How to Improve Dressing Sense: 11 Easy & Effective Tips for Female

Every woman is distinct and unique. Each has their own likes and dislikes. Therefore how they will dress up is completely a subjective matter based on their personal tastes and preferences.

Frankly speaking, there cannot be any hard and fast rule to define how you will dress up and carry a stylish or regular outfit. After all, it is completely your choice and it is you who does matter, right?

But today’s world is fast and there are so many fashion trends coming and fading in the blink of an eye. Hence, it is tough to keep pace with the continuous changes that are happening in the fashion world! It is terribly confusing no matter how smart you are!

How to Improve Dressing Sense

But if you learn how to improve dressing sense, almost all your problems will be solved! And trust me, then you will not need to give minute attention to what style is on or off as you will be making your own style statement.

Yes!!! That’s true! It seems you can’t wait anymore! Then without any further delay, let’s see the most important and effective tips for improving your dressing sense with those:

How to Improve Dressing Sense: 11 Easy & Effective Tips

These are the 11 useful & effective tips every woman should follow to improve their dressing sence:

1. Know yourself

khow yourself

Your goal is to improve your dressing sense, isn’t it? But how can you improve it if you don’t know yourself well? If you want to know how to dress well, you have to learn more about yourself. For this, you have to spend more time with yourself.

Observe your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and others. Do you like their dressing styles or do you loathe what they wear and how they wear? If you appreciate their way of dressing, then ask yourself why you like them.

What are the aspects that attract you most? Is it the fabric or the color or their demeanor? If you don’t like them, ask yourself the same questions. What reasons are there that you don’t find their dressing styles appealing at all? By doing this, you will get a clear idea about your tastes and preferences.

For inspiration, you can also follow a celebrity whose style you almost adore. Take note of what she is wearing and how she is carrying that. If you find that suitable for you, definitely try to incorporate that style.

Do your own research and be updated on the trends such as which styles are on the hotlist or which are already outdated. Find times to roam around stores like Biba, H&M, and Pantaloons to know whether there’s any new stock or not. Do these things, know yourself better, and always stay one step forward to be presentable anytime anywhere!

2. Pay attention to tailoring


I know it is not at all easy to find a perfect outfit! It takes a lot of hard work and toil. And after giving a considerable effort and time when you finally find that dream dress, it is quite natural that you beam with joy and your happiness knows no bounds! Now you are dying to go to your room and give it a try!

But then your heart breaks when you find out that after wearing it you are not looking as cool and gorgeous as you have expected! There is something that is missing in it. But what can that be? The color is gorgeous! The fabric is nice and the quality of the cloth is amazing! Then where does it go wrong? You desperately try to discover that and being unable you almost land in a state of panic!!!

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Relax! Take a deep breath. It is very normal to go through a situation like this! But certainly, you can work out the whole situation and I bet that the problem lies in the tailoring!

Generally, the readymade clothes are made by focusing on the body type of an average consumer. And it will not be a good fit for your body type, which is unique and far different than an average consumer.

But that does not mean you cannot buy a readymade outfit. To get that edgy effect with your readymade clothes, you need a good tailor more than anything! A tailoring expert knows the basic fashion rules very well and will surely make your clothes based on your personal need and your unique body type.

The perfect cut, fitting and alteration will make a huge difference. In an instant, your whole look will be transformed after wearing well-tailored clothing, take my word for it!

So, find a good tailor and blow away all your confusion!

3. Recognize your body type

Women Body Types

When the topic is how to develop a better dressing sense, the discussion will sooner or later bring the importance of knowing one’s body type for choosing an outfit. Each and every body is different and unique.

What suits your friend, it is not necessary that it will suit you in the same manner as the body types of both your friend and you are different. A random choosing of clothes will not only be a catastrophic decision but it will also take a big dig at your purse!

Therefore before taking a jump for a dress, you should know what body shape you have so that you can master your clothing style accordingly!

If you own a heavier bust than your hip, your body is apple-shaped. In this case, your body generally possesses broad shoulders, wider bust line, and smaller hip and lower parts. The mapping of the body resembles the shape of an apple.

If you have a fuller waist, hip, and narrower bus, then your body falls under the category of pear-shaped body type. Here your butt and thighs become more prominent resembling the shape of a pear.

When you have a well-defined waistline and your upper and lower parts are equal in proportion, your body type is called hourglass body shape. This is a well- balanced body type and it generally matches the shape of an hourglass.

When you have no definite waistline and your bust and hip are almost of the same width, it is called a rectangular body type. Another body type is inverted triangle body shape. In it, shoulders are generally much broader than the hips and it resembles the shape of an inverted triangle.

If your body is apple-shaped, you should wear an outfit that can give a balanced look to your shoulders, bust, waist and hip. Go for A-line or V-neck or peplum tops to take the attention away from your midriff.

For a pear-shaped body, you can rely on a Fit-and-Flare or wrap dresses. High-waisted pants will be a good fit for this body type. If you are an hourglass, pick up dresses that clinch at the waist. Body-hugging dresses can flatter your shape. For rectangular body shape, you can choose sweetheart lines that can accentuate your neckline to give a beautiful look.

4. Consider the place where you are going

Womam going to office

Have you ever wondered how it will feel if you wear a heavy gown to go to your workplace? It’ll feel extremely awkward right? You will feel the same awkwardness if you wear a formal shirt and pants to a fat Indian wedding.

To avoid this, you have to dress differently depending on your destination place. ‘One for all’ motto does not work in this case. One piece of cloth cannot be appropriate for every place. At first, consider where you are going and then choose your outfit appropriately.

