12 Ultimate Tips On Indian Bridal Makeup at Home

Wedding day is a dream day of every girl’s life. When it comes to weeding, it has been that natural glow blooms on a bride’s face automatically. We can imagine how crucial a makeover is at wedding ceremonies for girls. 

Here comes the role of overpriced makeup artists, but you know you could do Indian bridal makeup at home.

Indian Bridal Makeup at Home

I know this sounds crazy, but especially nowadays you would not want to go outside like in a parlor. You may find the pandemic is a hurdle in your look on your special day, but with our following tips, it will not. You will need little patience and subtle steps to fully-fledged.

Your decision would not be risky as you are thinking right now, because before the wedding day on the ceremonies like sangeet, Mehendi, and Haldi, do your makeup by yourself as per our recommended steps.

Ultimate Tips For Indian Bridal Makeup at Home

1. Keep Your Skin Healthy 

As it is your wedding, not a normal day makeup, taking the extra care in advance is very useful. Before 1 or 2 months of your wedding day, put your glance towards your health and skin.

 You have several reasons to do so:

  • If you maintain your skin, then on that day, you will not need to give extra effort to hide your blemishes, dark spots, and other skin problems. 
  • Moisturizing your skin just before the makeup is not a solution, because in that case, you may get a cracky finish. For the 1- month, follow the strict routine of keeping the skin hydrated with a suitable moisturizer.
  • Beauty comes from our inner body, so don’t neglect your eating habits. Taking fast foods and oily junk foods may turn into an invitation for stubborn acne. Eating vegetables and healthy fruits is a subtle choice to glow.

2. Cleaning & Toning 

Wash your face gently with your favourite and suitable face wash and clean all the dirt and oils.

Additional tips:

  • If you have intense oily skin or if the wedding is in summer, then include this step also. Otherwise, you can skip it. Take an ice cube by folding it in a clean cotton cloth. Dab the cube all over the face for 5 minutes.
  • This step gives your skin-cooling effect that will control the secretion of oil for long hours. Don’t rub the ice cube on your face, else it will turn into a red face.

Now apply toner or moisturizer to whatever product you are habituated to. If you are applying moisturizer, then choose it according to your skin type. For oily skin, take a gel-based moisturizer.

Apply heavy moisturizer on the lips and leave it for enough time to sooth.

3. Priming

It is the foremost and sustainable step of any bridal makeup. Take the primer in small amount and spread on the whole face as a thin layer. It should be on your skin color. 

It is the base for your makeup because it makes a layer on open pores and tiny bumps. Now you get a smooth surface to apply the makeup products to shine flawlessly. Set your primer with spray to protect the main base layer.

4. Eyebrow 

Before doing the foundation step, draw your eyebrows because even if you make any mistake, you will have the chance to correct it. With an eyebrow pencil, draw ankles and elongated area. Then with small and light strokes of the pencil fill all the gaps. Put light strokes in the front area of the eyebrow that looks more natural. 

With a spoolie brush comb your eyebrows.

5. Colour Correction

At wedding parties, you face a hectic day where you will be busy with full of activities. There your dark patches, pigmented regions need a long day coverage. For under-eye dark circles, on pigmented chin areas, on the acne marks, and even in the forehead, if you have discoloration, use an orange color corrector.

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It is not mandatory to use. If you feel your dark spots or under your eye, you don’t have an intense dark circle you can skip. In this case, concealer will be sufficient.

Additional tips:

After using the color corrector pack with a little bit of translucent powder. Remember to use very little powder.

6. Foundation

We know you are smart enough to choose the right color shade of foundation. Now dab little spots of foundation on the whole face. Spread them as a thin layer with a sponge.

Make sure the layer is not uneven. Apply foundation on your neck, ear and cover the forehead up to the hairline. Set your foundation with compact.

Additional step:

In wedding photography, there would be flash photography. Using an SPF included product could ruin those images. Use an SPF-free foundation, you will be safe from the white cast effect on wedding pictures.

7. Concealer

Now, this is the step where you are going to hide everything. Take one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply only under the eye, and pigmented regions. With the help of the sponge, dab the application and mix with skin.

Never rub your concealer, it will give you a caky, very unnatural finish. Leave it for pat dry. Now pack everything with translucent powder or compact.

8. Let’s do the Eye Makeup

As a bride, you want to create a cat-eye/winged eye look, and that even possible to in Indian bridal makeup at home. 

Here we have described the steps of the winged eye look that is most common for Indian bridal makeup. But if you want any other look to create, like a smoky eye- look, you can further research.

a) Eye Shadow

Use the tape method for creating this dramatic eye look. In the tape method, cut a small piece of tape and place it in the corner of the eye diagonally. Now you are free to apply eye shadows with ease.

  • Apply the light yellow color eye shadow all over the eyelid.
  • Now, on the crease area go with little dark color like scarlet (Choose the colors according to your dress/ the palate you have).
  • Now apply brown color in the corners and make the cut crease.
  • On the cut-crease, apply glitter eye shadow or highlighter to create a vibrant look.

b) Eyeliner 

Take a liquid eyeliner. It is best for a smooth and vibrant finish. Take your time to apply unless you might need to recreate your eye look. Though the tape will help you to create a winged eye look easily, precaution is better than cure. For eyeliners, you can check our top 10 best eyeliners list.

After finishing the eyeliner, remove the tapes. You will be amazed by the results of this small trick. Clean the traces of eye shadow from here and there of your face with a brush. On the lower eyelid, apply the eye shadows following the same process.

c) Eyelashes 

Big eyelashes complete your look. Curl your eyelash and apply one coat of waterproof mascara. For a gorgeous look, you will need artificial eyelashes. Wear the eyelashes and apply the mascara on both the upper and eyelashes.

