5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Bra

We girls always need extra time to dress ourselves up while going to a party or a wedding or any special occasions as we have so many things to do before leaving our house- choosing the right outfit, the right fitted undergarments, doing make-up (obviously that is also based on the mood and atmosphere of the destination!) and ultimately finding the right accessories to get a complete accomplished look. Hence it’s absolutely well-justified if we take extra 1-2 hours, after all we have to look pretty and gorgeous.

But carrying heavy dresses with all that make-up and accessories for a long time is not that painless and you will always feel that urge to take resort to your casuals which can shower immense comfort and coziness.

Why You Should Wear A Bra

But girl among all these probably the most pressure comes from your bra, the close-fitting and compactness of which can pose a deliberate hindrance to your easiness. As a result, the urge for going braless can lurk into your mind and surely even if you fall victim to this urge nothing will happen immediately.

But will you repeat this almost every day so that you can relish the coziness in almost an unhampered way? Don’t fall prey to this temptation because you certainly will not experience any trouble or disorder immediately but eventually you have to pay for your lack of judgment and callousness as there are numerous benefits of wearing a bra regularly.

Before jumping to any conclusion, go through this article and see why you should wear a bra.

Let’s See What Exactly A Bra Is

Bra or brassiere falls under the category of woman’s undergarment or lingerie. This is one of the most useful items for a girl and it has gone through a huge stylistic revolution in these days.

A bra simply means tight-fitting underclothes especially configured to cover a woman’s breasts for providing the necessary support and boost. The main purposes which a bra serves are- adds lush and volume enhances shape and form, supplies comfort while doing an activity, confers alluring cleavage etc.

As there are countless benefits that can come after wearing a bra, it has become a constant companion of a girl.

Now, Why You Should Wear A Bra

Yes, I can understand that you are growing impatient to know why you should wear a bra, then without further beating around the bush, let’s comprehend what benefits a bra can deliver:

1. Proffers A Structured A Silhouette

This is the one of the most amazing benefits of wearing a bra.

Suppose you have decided to wear a stunning body-hugging western dress, but girl that stunning dress will not look good if one can perceive your disordered boobs underneath that dress. Certainly that will destroy the overall essence of the dress and simultaneously you will not feel comfortable and definitely in such a situation you will feel detestable.

Nevertheless, you can be rescued from this loathsome situation only if you wear a bra underneath your dress. Find a well-fitted bra according to your body type, wear it and you will notice how magnificently your whole look gets remolded in a twinkling.

A well-fitted bra vouchsafes a beautiful and elegant structure to your breast which is the prerequisite for wearing tight-fitting dresses, transparent or thin tops and blouses. As it shapes your boobs, automatically you become decked with a structured silhouette that makes your whole look extremely enthralling and gripping.

Nowadays multiple varieties of bras are available in the market, among which you will definitely find one that will do miracle to bestow a good shape on you. A t-shirt bra has gained immense popularity for endowing the desired shape, other than this you can also rely on a padded bra or a push-up bra or a plunge bra which are equally good to make you enamored with those.

2. Conceals All Your Flaws

No one is perfect each of us has flaws, imperfections and if truth be told these flaws make us more real and compelling. And this is also true for your boobs which are splendid and stunning no matter how flawed these are.

But sometimes after wearing some dresses, there remains a possibility that you will not look good if you boobs have perceivable faults. These flaws can be of different types- disproportionate structure, extremely lean and slender in nature, excessively voluptuous in nature, saggy and drooping etc.

But in each of these cases, you don’t have to go through a medical treatment as you have an easy and simple remedy before your hand for almost all of your problems and that remedy is nothing but a bra.

If you have smaller breasts and you want to augment the size and shape of your breasts, look for a graduated padded bra or a push-up bra which will yield a generous amount of boosting that will add sufficient volume and lush to give you a striking, fuller look.

And if you are blessed with voluptuous breasts, but your goal is to get a slender look without a delay search for a minimizer bra which will fully cover and compress your breasts so that all the extra bulging gets absorbed to give you a slimmer and slender look.

Now assume that you are lacking in confidence as you own disproportionate boobs which can be perceived under a thin T-shirt or body-hugging dresses, in this condition the most befitting choices would be a push-up bra, a padded bra or a t-shirt bra because the sturdy padding of these will conceal the uneven nature of your boobs by bestowing smooth, even structures on them.

Again if you always dream to achieve an alluring cleavage which you can’t gain naturally for your wide apart breasts, settle on a good-quality plunge bra that is capable enough to draw your boobs slightly inward and then elevates them, as a result without much effort you possess that much desired ravishing cleavage.

3. Prevents Drooping

Girl, I know how much relaxed and comfortable you feel when after the long day’s work you just return home, unfasten the hooks of your bra and at once you feel unencumbered. But despite that you cannot keep going without wearing a bra as it will cause premature sagging and shriveling to your breasts regardless of the slenderness that you are having at present.

Your breasts are composed of glands and fats that are kept up naturally by numerous suspensory internal ligaments and with time these ligaments will droop if you don’t provide them constant support.

