Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin & How to Use It

Healthy, glowing skin can make a huge difference, you know. Bright, radiant skin makes you attractive, boosts your confidence and above all, it makes you prominent in the crowd. When you beam with your luminous skin, believe me, it’s so pervading that people will feel compelled to notice you.

And no wonder we do so many things to possess a bewitching, healthy, glowing skin. To achieve that, we buy costly skincare products, visit parlors, salons, undergo high-priced facials, exorbitant treatments, and god knows what not! The list will go on and on…All are just for healthy, glowing skin!

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

But have you ever thought about Aloe Vera gel? Yes, this magical juicy plant always gets a lot of hype. It is used in numerous skincare products. Various celebs, fashion divas, big names proclaim about incorporating this into their daily beauty routine.

You may think that this plant is overrated. But not at all! It blends so many virtues that it really performs miracle for our skin. A regular systemic use of this incredible ingredient will do wonder for your skin.

But how does this help our skin? What are the benefits of aloe vera for skin? It seems you can’t wait, right? Then without further ado, let’s move forward and see what aloe vera can do for our skin:

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

1. Works as a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin

Is your skin exceedingly dry? Even after applying gallons of moisturizers to your skin, does it feel dehydrated and thirsty? The flakiness is so visible that you never feel at ease with your skin, right? Strange though it may seem, when you try to put on make-up the dry patches become extra prominent.

Living with dry skin is hard as it has so many drawbacks. But trust me; this peril can be dispelled. Yes, you have heard it right! This can be driven away by using aloe vera gel on a regular basis. When you’ll know the benefits of aloe vera for dry skin, you will be amazed.

Aloe vera gel has components like mucopolysaccharides, choline salicylate and choline which functions extraordinarily to moisten your skin. Mucopolysaccharides build a thin protective layer over the skin which guards nerve endings.

In a way, it seals the moisture within the skin resisting it to evaporate. The other ingredient choline salicylate soothes, heals the irritation and redness caused by the flakiness of the skin. The crusty, scaly skin becomes smooth and soft.

As aloe vera gel has 95% water, it hydrates skin and quenches the thirst of your dehydrated skin quite beautifully. To get the utmost impact you can collect the raw aloe vera gel from your plant and apply it directly.

Otherwise, you can also go for readymade aloe vera gel and apply that regularly to your skin. Take 1-2 tablespoon of aloe gel, apply it gently to your face, neck area and leave it overnight. Do this and wake up in the morning with a soft, supple and glowing skin.

2. For removing extra sebum from your face

Dry skin is problematic. So is oily skin. Oily skin beauties have their own troubles too! If your skin is oily, you experience excessive amount of blackheads and whiteheads. The extra sebum which is always generated in your skin clogs your pores and it results in severe acne and pimple.

For this excessive oil production, your pores are enlarged. After all, that greasy shiny feeling is just abominable. To control that, you miserably hold on to different skincare products labeled as “oil-free”, only to face disappointment!

But girl, you have solution for that. The answer is obvious; it’s the age-old aloe vera gel. What? Heck, yeah! There are multiple benefits of aloe vera gel for oily skin. But you used to believe that aloe vera is suitable for dry skin, right? That’s why you have always ignored this pulpy plant which is growing in your garden without your vigilance.

Let me tell you one thing that aloe vera is more than appropriate for your extremely oily skin.

Aloe vera gel is exceptionally lightweight in texture. It gets easily absorbed without leaving any residue. 95% of aloe gel is composed of water. It provides hydration to your skin without clogging your pores.

Its vitamins, minerals nourish your skin. It restricts the excessive sebum production. The extra oiliness of your T-zone and forehead area gets eliminated and at the same time the relatively dry areas such as your cheek and chin gets moisturized. So in a word aloe balances your skin by giving the proper nourishment and hydration.

