10 Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make

Fashion is intriguing! It is a way of aesthetic representation of clothing, makeup, hairstyles, footwear etc. at a certain period and place. It can make your appearance gorgeous, breathtaking, and exotic.

But can the reverse happen? Can it also make your look gaudy and unattractive? Oh! Unfortunately yes. It can also be disastrous! But how is that possible?

Most Common Fashion Mistakes

Sometimes it can go wrong when the underlying balance in it gets disturbed. Our life needs balance. So does fashion. When this balance is jeopardized, fashion can become catastrophic.

To avoid this, you have to become aware of common fashion mistakes that we always make at some time.

Common Fashion Mistakes All Women Should Avoid

Let’s see what those common fashion mistakes are which women generally make:

1. Not knowing the body type

dress fitting

Knowing one’s body type is the most important factor while choosing an outfit. There are countless garments available in the market. But all of them will not fit you as those are made for different body types.

Hence, if you don’t know what body type you have, you will not be able to find the right match. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body type, body-hugging clothes will not suit you. In that case, you should go for a-line or empire cuts.

Similarly, if you are the owner of a pear-shaped body, you should avoid loose bottoms and close-fitting tops. Instead, choose A-line skirts or dresses. And if you are blessed with an hourglass-shaped body type, body-hugging clothes will flatter your look. Again, if you possess a rectangular body type, choose ruffled and layered tops to accentuate your look.

This is one of the most common fashion mistakes ladies make. Therefore avoid it, find out what body type you have, and buy fashionable outfits based on that to get the ultimate fashionable look!

2. Not paying attention to proper fitting

How to Improve Dressing Sense

Do you always avoid a fitted garment? You think your muffin top or heavy midriff will become more prominent if you wear a fitted outfit. As a result to hide that you always rely on loose, baggy clothes. But dear, you are making one of the worst fashion mistakes!

It is not going to help you at all; instead, it will make your size bigger and odder. A good fit can create an illusion of a slimmer body. Try to take away the attention from the parts which you want to hide and flaunt those which you admire.

If your midriff or belly is heavy, then try to make prominent your shoulder and bust area. Ruffled tops, layered tops or peplum tops will save you in this case. But if your belly is slim and your hip is fuller then you can easily go for a cropped top and high waited pants.

Find a good tailor who can do the sewing and cutting and will transform the oversized dress to a nice fitted one.

3. Choosing the wrong undergarments


Right undergarments can make a huge difference to give a proper shape to your body. These are the unsung heroes to provide balance to our overall appearance. But sadly, lingerie doesn’t get the proper attention which it deserves. We always invest in the right clothes, accessories but when it comes to undergarments, we generally shy away from this day after day.

A perfect fitted bra can give the necessary uplifting which creates a flattering. But a wrong one can ruin the entire posture. The size is not the only factor while picking a new bra. You have to keep in mind what type of dresses you are going to wear with it.

For example, if you are going to wear tight-fitting dresses or tops, seamless bras are good option for you; for low-cut necklines, you should rely on push-up bras and for an off-shoulder dress, a strapless bra will be appropriate.

Choosing the wrong panties is one of the biggest fashion mistakes. When carrying tight-fitting bottoms, always try to avoid lacy panties as these typically create lines that will be visible under the skinny bottoms. Surely this will spoil your look.

So don’t shut your eyes to this issue as it is one of the most-important style mistakes to avoid.

4. Wearing too much jewelry or none at all

women jewellery

Who does not love jewelry? Beautiful jewelry can elevate your appearance. A bracelet, earrings, and necklace can make your look complete and add a polished dignity if chosen wisely. But a wrong pairing, the wrong size, and shape can damage your whole look.

There are so many variations available, that you’ll feel exhausted and be confused about pick a suitable one! Don’t get disheartened! This issue can be addressed!

Before choosing one, try to keep in mind the shape and size of your face. If your face is small and you carry a huge earring, then certainly everyone will notice your earring, not you. Instead of a big one, go for a small light, which will match your face frame perfectly.

While choosing a new one don’t neglect your skin tone. If your tone is warm then pure gold will be a perfect match. But if you have cooler undertone then silver or rose gold will suit you very much.

And remember the place or the event. If you are dressing for a wedding, then a diamond or gold jewelry set can serve the purpose. But if you are going to a casual family get together light costume jewelry can easily accentuate your look.

Always try to use one or two statement pieces. You don’t have to wear all your jewelries which you have in your wardrobe. Trust me, that’d be a disaster! Do layering but don’t overdo it.

Sometimes to avoid all these confusions, you’ll end up skipping this beautiful item! But don’t commit this mistake which is one of the most usual fashion mistakes every woman makes.

5. Not maintaining the balance while showing the skin

woman on dating

Are you going on your first date? Then definitely you will want to look attractive and alluring. But for this, you don’t have to choose a dress that is too revealing. While wearing revealing clothes, try to expose just one portion of your body which you want to display.

For example, if you want to expose the midriff, you can pick up a cropped top and high waisted pants or long skirts. To reveal your legs, you can pick denim shorts and pair them with a long sleeve top or a flowing top.

