5 Best Hair Curlers In India: Perfect Hair Curler Pick Of 2021

For a woman, her beauty lies centered in the hair that she beholds. Where on one hand a woman is blessed with natural hair, there is always scope for more. Well, the phrase ‘scope for more’ denotes none other than variations in the hairstyle that most women out there sought to achieve.

Dressing the hair as per the need of the occasion is one privilege that you enjoy as a woman. When given an opportunity, why not extract full benefits out of it. Likewise, women naturally blessed with voluminous curls love flaunting them. But, what about those who feel deprived of experiencing the same vibe?

For them too, there is a way out that can be your thing if you are looking forward to the joy of flaunting beautiful curls and waves. Well, if you feel achieving such hair goals would cost you heavily in your pocket, you are wrong. There truly is something that can save your money and change your appearance in no time.

It is none other than a hair curling iron that is a proven choice of most women out there reading this piece at the moment. Manufacturers taking into consideration such luxurious needs of women have come up with different varieties of hair curlers to choose from.

Best Hair Curlers In India

Now, with more choices comes more confusion to deal with. Well, that’s how we bring to you this blog post today. The sole purpose is to bring about the best hair curler in India alongside a guide on what factors you should consider while purchasing for the best.

Hang around with us as we take you on a roller coaster ride with all the relevant information you need to know before picking a hair curler for yourself. Let us get started right away.

List Of The Best Hair Curlers In India (2021 Update)

Looking for the best hair curlers can be a tough job when you are not aware of what to look for. However, here we have a list of the most preferred curlers by women these days. A detailed review of the features of each product alongside its pros and cons is just enough to ensure your purchase decision is guided at its best.

1. Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler

Havells HC4031 Chopstick Curler

When it comes down to choosing an ideal brand for electronic appliances, Havells has been a preference for most Indians. Havells HC4031 hair curler made its place in the list of the best hair curler in India owing to several features that the device offers. It is a top-reviewed curler in most e-commerce sites today.

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This piece can be your thing if you are looking for tight and crisp curls. It comes with a narrow barrel that requires the user to roll each section of hair to get ideal results. All you need to do is wrap the hair along with the heated tong and keep it in the position for about 8-10 seconds.


  • Comes with an LED indicator for easy heating detection
  • Comes with a 360° Tangle-Free Swivel Cord with a rotating mechanism
  • A high-performance device with up to heating capacity of 190° C
  • Enables fast heating technology (60 seconds)
  • Comes with a built-in safety band to ensure protection
  • Lightweight skinny barrel for defined curls


  • Easy to use curling device
  • Consumes less power (25 watts)
  • Comes with 2 years guarantee
  • Comes with a user manual with proper instructions for use and care
  • Comes with fast cooling tip after use


  • Handling the device has been a problem for some of its users

2. Philips BHB862 Hair Curler

PHILIPS BHB862/00 Hair Curler

When it comes down to a budget-friendly curling device for regular use, the Philips BHB862 Hair Curler (Black/White) is perhaps the choice of most women. Besides, the safety measure of the appliance is at its best. To prevent the hair from heating damages, the curling tong comes with a ceramic coating.


  • LED light indicator which indicated when the device is ready to use
  • Fast heating technology
  • Comes with a swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • Consumes less power (40 watts)
  • The heating temperature goes as high as 200 degrees C


  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Barrel diameter of 16mm gives beautiful curls to fall in love with
  • Takes only 60 seconds to prepare itself for use
  • Is healthy to be used on the hair
  • Cool tip for safe use


  • Some users have complained of hair damage after use

3. VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler (VHCH-01)

VEGA Ease Curl 19 mm Barrel Hair Curler

For the ones looking for a more convenient option, the VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler-19 mm (VHCH-01) is a great pick. It comes with a 19 mm heating barrel with chrome plates that are coated with ceramic for safety usage. This device has a proven record of offering high-quality curls.


  • Comes with a tip that is insulated for safety
  • Fast-heating technology
  • Comes with a ceramic coated clamp for easy use
  • The highest temperature recorded is 200 degrees Celsius
  • Comes with a swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • LED indicator along with on/off to switch


  • Consumes only 35 watts of power
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Lightweight application for easy usage
  • Safety measures are at their best


  • The curls obtained tends to loosen easily

4. Syska HC700 SalonFinish Hair Curler

SYSKA HC700 Hair Curler

The Syska HC700 SalonFinish Hair Curler is the one truly capable of meeting the hair curling needs of most women today. The brand in itself is of international importance in terms of curating to the diverse self-care appliance needs of both men and women. Thus, it can be a great pick for you too owing to the features that the curler has to offer.


