10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Invest In 2020

Winter, as a season is pure love! It brings deep blue sky, pleasing sunshine, colorful vibrant flowers, plenty of fruits and vegetables, charming outdoor games, the sweet warmth of a blanket in night and what not!!!

Being a tropical country, India experiences scorching heat in summers and heavy rainfall in monsoons which make both of those seasons unpleasant and unenjoyable. But winter fulfills this lack and gives us relief from the tedium of summer and monsoon.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

This time of year is the most suitable for tours and picnic providing ample opportunities for traveling and exploring new places. But girl, it is winter! You will probably freeze to death if you get out from your house without wearing proper garments.

And definitely your all-time favorite cami tops and miniskirts which are appropriate for summer will not work in winters. In winter your wardrobe needs some specific essential garments. Invest in those proper winter wardrobe essentials and always be ready for a new adventure!!!

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Women

So sit tight and let’s see what those winter wardrobe essentials are!

1. An Oversized Sweater

women winter jacket

Having an oversized sweater in your wardrobe is a boon! Believe me; this single piece can save you in so many long wintry afternoons! Pick one oversized sweater with neutral color and bloom with its distinctive features such as its trimmed edges, sloppy shoulder seams, baggy and loose sleeves and crafty necklines.

It is not only super cozy and comfortable but also it can be worn in versatile ways. Being oversized you can easily add layers of clothes beneath it and over it without looking odd. But when you are choosing it consider your body type.

If you are petite, you can go with a shorter boxy oversized sweater but if you are impressively tall, the longer and straight one will perfectly cater you the desired stylish look.

Always pair these with structured bottoms to get a well-balanced look. Skinny jeans or close fitted leather jeans or leggings will be a good match. To get an elongated look you can tuck the sweater into your bottoms and carry it with a classic ankle boot.

For a more refreshed look you can also pair it with a maxi skirt! Hence a good quality oversized sweater is a must-have women’s winter wardrobe essential.

2. A Glossy Woolen Coat

Oversized Sweater

Have you ever lost your heart on watching Priyanka Chopra in her glamorous long woolen coat? Definitely the flaunting and polished coat can win anyone!

But these coats are there not only to make a style statement but they are super useful when you will rush here and there in a biting cold. Various styles and designs are available e.g. the single-breasted ones, the double-breasted ones, pea coats, and many more. The length also varies; some of these are short but generally, these come with a length of mid-thigh or knee-high.

Being made of wool, these are warm and breathable. You can wear it for a long time without triggering any rashes or allergies. Before picking up a new coat, just think about the local weather of where you live. A lightweight or medium weight will be enough for Indian winter.

As for the color, you can settle on traditional hues such as black, grey, white, or denim blue which will be easier to pair with any bottom; or you can rest on more bright and vibrant colors such as red, green or orange which will make a beautiful contrast while wearing with black skinny jeans. For footwear pump shoes or booties will be a good fit.

As these are one of the most relevant cold winter essentials, your wardrobe should have one for sure. Choose wisely, try to invest in a good quality, you will certainly reap the best out of it.

3. A Trendy Turtleneck


Once it was believed that spring is the ideal season for fashion and color. But not anymore! In winter you have so many options to try out! So why not a turtleneck, which is classy as well as trendy?

Being also known as polo neck, turtleneck comes with a round close-fitting collar-like portion which generally curls over and covers the whole neck area giving it a cool modish look. With dozens of variations a turtleneck allows you to make plenty of experiments before relying on any particular type.

The most common one happens to be thin, tight-fitting with a lean neck which serves the purpose of layering beautifully. To get a chic look you can wear it under your cami top or your jumpsuit or beneath your long coat.

Not only this, try tucking it into a skirt or skinny jeans to enliven your whole look. Another version, the cowl neck brings forth a huge elaborated neck and fits loosely on your body. This generally reaches up to your ear, doing the job of a scarf.

Therefore after wearing a cowl neck you don’t need to carry a scarf. It’s amazing, right? To get a more consummated look, wear it over a button-down shirt. In contrary to cowl neck, a mock neck has a shorter neckline than a common turtleneck. This imparts a more refined look than the other two. Match it with a leather trouser or narrow jeans and you are all set!

4. A Classy Blazer

Women Blazer

Want a professional, corporate look? Then darling, your wardrobe desperately needs a polished blazer more than anything!

If you don’t have enough time during the office schedule, just put on a stylish blazer, you will look classy without any effort. But to get that elevated look you will have to choose your perfect fit and that’s not so simple. To master it just keep some points in your mind.

Shoulder measurement is important. Choose one which perfectly matches the length of your shoulder not too small or not too long. If you can manage this, your half job is done! Next comes the length of the sleeves. Those which touch the top joint of your thumb have the ideal length.

Now the trickiest part is to find one which perfectly fits in your bust area. Here the rule of thumb is that your blazer should cover the half of a breast. While buttoning or unbuttoning it should not be looked too tight or too saggy. And lastly, remember to take notice of your torso that plays a crucial role for selecting the right fitting blazer.

There are multiple styles which you can easily adopt according to your body type e.g. open front blazer, standard cotton blazer, single breasted blazer, double breasted blazer, belted blazer etc.

If you invest right amount of money and time in choosing this winter wear for ladies, you are ready to sail!

