avoid doing basic skincare mistakes from today without any delay.

Most Common Skincare Mistakes

With the blessing of online shopping opportunities and no consultation, you may end up buying something out of hype. Just looking into the product description and reviews, you may use those products without prior knowledge of their adverse effect. As a result, you end up making a blunder to your skin.

Therefore, before buying these products, let us see the most common skincare mistakes and the ways to avoid them regularly, to get healthy and glowing skin.

10 Most Common Skincare Mistakes

1. Don’t Skip a Moisturizer

One of the most basic skincare mistakes is avoiding a moisturizer. There is a misconception that oily skins do not require moisturizer. This is an absolute myth. Whatever your skin type is, you must use a moisturizer daily without any fail.

In fact, moisturizers help in regulating the natural oil secretion of the skin. Consequently, your skin is in a balanced environment with the least spots on it. Selecting a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated without any breakouts is a trick. Ingredients actually play a major role.

For instance, Gel-based moisturizers are appropriate for greasy and oily skin. These moisturizers are oil-free, unlike the creamy ones. Alternatively, you can also use linoleic acid-based moisturizer. If you have acne-prone skin, the thick and sticky oleic acid is the wrongdoer. The comparatively thinner linoleic acid supplements your skin with natural oils and prevents breakouts.

2. Avoid Over-Exfoliating

There are certain skincare mistakes you are making without even knowing what is going to happen to your skin. Over exfoliating, one of them; exfoliating is fun. Who doesn’t love the smooth skin post-exfoliation? However, it is very essential to know that no face scrubs are made of the same ingredients.

Many scrubs contain shells of walnut while others contain seeds of a pomegranate. Though it sounds natural, these are harsh on the delicate facial skin. When you overuse these products, you are in the trap of one of the most common skincare mistakes and harming your skin.

Hence, if you have a suitable exfoliating scrub, use it twice or thrice a week on oily skin. Conversely, if your skin is sensitive or dry, try not to use the scrub more than twice. We recommend you to exfoliate once a week in such a case.  

Besides, you can use a proper clean cloth to scrub your face. A clean, hygienic cloth is the best exfoliator. It will not harm your skin and avoid the growth of bacteria. However, make sure it is 100% germ-free and clean.

3. Control Yourself From Popping the Pimples

If you have read the above line, immediately stop doing that. There may be end numbers of common skincare mistakes you are doing every day, but this is a crime.

Popping the pimples may be fun. However, you are actually destroying your skin yourself without using any external creams or gels. Therefore, if you are popping a pimple, you are the only one responsible for the loss.

When you squeeze a pimple, you are allowing the dirt and germs like bacteria to infuse into the skin through the skin break. This, in fact, will enhance the growth of more pimples. How to avoid basic skincare mistakes like this?

The most common remedy is using a mild scrub. Exfoliate with the help of gentle face scrub. The dirt and germs wash away with the exfoliation process. Thus, your skin becomes less prone to pimples, acne or blemishes.

You can also treat the already formed blemishes with salicylic acid or niacinamide. These chemicals have the power to fight acne and reduce spots.

Now, if the pimple is about to burst, you can pop that one provided that,

  • Your hands are properly clean without any germs on it
  • You are not using your nails but your fingers
  • You push it gently.

In case, the pimple is not popping out, leave it and don’t put the pressure.

4. Avoid Using Extremely Cold or Hot Water

Our body manages its temperature with the weather. That is why we are known as warm-blooded animals. We all have different levels of perseverance towards hotness or coldness. Nevertheless, when you are using abnormally hot or cold water on your skin, you are definitely doing one of the most common skincare mistakes. 

Extreme hot or cold water dries out your skin and the natural oil of the skin washes off. This will result in itching and irritation on the skin, which is of course not acceptable.

To avoid these kinds of basic skincare mistakes, use mild hot water in the winters and mild cold water in the summers. Rather, we advise using lukewarm water. Lukewarm is the best friend to the skin and balances the good things of the skin.

5. Using Unclean Towels

Sometimes, we become ignorant about face towels. Face towels contacts our face directly and using a dirty one is among the common skincare mistakes. Hence, it is very essential to keep it clean and hygienic.

Unclean towels and handkerchiefs carry bacteria that may invade your skin and result in breakouts. Maybe, this is one of those skincare mistakes you are making and need to be avoided as soon as possible.

You should change your face towels at least once a week. We advise you to use white towels rather than colorful ones. White-colored towels are easy to notice and you can notice the time when to change them.

6. Avoid DIY (Do it Yourself) Skincare Products & Makeups

Videos can be misguiding. DIY skincare products seem to be herbal and original. However, the case may not be so. Not every product in DIY will suit you. Consequently, you may end up with the worst experience and admit it is one of the most common skincare mistakes, you have done.

