Benefits Of Honey For Face And Hair That You Need To Know

Honey; the most versatile ingredient of all time has its role enshrined in several aspects. From health benefits to its benefits for the skin and hair, nothing goes unattended when it comes down to accounting for the benefits of honey as a natural ingredient. For most people out there reading this piece at the moment, honey has been a favorite ingredient at least once in their respective lives.

Well, why not? Ever tasted honey? Isn’t it amazing a feeling in terms of taste? That’s how we derive the benefits of honey. Not to miss out on the antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that honey is well known for. its properties in themselves speak about the benefits you can probably get when using it as an edible or as a topically applied natural substance.

Benefits Of Honey For Face

One can keep on adding to the health benefits and health benefits that honey possesses. But what if I tell you, it works the same way for your skin and hair? Yes, you read that right. it might be a sticky substance that you might not prefer administering on your skin or face but, believe me when I tell you it works wonders. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and several other essential components that the hair and skin need.

Besides, the most interesting aspect of all is that you can easily mix honey with any other kitchen ingredients to derive full benefits from it. With that said, if you are still not sure about how to go about using honey, this article out here is right for you to have a clearer vision. Thus, without any further delay, let us get right into the topic at hand. And if you want to gain the best information out of this piece, read each word of it.

Benefits Of Honey For Face

The facial skin is the most vulnerable no matter which age you are in. It is never an easy job to manage healthy skin throughout the phase of life especially when the exposure to harsh environmental circumstances is the most. Most beauty and wellness products you look at today mostly end up containing honey as an ingredient. No wonder why we are here talking about its benefits.

Here are a few enlisted benefits of honey for face that you must know to get healthy-looking facial skin in the long run:

1. Moisturization agent

Honey has in itself certain enzymatic composition that enables its users to maintain nourished and hydrated skin. It penetrates deep into the skin and reflects its moisturization capabilities. You can use it directly on the skin regularly to get yourself fresh, healthy, soft, and moisturized skin. Especially for people with notable issues of dry skin, nothing can beat the effect of honey on your face.

How to use: for direct application, you can cleanse your face with water and apply and leave honey till it dries and washes off with regular water. However, you can use it in the form of a face pack by mixing it with ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, lemon juice, etc.

2. Acne-Fighting capabilities

Acne breakouts are perhaps the most painful situation your face tends to witness. What honey does is, absorbs the impurities from your face by controlling dust accumulation. The redness and swelling that shows up with acne can also be dealt with by using honey on the face. All such benefits owe credit to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that honey possesses in itself as a natural ingredient.

How to use: you can apply raw honey directly onto the affected area and allow it to settle for 15 minutes and wash it off. Besides, for the whole face too, the procedure is the same as the affected area.

3. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles

With advancing age, the signs of aging showing up is also a natural process and thus cannot be avoided. Well, honey when applied to the face can reduce such signs from being visibly prominent. By ensuring that your skin is nourished enough, honey soothes out any sense of irritation or dullness. The process of aging is delayed when you use honey on the face and with that, you are all good to go about flaunting youthful face.

How to use: for this purpose, you can use honey in the form of a face mask. Certain other ingredients such as papaya, yogurt, etc., when mixed with honey, forms an ideal solution for anti-aging. It will tighten your facial skin and improve blood circulation and thus give you ultimate results.

4. Say no to face scars with honey

Scars and stretch marks are prevalent signs among most women today. Besides, these cannot be avoided easily. Well, the antioxidant properties present in honey can be your rescue when dealing with such issues as scars or stretch marks. Your damaged skin needs the right treatment and honey can prove the same. Furthermore, honey helps to improve your skin’s capabilities of rejuvenating itself.

How to use: when dealing with scars or stretch marks, it would be ideal to target the affected area directly. For this purpose, you can directly take a bit of honey and massage it onto the affected area in circular motions. For ideal results, you can accompany lemon juice or cucumber juice with honey and then apply.

5. Natural exfoliating ingredient

Honey, when mixed with other exfoliating ingredients can be even better than any artificial exfoliator. Its anti-oxidant properties work in favor of your facial skin and thus help yield positive results. Removing dry skin and dead skin cells can be easily done using a natural ingredient as honey. Without causing any side effects to your skin, your job would be easily done in no time.

How to use: you can prepare any scrub of your choice by adding ingredients like coffee or rice flour with honey and even use it as any regular scrub. With this, your natural scrub is all ready to help your skin glow.

