7 Proven Methods to Grow Eyelashes Naturally at Home

Believe me or not girl, to me eyes are the most beautiful part in our faces. Eyes are intriguing- it speaks, it scolds, it soothes and it fascinates. And eyes with long, voluminous lashes are nothing but stupendous which can take your beauty to next level. Long eyelashes are that magical thing that can lift your whole appearance and there is perhaps not a single girl who does not want those stirring long lashes.

But everyone of us is not blessed with the treasure of long lashes, only some are and those who don’t have long lashes often dream to have those and sulk in a corner when that dream gets broken.

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

I know how much you love long lashes and to get that you sometimes take resort to false eyelashes or sometimes do eyelash extension or sometimes you rely on coats and coats of mascara. Obviously taking those means totally transform your eyes as well as your overall looks.

But girl, do you know that always applying mascara or burdening your eyes with falsies can have adverse effects such as it can make your lashes much thinner or less voluminous and your lashes may get damaged.

Hence to circumvent the side effects of mascara or false lashes, you should rely on some natural remedies for getting thick lashes. There’s no reason to believe that you cannot achieve thick, long lashes, as there are natural ways which can give you amazing results. Now before finding solutions, let’s find out the reasons behind having thin eyelashes.

Why Your Eyelashes are Thin?

There are several factors that are responsible for thin lashes, some of which are:

  • Chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Alopecia.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Dryness of the lids.
  • Ageing.
  • Bad quality makeup products.
  • Thyroid disorder.
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Different types of medication.

Tips on How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

As you know the reasons behind having thin eyelashes, it’s time to know how to grow eyelashes naturally:

1. Vitamin E Capsule Oil

Vitamin E Capsule Benefits for Skin

If your lashes are falling out, then girl what you need is Vitamin E capsule oil which can do miracle and vouchsafe your thick, voluminous lashes. This powerful tonic is extremely efficacious when it comes to the point of strengthening and thickening your lashes.

Being stuffed with antioxidants Vitamin E helps to reduce the oxidative damage which is responsible for hair loss. It is also enriched with tocotrienol that increases the number of hair strands.

  • What you will need:

1-2 Vitamin E capsules and ear bud.

  • What you have to do:

Take 1-2 Vitamin E oil capsules, break them open, extract the oil and then take a Q-tip or earbud, dab that in the extracted oil and gently apply that to your lids and eyelashes. Rest for the whole night and then wash it off with lukewarm water in the next morning. Instead of a Q-tip you can also use a spoolie brush and apply the oil on your lashes in an upward motion so that your lashes can grow voluminous and strong.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a multipurpose ingredient. It has countless benefits for skin, hair as well as health. And this is a wonderful solution if you are searching for how to grow your eyelashes naturally.

Applying coconut oil fortifies your lashes against damage from washing, makeup products and styling. Containing fatty acids, mainly lauric acids, coconut oil gets easily penetrated and nourishes your lashes from within.

Again there are microbial organisms in your lashes which have the potential to cause bacterial or fungal infections. As coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, it has anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties that guard your lashes against any infections.

Regular Application of coconut oil ensures to safeguard your eyelashes against folliculitis that is inflammation of the hair follicles. As coconut oil moisturizes and hydrates the dry eyelids, the eyelashes get sufficient nourishment which in return reduces the falling out of eyelashes.

  • What you will need:

3-4 drops of extra virgin coconut oil, a clean mascara wand or a Q-tip.

  • What you have to do:

At first wash your hands, take 3-4 drops of coconut oil on your index finger, rub the oil between your two index fingers and now close your eyes and gently stroke the oil along your lash line. Instead of your fingers you can also use a mascara wand or a Q-tip, dab that into the oil and gently massage your lashes before going to bed. To experience steady and rapid improvement, you have to apply coconut oil every night before going to bed.

3. Castor Oil

Castor Seed

You have probably heard about this marvelous ingredient and it is quite possible that your mother and grandmother literally nag about applying this oil to your hair, so that you can achieve Rapunzel-like hair, right? But girl, they are absolutely right as castor oil actually works and can give you relief from hair loss as well as from the problem of thin eyelashes.

Castor oil is enriched with ricinoleic acid which can actually nourish eyelashes and help them to grow and become thick and lustrous. It also contains protein prostaglandin D2 that can redress you from the problem of falling lashes.

It also has loads of fatty acids which are extremely nourishing and hydrating that in consequence helps to soothe and sustain your dry eyelids and eyelashes.

  • What you will need:

Collect few drops of castor oil and a spoolie brush.

  • What you have to do:

Remove any makeup products from your eyelashes using micellar water or a makeup remover. Then wash your hands so that there does not remain any dirt or grime. Now pick up some oil using the spoolie brush and now gently apply that to your upper and lower lash line taking great care so that the oil does not get into your eyes. Keep that for entire night and in the morning rinse this off using lukewarm water or a micellar water.

4. Olive Oil


Olive oil can do miracles when the topic comes to taking care of your skin, hair and health. Few drops of olive can give you relief from thousands of problems. This same is true for your eyelashes; it can give you relief from thinning your lashes and can protect them from environmental or other damage.

Olive oil is the natural fat which is obtained from the fruit of the Olea Europaea i.e. olive tree. Olive oil is stuffed with fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Olive oil softens conditions, nourishes and ensures healthy functioning of follicles. Oleic acid within it can regulate the sebum production that as a result keeps bacteria at arm’s length, besides it hydrates eyelids intensely.

Palmitic acid is an extraordinary emollient that makes eyelashes soft and smooth and linoleic acid maintains healthy skin cell turnover that prevents clogged or dead hair follicles.

