Top 6 Natural Ways to Curl Hair Without Heat

Time and beautiful hair are the two priceless assets for every woman you can possibly think of. Nothing can ever replace the dire want of beautiful hair for a woman. Well, why not? Who doesn’t wish to flaunt beautiful locks of hair and get complimented on the same? Similar is the case for those looking for beautiful curls flowing down from the crown of the head till the whole of its length.

When it comes down to hairstyling, heat and hair damage forms an obvious part and that is why most people end up avoiding the concept at the very face of it. On the contrary, you would have very few ideas for hairstyling without the active participation of heat and heat conveying styling devices. Well, it is none other than straighteners, curling tongs, and other similar devices that are put to question here.

Curl Hair Without Heat

Most of you girls out there reading this piece at the moment must be wondering if there is a way out of hair damage while getting the hair styled ideally. Ladies, you need to trust me when I say you have several ways out to not just curtail damage but also completely avoid damage while styling your hair. If you are on the lookout for beautiful curls without any hair damage, this article is just what you ever needed.

Gone are the days when getting yourself beautiful curls was a matter of using high heat to break the natural bonds of the hair. Now, you can get the same results by undertaking natural methods to get yourself ideal curly hair. However, if you still are confused about how to curl hair without heat? Here, I have you covered with some brilliant ideas that are worth all your efforts. Thus, without any further delay let us kick start our no-heat hair curling journey.

List of Interesting Hacks to curl your hair without heat

Since time immemorial, using heat has been the only recourse to hair curling goals. But, regardless of how good a curling device you use, there is no way you can escape the damage that heat can cause to your beautiful hair. Well, if that’s where your concern lies, you need to stop all your concerns right away. Here are a few interesting ways in which you can attain curls naturally and without using any sort of heating mechanism.

If that sounds great to you, read each word of the blog post and find out which method suits you best. Let us get started:

1. Hair scrunching using hands

Scrunching is one of the popular ways known by almost all in general. However, this is a very usual practice and does not work very effectively for all hair types. For those specifically with a little wavy hair type, the scrunching process is of great help to them. The process is very effortlessly done and can give you results in no time. Thus, if you are out in a hurry and need to get those curls in the least amount of time, scrunching has to be your go-to option.

The method involved: scrunching is easy to perform on newly shampooed and conditioned hair. It is ideal to do the process when the hair is still slightly damp. You can use any hair gel, or mousse for the purpose and apply it on damp hair in a scrunching manner. However, as a matter of caution, avoid taking up the scrunch till the roots as that can leave your scalp feel greasy. Scrunching the hair in lots in an upward direction can lead you to obtain beautiful natural curls and waves.

2. By using pin clips

Using hairpins for curling is one age-old method that has been in use for centuries now. It indeed is a very effective method that is a must-recommended natural method of hair curling. The only drawback with this process is, that it takes quite some time to give you desired results. This process is convenient to be used on all hair types and is ideally an overnight practice. With just a few items at hand, you are ready to flaunt beautiful curls.

The method involved: it would be ideal to towel dry the hair and apply some hair gel to allow hair strands to settle once you clip them. By using a broad comb, part each section of the hair alongside detangling them. After that, you need to secure sections of hair depending on the type of curls you want to achieve. Roll each section carefully to the crown of the head and secure it with hairpins and repeat the process on all sections of the hair. You can keep the hair sections secured for 8-10 hours and remove the pins to witness soft curls.

3. Braids for effective curling

If you are looking for the easiest and hassle-free ways to get your hair curling needs met, this is perhaps one ideal option for you. Yes, you read that right. By braiding your hair, you can get beautiful overnight waves or curls. Irrespective of your hair length, you can try out the formula to get beachy waves that make people compliment you. Thus, for some subtle waves, just braid your hair and leave it overnight for ideal results. Though this is not the most effective way but is still worth considering.

Method Involved: there is no extra effort involved in getting hair curls through braids. For most effective results, braid slightly damp hair that is recently washed and conditioned. The type of braid you make will determine your aftereffect of curls/waves. For a frizzier look, part your hair into two sections and a French braid on either side. Similarly, for a simpler look, you can go for regular braids.

