What to Wear on a First Date: The Best Date Outfit Ideas for 2021

A first date means a lot of excitement, exhilaration, eagerness, and definitely a suspension of what will happen next! Whether you know the person for a long time or have just met him in the virtual world, it does not matter. The first date is the opportunity to know him better. Yes, I can understand the mounting pressure. The dilemmas, the confusion, the suppressed tension- are all part of the game.

Apart from these, the extra pressure comes from what to wear on a first date for girls like us. Obviously, we have to look our best. But that is not at all easy. You may have a wardrobe full of clothes but girl I bet you will not find something easily.

What to Wear on a First Date

Instead, you will find tons of flaws in them- some piece you will find too short, some too long, some too fit, some too loose, some too faded, some too colorful, ugh! And God knows how many more!

Hey, relax. Just calm down. There are brilliant outfit ideas which you’ll simply fall in love with. Take your pen and paper to write it down and let’s get started:

What to Wear on a First Date? Here is the ideas

1. A beautiful red dress

Women red dress

Red is traditionally known as the color of passion, love, and excitement. No wonder it is one of the best colors to wear on a first date night. A red dress will make you attractive, elegant, and seductive. Due to its high visibility rate, it can easily trigger an adrenaline rush in your onlooker.

While choosing it you can find multiple variations. You can go for A-line red dresses that will augment your beauty without any doubt. To get a polished delicate look, choose a strapless side draped dress of ankle length. The lace midi dresses are also another option that can give you a breathtaking look. You can also go for a long dress with a boat neck.

But for choosing the shades of red you should take care of some points. If you are warm-toned, you should go for bright red like scarlet, vermillion, candy apple, etc. If you have cool skin tone, the darker shades of red such as maroon, crimson red will complement your tone.

And if your undertone is neutral you can easily experiment with different shades. In that case, soft rose or dark blushed red will look perfect on you. To accentuate your look wear a gold bracelet or a gold light chain. For shoes wear black or silver heels.

If you are going on your first date and searching for ages about first date dressing then a red dress is definitely that what you want.

2. Three quarter sleeve yellow top and navy midi pleated skirt

yellow top navy skirt

Do you want a more cheerful as well as soothing look on your first date? You don’t want to carry too far but you don’t want to look plain also, right? Then girls, there’s good news for you! You don’t need to make a frantic search anymore for what to wear on a date. This combination of yellow and navy blue can work wonder for you.

This combination simply works great. While yellow brightens up your whole look, the navy blue gives a sober, calm, and composed air. By choosing this you can add a lot more fun and assuredness in your appearance. Trust me girls; you cannot turn out badly while wearing this.

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For the upper part, you can choose a yellow three fourth sleeve collarless button-up shirt and combine that with a navy blue midi pleated skirt. For a more elegant look, you can also go for a navy blue flared skirt which you can combine with a yellow tank top.

To get a complete look, choose a black pointed toe-heels and wear a statement neckpiece. By carrying this whole look you will definitely stand out among the crowd.

3. A casual jumpsuit


A jumpsuit is another beautiful option for a casual date outfit. If you are avoiding it, this is the high time to invest in one. A jumpsuit with perfect shape, color, and cut generally suit every body type. As it covers your body from head-to-toe, it creates a stunning look that is far more unique than casual jeans and top combo.

There are multiple varieties of jumpsuits available in the market. Choose one depending on your body type. If your body is pear-shaped, a blazer jumpsuit will give your body a sheer finish. Wearing this you will get professionalism that is appropriate for any formal party or a date after work.

But for the apple-shaped body type, cape jumpsuits are the most suitable ones. It gives your body an elegant posh look by balancing your heavier midriff. Culottes jumpsuits are for inverted triangle body shape. If you are petite and small this is the best fit for you as it can create an illusion of elongated legs.

Denim jumpsuits are other versions to give a monochrome look and are suitable for every body type. To get a cool and carefree look tank jumpsuits are better than others. It is perfect for an hourglass body type.

If you are really confused about what to wear on a casual first date, pick a jumpsuit without any second thought.

4. An alluring kurti


If you don’t want to wear western wear on your first date, kurtis can be one of the most suitable options for you. This comfortable, versatile wear will not dissatisfy you, take my word for it.

The tail cut kurtis will instantly adorn your look. These asymmetrical kurtis are little long in the back and at once give you a smart look. You can easily pair it with denim jeans, leggings, or jeggings. If you are blessed with a tall body and your body type is pear-shaped, kaftans kurtis will flatter your look. These are airy, comfortable as well as fashionable and modish.

To get a more fashionable look, opt for a floor-length side slit Kurti. It has a thigh-high slit, combine it with a pair of palazzos or leggings. To complement your look make a messy bun and also wear long earrings.

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If you want a splendid look, double-layered kurtis can be a good option for you. The hemline of these kurtis generally comes with an additional layer for creating a more appealing aesthetic look. Combine it with palazzo for a splendid look. If you want to achieve a slimmer look, you should definitely go for a princess cut Kurti design to get a slender look.

If you are looking for a toned down first date dress idea, this easy and comfortable wear is a befitting option for you.

5. A simple yet elegant salwar suit

salwar suit

Your first date is special, right? And for this special occasion, a special outfit is more than necessary. After all, you want to impress that man. To achieve your goal a salwar suit will be the most fitting choice.

A straight cut salwar suit can make your appearance graceful and captivating. The upper garment i.e. kameez is generally combined with a salwar i.e. trouser and a dupatta. This traditional look is on the one hand comfortable and on the other hand is stunning with its design and sharp cuts.

