Top 10 Best Perfumes Under 1500 in India for Ladies

Do you remember that advertisement where a boy smells so bad that everybody runs away from him? Yeah, this happens and may happen to you if you don’t become cautious if you always sweat and go out without a suitable perfume.

Smelling nice is not only soothing but it also boosts your confidence which elevates your overall appearance. But you know there are days when you stink because it is not possible for us to smell good each and every moment- especially when we have to manage our office, home and thousand other works.

Best Perfumes Under 1500 in India for Ladies

Hence smelling good, keeping yourself always refreshed is not at all an easy task. But this hectic task can be transformed into a super easy job if you start using a perfume having tempting fragrance. A perfume vouchsafes you that seductive fragrance which you always dream and aspire to attain.

Yes, girl I know that you are thinking that you have to layout a great amount of money to rest on a good perfume. But that is not at all correct because in an Indian market you can get hold of an amazing, adorable perfume just under Rs. 1500!

Best Perfumes Under 1500 in India for Ladies

So without further mincing words let’s go through the list of top ten best perfumes under 1500 in India for ladies:

1. Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume for Women

Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume for Women

If you always feel embarrassed by your body odor then this is the perfume which you should give a try.

This intoxicating perfume will enthrall you by providing a seductive air of a lively spring garden laden with charming flowers, peaches and pears. The flirtatious nature of this perfume comes from Sandalwood and the exotic sensuousness comes from Jasmine sambac flower.

The soothing and calming fragrance of water lily and delicacy of tuberose have also their shares in making this perfume so otherworldly in nature. The fruity top notes with the slight touches of grapefruit, mandarin pear are beautifully complemented by luxurious apricot nectar.


  • Being originated in France this luxurious perfume is the beautiful combination of elegance and mischief.
  • Ideal for everyday use.
  • The intoxication sparkling fruity top notes have the magical touch of mandarin, pear, peach and ginger.
  • The base note which follows the fruity top note comes from creamy apricot nectar and white musk.


  • Does not last long, reapplication needed.

2. United Colors of Benetton Rose Eau De Toilette

United Colors of Benetton Rose Eau De Toilette

Are you in search of something that is on the one hand unique and on the other hand will fill your surroundings with happiness and optimism? Then girl, this pick is for you which does not only fit all your criteria but it is also one of the most affordable perfumes for ladies in India.

This perfume is an epitome of exoticness which is bound to mesmerize you. Besides it also represents multiculturalism, liberty, deliverance and buoyancy. With each small spray you will be maddened by the luxuriousness of rich floral bouquet. The top note of citrus is beautifully accompanied by the captivating base note of gourmand and sweet musk.


  • This perfume with its charming aroma increases your love for yourself.
  • Creates a surrounding of cheerfulness and confidence.
  • The youthful perfume brings forth the seductive and refreshing scent of mandarin, bergamot and honeysuckle.
  • The base note made of gourmand, sweet musk, coconut milk, wood accord urges you to live free and profoundly.


  • Not for those who cannot bear strong floral scent.

3. Revlon Charlie White Perfume for Women

Revlon Charlie White Perfume for Women

Are you a big admirer of Revlon cosmetic products? Then you probably know it very well how trustworthy and reliable Revlon products are! And now you will be amazed by knowing that Revlon has its own perfume which is also as phenomenal as its other cosmetic products.

This fascinating toilet water is especially designed to elevate your body aroma in the most ensnaring way so that whenever you pass everyone present in the room cannot help turning their heads!

This heavenly fragrance is the effective amalgamation of maddening watermelon violet, bewildering jasmine and refreshing sandalwood. A small punch of this aquatic fragrance will bring thousand butterflies which will make your whole day.


  • Is aquatic in nature.
  • The heavenly aroma is made from jasmine, sandal-wood and watermelon violet.
  • A small punch goes a long way.
  • Long lasting.
  • The refreshing and calming nature keep you fresh all day long.
  • Pocket-friendly.


  • Does not for those who love strong fragrance.

