10 Amazing Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on Face

From time immemorial, coconut has been an indispensable part of our life. It made its place from our kitchen to our green room. There are certain benefits of applying coconut oil on face too.

How we all love to enjoy the coconut water on the beach and the food cooked out of coconut oil !! We even do not leave the coconut milk alone. However, coconut oil for our body is something that we should use daily.

Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on Face

Whether it is our grandmother or our mother, applying coconut oil to hair brings a lot of memories. Indeed, coconut oil makes our hair long, strong and healthy.

However, very few people know that they can apply coconut oil on the face too. Quite interesting, isn’t it! The benefits of applying coconut oil on face are infinite but before knowing them let us know what coconut oil is and how to identify the pure one!

Coconut Oil: The Mysterious Panacea

Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from the white inner part of the coconut. We should remember that applying coconut oil on the face means applying the virgin cold-pressed oil and not the one meant for cooking.

So, do not go to grocery stores to buy coconut oil for your face. Never ever…

There are many beauty brands selling coconut oil for the face. Before you buy them, make a note that they are safe and organic without any adulteration.

10 Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on Face

Applying coconut oil on face is a challenging task. Some of us already suffer from acne on the skin. So, questions might arise, like – oil on acne-prone skin!! Is it even ethical? 

Of course, you have the right to know. But, first, you must know the composition of the coconut oil.

Apart from the oil itself, coconut oil has certain acids like Lauric acid and Caprylic acids. These acids help in soothing inflammation and boosting immunity. The acids also enhance oil with antimicrobial properties.

Remember again, you can gain benefits of applying coconut oil on face only when it is an organic, virgin and cold-pressed one.

So, let us see what are the benefits of applying coconut oil on face.

1. Matchless Moisturizer

Moisturized skin is a blessing to all of us. Who will not wish to have smooth and hydrated skin throughout the day? Coconut oil can do the honor for you. It is like a skin serum.

Therefore, it is better to apply at night before going to bed. The benefits of applying coconut oil on face overnight are something you cannot avoid. You can replace your night skin serum with pure organic coconut oil. You can definitely feel the difference.

2. The Catalyst Of The Relax Factor 

We are in a world of severe hustle bustle with unavoidable stress factors. Furthermore, pollution is an extra add-on to it. The result is obvious; a stressful skin with complete dullness. 

Washing your face will make your skin feel better but, coconut oil will catalyze the process of relaxation. A relaxed skin is the brightest one.

Take a slight amount of coconut oil and massage your skin. It relaxes your facial muscle and results will be visible. 

3. The Natural Make-Up Remover

If you notice carefully, almost all makeup removers have oil as a base. The reason is make-up contains heavy ingredients. Therefore, oil is necessary to remove them. 

When we have a natural ingredient, why depend on chemicals; Infact, coconut oil has the amazing property of removing makeup. It cleanses your skin and pulls off any water-fearing make up from your skin.

4. A Hyper-Pigmentation And Dark-Circle Warrior

Exam time and overnight studies often tend to invite the most unwanted guest for a face; the dark circles. Not only studies, but improper sleep and tiredness are visible right there, under your eyes.

Here is the trick diva! Use coconut oil at night underneath the eyes. It perfectly lightens the areas under the eyes and aids in wiping the dark circles. Apart from this, coconut oil is a great warrior for the stubborn black spots on your face.

Out of all the benefits of applying coconut oil on face overnight, this is the most significant one.

Moreover, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also lessens the puffiness of the eyes. So, next time, if you are sitting in front computer or television, make sure you apply coconut oil. It will soothe your eyes for sure.

However, it does not mean that only stress and binge-watch is the reason for dark circles. There may be other reasons too. If you are suffering from other issues such as insomnia, it is better to consult a doc beforehand.

5. The Ant-Ageing Agent

There are many anti-ageing gels and creams in the market. Once you cross your 30s, you become overwhelmed with the ‘age factor’. You may start finding the costliest and most effective anti-ageing cream.

But, perhaps you don’t know coconut oil has the amazing property of reviving your young skin. Coconut oil contains antioxidants along with vitamins A and E. These three components have the power to reduce the skin damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. The process of skin ageing is enhanced by the free radicals of UV rays.

Collagen helps in holding our skin tight and maintain elasticity. Coconut oil enhances the production of collagen, thus helping in skin tightening. Though there are insufficient studies on the effect of coconut oil on wrinkles, we believe, it helps in anti-ageing indirectly by improving skin elasticity.

6. The Eyelash And Eyebrow Enhancer

Eyes are assets to every diva. A beautiful pair of eyes will make you the most attractive woman. We all love to draw our eyebrows and curl our lashes.

But, remember, those are make-up only. Eyelash and eyebrows require nourishment. As these are the same as hair, using coconut oil will make them thick and improve their textures.