Use aloe vera directly on your face. cut a piece of aloe leaf, scrap that with a spoon, add few drops of tea tree oil and apply it generously to your whole face. Leave it overnight, wash your face with a cleanser in the morning and get an oil-free healthy glow. Yes, it’s that easy!

3. Heals sunburn

Indian summer is menacing. The scorching heat, dazzling sun rays, are the typical features of long summer days. And definitely you will not get holidays during the whole summer. You have to go to your workplace.

If you are involved in outdoor works, then your plight is even bigger. In spite of taking preventive measures such as using effective sunscreen, scarves, hats you can fall prey to severe sunburn. So what’s to be done?

No worries, you don’t have to go through any special treatment or take any drastic measure. Aloe vera gel is the easiest solution in these cases.

Since time immemorial aloe vera is used for curing sunburns and inflammations. For that reason, it is popularly known as “burn plant”. Studies have proven that aloe is extremely helpful in curing first-to second-degree burns.

Aloe vera gel has an ingredient called aloin which is solely responsible for aloe’s anti-inflammatory, soothing properties. For its moisturizing and hydrating properties, it can also cure the peeling process that is caused by sunburn.

If you have your own aloe vera plant then just cut a juicy leaf of that plant. Extract the juice from the leaf and keep it in the refrigerator for some hours. Then apply it several times to the affected area.

Your burn will definitely subsidize after repeated use. But if you don’t own an aloe plant, go to the local store, search for 100% pure aloe vera gel and then apply that evenly to your burnt area. You will certainly feel relief. Appeasing sunburns is one of the most functional benefits of aloe vera on skin.

4. Clears acne and pimple

Acnes and pimples are common enemies for girls. Both of these are experts to ruin your whole look. The redness, pushes, swelling, pain, and ultimately the red and brown spots- all are there in your face, thanks to these acne and pimples!

If you are always prone to breakouts, you know how these can affect your confidence as well as the health of your skin. Yeah! I can understand your misery as I have gone through the same situation.

Sometimes ago I was literally frustrated by the problems of acne and pimple. But then I started using this magical aloe gel and it really did a miracle for me! Regular use of aloe vera gel will also help you to clear your acne and pimple.

As aloe vera gel has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, it is used for centuries to heal wounds and cure bacterial acnes and pimples. When used topically, it increased blood flow all over your face and kills the harmful acne causing bacteria.

If you apply aloe vera gel on the red swelling area of a pimple, the pain, redness and swollenness will vanish gradually.

To fight acne and pimple prepare a face mask. Take 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix them well then add ¼ tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Apply this mixture to your face, keep it for 10-15 minutes and gently wash it off. Repeat this twice a week and say goodbye to all your acnes and pimples.

Do you know why acne and pimple occur? These happen when the pores of your face get clogged by sebum and dead skin cells. Afterward, these clogged pores get infected with bacteria and inflammation occurs.

So to avoid this, you have to control the sebum production and deeply cleanse the pores. Exfoliation is essential to get rid of this problem. Take 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of pure aloe vera gel.

Blend these very well and gently rub your face with the mixture. This will remove all the dead skin cells and extra oils from your face. The pores will be cleansed deeply and all the acnes and pimples will be eliminated. Thence what can be the more wonderful benefit of aloe vera for the face than totally eliminating the threat of acne and pimple?

5. Can wane pigmentation and blemishes

Are you overexposed to the sun? Then even if you religiously maintain your sunscreen you will certainly experience pigmentation and brown spots. You will begin to notice that there are some patches on your face which are darker than the rest of your body. Yep! This is one of the damaging effects of the sun and its harmful UV rays.

Again this problem can be dismissed by aloe vera gel; you can use aloe vera for skin whitening. This is too good to be true, right? But it works.

Pigmentation or dark spots occur when an ingredient called melanin gets deposited in your skin. Aloe vera has properties like aloin and aloesin which diminish the appearances of pigmentation and dark spots.

