14 Common Makeup Mistakes You Are Doing: Know Them Now

Before putting an eye-shadow or eye-liner we go through a number of tutorials and videos to see whether we are working on it correctly or not. But, we may be doing some very common makeup mistakes every day without even knowing the consequences that may follow.

Whether you are a teenager beginning new makeup or an adult woman with a lot of experience in makeup, there is always a scope to learn new makeup trends. With the arrival of brand new makeup materials, we all want to try them. But, less do we focus on the technique we are following. The tendency is to read the tutorials on the pack and start applying.

Common Makeup Mistakes

However, there is more to know about the application. Whether it is a simple foundation or shimmering your eyes, there is a perfect technique to everything. Also, there is a control of using the appropriate amount of makeup on the skin. When you apply excess of everything, it will ruin your natural look instead of enhancing it.

There are thousands of makeup varieties and using them correctly on the skin is indeed a challenging job. Obviously, all of us are not makeup artists and do not know that subtle technique to apply them. But, what we can do is to avoid very common makeup mistakes. These mistakes are easy to point out and even easier not to do. 

14 Common Makeup Mistakes

Here is a list of some common makeup mistakes that we are doing every day knowingly or unknowingly. In the upcoming section, we will try to point them out, discuss the consequences, and then find a solution to them. 

1. Makeup on Dry Skin

One of the biggest common makeup mistakes is to apply any sort of makeup on dry skin. When we are in hurry, we often wash our face and directly apply our foundation or compact it directly on that skin. The consequences that follow are not admirable at all. You will notice that the skin is getting crackled with time and gradually it will look dull, tired, and most redundantly old. 

Anything built on a good foundation stays longer. It literally doesn’t matter whether your skin type is dry or oily. Moisturizing skin before makeup is a must thing to do. This hydration will keep your makeup in place and help in making your skin flamboyant

2. Excess Foundation Application

With the urge of making ourselves the most gorgeous woman at the party, we end up doing some common makeup mistakes like applying excess foundation. Firstly, it is important that you select the correct shade of foundation that goes with your skin. A wrong foundation is enough to ruin your makeup. Secondly, there is absolutely no need to apply more foundation on the skin, as it will make your face look cakey and extremely artificial.

In fact, in cases, where you want to have light makeup, there is no need to apply foundation on the whole face. Apply on areas like under the eyes, nose, and cheeks. If you are applying on the whole face, cover neck areas and ears also. Otherwise, a difference in color will be noted, which may not make you feel good. 

3. Wrong Blending

The art of blending is the most essential thing to avoid common makeup mistakes. Many of us may think that what is there in blending an eye shadow or a foundation on the face? Actually, there is a lot to know about the proper process of blending. 

If any makeup is not blended well, it will definitely show the patches of incorrect makeup and we are sure, you won’t be happy to look like that. When you blend your makeup properly, it gives a natural look to the skin and that is the main motto of makeup…. to produce a no-makeup look with makeup.

4. Wrong Lighting

Light plays an important role in makeup. Your perfect skin tone is the one that you can see under natural light. When you apply makeup under artificial light, common makeup mistakes like applying less or excess makeup happens. The reason is simple. The excess light will already make your skin bright and you will end up applying less makeup. On the contrary, with less light, you will feel that the skin is not glowing and you will add more makeup.

Therefore, try applying makeup in natural light, or at least make sure your face is getting optimum light before starting the makeup. 

5. Concealing Areas Incorrectly

Concealer is used to cover flaws on the skin. Concealer and foundation are not at all the same thing. Also, there is confusion that which one should be used first. Normally, you must apply foundation prior to concealer. The foundation sets the skin and the concealer covers the flaws. Common makeup mistakes with concealer include mainly two aspects.

First, over-application of concealer, and second, using the same concealer on every spot. Going with the first step, do not apply the mass of concealer on the areas like under the eyes. Also, do not apply directly to the under-eye region, apply on the bones. It will look natural. When you apply more concealer, instead of enhancing your look, it will make you look old.

Secondly, not all dark spots are the same. Therefore, applying the same concealer on each of them actually makes no sense. If you are applying concealer try having the different shades that are used for a different purpose. The concealer for the under-eye is not the same to be used on pimple spots.

6. Horrifying Lip Liner

Lip liners are applied to stop the bleeding of excess lipsticks around the lips. In addition, they give a sort of enhancement to it. However, putting that clear loud outline on the lips is a big no. this makes your lips look horribly unsatisfactory. Also, never apply a very dark shade lip liner with a lighter shade lipstick. Although you may feel that it will highlight your lips, it will end up ruining your overall look.

The correct way to apply lip liner is to blend it correctly and there should be a beautiful and subtle difference in lines between lipstick and the liner. A smudged outline looks way better than a clear outline.

7. Incorrect Lipstick Selection

Choosing your choice of lipstick is undoubtedly your right. However, if you have a love of excessively dark shades, this is to remind you that dark shades make you look older than you are. Also, it is important that you select colors based on your skin tone. You should wear colors that suit you.