7. The Wonder Lip-Gloss

Lips, specifically in the winter tend to dry too often. The chapped lips hurt a lot and we use the lip balm. However, do you know coconut oil is a natural lip-gloss?

As you already know, it has moisturizing quality. Moreover, it is a completely natural product. Therefore, you have no worries to remove it.

8. The Blemish Fix

Coconut oil contains monolaurin, a fatty acid derivative that has antibacterial properties. It helps to heal the wound and restrict the infection. Therefore, if you hurt your delicate facial skin, applying coconut oil on face is the best option instantly.  

There is always a fear of scar post-healing. If you use coconut oil instantly, it will prevent the formation of scars also.

9. The Handy Highlighter

A perk to the makeup is a highlighter on your face. Dab a little amount of virgin, cold-pressed organic coconut oil on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose and feel the beauty. It will look more natural than any highlighter in the world.

So, divas, if you are running out of highlighter, use your coconut oil as your handy highlighter.

10. The Fancy Face Scrub

Lastly, you can use coconut oil along with brown sugar as the natural face scrub. The recipe for the scrub is simple. Mix Two and a half tsp of brown sugar and two tsp of extra virgin coconut oil and gently massage your face in a circular motion.

Make sure, you are scrubbing gently because your facial skin is delicate. Sugar acts as the exfoliator whereas coconut oil acts as the moisturizing agent.

Applying Coconut Oil on Face Overnight: The Rules

There are many benefits of applying coconut oil on face overnight. However, it is essential to understand some rules of application.

Firstly, it is necessary to clarify why you should apply coconut oil at night. Some people shared their experience of using coconut oil during the daytime.

It is a mild sunscreen with SPF 5. Therefore, its action against the harmful rays of the sun is not appropriate for a long time. It forms a barrier between the skin and rays for a very short period.

But, applying coconut oil on face during night time is very effective. Even if you have oily skin, you can apply a small amount of it during the night to keep the moisture intact.

Secondly, extra virgin organic coconut oil always solidifies at room temperature. Thus, you have to understand the difference and buy the correct coconut oil for your face.

  1. Take a small quantity of the solid oil in hand and rub between palms until it melts.
  2. Apply the smooth light oil on the face gently in circular strokes. You can also apply coconut oil on your neck region.
  3. If your skin is dry, rubbing will generate remains of soft tissue. Remove them. But, never use the cotton ball. The fibers will stick to your face.
  4. Apply the oil under the eyes, but stop the flow inside the eyes. Otherwise, it will give you blurry vision for some time.
  5. If you have your makeup on, use coconut oil twice; once to remove the makeup and then to hydrate your face.
  6. Leave the oil on the face overnight to get better results.

There are no specified rules for the number of days. Some prefer once or twice a week to get the benefits of applying coconut oil on face overnight as a treatment. Some others use it as a daily routine. If you have oily skin, do not apply regularly.

Rather you can use it in small portions around eyes and dry areas initially, to see how your skin responds to it. If you get the benefits, start applying coconut oil on face weekly or daily as per your convenience.

Side Effects of Applying Coconut Oil On Face- Is There Any?

Every skin is different. Even our body’s response to food and products also differ from one another. We have mentioned the benefits of applying coconut oil on face overnight. However, the case may not be the same always. Yes, coconut oil has certain side effects also; but not for all.

Firstly, there is no specific proof of the action of coconut oil on acne. Coconut oil can reduce marks but there is no such proof of preventing acne on the skin. Coconut oil blocks the pores, which means it is comedogenic in nature. Therefore, if you are prone to acne, applying coconut oil on face may be a bit risky. It may also result in increased blackheads, whiteheads or pimples.

Secondly, if you are having antibiotics or any other medication, you should always avoid applying it.

Thirdly and most importantly, if you have allergy to coconut, it may cause a serious problem. Some people allergic to other nuts are found to be allergic to coconut also. Therefore, before applying coconut oil on face make sure you are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on Face?

A: Coconut oil has an immense impact on our skin. Here are a few benefits of applying coconut oil on face.
1. It moisturizes the skin
2. You can use it as a lip balm
3. Coconut oil helps in removing makeup
4. It is effective against blemishes
5. You can use it as a natural highlighter

Can we use apply any coconut oil on the face?

A: No; Applying coconut oil on face shows results only when you use the virgin, organic, cold-pressed oil. Using the coconut oil we use for cooking or for hair, may give you reverse effects.

Can I use coconut oil on my face overnight?

A: Organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed oil can be used overnight for normal and dry skin. For oily skin, it is better to avoid it on regular basis. Apply once a week initially on oily skin, if you are not prone to acne.

The Bottom Line

Coconut oil is best for person with normal to dry skin. Though there are benefits of applying coconut oil on face, there are certain setbacks also. If you have acne or you are sensitive to to coconuts never use it. 

Coconut oil is inexpensive and readily available but, make sure you are buying the correct one for application.

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