Rice Flour For Skin – Benefits, How to use & Drawbacks

Rice flour, commonly known as rice powder, is a grocery item made from finely milled rice. Sometimes it is used as a replacement for wheat flour. Rice, ground finally into a smooth powder, is what goes behind the making of this flour. A lot depends on the way this flour is made which gives an effect to the nutritional properties of the rice flour on the skin.

Rice is a whole grain resembling corn, rye, oats, wheat, etc. Hence, it also has three parts: bran, germ, and endosperm. The benefits of rice flour for skin have been unlimited. Yes, you heard it right! No no, do you mean this basic Indian household ingredient can also be deemed as a go-to cosmetic product? Oh yes!

Rice is a source of multiple vitamins, for example, Vitamin B, which is instrumental in improving the structure of the skin. Rice flour can also help you get rid of the tan you endure in your everyday schedule. It adds a glow and gives way to cleaner, healthy-looking skin.

Rice Flour For Skin
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The impact of this wonderful cosmetic secret is not known to many, mainly due to a lack of knowledge. But need not worry! Gear up for here we are with amazing our new segment after which you’d want to throw off your sunglasses and march and bounce in the sunlight with no worries on your shoulder!

Benefits Of Rice Flour For Skin

The benefits of rice flour for skin are endless. It is beyond our imagination how much nutrients the daily product of our meals can have on our innocent skin. Who doesn’t prefer home remedies? No matter how much industrialization takes a toll on us, we won’t ever forget to prioritize the impact of the homely ingredients we witness daily though unaware of their perks.

The nutritional benefits of rice flour have been well reflected in our beauty regimens as well. It has fought through the market against wealthy cosmetic products in line only to educate us on its diverse benefits. To note them down:

1. Exfoliating Agent

The coarse texture of rice flour acts as a scrubbing agent. When rubbed on the skin, the fine particles wash out the dirt and dead skin cells while also absorbing the sebum in a smooth, efficient way. Rice flour for skin helps clean the skin competently, leaving a re-energized and everlasting freshness.

Rice flour can be used with chocolate powder, sugar, and honey and well-mixed up to a certain consistency as a scrub and exfoliant for the skin. The rice flour face pack needs to be massaged gently and masked to get the desired results!

2. As a Sunblock

Rice has certain components in it such as ferulic acid and allantoin, which makes it a natural sunblock. Para-aminobenzoic acid, known as PABA or Vitamin B10, is instrumental in protecting the skin against the very harmful UV rays. But it is also disregarded as a component for regular use as a sunscreen because of the allergic reactions it causes.

In combination with other vitamins such as C and E, ferulic acid can also be used against UV radiations. In laboratory terms, it is widely regarded as “an anti-oxidant and photo-protective compound.” Sunburns can be gotten rid of instantly by using rice flour. As said earlier, the benefits of rice flour face pack for skin have also been reflected in the removal of suntan.

3. Absorption of Oil

Excess oils in any part of the face, skin, or hair can be easily absorbed by rice flour. It is one of the major properties of rice flour. Rice starch which is protein and fat less rice flour is extremely beneficial in unlocking the pores and removing the excess, unwanted oil from the skin, cleansing the pores, and nourishing the substance.

At the same time, it keeps check on the luster, gets rid of the impurities, and locks skin glamour. Rice starch can be overwhelmingly helpful if prepared correctly and by following the exact procedure-given the high degree of starch rice contains.

4. Skin Lightening

The nutritional properties of rice flour have been well-reflected in the cosmetic line. Its high amino acid and vitamin-rich content act as a clearing agent. It readily rids the skin of any impurities that might follow and maintains skin glow. The traditional method of using rice flour as a natural pack is not unknown to one.

To use it effectively and put the natural benefits of rice flour, make a smooth paste with beaten curd and honey and apply it as a rice flour face pack. Leave it to dry for some time and wash it off with flowing water. Be awed at your smooth glowing skin afterward.

5. Dark Circles

Not getting a wholesome sleep at night? Stressed about completing unlimited assignments or worried about the next day at work? Not to fear for those aghast-looking circles under your eyes. You’ve got a friend in need!

The benefits of rice flour for skin are unspoken! Not only does it prove effective in removing the dark circles and refreshes the tiresome eyes, but it also relaxes and lightens the skin around. Use it after preparing a paste of it using banana and castor oil on your eye bags. The contour of the rice flour face pack must be thick. Apart from this, skin tone is maintained and the flour puts a stopwatch on skin aging.

6. Treat Blemishes, Skin Spots, Wrinkles and More

The benefits of rice flour for skin so far, have outweighed our sparks. Are there pimples and disturbing acne crowding your face? Rice flour has proved extremely effective in treating wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and acne with its anti-inflammatory properties because of allantoin as its main component. The elasticity and steadiness of the skin are well-maintained using this boon of a product.

Rice flour does not allow the skin to age fast. Phytic acid present in it helps in treating acne. It delays skin aging and acts as a catalyst in making the skin look younger, fresh, and more glowing. Add some cucumber juice and lemon juice to a spoonful of flour to make a rice flour face pack. This also contains anti-tan properties. Even scarring can be treated using rice flour.

7. Face Powder

Are you looking for natural face powder as a part of your skin routine? Apart from your high-end cosmetic face powders with big hoardings and try out this natural home remedy as a face powder. Not only does it make the skin gentle but it also contains oil-absorption properties which elevate its benefits in the cosmetics sector.

Make a rice flour face pack using corn starch powder and apply it evenly to your skin. It also works if you’d want to keep your makeup on longer. It covers up pores thriving under the skin by blending very well and covers up pores to prevent oil secretion. Well, it’s completely impossible to disregard the benefits of rice flour for skin.