  • Comes with a 360-degree swivel cord
  • Maximum heating comes up to 200 degrees C.
  • Comes with an LED power indicator for risk-free use
  • The diameter of the curling tong is 19 mm
  • Comes with a clamper for tireless use


  • The curling tong is resistant to high temperature
  • Allows a rest mode facility when in a heated condition
  • Consumes power as less as 32 watts
  • Comes with a cooling tip that maintains all safety standards


  • Curls don’t tend to stay for long hours

5. VEGA Ease Curl 25 mm Barrel Hair Curler

VEGA Ease Curl 25 mm Barrel Hair Curler

For those looking for a hassle-free option, nothing else could be your pick other than the VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler-25 mm (VHCH-02). The device is designed in a way to facilitates ease of use. It comes with a barrel measuring 25mm which is chrome-plated. For ease of use, it also comes with a ceramic-coated clamp.


  • Comes with LED indication and on-off switching
  • Fast heating technology as fast as 60 seconds
  • The maximum temperature observed goes up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Swivel cord to protect from tangling of hair
  • Consumes 45 watts of power


  • Easy to use the device
  • Comes with all safety standards
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty of two years
  • Comes with a cool tip for safe usage


  • Some users have reported the device to be a failure

Things To Look For In A Hair Curler (Buyer’s Guide)

Looking for the best hair curler in India brings with it certain factors that you need to keep in mind before buying one. Even if you are not satisfied with the list of the best provided above, you can still look for parameters that go behind making a hair curler the best in the market. Here is a list of features that you need to rely on to make a better purchase decision:

Safety Standards

Since a hair curler performs its job only after it is heated, maintain basic safety standards is a must for any such device. Thus, as a buyer, you ought to be looking for this element as the greatest consideration. A harmless device would contain features such as automated termination on excess heating and similar other useful features.

Length of the cord

This might not be the penultimate consideration but it deserves a place on the list. A swivel cord is a must feature to be looked for in a hair curler. Besides, the length too is a factor to look into. The lengthier the cord, the easier it is to use without any hassle. if the cord is short, it is more likely to be difficult to use.

Heating Functions

A hair curler with multiple heat setting options is something that makes the device versatile to use. Different hair types have different heating requirements and to meet the needs of all such users, a multiple heat setting feature is a must lookout for an ideal device. Without this feature at hand, any hair curler today ought to be a misfit for the purpose.

Barrel requirements

Extra heat is always prone to cause damage to the hair. Thus, an ideal device ought to offer a barrel with ceramic coating. Ceramic can heat up quickly and leaves the hair curler with minimal to no damage. A ceramic-coated barrel is budget-friendly and is a great choice to pick for.

Barrel dimensions

Different curling devices come with different dimensions of barrels. Thus, to prevent extra hassle, it is ideal to pick a hair curler with a barrel dimension ideally suited to fit your purpose. For someone with thinner hair, look for a barrel dimension that is shorter and likewise for long hair too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are aware of most aspects relating to buying a hair curler, you must be having some more questions hovering over your heads. Well, never mind, here is a list of some commonly asked questions and answers that is capable enough to resolve your respective queries.

Can I use a hair curler with a barrel size of 25 mm for a thin hair type?

Barrel size has a lot to do with the hair type and the type of curls you are looking to attain. It is suggestive that for someone with less voluminous hair to go for a shorted barrel and not 25mm. One can use it, but it might not give ideal results.

Can I curl my hair further if I have a wavy hair type?

It is not just women with straight hair wanting to curl their hair. Even others with a wavy hair type might desire to get locks all over. Well, for those women too, hair curlers are a great device to reap full benefits from.

What is the ideal hair curling temperature to use?

The temperature depends wholly on the type of hair of the user. Ideally, for people with colored or fragile hair, a temperature less than 200 degrees Celsius would be a great fit. Similarly, for someone with a thick hair type, the ideal temperature rises to anything between 200-300 degrees Celsius.

Where can I buy a good brand of hair curler in India?

Shopping online is the new trend and that’s the first place one can look out for getting their hands on the perfect deal for any product. For hair curlers too, one can look for the best devices on various e-commerce platforms at hand.

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Women never miss out on the best they can have. Thus, why miss out on the chance to know about the best hair curling devices at hand. The list of devices provided under the blog post deserves to be regarded as the best owing to the feature they have to offer. The recent trend calls for all such features that each of the appliances contains.

Hairstyling can never run out of fashion and that’s where the use of hair curling devices comes in handy. Modern-day problems require elevated and developed solutions and we have the same here too. With the right hair curling device to help you in times of need, you are all good to go about flaunting your beautiful temporary locks.

With that, we have come to the end of this blog post with all the relevant information at hand. Be it looking for the right device to suit your purpose or the features you need to look for as a buyer, we have it all curated under this particular piece.

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