Importance of Saree in Indian Culture (7 Facts You Might Not Know)

A diverse land with a range of people of different ethnicities, cultures, and traditions, India is considered a united country where the lifestyle of people differs from one another.

With several traditions and cultures, ethnic clothing comes into existence which differs from one ethnic group to another. Saree, considered as one of the traditional Indian Ethnic wear has been worn throughout the country in several styles according to culture.

Also known as the gift of pure Hindu tradition, which usually is 3.5 to 9 yards long, can be worn in several ways defining its beauty and versatility and reflects its importance of saree in Indian culture.

Importance of Saree in Indian Culture

The history of saree dates back to the earlier time which has also been mentioned in Indian epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharat tracking back to Indus Valley Civilization. Considered as one of the oldest forms of attire across the world, the saree is worn by several majorities all across the world.

We know that several western forms of clothing are a nowadays inseparable part of the lifestyle of most women however the ethnic attire Saree is the identity of Hindu culture.

According to Hindu tradition, a saree makes a woman virtuous. The style and customary structure of saree are generally received and plans are concocted to spellbind style cherishing women everywhere across the world.

According to the changing generation, sarees have made thoughtful changes in the styling today among youth across the world.

How has the word “Sari” been derived from?

So, many of you might be wondering how the clothing has come into existence and what was such a thing that made the derivation of the word sari? The word sari generally has been grabbed from the Prakrit word called “SATTIKA” which is mentioned in the literature of Buddhists.

The word was also called sati which then converted into sari with the change in time. The Indian ethnic clothing of India has come under influence of several tradition and culture which has been followed since ages.

The history of the arrival of Aryans, Guptas, an empire of Mauryas and Mughal, and other crucial dynasties in India has contributed to the existence of India saree in one or another way.

We all know that a Saree is worn with pairing up with a blouse and petticoat across your torso. In earlier times during the Mughal dynasty, the fabric of saree was rich, prettified with stunning and royal motifs combined with weavers to make the garment. We can now say that how the drastic transformation has shown a time-lapse till now from the fabric, design to weaving method of the garment.

Indian ethnic wear has always been considered one of the important and integral parts of Indian culture which has been a source of appreciation and inspiration for customer lovers.

The color use of saree has its meaning. Several colors of saree denote several qualities, themes, and virtues as saree is also chosen according to color suitable for the day.

It is also worn during any worship ritual depending on the States to which a woman belongs. Some prefer to cover their head with pallu while some drape it around their shoulder.


1. BANARASI SAREE: Banarasi sarees are from Banaras City popular among women and excepted as exclusive saree made of silk which exhibits Mughal patterns. The sarees can include zari work. Shatter or pure silk ideal as wedding saree too.

2. COTTON PRINTED SAREES: Several types of cotton sarees in India include bandhani style, block printing as well as hand made painting.

3. KANJEEVARAM SILK SAREE: Considered as one of the finest attires, kanjeevaram silk saree is a form of attire in Tamilnadu. With a combination of colored threads and zari work, it has become the attraction of tribal design too.

4. COTTON HANDLOOMS: The cotton handloom sarees are considered one of the best lightweight and comfortable saree whose borders are exhibited with silk threadworks.

5. PRINTED CHIFFON SAREES: The sarees are durable, easy to wash which comes in several colorful prints. They can be worn regularly as well.

6. EMBROIDERED SAREES: Considered as designer sarees, the embroidered sarees are of several types depending on design, work, and material to make the attire fabulous. Fabric such as crepe, chiffon, georgette, and silks are used for the creation of such sarees with beautiful Kundan, kori, and zari embroideries.



One of the importance of wearing saree in India is to prosper the culture of India. Every woman in India needs to conserve their culture. One of the importance of wearing saree in India is to nurture their tradition and pass it to the coming generation as well.

No matter how every woman wears western culture, they never forget to carry Saree on special occasions such as weddings, worshipping, Diwali, and any other special Hindi festivities.


Our country is considered a country of numerous traditions, dialects, attires, and forms of worship. The eminence of the country consists of housing perfect from the international influences incorporating into several well-off heritage of Indian culture. This is where the importance of saree in Indian culture plays its role.

The Indian culture set-up characteristic can be processed in Indian tradition attire growth which is Indian saree. It does not only reflects the Indian tradition but also highlights love for the value and sentiments of Indian culture.


Another importance of saree in Indian culture is to flaunt your Indian Pride. Wearing a saree is a must for women to conserve the culture of India. Women wear saree to express the pride of their nation and tradition.

One of the essential aspects of the culture of India sets-up lead to growing Indian traditional sari. It is also considered as inspiration for costume lovers across the world.


In several parts across the country, Saree is considered an essential attire for Bridal wear. The great cultural diversity shows modesty on Indian brides. Traditional Christian brides prefer wearing a white saree with a long white sleeved blouse instead of Christian wedding gown in India. In South India, saree is draped differently adorned with ethnic accessories and jewelry.


You won’t believe the fact that wearing a saree can result in spiritual healing which in turn reduces distress energy of the body caused by negative energies. Women with negative distressed energy might have a negative thought about saree and wearing it. An attempt to wear a saree even after experiencing difficulties can reduce stress.


After several invasions, modifications, and globalization, saree has been appreciated across the globe and is festooned by several women. Sarees can be styled and draped in several styles as they can be paired up with several designer blouses and accessories with accessories in several ways. Whether it is for daily use, festive occasion, or wedding, saree can be appropriate for any occasion.


Wearing a saree depicts the importance of religion for the person who wears it. Religious value is considered one of the importance of saree in Indian culture.

Saree lies in the heart of every Indian woman no matter how modern they are and no matter how much saree has been revolutionized throughout time.

The design, patterns, and colors of the saree depict virtues, and the region the person came from. The Fish and Paisley pattern on a saree depict fertility while the elephant symbol symbolizes wealth and Goodluck.

Since our early times, the designs and patterns used in the attire had hidden meanings in it which symbolized several things associated with it.

When we think of special festive occasions in India, getting perfect and right Indian attire becomes essential because without a perfect dress up you won’t be confident enough to indulge yourself in merriment.

Women are most often spotted in sarees when it is about an ordinary everyday Indian clothing while they also wear the attire for some special occasions as well. Some women prefer to stick to their tradition and culture while some prefer wearing it occasionally.

No matter what your reason is to carry or not to carry a saree, the essential thing is that whenever you wear it, you look gorgeous every time. What else can reflect the pride of India more gracefully than a woman draped in saree with a richness of Indian jewelry?

From our mother to a bride to our former women politician Indira Gandhi, we have seen these ladies carrying sarees in such a graceful way denoting the forgotten tradition and culture of their country.

We very well know that only someone’s clothing does not only show their character and personality however the forgotten tradition and culture of our country do reflect.

So, now that we have concluded, we are sure you will remember the above information as immeasurable importance of saree in Indian culture and across the world as well.

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