4. Ajmal Wisal EDP 50ml Oriental Perfume for Women

Ajmal Wisal EDP 50ml Oriental perfume for Women

Hey, let me guess you always use western or occidental perfume, right? But it has never occurred to you that there could be an oriental perfume in a pocket-friendly budget. Then girl, be prepared to get a blow because I am going to point out a bewitching oriental perfume which is one of the best perfumes under 1500 in India for ladies.

This EDP perfume is especially designed to pull out the boldness, dauntlessness, elegance and delicacy of a woman. The unique class of this fragrance embodies the maturity, vitality and dynamism of a modern woman who always nourish a love for tradition in the core of her heart.

While the top note comprises of the disconcerting fragrances of orchid, lily, plum blossom, jasmine and red roses, the base note emanates a soothing refreshing essence that beautifully mirror the gracefulness and self-assurance of the wearer. And the heart note unchains the burgeoning blend of multifarious floral note that are exhilarating as well as enlivening.


  • Gets absorbed immensely if applied just after a shower.
  • You will need a very little amount.
  • Longevity is really great.
  • Makes your presence refreshing, soothing and revitalizing.
  • The top note and base note work in perfect harmony.
  • Extremely budget-friendly.


  • Extremely strong fragrance.

5. Skinn by Titan Women’s Amalfi Bleu Perfume EDP

Skinn By Titan Women's Amalfi Bleu Perfume EDP

Here comes once again another Skinn perfume by Titan which is no less captivating and bewitching than the previous one.

If you are a great devotee of aquatic fragrance, then you are going to fall for this remarkable fragrance which unleashes the intoxicating scent of azure waters of Amalfi Coast! Just one pump of this perfume and you are in a dreamers’ land where rein blue sky and scintillating sea and where there is nothing to hold you back except the enchanting, aromatic Mediterranean breeze.

The top note ensues the inebriating fragrance of mandarin and green apple, heart note beautifully emanates the sweet redolence of violet leaves, jasmine and gardenia and ultimately the base not proffers the magical aroma of cashmeran and musk.


  • The fragrance is spirited as well as fresh and captivating.
  • Has a refreshing aquatic aroma.
  • Will transcend the whole surrounding by creating an atmosphere of blue sky, violent sea and unsettling Mediterranean breeze.
  • Top note amalgamates the fragrance of green apple and mandarin.
  • Heart not emanates the aroma of gardenia, violet leaves and jasmine.
  • Base note reflects the scent of musk and cashmeran.


  • Does not last for a long time.

6. Liberty LUXURY Oud Perfume for Men

Liberty LUXURY Oud Perfume

Yes, you have heard it right; this perfume is designed for men. But girl that does not mean that you have to shy away from this exotic toilet bottle; I can guarantee you that it is good for both men and women.

This eau de toilette is an emblem of freedom, privilege, opulence, luxury and grandeur. It gives speech to those who respects tradition and also nurtures high esteem of modernity. It also infuses one with enthusiasm, excitement and exhalation.

The tope note will remind you the ravishing scent of creamy, rich and sweet amber. The middle note stems sweet spicy essence and the base note comprises of the fragrance of exotic musk amalgamated with woody notes.


  • 15-20% stronger in concentration.
  • The seductive fragrance stays for a whole day long.
  • Does not need any reapplication.
  • It brings forth the elegance of Paris.
  • Sophisticated, royal, bewitching and bewildering fragrance.
  • Can be used in each and every occasion, during the day or during the night.


  • Extremely overpowering scent not suitable for those who prefer mild fragrance.

7. Playboy New Play It Wild W EDT

Playboy New Play It Wild W EDT

Yes, from the name you can guess the mischievous nature of this fragrance. And if you are striving hard to rely on a perfume that smells enthralling as well as economical, girl grab it because it is one of the best long lasting perfumes under 1500.

What do you search in a perfume? The boldness, adventurism, the thrill, the thirst for discovering the unknown- all of these can be found in this single bottle.

The top note made from pear, neroli and mandarin perfectly creates an aura of sensuousness as well as aesthetic pleasure. The charm that this aroma emanates not only makes your overall presence classy but it also finishes off your whole look by proving adequate amount of confidence and self assurance.