Benefits Of Honey For Hair

Ayurveda says that honey is equally good for the hair as it is for the face. But most people are left out in a state of dilemma when it comes down to using honey for hair. To clear out your dilemmas, here is a little something for you to begin your journey.

1. Scalp cleanser

Scalp infections and itchy scalp is a day-to-day problem in every household you look into. Especially for people with dry scalp, it is a major issue and can even lead to hair fall at times. However, if you are tired of using different cosmetic products on your scalp, a natural substitute would be a great deal to settle for. Well, honey is something you can try to get rid of itchy scalp problems.

How to use: direct application might tend to be hazardous and thus, a diluted version is the best suited for the purpose. Mixing honey with water and applying it onto the scalp is something you can do to derive the best benefits out of it.

2. Kick starts your hair growth with honey

The natural hair growth process tends to decrease as and when the aging process starts and continues thereinafter. Honey, can be a natural substitute to give a kick start to your natural hair growth procedure. The nutrients and moisturizing capabilities play a huge role in determining the benefits your hair can derive from honey.

How to use: for this purpose, it is ideal to create a hot oil mixture and administering it onto the hair and scalp for natural hair growth. You can use olive oil and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and apply and leave it on the hair for around half an hour.

3. Hair conditioning properties

An artificial source of conditioning is a fair enough option but, harmful chemicals still make their way to your hair. Besides, for a natural hair conditioning option, you can choose to apply honey, which would serve you the same purpose. Dry and dull hair can be easily manageable by using honey on hair. It is a rich source of moisture and conditioning for the hair.

How to use: for this purpose, a hair mask would be the best to cater to your needs. Mixing honey with an equally potent ingredient such as banana can give you ideal results in no time. Prepare a hair mask by mashing ripe bananas and two tablespoons of honey and apply and leave on the hair for about 20 minutes and wash off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve knows the benefits of honey on face and the benefits of honey for hair, you might also have similar questions at hand. However, here are a few commonly asked questions and answers that you might be seeking answers to as readers:

Are there any side effects of using honey on the skin?

Honey in general may not have any side effects except if you are extremely allergic to the ingredient. However, in the raw form, honey tends to cause certain symptoms that might not work in your favor. Thus, before using it as a whole, it is suggestive to try a patch test and then go for its usage in entirety.

Does Honey help get away with dandruff?

Just like itch scalp, honey works when you are facing an issue of white flakes or dandruff too. All you need to do is use a diluted solution of honey on the scalp, apply and leave for nearly about 3 hours to get the best results. It is easy to use and can give you proven solutions if used once a week to treat dandruff problems.

Can I use honey as a natural makeup remover?

Unlike artificial makeup removers, honey has a lot more to do along with just acting as a natural makeup removing agent. It is a strong agent and when used with coconut oil can help remove waterproof makeup as well. Your heavy foundation, mascara, eyeliners, etc. can be easily removed by using honey. Furthermore, it also remidifies the skin from other problems of dark spots.

Are the benefits of honey limited to only face and hair?

Health benefits are something you cannot miss out on while counting on the benefits of honey. However, most interesting of all, honey also helps deal with chapped lips, nails, and cuticles. In a way or the other, honey, with its several underlying properties is only going to win your hearts with its results when used.

How to use honey to treat sunburn and its after-effects?

Honey can be used to treat sunburn and its after-effects such as redness, etc. All you need is to prepare a mix with an equally subtle natural ingredient such as aloe vera gel, milk, etc. prepare the mix in a 1:2 ratio, and apply evenly on the affected parts. Post application, allow it to rest for about 15 minutes, and wash off with cold water. It would help soothe the tanned skin.


Honey is one natural ingredient you are most likely to find in the kitchen almost all the time. However, it is often looked at as an ordinary ingredient due to which most people miss out on its benefits. Be it benefitting the hair or the face, it leaves no stone unturned and thus has something or the other to contribute. Its properties are widely known and add to the utility of the ingredient.

With age, you tend to miss the soft and glowing skin that was a sign of youth. But, to maintain the same effect on your skin, you need not spend a lot sitting in a beauty salon and undergoing treatments. The process is simple as you can achieve healthy skin by sitting back at home and relaxing at your best.

What else are you waiting for ladies? Get yourself the joy of soft and radiant skin you always looked forward to. Honey has it all you need to look beautiful at any and every age.

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