15 Ultimate Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The eyes can say everything, whenever one says this, it has a deeper meaning because the eyes are the most expressive organ of the human body. That’s why people also say “eyes can’t lie”. When this particular organ has so much effect on your persona, you could not ignore them.

Make your eyes look bigger and fresher is not necessary only to look beautiful but also for the personality. As it is an integral part of your personality and, a big, vivid eye boosts your confidence.

You may have born with a large, winged eye or with an almond-eye like me, I am going to tell you how you can make your eye look bigger naturally in this article.

make your eyes look bigger naturally

Despite having big eyes due to many reasons like lack of sleep, under-eye puffiness, dark circle, and stress, our eyes look dull, small, and sleepy. In that case, your eyes can misinterpret that you are not energetic and active.

From this article, you can collect the ideas of how you can get a fresh, and bigger-eye look in natural ‘no-makeup look’ and also in ‘makeup look’.

Steps of Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

It’s not mandatory to put on makeup every time or spent hours on your eyes to get a big eye look. But by following some steps for regular maintenance and exercise, your eyes can look fresh naturally.

1. Eyebrows

Groomed and on the point, brows can bring all the attention towards the eyes and also gives a fuller look to them. Uneven eye-brows with extra hair in not-needed areas narrow the space between the eye-lid and brows. The narrow space tends your eyes to look smaller.

The well-tweezed crease of brows creates the illusion of a thicker gap between the lid and brows, and hence your eyes look big.

You only have to give a trimmed and pleasing shape to your brows. It might be done at home with an eyebrow pluck machine, or you can visit a saloon at regular intervals.

> Mistake to avoid

Plucking the extra hairs of eyebrows gives you a nice and natural look. But the common mistake we often do, is we make the eyebrows too thin or light. Never do this because your eyes will look pale with too thin brows.

2. Eye Lashes

Long, black, dense eye-lashes add another level dimension to your eyes. Who else doesn’t want to get curly, long, fluttering eyelashes?

You can achieve your goal spontaneously with makeup and, that too I will discuss later. But you can also achieve pretty good results naturally. You need to take care of your lashes as you take for your hair.

Follow these steps to get long, healthy lashes

I. You might know how blood circulation is significant for healthy, breakage-free hair. Similarly, here the circulation is crucial too. Comb your eyelashes daily for 2-5 minutes with an eyebrow brush.

Daily brushing, stimulates the blood flow towards the eyelash and cleans the accumulated dirt. It will prevent the breakage of lashes.

II. On your clean fingertips, take few drops of Coconut oil and Avocado or olive oil. Now gently massage your eyelid and eyelash. Be careful that you are not putting too much pressure or causing a breakage of hair.

Coconut and olive oil will enhance hair growth. You can see the results in few weeks.

III. While removing makeup, make sure you are not leaving traces of mascara. Mascara makes the eyelashes too hard that they could break while sleeping due to abrasion.

IV. You can apply egg white while applying it on your scalp with an eyebrow brush. The protein and anti-oxidant of egg white enhance the growth of hairs.

3. Combat Dark-circle

The Under-eye dark skin or the cavity physically don’t change your eye size or shape, but it creates the illusion of the small, tired and feeble eye. 

You can get rid of the under-eye dark patches if you have many homemade remedies or night creams. But the best thing you can do, maintain some healthy habits that you don’t get those purple or brown skin under the eye.

  1. Take your proper sleep at night. Because, apart from dark circles, compromising with the sleep cycle causes other health issues also.
  2. Sustain and balance your screen time and make your eyes look bigger naturally. Nowadays, because of excessive screen time, the closer focus of your eyes gets stretched more and tends to small.
  3. A healthy diet with fruits that are especially rich in anti-oxidant will make your eyes more healthy and beautiful. You can use cotton pad dip in green tea or cucumber gel. They will relax your eyes.

4. Under-Eye Puffiness

Under-eye puffiness is more irritating than even dark circles. The puffiness sometimes could be a genetic problem but not for everyone. Many folks often deal with under-eye puffiness due to allergenic or sleep cycle problems.

If you have such kind of allergenic problem, I would suggest you follow your proper skincare routine. Rosewater could be an immediate medicine to get rid of puff eyes. You can use eyedroppers also that have been suggested by doctors for red eyes.

5. Daily 10-minute Exercise

Needless to say that with a healthy diet how crucial workout is. Without daily exercise, we can lose our health in this era of automation. On a day our eyes do enough work for us and, you should take care of them.

Here I am going to tell you some exercises you can follow to make your eye look bigger naturally. If you have tight schedules at least try to bring out 10 minutes on alternative days.

Exercise 1:

To get rid of closer eyesight widely open your eyes and look as much far as you can after 10-seconds, close your eyes. Repeat this 5-times.

Exercise 2:

With your fingertips gently, and gradually press the eyebrows one by one. Do this for 1 minute on each eyebrow. The practice will decrease the stress and enhance a calming effect.

Exercise 3:

Expand your eyes widely and roll them in a circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat the rolling process from left to right and right to left 15 times.