While the heart not consists of the charming fragrance of orange flower and violet, the base not reminds you of nothing but exotic vanilla and neroli. So just take one pump and make your onlooker crazy with this mysterious, frivolous and mischievous aroma.


  • Does not fade no matter how hectic your schedule is.
  • Ideal for those who wants to cultivate daredevilry and adventurousness.
  • Gives an optimistic and cheerful vibe.
  • The top note consists with the fragrances of mandarin, neroli and pears.
  • The heart note ensues the smell of orange cola chord, mandarin blossom and rhubarb.
  • The base note is founded on vanilla, amber and velvety violet.


  • Too overpowering smell.

8. All Good Scents Tender Eau De Toilette

All Good Scents TENDER Eau De Toilette

Fragrance is that important aspect of your personae which defines you overall nature. Hence while choosing a perfume you have to be extra heedful. But if you pick this one, you will have nothing to worry about as it is one of the best perfumes under 1500 in India for Ladies.

Now what is so extraordinary about this perfume? Girl let me tell you that this perfume is capable of doing miracles as in an instant it can wrap up your appearance and will help your appearance to reach its pinnacle.

The soothing amalgamation of orange blossoms and honey will make a perfect ambience for a candlelight dinner with your dream boy and he will be mesmerized and spellbound by the heavenly aroma, take my word on that! The top notes coalesce the scents of orange blossom, mandarin and white flowers, the heart notes merge patchouli, rose and jasmine and the base notes intermingle cedar, vetiver and honey.


  • Combines feminine floral notes such as jasmine, tangerine, honey, patchouli and Vetiver.
  • Lasts for a prolonged period of time.
  • 100% vegan, there are no animal ingredients.
  • Does not contain alcohol.


  • Very mild fragrance, not for those who are in search of a strong perfume.

9. Jaguar Classic Eau De Toilette

Jaguar Classic Eau De Toilette

Are you that person who always laughs heartily, lives profoundly and presents herself with temerity, power and self-assurance? If you are nodding your head to say yes, then don’t distract your concentration because this is going to be your statement perfume which is also one of the most affordable perfumes for ladies.

This perfume will constantly astonish, shock, startle and inspire you to explore more and more. The exhilaration and elation which it furnishes is unsurpassable and unparalleled.

This enrapturing unisex perfume always urges and appeals to your instinct. The top notes combine the scents of grapefruit, bergamont and anis star, the heart notes are the smell of none but pure lavender, ginger and lotus flower and the base notes mingle white musk, sandalwood and Benzoin.


  • Epitome of elegance and sophistication.
  • Justifies the brand name.
  • It is so soothing and refreshing that it can numb your senses.
  • Top notes come from anis star, grapefruit and bergamot.
  • Heart notes follow the essences of lotus, ginger and lavender.
  • Base notes rest on white musk, sandalwood and benzoin.


  • Scent is too floral.

10. Yardley London English Lavender Perfume for Women

Yardley London English Rose Perfume for Women

Ultimately you have come to my last pick which is not only exceptional but also one of most affordable perfumes for ladies in India.

Yardley has become one of the most leading perfume brands in Indian market and surely it deserves that position for its unique quality, ancient heritage and versatility.

This alluring floral fragrance with its every whiff mutters the sultriness of the lush English gardens. The fiery spicy notes will create a trance where you will find yourself contented and complacent. This perfume is so intoxicating, so tempting that you will travel back in time and find yourself in the sunny, cheery hills of England.


  • Extremely calming, soothing and refreshing fragrance.
  • You can feel the whispering murmur of the lush English gardens.
  • It is a specialization in delicate single note scents.
  • Will remind you the sun-drenched hills of old England.


  • Flowery notes may seem too sweet to some people.

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So girl, you don’t have to tear your hair anymore by thinking which perfume you should by or which perfume you shouldn’t and you will also get respite from sniffing thousand perfumes in the local store because the above list contains the best perfumes under 1500 in India for ladies. Choose any one or two from them and announce your arrival with your enchanting fragrance!

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