If you want to show off your chest, try to cover up your legs. For a sexy and seductive look, you can also show a little cleavage! But don’t overplay this! Definitely, you’ll not want to draw attention for the wrong reasons!

Be bold! Show your skin. But always try to maintain a balance; otherwise, you can look gross and shabby. To achieve that delicate and attractive look, this dressing mistake you have to avoid.

6. Not dressing for the occasion

Party dress

This is one of the general fashion mistakes all women should avoid. You cannot choose the same outfit for a wedding or for the office. For different purposes, you have to pick different outfits; otherwise, you will feel extremely uneasy.

To avoid this, always choose an outfit that will not look odd in the place where you are going. If you are going for work, it is expected that you will select formal wear such as neutral colored dresses or shirts and pants. For better understanding, you can check our cour combination guide.

You can also try different Indian formal wear such as nude-colored saree, light kurti, straight cut salwar suits. If you are going to a party, then the rule is different. In that case, you should go for a flared skirt, embellished gown, or ethnic salwar suits.

Therefore to dress up appropriately, you have to keep in mind the specific purpose or occasion.

7. By not picking the right footwear

women footwear

After giving hours after hours to your make up do you always hurry while choosing footwear? When it comes to footwear, you just wear whatever you find in your wardrobe, right? If you always do this, then girl, you have to work on this!

Without proper footwear, your appearance is incomplete. It enhances your look by adding a subtleness and stateliness. But choosing appropriate footwear is not that easy as it seems especially when there are so many new, captivating options available out there!

If you are wearing a bright sparkling dress you should stick to black or nude stilettos. If you are carrying Indian Patiala pants and suits wear desi juttis or mojaris. If you are wearing a neutral grey or beige outfit, you can easily wear red pumps to freshen up your look.

For a straight cut Kurti or churidar, you can go for light sandals or flip-flops. Pick black or brown leather shoes for office or any formal event.

Don’t try to match the color of the footwear with your outfit. For example, don’t choose magenta-colored footwear for a magenta-colored gown. Instead, go for nude stilettos.

If you want to know how to avoid fashion mistakes, you always have to pay attention to your footwear.

8. Not taking care of hands and nails

Nail polish

When you think about an important occasion in your life, you always invest your time in clothing, footwear, and so many things. But hands and nails generally don’t get your attention.

As a result, sometimes you show up with rough hands, half nails with nail paints, or completely wrong nail polish. That’s really gross, girl. You are making one of the disastrous women’s styles mistakes. Your hands and nails talk a lot about you. You should definitely start to take care of those.

Use some nail polish remover to remove the residue of nail polish. Then mix a gentle shampoo with lukewarm water and soak your hands in that. Keep it for five minutes. Then use a soft brush to clean the nails and trim it with a nail cutter. Then dip your nails and hands in lemon water and rest your hands for five minutes.

Next, wash your hand and apply moisturizer to your hands. Put on a nail polish that will match with your dress. For the office, you should pick a skin-toned nude color and for a party look, you can pick any bright color.

Follow this regime once a week and feel confident regarding your nails and hands.

9. Not taking proper care of clothes

woman cleaning wardrobe

While buying new clothes we feel so energetic, but when the point of taking care of clothes comes you feel lethargic, right? Beware! This habit will cause damage to your clothes.

While washing you should always try to follow the instructions given at the labels or for more assurance and clarity you can ask the store associates. Try to avoid using wire hangers which are not appropriate to carry heavy garments. Instead of a wire hanger, try to use felt hangers.

Always avoid machine drying your delicate undergarments. The excessive heat will destroy the elastic. In the same manner, avoid ironing the delicate fabric. The heat will create printings on delicate clothes. Always wash your t-shirt using cold water and try to dry on the permanent press so that it does not get creases and wrinkles.

Ignoring the proper attention of clothes is one of the most familiar women’s fashion mistakes to avoid. By giving the proper care to your clothes you can surely run extra mileage.

10. Skipping attention to the details

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In fashion, the minute details are very important and you should never ignore paying attention to the details. Don’t ever wear an outfit that has creases and wrinkles. Always check that before wearing a garment. If creases are there iron them at once.

The other important thing is your make up. Definitely you will not do the same makeup for an evening party and for the office. Don’t go for bold makeup for the office look. You can experiment with your make up while you are going to a party or other special occasions.

Your hairstyle also matters. For a formal look, you can rely on a neat and clean topknot or a high ponytail. For a party or a festival, you can go for twisted fishtail braid or beach waves bun.

Don’t underestimate the role of a handbag while dressing up. If your height is above the average, go for a short and unstructured bag. But if you are small and slight, go for a medium-size tote. Again try to avoid small bags if you are overly curvy.

Last but not least; don’t ever forget your perfume. Your fragrance makes you prominent in the crowd; it announces your arrival. To attract the attention of others, choose a perfume according to your taste and personality. But try to avoid those who are very strong.


So? Have you taken notes of the above points? Then great! Your whole job is done! You don’t have to worry anymore. Be confident, put on a smiling face, try to be careful to other people, and keep these in your mind to easily avoid making the common fashion mistakes that generally every woman makes. And be assured that you will create a lasting impression on everybody’s mind.

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