How to Use?

One of the main points to keep in mind while using rice flour is that it is not recommended to use daily due to the limited statistical data conforming to the same. However, the benefits of rice flour for skin can be elevated by adding other ingredients to it.

Rice flour face packs are a simpler way to address skin problems and to take greater care of your skin in a systemized manner. Rice flour face packs are not so hard to make. It has a simple procedure of preparation using all readily available home ingredients. Some of the face packs to make readily are:

a) Skin Whitening Face Pack

This face pack is extremely easy to make and takes little to no time. But its after-effects are breathtaking. For glowing and refreshed skin:

  • Extract the juice of one medium tomato and add a teaspoon of olive oil to it.
  • Take at least one tablespoon of rice flour and stir until it makes a fine paste.
  • Put it on your skin and leave it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water to witness smooth, glowing skin.

This rice flour face pack is known as the rice flour and tomato juice face mask and has instant and breath-taking effects on the skin.

b) Face Pack for Dull and Dry Skin

Some dry skins require extra care. For skin of coarse texture, this face pack can prove an efficient way to make it smooth. The natural ingredients of rice flour coupled together with those of turmeric and cream can indeed work wonders on the skin. 

  • Take a teaspoon of rice flour, fresh cream, and a pinch of turmeric powder in a bowl.
  • Mix them efficiently and apply them over your face and neck.
  • Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it with water at room temperature.
  • Repeat it to get a permanent streak to having moist and nourishing skin.
  • Also, do not forget to apply a moisturizing cream after rinsing.

Turmeric has built-in antiseptic properties which heal the skin from within. Cream on the other hand pervades the barriers of the skin and makes it smoother and softer than ever.

c) Face Pack for Acne

Rice powder is a powerful ingredient with healing properties. Acne, as discussed, can be easily uprooted with this ingredient. To remove acne without causing any side effects,

  • Add 2-3 drops of castor oil, a teaspoon of rosewater, and 2 spoonfuls of rice flour in a bowl.
  • Churn it into a smooth paste and apply it evenly to the skin.
  • Leave it to settle for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water and let it dry for the desired results.

This face pack very well highlights the benefits of rice flour for skin. Acne is removed from the roots and the skin is treated to become suppler and more glowing owing to the wonder of rosewater. Castor oil also has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin which reduces inflammation such as pimples and acne and relieves the skin of impurities.

And the list continues. There are a series of face packs to be applied that can be made with minimal effort and in no time to supplement our glowing skin. However, we need to be careful of the ingredients that we are about to put on our faces. The benefits of rice flour for skin are remarkable but we should also keep the rules in mind. 

Disadvantages Of Rice Flour For Face

We have been, so far, thorough with the benefits posed by this simple flour on the skin. However, to discuss the major disadvantages of rice flour for face we should begin with the fact that the clinical data relative to the use of rice flour on skin is limited. One cannot stress enough its importance without being significantly aware of its impact.

We cannot be blindly trusting a commodity without being fully aware of the disadvantages of rice flour for face now, can we?

Whether it harms the skin or whether its benefits come at a cost, does not have that much of reference. We do not know for sure how much of an effect the chemicals will be having on the skin. Doctors recommend not to use this product daily in case the motive backfires.

We all sure want to look more glamorous but we must not give in to what it is. Extracts surely have more of the ingredient than the parent plant itself. Soaking the rice flour in any liquid will elevate the presence of the phytic acid or ferulic acid content than the original rice flour itself. This is a tested fact.

But how much of the active content shall be absorbed by the skin is a huge question. The bioactive components are in a higher concentration but that does not ensure fuller utilization of the flour. It may or may not give the desired results on the skin.

Even so, the rice flour does not show much of an allergic effect on most, but it should be kept in mind that a test should be done on a patch of skin before applying to the skin overall. If the skin reacts, it should be rinsed off in cold water immediately and for major side effects, your dermatologist should be contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can rice flour be used on the skin daily?

No, it is recommended to use it not more than three to four times a week.

Does the use of rice flour induce allergies?

Allergies to rice flour are very rare but still if any discomfort like rashes or itching is observed on the skin, it is advisable to wash it off as fast as possible and apply a moisturizer comprising cooling substances such as aloe vera, cucumber, calamine, etc.

What skin type is best suited for rice flour?

For oily skin, it removes the excess oil from the skin. For dry skin, it replenishes the moisture of the skin giving it a supple and soft look. However, overuse is not to be done.

Is rice flour recommended for use on acne-prone skin?

Yes. The anti-inflammatory properties of the commodity help in treating acne, blemishes, and pimples. The anti-aging property of it also delays wrinkles, fine lines and delays loosening of skin muscles.

Can rice flour be used with other ingredients?

Rice flour face packs are like next on the list to fame. It is very well effective with turmeric, honey, tomatoes, curd, and other products and its application elevates the effectiveness of the already built-in nourishments that are contained in rice flour.

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The End Note

Rice flour is one of the many secret beauty products which is fairly effective and easily available at all times. As evident as it is, the perks surely do outweigh the disadvantages of rice flour for face. It is one of the go-to products now which can be used to treat acne, smooth skin, get rid of dark circles, or even as a powder for the face.

To list them all on one page is impossible. But the benefits of rice flour for skin surely leaves a huge impact on us and the cosmetic line as well. So why wait? Apply it on your skin and feel the magic. Let it give you a peaceful night’s sleep and a refreshing, supple, and lustrous face every time.

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