4. By using hair rollers

Hair rollers also known as Velcro rollers are a top pick among all others in the list of alternatives. When it comes down to comparing curls obtained out of using heating devices, this is the best method to opt for. Such rollers give you the ultimate looking perfect curls that match up to the outcome obtained by using any hair curling devices that rely on heat. While using these rollers, you are given the choice to opt for soft curls or even tighter and well-defined ones.

Method Involved: you can section your hair for better results, especially advised for those with thick hair. Once each section is ready, take the Velcro rollers and roll each section of hair and roll it upwards till it reaches the scalp. When the roller fits snugly onto the scalp, secure the rolled-up hair with a hairpin and allow it to settle. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the sectioned hair too and wait for curls to show up as beautifully as you expected them to be.

5. By using a paper towel

I am sure the thought of using a paper towel is something you wouldn’t like to consider. However, the results will put you in a state of awe. For those looking to attain natural curls but are not a fan of using hair rollers, this is one alternative you need to consider. The only drawback with this method is that it involves quite some hassle that you need to undertake. Besides, if you can hold on to your patience, you have the best curls for your hair.

The method involved: the paper towel is found in every household and it can turn out to be your friend as well. Roll up each paper towel to form a 4-5 inches long rolling element. Next up would be to take sections of your hair and start wrapping it up on the paper towel till it reaches the scalp. Once it is done, try to tie the hair with a paper towel and leave it to rest. Follow the same process for the whole hair and you are all good to go after 8-10 hours of stay.

6. By Making twist buns

When it comes down to the thought of beachy waves, what else could be better than trying out natural ways that give you just the exact results. Just like the braid method, even the twist buns method is a go-to for those looking for soft beachy waves that too naturally. It is quick and easy and you need to do nothing to get these soft and subtle curls. Yes, you read that right. Just usual twist buns and you are all ready to flaunt those curls and waves.

The method involved: all you need to do is dampen your dry hair and make two broad sections right from the center. Take each section individually and twist it to form tight ropes till the end. After that, keep wrapping the twisted hair around itself till the tail end of the hair and secure it in the form of a bun using a rubber band. Follow the same step on the other section of the hair too and leave it for 8-10 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, I am sure you have quite discovered how to curl hair without heat. Now that your discoveries are made, next up, you might be having some other queries flooding your minds about some related aspects. If that’s the case, here are a few questions along with legit answers to help you come out of the dilemma.

Can I get curls on already wavy hair?

This is one common question flooding the minds of many readers at the moment. Well, there is no hard and fast rule that only people with straight hair have the right to opt for the above-mentioned methods. Any person with any hair type can go about with these naturally curling methods to enhance the already existing waves/curls.

How effective are natural hair curling tips?

It is obvious that instant hair curling with curling devices gives you more appropriate and desired results. However, the fact that it leads to damage cannot be ignored in any way. However, natural methods though do not cause any damage, it is not as effective as heating techniques. But, when hair rollers are used, they can bring about quite good results.

What steps should I follow before undergoing natural hair curling methods?

For any natural hair curling method you follow, the primary consideration is having clean hair and scalp. Thus, it is important that you keep your hair freshly shampooed and the ends conditioned properly. As a matter of caution, do not condition the whole of the hair as it might have the hair flat and silkier and thus, not allow the naturally attained curls to settle in place.

How to make naturally formed curls last for a longer time?

There might several ways that work for you. However, the one universal method to secure longer-lasting hair curls is to top up the overall hair with a hair spray so that the curls hold on well. Besides, another method would be to apply a hair gel to dampen hair and then apply the curling methods. These two steps can give your more effective results.


When it comes down to hair care and hairstyling, nothing can beat the levels of competition in the hairstyling industry. With different devices competing for the best position, people are getting more aware of the natural methods and preventing themselves from the damage. Nevertheless, natural ways of hair curling also have quite some relevance today.

With that said, for all the confused soles wondering which way to go, this article has come up as a rescue. Now, you rightly know how to treat your hair the right way and also keep your hair styling requirements sorted. From using the scrunching method to the weird paper towel method, all of it all home hacks to keep away from the huge salon bills.

Now, you have some of the legit ways to sit back at home, relax in your own space and time and still get prepared to attend occasions that demand quite some grooming. You go girl, flaunt all those beautiful locks of curls you long desired.

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