Another version of salwar suits is Anarkali suits that are generally more dignified and regal. The long flares of an Anarkali flatter your body and give an aura of otherworldliness. The length varies between knee-high and floor-length.

The Patiala salwars are also visually very charming. The kameez is comparatively short and the pants are loose with numerous pleats. Being airy these are very comfortable during summer days. Want to experiment more? Then the salwar suits with front slits will ravish you in a minute. The kameez with a front slit bestows on you an Indo-Western look.

Other than these you can also go for A-line salwar suits which will definitely make your appearance enthralling and fascinating. If you are bewildered about what to wear on a first date to impress a man, nothing can be better than a simple and elegant salwar suit.

6. Knitted sweater and high-waisted corduroys

Knitted sweater dress

Are you looking for what to wear on a first date in winter? This sweater and corduroy combination will provide both warmth and style.

The corduroy brings the image of luxury and comfort. Wearing corduroy will give you a retro look that is so much in vogue these days! A burgundy-colored corduroy trouser will perfectly match with a mustard-colored knitted sweater.

Tuck the sweater in and for a cool look add an of-the-moment baker boy hat. Olive green is another color that will look fabulous with classic corduroy trousers. Choose an olive green oversized sweater and pair that with high-waisted corduroy pants.

To complete the look don’t forget to add a black leather bag. Again if you wanna achieve a cool urban vibe then pick one white t-shirt and match that with your corduroy pants. To protect yourself from the chilling cold add a jacket and for footwear choose an ankle boot. Try any one of these outfits; you will be far from the clutch of biting winter.

7. A denim shirt and leggings

denim shirt and leggings

A denim shirt is the daily bread of a girl’s wardrobe. As this complements any body type and any skin tone, it is highly popular among girls. It makes your whole appearance cool and modern. The laid back mood which denim shirt provides is unparalleled.

The hard and durable fabric can allow you full freedom of doing whatever you like to do with it. Leather leggings are also stylish, posh, and elegant. The body-hugging appearance which you get after wearing leather leggings looks amazing and flattering.

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While you combine loose denim shirt with tight-fitting leather leggings, your body gets a balanced structure. When you will carry this cool and comfortable look, you will definitely bring a smile on your onlooker’s face! Hence collect these two pieces and you don’t need to worry about what to wear on a first date for coffee.

8. A cropped top and a gathered skirt

crop top and skirt

The pairing of a cropped top and a gathered skirt will give you an astonishing look. The gathered skirt is an amazing garment to make your shape more structured. If your waist has extra bulk, you can cover it with a gathered skirt.

The cropped top exposes the midriff portion in an attractive way. Due to this combination, your skin does not become too bare or too covered. No wonder it enhances your look by adding a mystery. Store this beautiful outfit combination and no need to be anxious regarding what to wear on a first date to the movies.

9. A beautiful maxi dress

maxi dress

So the two of you have decided to go on a drink date? Really, that’s some news girl! As a result, you are peeking at different clothing stores to get ideas of what to wear on a first date for drinks. If you are still confused just pay heed to my suggestion.

Grab a beautiful maxi dress for this special occasion. To get a refined look, rely on a floral print maxi dress. Are you plus-sized? No need to worry. Pick a ruffle maxi dress and be beautiful in an instant.

You can also choose an off-the-shoulder high-low maxi dress to highlight the right places of your body. Now if you are petite, a V-neck jersey maxi dress will be appropriate for your body. Just go for it, girl. Trust me, you will feel no regret.

10. A gorgeous black dress

Black dress

Got an invitation on a dinner date? Fantastic! But what to wear on a dinner date? A gorgeous black dress is the best answer of this question.

Black dresses are timeless and classic. It makes your look more polished and refined. It does not matter what size you are. It perfectly suits every body type and every skin tone. If you are petite always try to choose a black dress that has vertical details to give you an elongated look. With it, wear sheer black stockings and nude pumps. While accessorizing keeps it low and simple.

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If you are blessed with an hourglass body type, flatter your look by wearing a pencil black dress. Black wrap dresses are another alluring version for any body type. For a bewitching look, you should certainly go for a black sequin dress.

As there are numerous varieties of a black dress, you will never face any hurdle to get that perfect one for your body. If necessary go to your tailor, make a good fitting and get a magnificent look with your black dress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need to know more? Let’s go through a quick question answer session:

What should you not wear on a first date?

Avoid wearing too revealing clothes on your first date. Also, don’t wear a garment which is too tight or too loose. Skip wearing new shoes as you will not be comfortable with new footwear. Always wear an outfit that is comfortable and soothing.

Is it okay to wear jeans on a first date?

Absolutely! Jeans are comfortable and cool. With it, you can easily get a put-together look. So jeans are always a big yes as a first date outfit.

What is the best color to wear on a first date outfit?

Red and black both are the best colors to wear on a first date. Red as a vibrant color gives you an intense look while black gives you a more polished and refined look.

Can I wear leggings on a first date?

Yes! You can definitely wear leggings on your first date. Just pair it appropriately and you are more than ready for your first date.

What kind of shoes should I wear on a first date?

Always go for one that is comfortable. If you are short you can rely on black heels. But if you are taller than average women then you can go for a ballet pumps or flat sandals.


Remember it is your first date. Both of you have opportunities to know each other better. For this you have to converse with each other. If you don’t wear a comfortable outfit you will miss the whole fun.

So always wear an outfit that is comfortable as well as stylish. Keep it soft, toned down. Don’t go too far while choosing what to wear on a first date. Be confident, listen more and carry your personae more gracefully to get a beautiful memory from your first date experience.

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