Exercise 4:

With the index and middle finger, lift the lower and upper eye-lids for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10-times.

Exercise 5:

One last funny exercise you can do. Make number 8 with your eyes by look at up and down alternatively. Draw your number 5-6 times.

Steps to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

When girls do any type of makeup, whether it is for any special occasion or a daily-based makeup, the focal point is always the eyes. The eyes take the maximum time and effort to look beautiful. But while doing the makeup, some silly mistakes make your eyes look even duller than your natural ones.

Here I’m giving you complete guidance on doing eye makeup. By following them, you can make your eyes look bigger and attractive.

Here are the makeup techniques for perfect eyes:

1. Conceal Everything

 The prime step for having a fuller and vivid look for the eyes is to cover up the undertone, hollow areas. Take a long-lasting one-shade lighter concealer than your foundation and apply. Pack the concealer with translucent powder.

Pro-tip- If you have tremendous dark-circle or you feel like you have much darker skin under the eye than your face, you can go with my favorite tip of using an orange-color corrector.

On Indian skin type, orange color corrector works well. When I apply concealer after using the color corrector, it gives me a natural and long-lasting finish.

2. Define Your Eyebrows

Take your time to define the lines of eyebrows. Brush them upwards and then drag them in parallel lines creating a sharp crease. With a brown eyebrow pencil or brush, fill all the gaps. You can also draw if you need a bit more length.

Draw the tail portion towards the outer side, not on the inner side of the eye. In a hooded eye, this look will create more space on the eyelid that gives the eyes chance to shine.

Precaution- I always recommend that don’t use black-colored pencils on brows, because the black color gives an artificial look and shift the attention to brows instead of eyes.

3. Add Color Dimension

Now we are entering into the original procedure. You can try any type of eye effects like a smoky eye or a winged eye. But assuming that you have small, or almond eyes, I would suggest preferring nude color eye shadows that will complement your eyes more than darker shades.

I’m explaining here the dear-eyed brown color look. You can go with this or anything else you want. Define your crease lines with a nude color pencil.

Take two shades of one color and apply the darker shade in the corner areas and a lighter shade on the central crease from where the light will reflect. Mix the colors with a fluffy brush and create a very soft look. Circulate the same colors smoothly on the lower eyelid as well.

4. Waterlines Draw the Ultimate Shape

Your upper and lower waterline plays their role differently. Apply black eyeliner on your upper waterline and tighten the upper eye look. This stroke of the liner will complete the fuller look after the application of mascara.

Put a nude color or pale eye-liner on the lower waterline. This pale, beige liner creates the doe-eye look with dramatic effect. It creates a contrast to catch the attention.

5. Eye-lash Curl

Big, dramatic eyes without curling the lashes are not a possible thing. An eyelash curler is one of the handiest equipment of makeup for women. To get the proper curl, use the curler in three sets and make sure you are curling from the roots of the hairs.

6. Coats of Mascara

After curling your lashes, they deserve a dark color. Apply one coat of mascara if you will put false lashes unless wearing at least 2-3 coats. Put on the mascara from the lower to the upper portion in abrasion motion.

7. False Lashes

Additional eyelashes put extra volume to your eyes. If you are going with heavy bridal makeup, it’s always an excellent choice to add extra dimension. But one thing you need to care about is the size of the lashes.

It’s a tricky thing to choose because without wearing you can’t predict what shape will exactly fit you. So, experiment with a few of them. Also, you can follow some guidelines to choose your eye extension.

> Precaution

Try not to lift a too-heavy eye extension because too large lashes than your eye could cause a bulky look.

8. Bring the Shimmery Effect

Now it’s time to shine. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with your shimmery highlighter. With a small fluffy brush, blend it gradually. It makes your eyes more expressive and innocent. In the case of bridal makeup, you can highlight the cut crease also with the same highlighter.

9. Eyeliner

When I was in my teenage, I used to done a similar mistake with eye makeup. I had the misconception that eyes look great with lots of kajal or thick eyeliner, but that’s not how it works. Because the thicker line gives a bulky and heavy look, and rather than a simple thin line of Kajal works better.

Even you are trying to achieve a winged-eye effect, start with a thinner stroke you will be amazed by the results.

10. False Lens

The last but not least step is contact lenses. Yes, your lenses could be the game-changer. Colorful lenses fetch all the attention on the eyes. That doesn’t mean you are going with any random color contact lens. You can go to any lens shop and choose a shade that matches your natural color but creates little difference.

Especially in photo sessions or in bridal makeup look, lenses play a vital role. Photographer’s also recommended lenses in photoshoot because with lenses your eyes look fresher, and you are ready for the close-shorts too.

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I have tried to explain both the ways to make your eyes look bigger naturally and with makeup. You can follow both paths. The eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body and, taking extra care of those will be a soothing effect for them.

Whatever eye shape, you may have always been confident and active with them. Don’t forget to mention in the comment what are the most effective tips you have found from this article.

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