A bra provides that necessary support to these ligaments, and it’s needless to say if you don’t wear a bra, due to the gravitational force the ligaments will not be able to sustain the weight and will break down eventually leading your boobs to severe drooping and trust me girl, this is the most fatal disadvantage of not wearing a bra.

A bra, being tight-fitted compresses the breast tissues, keeps your breasts in their places and minimizes its movements. It also provides boundless support and firmness, so that your ligaments don’t feel the insurmountable pressure of holding up the whole weight of your breasts.

Not surprisingly if you wear a well-fitted bra regularly, the process of sagging and drooping which is almost inevitable can be slowed down by a great deal of time.

4. Provides Support And Alleviates Pain

Surely you are well-acquainted with the importance of the role which regular exercises play for our well-being and health.

Now I believe that you never skip your exercises rather you are habituated with regular high-intensity work-out, but while doing this do you wear comfortable garments because without comfortable attire you will not get the maximum benefit out of it?

While doing work-out, adequate support is more than necessary to refrain your boobs from excessive clinking and to stabilize them in their right places.

A bra is that magical undergarment which delivers abundant support, compactness and helps you to continue your work-out or other activities without the slightest irritation that can be caused by the jingling of your boobs.

The added tantrum comes when your back aches severely due to this constant weight on your front which in a way can disturb the balance of your body.

As a matter of course your body will tend to bend down in the front and skipping a bra daily will speed this up which is one of the most damaging effects of not wearing a bra, but this whole thing can be circumvented by wearing a bra which will bear the weight of your breasts to keep your whole body straight and upright.

5. Stimulate self-confidence

A bra, this single undergarment can do so many wonder, for that it has almost become a girl’s integral part, almost a second skin.

Just for the sake of experiment try to skip it wearing underneath your dress, I can guarantee that you will not feel satisfied when you will look into the mirror and scrutinize your reflection.

As that organized shape will vanish, you will not be able to fill that lack with anything- not with heavy make-up or jewelries or gorgeous accessories- nothing can replace that void that will be generated when you will omit this indispensable thing out.

Now wear the same dress not omitting your bra, and then look over, see yourself in the mirror, you can perceive the distinction right away. You will discover that your shape has improved, your boobs are more structured and overall your posture has been revamped in a more elegant and arresting way.

And definitely when you will cast your eye upon your well-structured form, you will feel encouraged to flaunt yourself and your look, in short your confidence will multiply in an unprecedented way and this is certainly why women need to wear a bra.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Till now if the article has not been successful to douse your dilemmas, then prithee hunt through the following question answer session:

Is it necessary to wear a bra at home?

Absolutely, you have to put on a bra while you are home because these undergarments dispense adequate amount of support to your boobs and resist these from drooping or sagging down. But before going to bed, don’t forget to take off your bra otherwise it can interrupt the blood circulation of your body as these are exceedingly compressed and tight in nature.

What happens if you don’t wear a bra?

A bra is a tight undergarment which is especially originated for bestowing support on a woman’s breasts which contain flesh, fatty tissues and always are kept elevated by your bodily ligaments. If you don’t provide the additional support to your boobs, the ligaments will gradually break down and the all the breast tissues will be disintegrated and as a consequence your breast will sag and shrivel no matter what shape and size you possess.

Does wearing tight bra increases breast size?

Certainly not, a bra is meant to impart infinite support, firmness but it cannot augment the size of your breast. A padded or push-up bra can create an illusion of larger and voluminous breasts but these cannot escalate the shape and size of your breasts.

Why is it important to wear a bra?

Wearing a bra regularly has manifold advantages such as it ameliorates your whole bearing, furnishes a well-organized and structured curves, provides plenty of support to your bosom, palliates back pain and spinal disorder.

Should I wear a bra to school?

Frankly speaking there is no predetermined set of rules for whether you should wear a bra or not to school; it largely depends on your body type if you own quite bulging boobs and protruding nipples, then for your own comfort you should wear a bra as it will cover up your breasts and nipples to obliterate the risk of showing up the nipples. In such a scenario you can pick a bralette, a fusion of a bra and a crop top which is being non-wired and non-padded can give you seamless comfort and coziness.

What age should you wear a bra?

Each of us is unique and distinctive as we have our own idiosyncrasies. The demand and necessity tend to vary according to our body type and therefore it cannot be said exactly from when you should start to carry on a bra but an average Indian girl generally starts to wear a bra when she becomes 14 years of old.

How long should you wear a bra?

If you wear the same bra each and every day, you have to replace it with a new one within 5-6 months otherwise it will lose its elasticity, firmness and will not remain efficient enough to give you the desired support and comfort, as a result the ill-fitted bra can engender chest pain, back ache or a spinal cord disorder.

Is it healthy not to wear a bra?

A bra holds up the full weight of your breast and by doing this it secures the perfect balance of your whole body but if you start to bypass your bra for a long time you definitely will suffer from breast pain, backache and back trouble.

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Hence girl even if you love to go braless for that extra relaxation and coziness, don’t extend this wrong-doing, or else you have to endure several health disorders provoked by continuous skipping of wearing a bra.

As you have already known why you should wear a bra, always recall those magnanimous benefits and don’t ever exclude it from your daily clothing rather try to embed the habit of wearing bra in your day-to-day life to reap the maximum out of it.

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