For the office and working place, you should stick to formal wear. Formal wear can be divided into two categories: western wear and Indian wear. As there are multiple varieties in formal western wear, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Black shift or sheath dresses are quite common to get a posh look. The shirt is also another variety to get a smart, business look. Choose a white shirt and pair that with tan, beige or black trousers.

If you don’t want to go with western wear, you can go for Indian formal wear which can give you a similar smart look like a western one. As Indian formal wear, you can carry nude-colored saree, light Kurti, straight cut salwar suits, etc. Try to avoid those which are heavily embellished.

For party look you can go over the top! A dazzling ethnic suit, heavily embellished gown, lehenga choli, a floral maxi dress – all can give you the festive look appropriate for any occasion.

Thence always keep in mind the purpose and destination place while buying a dress.

5. Add a little bit of color

different color dress

Colors are great and a little bit of color in your dress can give life, vibrancy, and freshness to your whole appearance. If you always prefer neutral colors, you should try wearing bright colors. Yes, I know it can be tricky to choose suitable colors, but gradually you’ll fall in love with colors. I can bet on that.

If you are a beginner in wearing colorful clothes, start with a small amount of color like you can pair a black top with a tan-colored trouser or pair a maroon Kurti with a grey palazzo. Then when you get habituated with it, try to wear bright colors on a regular basis.

And believe me, when you’ll get the taste of intense red, bright yellow, energetic green and regal blue, you cannot live without these colors.

6. Store variety of neutrals

women simple dresses

If you are a minimalist, then neutrals can be a savior of you. Neutral does not only mean grey; instead, its ranges are varied. The colors like black, white, grey, beige, peach, taupe, salmon, denim blue, nude brown, matte olive, etc. all come under the category called neutrals. Frankly speaking, these shades of neutral are the spine of any female’s wardrobe!

It is always safe to wear a neutral as by choosing it, you can never go over the top! Wow! That’s relaxing! Not only that! A neutral can make your demeanor cool and composed and it makes your appearance more mature. Hence you can easily incorporate these colors in your office wear or at a casual party.

Denim blue, nude brown or matte olive can be as refreshing as a vibrant red or orange. Neutrals are generally used as the base for pairing bright colors to get a more balanced look and it is the most useful dressing sense for female.

Neutrals are timeless; they can be worn on any occasion without a second thought. Then girl, you should find more spaces in your wardrobe for different shades of neutral.

7. Experiment with style

Checking woman dress styles

There was a time when I always used to do a ponytail. I never tried any other hairstyle for a long time. But one day, as I was in a hurry, I didn’t make any ponytail and simply kept my hair loose. And that day I got so many compliments! Yeah, that really felt amazing! From that day on I always try new hairstyles instead of sticking to one!

If you still carry the same clothing style, then it’s time to try something new! There are so many trends and styles in the fashion world. Some are gorgeous, some are cool and some are super seductive! Explore them. And embrace them to get a new flavor of yourself! No more ifs and buts! Go for it, learn how to be a stylish girl, and get tons of compliments from your onlookers!

8. Purge your wardrobe

woman cleaning wardrobe

Shopping is exciting! Yep, I agree! But do you always buy some clothes that remain untouched in your wardrobe? You can’t simply wear them and you can’t even let them go. If this is the case, then wear those for once and take a little walk.

If you don’t feel comfortable, get rid of those which you know, you will never wear! Also, remove those which have become torn and tattered due to excessive use. Empty your wardrobe to bring in the new, fascinating ones!

Don’t ignore this as it is one of the basic tips to improve dressing sense!

9. Don’t forget your shoes

women shoes

A pair of good shoes can immediately revamp your whole look! You cannot demean the importance of shoes for your overall appearance.

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If your wardrobe does not have a good collection of shoes, it is incomplete. Try to store some good quality neutral color shoes for both daily wear and festive wear.

Give extra attention for this indispensable piece and you are ready to conquer the world!

10. Don’t compromise with your comfort

uncomfortable dress
Image Sorce:

This is one of the most useful tips for women to improve dressing sense. Comfort is important and it should not be sacrificed for style. Of course, both style and comfort can go hand in hand. Try to experiment as many clothes as possible. But keep only those which can satisfy your comfort level.

Suppose your tummy is not flat and you are wearing a tight-fitting pencil skirt just to look stylish. You know that your tummy is peeping at you. As a result, you will not feel at ease by wearing it.

And if you are not comfortable in wearing that, you will not look stylish at all as you will become extremely conscious each and every moment. But if you pick a peplum skirt, instead of a pencil skirt all your problems will be vanished at once! You will look stylish as well as fashionable!

Therefore you don’t need to compromise your comfort for style. Find those which can give you both comfort and style.

11. Confidence is the key


Confidence is the root of all. If you have confidence, you can look gorgeous in the most ordinary outfit. But if you lack confidence, your stylish look will be marred in an instant!

In spite of wearing superb clothes, you are incomplete without confidence. Confidence makes your whole appearance more magnetic and charming. When you’ll stand up to speak something that attracts people, your confidence and dressing style come much later!

If your personality exudes confidence, be sure that people will definitely consider your presence no matter what you are wearing!


If you are utterly confused and want to know how to improve dressing sense, the above points are the most basic tips you can follow. Surely those would be of great help. Before buying a new piece of cloth try to keep those in your mind.

But darling! Remember one more thing – you are beautiful in everything! You can choose whatever you like! Be confident about yourself, make good choices and you are ready to overpower the whole universe!

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