Push Up Bra: Everything You Need to Know About It

What is a Push-Up Bra?

The Push up Bra is a holy grail for many women and can be considered an inexpensive lift for the chest, without cosmetic surgery! Push-up bras can bring a perfect enhancement to anybody’s garment; it has variety of uses – whether you like a natural lift or even want to add an extra volume to your cup size – all can be done and your breast will look fuller.

Push Up Bra

Essentially, a push bra feels like a full bustle. It raises the bust slightly upwards by drawing the boobs together that as a result creates an illusion of a natural cleavage.

However it forces the breasts up in a comfortable manner and gives beautiful shape to your silhouettes under outerwear. The push up bras generally have a dipped centre front and a half cup to fit in under stylish tops and maxi dresses.

Things You Need to Know About Push Up Bra

Push up bras are common among women having various bust size. Small breasted women tend to force their boobs up to improve cup size and cleavage, while those who are already blessed with significant amount of volume wear push up bras to get a more structured shape.

These bras have multiple types of padding – some contain fluffy foam on the cup’s bottom or sides, some may contain air pads, gel pads, and even pads that can be replaced. Air pads provide lightweight lifts. There are also disposable pads that can be worn without padding.

Push up bras are not only intended to strengthen your breasts but they are also designed to enhance your confidence.

5 Explanations Why it is Unsafe to Wear Push-up Bra Regularly

Steadily Increasing Breast Cancer:

Tightening and padded bras are designed to unnaturally change breast shape by squeezing the sensitive breast tissues continuously.

This allows the lymphatic vessels to be compressed and constricted. The red bruises and marks can be seen distinctly that the padded bras leave after wearing it for a long time.

Lymphatic and circulatory processes provide necessary nutrients and help to expel toxins. These bras obstruct circulation primarily, which may contribute to a loss of nutrients and accumulation of excess toxin.

The lymphatic flux can be compromised which is harmful to breast tissues.

Lumps Formation:

In addition to limiting the lymphatic glands, the bras can obliterate the lymph fluid accidentally. If confined, this fluid can cause lumps, cysts in breast tissues.

Alteration and Sleeping Disturbances of Melatonin:

In the human body, melatonin is an important sleep hormone. Thanks to its artificial shape and lift, a padded bra will reduce the amount of melatonin in the body that will potentially contribute to sleeping disorders.

Breast Problem Lasting Damage:

Padded bras limit the circulation of the fluids in the breast tissues. In extreme situations, the side effects of wearing push up bras can lead to the damage of other body tissues.

Trying to Shape Damage:

These bras continuously push the breasts up against gravity and force breast’s sensitive lower tissues. And as these tissues are consistently being separated from the central body tissues, breasts get slackened, and their forms get lost.

Benefits of Wearing a Push-up Bra

A push up bra, also known as a woman’s best friend, provides numerous advantages.

For someone looking for exquisite lifting, a push-on bra is a perfect choice, whether it’s a woman with tiny breasts trying to expand her cup sizes or a woman who wants to achieve a sensual climb.

Anyway, in any woman’s wardrobe, a push up bra is necessary.

These are also ideal for low-cut formal wear, as most of the push up bras fit perfectly beneath your lovely dress.

But you have to be extremely cautious while choosing a push up bra because if it does not fit your breasts well it can destroy the overall look of your outfit!

Therefore you should choose a well fitted bra to compliment the outfit that you carry.

Here are Various Types of Push-up Bras

For each lady, here are the top 3 push up bras:

The Demi Cup Push Up Bra

Demi Cup Push Up Bra

As already mentioned, the half-cup push-up bras are an ideal alternative for women who choose to wear low cut tops because demi cup push up bras cover three-quarters of your bust and there’s no chance for any embarrassment where your bra can peep out of your top.

Demi-stressing bra also provides an added layer of push, as the bra’s normal formation draws the breasts together to create a slight cleavage.

Strapless Push up Bra

Strapless Push up Bra

The strapless bra is a perfect alternative for various off the shoulder dresses, tops and tube cut dresses. Moreover, these strapless bras give you extreme comfort and support no matter what kind of dresses you are carrying!

Double Padded Push Up Bra

Double Padded Push Up Bra e1606408303956

A double padded push-up bra is the most suitable choice if you have smaller boobs and you want to achieve a voluptuous look. These bras have double lining to embody enough padding.

This provides an increased elevated appearance. And the most amazing point is that the breasts do not spill over and match perfectly under any kind of dresses.

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Who Should Wear Push up Bras?  

Push-up bra is a perfect choice for every woman be it a small-breasted woman or larger busted one!

Those who have smaller boobs can take resort to these bras as they provide perfect lift and shape. But those women having bigger bust can also wear push up bras for that possessing perfect support and structured shape.

So say goodbye to that misconception which claims that push up bras are not for heavy breasted women. If chosen properly push-up bras are destined to enhance your look, no matter of what size and shape you are!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a push-up bra good to wear?

Yes, push up bras are good because it provides a structured shape and lift. But if any discomfort follows then you can avoid wearing it each and every day.

How should I fit the push-up bra right?

Wearing a pushup bra is very simple. Just keep in mind that after wearing a push-up bra there should be neither any spilling, bulging nor the straps should dig into your skin.

Can I wear a push-up bra during breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding, maternity bras are the ideal choice for women.

Can I wear a bra push-up daily?

If you don’t feel any discomfort, then you can wear push-up bra daily. But if you feel suffocation and pressure after wearing a push-up bra, then it’s not a good option for you.

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