Top 11 Best Watch Brands for Ladies in India 2021

Ladies, I know you are always worried about which brand you would choose in regard to watches. There are some clueless ladies out there, you can take a rest because this guide is just for you.

Even you would have a collection of watches, you are always looking for something more trendy and desirable. As we all know that there are tons of brands available in the market for ladies, but you always have a question about, what are the best watch brands for ladies which is affordable, durable and is trendy as well.

Best Watch Brands for Ladies in India

But there are some guidelines which need to be followed while buying the right watch for yourself.

  • Consider your budget and shop accordingly.
  • Don’t go for a watch which has a bigger dial, if you have a small wrist.
  • You should shop in regard to what occasion you are buying the watch for. If you are buying it to match with your office attire then go for brands like Titan and fossil.

So, here are the best watch brands for ladies which will give you a chic look.

Ladies Watch BrandsBuying Links
TitanCheck Latest Collection
FastrackCheck Latest Collection
FossilCheck Latest Collection
TimexCheck Latest Collection
CitizenCheck Latest Collection
CasioCheck Latest Collection
MaximaCheck Latest Collection
Tommy HilfigerCheck Latest Collection
RadoCheck Latest Collection
Michael KorsCheck Latest Collection
GuessCheck Latest Collection


These are the top watch brands for women and you may consider for your next watch purchase:


Titan Women Watch

Who doesn’t know about this brand. It is one of the affordable and trusted brands in India. It is known widely for its trendy, fashionable and latest collection. It has gained the trust of its buyers.

Titan has always been a brand that changes itself over time and comes out with great collection each time, maintaining its name in the business. It gives a chic look and goes well with most of the outfits. It has a wide range of collections from affordable to expensive.

PRICE RANGE: INR 900 onwards .


Fastrack Women Watch

It is one of the trendiest and fashionable watches available in the market. It is mostly liked and preferred by youngsters and young adults. It is an influential brand, especially amongst the younger ones.

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It can be considered as one of the leading companies in the current market and has been able to win the hearts of its buyers. It is known for its durability and casual look. It is one of the most affordable brands right now and has been in high demand since the day it was launched.

PRICE RANGE: INR 800 onwards.


Fossil women watch

Is fossil a good watch brand for women? Then, the answer is Yes. This brand has an attractive and exquisite collection of watches. With its eye-catching designs and durability, it is one of the predominant brands in the Indian market.

It has never disappointed its buyers. But is still amusing its customers with chic designs and never fails to win our hearts. It has a wide collection of watches to match each one’s personality and gives a fine look.

You would have a hard time deciding the perfect watch for you because of each watch being so eye-catching and appealing. You will surely receive lots of compliments.

PRICE RANGE: INR 3000 onwards.


Timex Women Watches

It is an American manufacturing company that has made a good name in the market. Timex has a classic and flawless collection of watches. Timex watches are well built backed up by well performance and good functionality.

This brand really lives up to one’s expectations and gives you an elegant look. It has a wide range of watches starting from luxury, digital, and sports watches.

PRICE RANGE: INR 1000 onwards.


Citizen Women Watches

The citizen is a Japanese electronic company and known for quality watches. The watches from this brand are reliable and long-lasting. It has a wide range of collections from casual and formal watches.

It has an outstanding design and has the finest features. It has all the qualities to make it to this list. It is the most classic timepiece of today’s time.

PRICE RANGE: INR 2000 onwards.


Casio Women Watches

Casio is a Japanese multinational commercial manufacturing company. It is widely renowned and is an accomplished brand. It is the world’s widely recognized brand. It will definitely enhance the beauty of your outfit.

It is amongst the most popular watch brands for women in India. You won’t regret buying it. It is worth every penny. Its G-shock series is really famous and worth a try.

PRICE RANGE: INR 1000 onwards.


Maxima Women Watches

Maxima is an Indian watch manufacturing company. It is the leading designer’s watches available in the market right now. It comes with good pricing, well performance, and is very much reliable. It comes under the most affordable brands for women in India.

PRICE RANGE: INR 600 onwards.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger women watches

Tommy Hilfiger is the best high-end brand. Its wide collection are spellbound and one would definitely want to have this brand to make their collection look more fashionable. It rightfully caters to the need of its customers and you won’t be satisfied with one purchase.

PRICE RANGE: INR 3000 onwards.


Rado Women Watches

Rado is an established luxurious Swiss brand known for its sophisticated models and designs. It’s worth buying. Its aesthetic designs and outstanding performance is really admiring. Being one of the oldest manufacturers in the business, Roda never fails to give unique timepieces to its customers.

PRICE RANGE: INR 25,000 onwards.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Women Watch

Michael Kors is an American luxury watch brand. The watches from this brand are really fancy and did really stand out. With its fancy and elegant style, ladies you can refresh your wardrobe with watches from this brand.

PRICE RANGE: INR 6000 onwards.


Guess Women Watch

Guess is an American retailer and clothing brand widely known for its fashionable and trendy products. Not only clothing it also sells accessories like watches and jewellery. One of the most desirable brand it is known for its unique and mesmerizing designs.

It looks very feminine. So, gentlemen if you are looking for a chic watch to gift your partner, then you can go for this brand and for ladies, this is a must have watch to add in your collection.

PRICE RANGE: INR 2000 onwards.

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Even after all these guidelines, some are still confused about which brand will fulfil all their demands. There are still queries in your mind like, Is fossil better than Casio? Which is better Timex or Casio? Is fossil a good watch brand for women? Which is the best affordable watch brand? Which brand is the best brand for ladies in India?

We all know Maxima and Fastrack are both affordable watch brands for ladies. On one hand, Casio has an exclusive collection and on the other, Fastrack has a chic and unique collection. So, if your budget is less then you can go for Maxima or Fastrack, which provides watches under INR 1000 whereas Fossil watches are a little bit expensive. So it depends on an individual which is their preferable watch brand.

Yes, Fossil is the best brand for women. It has a wide collection of watches starting from digital to casual watches. So, one it a must-watch one should have.

For me, Titan would be the most affordable watch brand. It has all the properties a good watch should have.

My first preference would be Fossil, in regard to the best watch brand available in the market. It is no doubt, the most likable brand.

It is obvious that Timex is way more better than Casio in compare to price. Casio has limited functions whereas, Timex provides more functions in the same price range. Timex is backed up by well performance and its ever-changing with time.

Casio is obviously a high class product and is affordable too. But Timex is more affordable and gives new features every time it launches a new product. It is no doubt that Casio launches reliable and sturdy watches every time, but Timex is more worthy of being ahead due to its extra features it adds up to its products.

The watch brands stated above are the best watch brands for ladies available the market right now and is bought by many. So, I am hopeful that this guide will help you for your next buy. Each of the brands is worth trying.

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