As olive oil is enriched with antioxidants, it reduces the oxidative pressure which can cause the thinning of eyelashes.

  • What you will need:

Take 3-4 drops of extra virgin olive oil and a clean mascara wand.

  • What you have to do:

Take a clear mascara wand, dab that in extra virgin olive oil and then gently coat your upper and lower lashes. If you don’t have a mascara wand, you can simply use your fingers, in that you have to take some oil on your index finger, gently warm it with your two index fingers and then apply it to your lashes before going to bed.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea

Drinking green tea is relaxing and keeps you healthy and fit. Green tea is not only good for your health and skin; but it is also great for your eyelashes. Green tea contains polyphenol or epigallocatechin-3-gallate that stimulates hair follicles and promotes new eyelash growth.

Green tea also increases blood circulation which contributes to eyelash thickening. Green tea also comes with flavonoids that are also responsible for new hair growth. Moreover, the antioxidant which green tea provides makes eyelashes longer and thicker and B-Vitamins in green tea are known to strengthen the eyelashes from within.

  • What you will need:

You will need 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves or a tea bag, hot water and cotton pad.

  • What you have to do:

At first, take one cup of water, boil it and then add the tea leaves, boil it for few minutes and strain the liquid and drink it. Besides drinking you have to apply it to your eyelashes, in that case dab the cotton pad in the green tea and place it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Drink green tea every day and also apply it to your lashes every day.

6. Aloe Vera Gel

How to Do Aloe Vera Facial at Home

Girl, if you have aloe vera gel in your garden then you are saved! This miraculous plant has so many benefits, it is good for skin, it is good for hair, it is good for health and it is great for your lashes too! If you are finding remedies for how to grow your eyelashes naturally, aloe vera gel is the most suitable answer.

Being non-sticky and non-greasy, it gets absorbed easily and nurtures, nourishes lashes. It removes the extra sebum and helps your eyelids to get rid of extra oil which as a consequence opens up follicular pores and encourages new lash growth. Besides it hydrates and moisturizes your eyelids intensely that reduces the falling of eyelashes.

  • What you will need:

You will need 1 tablespoon of raw aloe vera gel and a cotton pad.

  • What you have to do:

Cut a thick aloe vera leaf, scrap the thick gel within the leaf and dab the cotton pad in it. Then gently apply that to your eyelashes before going to bed. Let it rest overnight and then rinse with water in the morning.

7. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is not only good for dry and chapped lips, but it is also amazing for eyelashes. Being a humectant, petroleum jelly draws water from the environment and moisturizes your eyelids intensely that in return helps in thickening eyelashes.

It also creates a protective barrier that prevents fluid loss of eyelids. Moreover, it conditions your eyelashes beautifully that reduces the tendency of breaking off and your lashes become thicker, plumper, shinier and fuller.

  • What you will need:

1 teaspoon of Vaseline Petroleum jelly and a spoolie brush.

  • What you have to do:

At first, take a clean spoolie brush, then smear it with Vaseline petroleum jelly and gently apply that to your lashes before going to bed. Keep it overnight and rinse it off in the morning using lukewarm water or micellar water.

Some Tips

  • Always remove eye makeup before going to sleep: If you always shy away from removing eye makeup before going to bed, it can seriously affect your eyelashes. While doing this extreme rubbing and pulling will cause falling of lashes. At first gently remove those eye shadows, liners and mascara using makeup remover or micellar water then apply gently face wash to completely remove the products.
  • Don’t share your eye products: Do you sometimes use your best friend’s mascara when you forget yours or does your friend do the same? If yes, let me warn you that doing that will do harm to your eyes as the chance of getting an infection can increase.
  • Look into the ingredients: Always use good quality makeup products for your eyes, scrutinize the ingredients before applying them. Again try to go natural with your eye products.
  • Do eye massage: Massaging your eye regularly will not only brighten up your look but will also augment blood circulation, activate hair follicles that in return will promote new lash growth.
  • Take biotin supplements: Consuming biotin supplements guarantees thicker and longer lashes.
  • Hydrate your body: Hydration is important; lack of water makes your eyelid dry which is one of the major reasons for the falling of eyelashes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can applying mascara and false lashes harm my lashes?

Before using mascara you have to scrutinize the ingredients. If it contains harmful ingredients then it can seriously affect your eyelashes. Again wearing false eyelashes each and every time is not good because it can cause loss of your natural lashes when you take off the falsies. This increases the falling of eyelashes.

How can I promote the growth of my eyelashes?

If you want to promote the growth of your eyelashes, you can rely on castor oil or olive oil. Castor oil is enriched with fatty acids that on the one hand nourish eyelids and on the other hand activate the latent hair follicles which lead to thicker and longer eyelashes. Olive oil also has loads of linoleic acid and oleic acid that smoothen, soften and sustain eyelashes.

Which oil is best for eyelashes?

The best oil for your eyelashes is castor oil. Castor oil contains a high amount of natural oils and fatty acids which proffer an adequate amount of nourishment to your lashes. It also stimulates blood circulation and augments new hair growth to make your eyelashes longer and fuller. It can effectively hydrate and moisturize the dry eyelid which as a result prevents your eyelashes to fall.

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Girl I know that your eyes are beautiful and to increase the beauty of your eyes even thicker and fuller eyelashes can really help. Hence Say goodbye to those days when you used to be jealous by watching the long lashes of other girls, as now you can get the same long lashes naturally.

Now there’s no need for searching how to grow eyelashes naturally as I have already given you remedies that can actually work. Use them regularly and experience the wonder.

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