Sports Bra: Everything You Need to Know

Sports bra, from the name you can guess that it is mainly designed for women who are athlete or engaged in sports. But that is not the whole truth. If you think that you don’t need a sports bra because you are not an athlete, you are nurturing a misconception!

Sports Bra

I know that you are not an athlete, but just tell me one thing don’t you go to a gym or don’t you go for a walk or don’t you do any kind of physical exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy? If your answer is yes, then girl you definitely need a sports bra which in a way or the other will be indispensible once you discover their multitudes of benefits.

So, What is A Sports Bra?

As the name suggests, a sports-bra is meant for wearing while you engage yourself in sports or other physicals activities. This bra being sturdy provides intensive support to your breasts so that your breast does not sag or gets hurt due to extreme physical activities.

During different physical activities like running or jumping, the breast tissues oscillate vehemently which can severely damage the delicate, fragile Cooper’s ligament. Sports bra through compressing or encapsulating, provides extreme support, eliminates oscillation and keeps the breasts in their places so that no damage can occur to them.

What is The Difference Between a Normal Bra and a Sports Bra?

A sports-bra is especially sketched for women while doing physical exercises or other physical activities. These are made to provide exhaustive support and comfort; besides these minimize the breast movements, jingling and oscillation.

Normal bra being fragile and brittle can neither provide the intensive support nor can it minimize the fervent movements of breasts while doing intense physical activities.

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Sports-bra can also handle the moisture in an effective way as these are made of comfortable materials like moisture-wicking microfiber or terry linings that can much perform better than normal bra materials such as nylon or cotton or satin.

Types or Variations of a Sports Bra

Generally there are three categories of sports-bra which are

  • Compression sports bra: This type of sports-bra works by compressing your breasts. It keeps your boobs in their right places by compressing them or pushing them against your body. Generally being wire-free these provide you extra ease and comfort.
  • Encapsulation sports bra: These are meant for a high-impact workout or sports activities. These normally have two cups for each breast which holds them in their right places. These bras are capable of completely eliminating the bounce, jingling and cancelling all the strains and extra pressure of the breasts.
  • Encapsulation-compression sports bra: A type of sports-bra where both encapsulation and compression styles are mixed. Having two individual cups these bras on the one hand press the breasts against your body and on the other hand the bra cups keep the breasts in their right places by abolishing any kind of breasts movement and bouncing.


You can find scores of styles of sports-bra, some of them are

  • Criss-cross sports bra: In this type, the straps are positioned in a criss cross style which not only looks super stylish but it also provides that intensive support and comfort.
  • Racer back sports bra: The straps lay in your back and it goes well with T-back tank tops.
  • High neck: The straps cut much closer to the neck and offer you a structured shape.
  • Seamless: These are wire-free and eradicate the chances of having soaring and bruises due to thick seams and wires.
  • Push up: These, having padding slightly increase the breast sizes and also furnish a slight lift to the breasts.

Why Use Sports Bra

Sports bras are extremely beneficial in your day-to-day life. Let’s see some of its benefit:

  • Eliminates discomfort: Sports bras proffer extreme support while doing exercises like running, jogging, stretching or other physical activities. The breasts are kept in their right places that as a result puts an end to all discomfort ensued by bouncing or oscillation.
  • Decreases breast pain: Whenever you move, the muscle ligaments in your breasts generally move up, down and sideways which can result in breast pain or soaring. But as sports bras are designed to keep breasts in the right place, there are no movements and you get relief from pain and soaring.
  • Reduces back pain: Your shoulder has always the pressure of carrying your breasts which sometimes leads to back pain. Again sports bras can give you relief from back pain as it provides support and carries the weight of your breasts.
  • Prevents premature sagging: Breast movement or oscillation without adequate support ultimately causes breast sagging or drooping. As sports bras provide thorough support there is no chance of sagging or drooping.
  • Looks stylish and modish: Sports-bra looks absolutely stunning. As it has numerous varieties you will not feel any hurdle to choose a cool bra for yourself.

How to Choose a Sports Bra?

While choosing a sports-bra you have to keep in mind certain things. Your sports-bra should feel tight than your regular bra and you should not feel any difficulty while breathing.

And the band should not move from its place, it should sit comfortably on your skin. To test, just raise your arms, if the band moves upwards then avoid that sports-bra and choose another one. There should not be any bulging or pilling and you should not feel any rubbing and chafing or any other discomfort.

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What is the difference between a sports bra and normal bra?

As sports bras are made out of form-fitting spandex, it reduces breasts movement and bouncing while doing exercise. On the other hand a regular bra simply gives a good shape to your breasts.

What type of sports bra is best while intensive work-out?

For intensive work-out, you should wear a high-impact encapsulation sports-bra.

Can I wear a bra under a sports bra?

You will not need to wear a bra under a sports-bra if you wear the right type of sports bra.

Can I wear a sports bra daily?

Yes, you can wear a sports-bra daily, it will not affect your boobs rather it will protect your breasts from discomfort, soaring and pain.

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So girl, do not live in the misconception that you don’t need a sports bra because you are not an athlete! If you are engaged in any kind of physical activities you will definitely need a sports bra that will always defend your breasts from discomfort, pain and sagging.

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