Things that are made for eating cannot be used on the skin. Lemon juice or baking soda has a much unlike pH level than our skin. Without knowing the chemistry of it, you should never use these on skins.

Some videos, in fact, show the use of glue on lips. Never try this. We cannot use glue on delicate skin. It will not only harm the skin but also create some nuisance for which you have to rush to a doctor.

Therefore, if you know someone who is benefitted from the DIY, then only you try it on. Otherwise, without knowing the product, do not step into the trap of false promises of getting great skin.

7. Incorrect Product Layering

Whether you are using two products on your skin or multiple ones, proper layering of the product will make your skin feel good and sustainable. Most of us have a habit of using the serum on the skin at night; make sure you apply on the skin directly. Most people apply the serum after applying a heavy night cream or moisturizer.

If you are doing this, your money on the serum is a waste. Ingredients in the serum are made to function directly on the skin. They create magic when they touch the skin. The layer of cream or moisturizer will never allow the skin to absorb the goodness of serum. Thus, we recommend using serum directly on the skin.

The rules of layering skincare products go like this. Apply the lighter and water-based products first. Gradually, apply other thicker and oil-based products one upon another. You don’t need to use six or seven items every day. Even if it is two, maintain the rule and you can avoid one of the common skincare mistakes.

If you are willing to avoid the skincare mistakes you are making, follow this general skincare habit on regular basis.

  • Wash your face with a face wash
  • Next, you can use a toner or peel 
  • Thirdly, you can use a serum that you apply regularly
  • Eye cream is another product preferred by many of us. If you use one, you have to apply it after serum application
  • Now, is the turn of your regular moisturizer.
  • Apply any facial oil, if you use one.
  • Lastly, apply sunscreen.

Sunscreen is necessary for every one

Always remember to use sunscreen at last and never at the beginning. Sunscreens are used to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Therefore, it has to be the topmost layer.

The first, fifth and seventh steps are mandatory in a daily skin routine. Others are optional. If you use them, you apply them sequentially. 

8. Avoiding Changing Products Now and Then

Change is inevitable but not in the case of skincare. We cannot change a skincare product now and then to test our skin. It is one of those gravest common skincare mistakes, we do. Every skin is different from one another. Though we roughly distinguish them as oily and dry, there are many other aspects too. Therefore, we never recommend changing your products suddenly.

Products may be suitable as per oily skin or dry skin, but use the ones that suit you best. We have seen that moisturizer of one brand is suiting us while sunscreen of the same brand is devastating.

This is very common, because the ingredients may not be appropriate for your skin type. Stick to your old products. Do not buy a new arrival product to try it on your face and see what happens. If you are performing such tasks, you are definitely in danger doing these basic skincare mistakes.

9. Double Cleanse Your Face

What is double cleansing? This is the method to clear your face twice: once by removing the makeup and then by actual cleaning of the face. We often perform common skincare mistakes, like this one, without the knowledge of why we are doing this.

When you wear heavy makeup, it sets to your skin. Firstly, use micellar water or an oil-based cleanser. These act like magic to clean the heavy oil-based tough makeup like mascara or concealer. Most of the foundations are oil-based too and you can remove them with these wonderful products. Secondly, use an oil-free cleanser preferably to clean the residue of the makeup.

Unbelievably, this is going to make wonders to the skin. You will get proper textured and glowing skin. Moreover, you will notice the change in the complexion.

10. Wash Your Face in the Morning and Night

Sometimes, we become lethargic about washing face. However, this is as important as eating food or drinking water, if you wish to have beautiful glowing skin. This is one of those gravest Skincare mistakes you are making. 

Washing the face in the morning is essential. After brushing, wash your face with the most suited face wash. This will remove the dirt and oil residues from the face giving it a refreshing start to the day.

If you do not wash your face in the morning, the residues will mix up with moisturizer and other makeup, clogging the pores of the face. Consequently, you will face the breakouts within a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is sunscreen necessary for everyone?

Yes, definitely; Sunscreen is the most important thing in daily skincare routine. Avoiding sunscreen is one of the most common skincare mistakes done by us.

Can mixing skincare ingredients be dangerous?

Yes, we should never mix skincare ingredients. Unknowingly, this is among the severe but common skincare mistakes we do. You can use the products alternatively, but never mix them and use together.

Can I use retinol during daytime?

Absolutely no; Retinol is used for hyperpigmentation, anti-aging and for acne. However, when it is exposed to heat and light, it becomes unstable and may act reversely. Avoid such common skincare mistakes by using retinol at night only.

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Common skincare mistakes are not sometimes very common. There are many such basic skincare mistakes, which you may not know. However, it is essential to stop the Skincare mistakes you are making, because these mistakes are a barrier to the beautiful skin that you have. It is not very difficult to maintain certain routines every day.

Healthy and glowing skin not only makes us feel good but also gives us confidence and boosts our self-esteem. When all these three come together no one can stop you from being in the limelight !!

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