These elements break the existing melanin cells and prevent further melanin formation and deposit. Consequently, the pigmentation and dark spots wane gradually. At first wash, your face with a cleanser, take a generous amount of pure aloe vera gel in your palm and then gently massage it on the affected area.

Leave overnight to get the maximum benefit. Follow this every night before going to bed and observe the magical transformation of your skin.

6. Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines

Time destroys everything. As time progresses, it leaves its impact on our skin. The more we grow older, the more fine lines, creases, and wrinkles appear in our faces. This deadening impact of time is inevitable.

We cannot alter it but we can certainly delay this whole ageing process. Is this possible? Yup, it is. For this extraordinary task you need nothing but fresh pure aloe gel.

Aloe vera gel naturally augments the production of collagen and increases cell division. The increasing amount of collagen helps to diminish the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles and creases.

It also tightens the pores, improves the flexibility, elasticity of skin, and multiplies the blood circulation to make skin more radiant and younger. As aloe has Vitamin C, B1, B3, B6 and 18 amino acids, it fights free radicals which are another reason for wrinkles.

Mix pure aloe vera gel with sweet almond oil and gently massage your skin in an upward motion to get the optimum benefit. This on the one hand gives your skin the deep moisturization and on the other hand increases the production of collagen. In return what you get is younger, bright and soft skin. Repeat this every night for utmost benefit.

7. Reduces dark circles and eye puffiness

Do you always look tired for your severe dark circles? Does your eye puffiness always come in your way of looking refreshed and glamorous? If yes, then you need to treat your dark circle and puffiness with aloe vera gel.

It has different nourishing and skin-lightening ingredients. A regular applying of this soothing gel can banish your severe dark circles and puffiness. Take some pure aloe vera gel and keep it in refrigerator for twelve hours.

Apply this evenly to the affected eyes just before going to bed. Keep it overnight. Follow this regularly, the puffiness and pigmentation will fade in time.

8. Excellent overnight skin nutrition

Studies have proved that in night your skin absorbs different nutrients really faster than daytime or any other time. So to reap the best of aloe vera gel you should apply it at night before going to bed. But how to use aloe vera gel on face at night?

Simply take some aloe gel and mix it with olive or coconut or almond oil. Massage this mixture for some minutes until it gets soaked properly. Just leave it undisturbed for the rest of the night. In the morning you will feel soft, supple, and glowing skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we apply aloe vera on face daily?

Yes. You can apply aloe vera twice daily to get the best result out of it.

How can I use aloe vera on my face?

If you have the plant, just cut a juicy leaf, remove the thorns and squeeze out the gel from the leaf. You can apply it directly to your face or for the more soothing effect keep it in the refrigerator for an hour and then apply a thin layer to your face. If you don’t have the plants buy an organic aloe vera gel and apply it in the above-mentioned way.

Is aloe vera gel good for your face?

Definitely aloe vera is good for face. It contains multiple nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants which are extremely beneficial for your skin.

Can aloe vera remove dark circles?

A regular consistent use of aloe vera gel removes dark circle.

Does aloe vera moisturize skin?

Aloe vera is a wonderful moisturizer. It’s extremely lightweight and gets easily penetrated into the skin. It moisturizes your skin without making it too oily or too dry.

Is aloe vera suitable for all skin type?

Being lightweight it’s suitable for oily skin. As it deeply nourishes it works good for dry skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it’s also suitable for sensitive skin. Before applying it, do a patch test. If you don’t feel any irritation, apply it all over your face.

Is aloe vera good for wrinkles?

Aloe vera deeply nourishes skin, boosts collagen production, and provides enough antioxidants. Thus it gradually removes wrinkles and fine lines.

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As there are myriad benefits of aloe vera for skin, it has been used for treating different skin issues for decades. This luscious plant single-handedly can cure almost all skin problems. Then don’t wait anymore. Forget different costly skincare products, salons, and expensive treatments. Just pamper your skin regularly with aloe vera gel only to shine with luminous, glowing skin.

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