5. A Sassy Leather Jacket

Women Leather Jacket

A leather jacket means boldness. After wearing it, when you will ride your bike or simply will walk on the road, every head will turn to look at you. Yes!! That’s true girl! And the best part of a leather jacket is that it does not get damaged by time. If you buy a good one, it’ll last for a century.

There is plethora of variations available in the market. The biker jacket is the classic one which will give you a sassy look. You can also try a bomber jacket which generally has a zip in the middle. Unlike the biker jacket, it does not contain a collar.

If you want a sporty teenage girl like look this would be a great option for you. If you are searching for extra warmth then you should head towards a flight jacket which will perform more like the shield of Achilles to protect you from chilling cold.

While picking a leather jacket you have to be extra careful. The first and foremost important thing is the quality of the leather. Always choose one which has slightly uneven texture. Don’t go for the one with smooth, even texture as these come of a poorer quality.

Therefore if your wardrobe doesn’t have this, do hurry to seize one. Don’t play a waiting game.

6. An Elegant Knitted Dress

women Knit Dress

Yes! You are right! It is time for a dress…a knitted dress. Who has told you that winter is not a good time to carry a dress? For wearing a knitted dress there cannot be a better time than winter!

An elegant knitted dress can beautify your whole look. This cozy outfit has so many variations that you will find yourself dumfounded while choosing a specific one. But the finer the knit, the classier it becomes. Pairing a knitted dress with thigh-high boots is not only polished but also extremely comfortable. To complete your look add a colorful scarf and glossy sling bag.

As it can be worn in versatile ways, you must find some space in your wardrobe for at least one of these ladies winter dresses.

7. A Denim Jacket

women Denim Jacket

Suppose it’s middle of the day and you are going to take a stroll in the sun. You can’t wear your heavy sweater or coat, and you can’t even go wearing a light outfit. So what will you do in a situation like this? No…No…You don’t have to cancel your plan. What you need is a trendy denim jacket!

Being lightweight it can be worn in the beginning or the end of winter or in the middle of a sunny day. This extremely stylish outfit can be worn in many versatile ways. To get a subtle contrast you can wear classic denim with a white top or white dress. And if you are inclined to a traditional one, select an oversized acid wash denim jacket which you can layer perfectly.

Are you dying to wear your summer crop top? Then try outcropped denim jacket and pair it with long top or maxi dress. For its casual look, you can also wear it while going to a college! These are the most suitable winter dresses for teenage girls.

8. An All-Purpose Scarf


Your dress up in winter is incomplete without a scarf. It not only protects your neck and ear from the freezing cold but also helps you to create your own style statement. As numerous varieties are available in the market you can choose according to your taste and necessity.

If you are wearing a neutral sweater dress, you can add a printed colorful scarf to complement your look. You can also opt for neutral colored scarves such as black, gray, beige. No matter what scarf you carry, it will accentuate your appearance by making it more soothing and more graceful.

9. A Cute Beanie


Don’t forget to store up a head hugging beanie. Yes…I know these are super cute!

While protecting your ear from cold winter air, it also guards your hair against dust and harmful sunrays. But before picking up a beanie, try to keep some points in your mind.

If you have a round and small face find a beanie that can add some length to your head. And if you have a longer face then go for a tight-fitting one to create an illusion of small face.

10. A Pair of Leather Boot

Women's winter leather Boots

Hey sweetie, now it’s time to talk about your footwear! Frankly speaking without it your winter wardrobe will be incomplete.

What can be more reliable than a pair of leather boot? Being extremely warm and strong these are the most sought after items for winter. To get the best out of it invest in a good quality one. Try to buy one which has removable insulation. As these are footwear select a water-resistant one.

No matter what you are wearing, this fashionable footwear will perfectly match with that. Be it a dress or skinny jeans or a skirt! Set apart some time to take care of your lovely boot, definitely you will get some extra mileage from it. Certainly, this is going to be the most important item in your list of things used in winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get a clearer idea regarding winter fashion items, please do check the following questions and answers.

Which fabric is the warmest in winter?

When the point comes to the warmest fabric, it becomes quite tricky to answer as there are multiple fabrics that will work great during winter. But leather fabric runs a bit ahead at the race. Good quality leather is the best weapon to fight with cold winter.

Are jeans good for winter?

Yes…you can wear them but the denim jeans cannot give you the proper warmth. Search for “winter jeans” which comes with an extra lining to protect your legs from breezy winter.

Is fleece warm enough for winter?

Fleece is comfortable and cozy. Definitely it can provide you the necessary warmth. It restores your body heat and guards you against winter wind.

What material is best for warmth?

Wool is the warmest material available in the market. Merino wool will provide you the softness as well as the warmth. The heat gets trapped between its fibers. As a result your body remains warm in freezing cold.

How many winter clothes do you need?

Are you going to carry your whole cupboard while travelling? Certainly, that will not be a good idea! Just keep the basic necessary garments which are – a warm sweater, a long coat, warm tight, ankle boot, socks, scarf, and a beanie! Carry these and you are comfortable enough to enjoy!


So, these are the 10 winter essentials for women in India. Start to collect these winter wardrobe essentials for the next winter and enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest!!! What are your favorite winter essentials? Tell us about that by commenting below.

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