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If you are willing to wear dark lipstick, always make sure you are wearing the lightest makeup and doing light eye makeup. Having loud eyes and loud lips at the same time is one of the common makeup mistakes. 

8. Matching Makeup

Wearing a vibrant dress tonight at the party? Matching shoes, the matching clutch is what you will be needing. But what about the makeup? Does it need to be matching too? No. absolutely not. This is one of those common makeup mistakes, where you think that your makeup should match your dress. 

A purple dress with a purple eye shadow is a blunder. When you are wearing a vibrant dress, try wearing neutral makeup. Your dress and your makeup, cannot be loud at the same time. Again if you go for a lighter dress color, a Smokey eye will look absolutely gorgeous. 

9. Not Using a Primer

Although primers are comparatively newer members of the market, it has become the most essential thing for makeup today. Although we cannot directly enroll this among the common makeup mistakes, indirectly, not using one can be disastrous on occasions where you need to keep your makeup for a long time.

 Without primer, with passing time you will need a frequent touch-up to the makeup, which can be embarrassing at places. Also, the natural oil of the face may devastate your look by significantly bleeding and fading away from the makeup. Therefore, as it takes just a few more minutes to apply a makeup primer, it is obviously better to use one.

10. Applying Lipstick to Bleed

Most of us have a fascination for lipsticks. Some of us even have more than 100 shades of lipstick on our dressing table. However, this does not mean, you have to overdo your lipstick. Frequent touch up is good. But applying lipstick now and then even when you have it on lips is a big no. This is really among those common makeup mistakes that most of us may be doing daily.

Excess lipstick ruins your look. Additionally, if it starts to bleed looks can be more disastrous than you can ever think. It looks so messy that your perfect lip line vanishes at a point in time. Apply lipstick, but make sure you need that touch-up.

11. Sleeping with Makeup

At a point in time, makeup mixes with the facial oil and clogs the pores. Once they clog pores, the problem of acne arises. Furthermore, it is extremely unhygienic to sleep with the makeup on, because your makeup is open to all the dirt and pollution outside.

Whatever may happen, this is an inevitable task to remove every single drop of makeup before going to bed. It will make your skin healthy and you will wake up with a natural face ready for another makeup.

12. Excess Blush On

Want to highlight your beautiful cheekbones?… yes, we all love to. But limit your application of blush and apply it properly to get that subtle look. If the color is too loud or hard on your cheeks, you are messing up by doing such common makeup mistakes. 

Swirl your brush on the blush, tap off the excess powder, and apply correctly on the cheeks. Check the color under the light so that it does not look too loud. 

13. Shimmering to Excess Shine

Whether you are applying a shimmery eye shadow or using shimmer powder, make sure you are not applying it to excess shine. The problem with shimmer is that it reflects under light. Therefore, when you are applying it, make sure you are not overdoing it. This is among the common makeup mistakes that you will be doing unknowingly.

We generally apply shimmers for a party where the playing of artificial light is more. They reflect more on your face and highlight the excess shine that shouldn’t be on your face or eyes. 

If you are using a shimmery eye shadow, do not apply all over the eyes; apply on the inner eye area and a matte shadow on the rest part. When you are applying shimmer on your face, move your face through light to assess the shine. 

14. Highlighting Both Eyes and Lips

Indeed this is among the common makeup mistakes that we may be doing every now and then. The two most highlighted areas of our face are eyes and lips. The reason is we interact with people with these two. 

However, when it comes to makeup when you highlight both of them, you are doing a grave mistake. In your subconscious mind also, you will feel that something is wrong with your makeup. Highlighting one at a time is the rule for the best makeup.

If you are going for bright eye makeup, use nude lip shades and if you are wearing comparatively louder lip shades, go nude on eyes, maybe light eyeliner, mascara, and a very subtle and nude eye shadow is all you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common makeup mistakes we do with mascara?

Firstly, using the same mascara color same as your eyebrow color is a big mistake. Your mascara should be two shades darker than your eyebrow color. Secondly, applying multiple coats of mascara is not correct as it gives your eyes that unwanted clumpy look. Try applying a maximum of two coats in case you need them.

Should you line your bottom waterline?

No, you should never line your bottom waterline. It is better to use a nude pencil rather. This will widen your eyes more and make them look more beautiful.

Is perfume overload among the common makeup mistakes?

Yes, too much perfume is not at all a good option. Perfume is applied for creating a mesmerizing ambiance. If the smell becomes more strong, it can spoil the mood. A body mist is a better option than a perfume.

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The End Note

Doing makeup is not an easy task at all. Like all other things, it is important to learn the basics and specialties while doing makeup. Sometimes washing your face more than it needs is also a mistake.

Furthermore, common makeup mistakes can be added issues to it. Hence, whether you are applying simple mascara or doing party makeup, take care of these mistakes and get a wonderful vibrant look.

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