Here you are done with your eyes and, they are ready to steal everyone’s eye.

9. Time to Give the Shape

It’s time to add the shape and shine to the bride’s face.

a) Contouring

Contouring is a vital step because you are giving shape and volume to your face. With the contouring, stick draw lines in the nose line, and define your jawline, chin area, and forehead.

Blend the lines with a beauty blender. Add compact beneath the contouring line on cheeks for sharp results. But remember to blend it properly. It shouldn’t look like a different line on your face.

b) Blush

Applying blush is the easiest and fun step to do. Take your beauty blush on the brush and, now smile, please! When you smile, your cheekbones are uplifted, on those uplifted regions, apply the blush.

The blush will give you a reddish glow on the cheeks.

c) Highlighter

At last, here is my favorite part of makeup most like other girls. Highlight your T-zone and upper cheek area, and with a help of a small brush, highlight the inner corner of your eyes so you will look fresher.

Additional Tips:

  • If you are using a liquid highlighter, make sure to use highlighter powder as well. This is the product that will stay on the upper surface of your makeup so, it’s necessary to pack it with powder.

10. Lipstick

Even on a normal day makeup, the right touch of lipstick makes your day, and in bridal makeup, lipstick plays the key role too. Long-lasting lipstick that doesn’t drain out in the mid function is necessary.

  • First, draw the lips with a help of a liner and fill your lips with it. Wipe it on a tissue.
  • Again apply a liquid or stick lipstick according to your dress. With this double-layer process, your lipstick will stay all day.

If you want a glossy look, then directly apply lip gloss or the lip liner.

11. Setting spray

To fix everything applies the makeup setting spray and sit under the fan to blow dry. This is the crucial step that will keep your efforts sustainable.

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12. Final Tip

Last but not least, put a smile on your face and be confident by your inner soul. In the end, the secret of carrying any look is your self-confidence, whether a professional artist is doing your makeup or you are doing it yourself. Walk like a princess because you are the diva of that day.  

How to Avoid the Makeup Blunders

Even if you follow the above-mentioned steps sincerely, there is a high chance that you would do a makeup blunder. Make-up is something not only about putting the products together, it’s more about the arrangement and precautions.

One who follows the precautions always has fewer chances to go wrong. For doing Indian bridal makeup at home following the precautions are mandatory.

1. Relax and Take Your Time

Don’t rush the process, good things take time. You have assumed it right. Always take extra time to get ready. If you will sit to do makeup with less time, there will be pressure and, you might be messed up.

Be relax, be calm because of the tension that arises on your face, your makeup can’t be able to hide that.

2. Practice

Doing the Indian bridal makeup at home for the first time on the wedding day would be a daring challenge. It’s a huge risk not to experiment with your look before. Even if you have well control over your make-up skills it’s always good to try the practice.

While practice, you got to know what goanna suits you and what quantity of the product would be best. Make notes of mistakes while practice that you have to avoid on the wedding day.

3. Don’t do These Treatments 

Many people start new skin treatments on the occasion of their wedding. But these steps could be turned into a fatal consequence due to allergy to the particular product. So stay away from these random steps, if you haven’t tried facial before no need to experiment with it before the wedding.

Waxing can cause skin irritation and redness, so finish your waxing one week ago on the wedding day.

4. Carry Blotting Paper

Don’t avoid the small blot papers. Carry them with you to all wedding ceremonies. It is the only thing that will save you while sweating and keep your makeup flawless.

5. Emphasis on Waterproof Products 

In Bridal makeup, the quantity of products tends to be heavy. In this, if anything starts melting, everything can get messed up. So try to use waterproof products. 

Using waterproof products for the eye is not enough. Bring waterproof foundation and concealer in your bridal makeup regime. 

6. Combination of Lips & Eyes

It’s a universal Bridal makeup combination tip. With eye and lips do the opposite thing? If you are using vibrant colors for the eye makeup and eye look is heavy then stain your lip with light color.

Suppose you are going with light makeup on your eye, then go for hot, vibrant lip color.

In this combination, your face will be more visible and picture-perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I go with the trend for bridal makeup?

Honestly, in India on average, there are thousands of weddings happening per day. So, trends in Indian bridal makeup change often. Sometimes, people follow celebrities too.

But we will suggest you consider what look may suit you and choose your look inspiration according to your dress. For Indian bridal makeup at home, it’s an inevitable step to fix first what look you are going to put.

How long does bridal Make-up take?

There is no hard and fast timetable for bridal makeup. It varies upon some factors. It might take a short period for a makeup artist, but for self-makeup, you may require a little longer time.

Approximately, except hair, you could finish your bridal makeup within 1 hour. You also might need less.

What are the most common mistakes in bridal makeup?

Many mistakes have been done by brides. But the most common mistakes we often see are over-doing the eyebrows, not carrying the blotting papers, and forget the body part.

These three mistakes are should be avoided because they could ruin your day. Don’t elongate or make deep your eyebrows too much that it starts to look artificial. While doing makeup, our full focus remains on the face, so we avoid neck regions that you are not going to do.

If you have oily skin or not must ensure carrying blotting papers. It will be your best friend when you sweat.

Can I do my bridal makeup?

The answer is yes. why not? If you don’t want to increase your budget by spending rupees on makeup artists and you are skilled with brushes you can do it pretty easily. You just need clarity of mind about what you want to make and little practice.

Should I go with one brand of products for bridal makeup?

If you have an entire makeup kit from one brand, then well and good. Suppose you don’t have it doesn’t matter. Just work with a quality brand product that suits you.

Even if you have every product from a different brand, you can make your bridal look with all of them.

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